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Hygiene delivery

A special feature is the strictest observance of cleanliness and gentle treatment and disinfection of all that played into contact with parturient and her son xl us singapore price comparison sr canada 200 hcl bupropion hydrochloride australia prices compare. Mothers have a lot of call door "entrance" for various environmental microbes causes the surface of the uterus is wound, and small abrasions, fractures and lacerations smooth channel, information delivery and the possible appearance of the nipples (penetration of the infection through the teat mastitis - inflammation of the breast) 100mg prices price australia mg sr bupropion canada australian antidepressants pharmacy government 150 cost 300.

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douches in the postpartum period are not done! This - Slip infection from outside to inside

If the seams in the crotch - they do not wash, should be kept dry, in this case, sterile dressings changed 4-5 times a day prescription zyban purchase sales smoking online order without pharmacy uk consultation canada quit. Usually at the seams of postpartum hospital midwife processed under sterile conditions and are removed before discharge on day five seams and explain how they behave zyban generic buy the buying uk without purchase europe prescription order ordering online.

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We need to "breathe" and mammary gland : 150 india generic prescription bupropion mg drug zyban canada smoking cessation equivalent uk buy without. Air bath for 10-15 minutes after each meal

Cleansing can use cleansing milk (and applied massage gently rinsed with warm water) or wipe (their composition makeup dirt and dissolves) prescription cheap weight approval smoking good pharmacy loss facts price online generic no reviews zyban.

rubbed After cleansing face lotion is alcohol for skin tightening and removing the film from the cleaner does champix review user zyban reviews much without mg generic depression 150 cost quit buy how insurance stop smoking. With respect to nutrients means that for normal skin creams are more suitable in the area of ​​the emulsion and moisturizing ingredients getting prescribed canada does cost is much should high get take how it prescription free zyban. Fat cream for normal skin without contraindicated how get champix zyban.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is affected by the lipid profile, ie in. Sebaceous glands secrete sweat E. sufficient fat and, conversely, a large amount of moisture that evaporates quickly. Therefore, the skin dries and shrinks peeled. The causes of injury lipid balance include: alteration of the endocrine glands, digestive system disorders, abrupt climate change. Wash the use of dry powders and lotions with alcohol and soap can also cause dry skin.

Dry skin, a thin, delicate, soft, made with small pores. It is more common in blondes. At an early age wrinkles, especially around the eyes and nose. Often dry skin is usually dry white flakes that are not removed in each case with a peeling, as the skin thins even more, and will be a more important rule in skin care scar

dry -. Is the grant of weak activity of the sebaceous glands, hydration and nutrition. The wash water should be warm, cooked, softened. Dry skin needs a thorough cleaning. Day Cream with UV filters should be, because the adverse effects of natural particularly harmful for dry skin. Dry skin needs a special diet. The diet is necessary, eggs, liver, fresh fruits, fresh carrots and pumpkin, milk, fish and pharmaceutical Mineral and vitamin complexes include

Oily Skin

Oily skin - usually with large pores, resembling lemon peel, it always seems. In this type of hard work resulting oil sebaceous glands clog pores. Often there is an inflammation of the skin and form acne. Typically, these phenomena are the property adolescence, when the skin is dry. But it happens that oily skin type is for life. The only advantage of oily skin is that it retains a long time its strength and elasticity, their late folds. Causes precede the appearance of skin types are :. Unhealthy diet, liver disease, a malfunction of the stomach and intestine, nervous overload, abuse of cosmetics, pregnancy and overweight body

Oily skin should be washed with hot water (35 ° C) relaxes with soap and water. Poros hired must rinse your face with cold water with a squeeze of lemon juice. In use, the preferred tonic lotion should are a small amount of alcohol. Lotions are especially useful with the salicylic acid and zinc, the ignition to stop narrow pores and destroy the oil film. You should not try to completely wipe the hard fat face comes to the fore. Sufficient to remove excess fat, so it does not obstruct the respiratory function of the skin, but should be done systematically. For oily skin, powder is also useful as it absorbs excess oil and therefore the skin

dry combination skin

The most common type of skin -. Is a mixed or combined. Oily skin always shines and sparkles - Call T (forehead, nose, chin). In the temples, cheeks and cheekbones - normal or dry skin types. Optimal variant of such skin care - separated by spaces. Forehead, nose and chin should be cleaned and milk foam for oily skin. For the cheeks, cheekbones and temples suitable for dry or normal skin

After washing the parts where the skin is oily, rub lotion for oily skin, and then - Apply .. Up moisturizer

lubricated before bedtime T-Zone night cream for oily skin, without the wings of the nose.

In the dry patches are for products applied to moisturizing ingredients. Just before bedtime use a night cream for dry skin that remains until the morning. We recommend using a night cream, alternating between different parts :. One night, to try the T-zone, so that the free cheeks and cheekbones, the next day - on the contrary,

In order to develop the muscles of the body to adjust its shape so that all in relation to the weight required movement.

There are a variety of tools that are used to power exercises. This - barbells, dumbbells, dumbbells, barbells, cuffs. Weights - the most common means of pesos. There are traditional bars and weights for beginners. Last hollow interior of a gradual increase in weight during training. They are filled with sand or water. Constant in the weight of traditional weights. The lightest weighs 0.5 kg, the heavier - up to 8 kg. In addition to solid dumbbell has a folding, its weight will be adjusted by removable "pancakes". Instead, they remember a neck weight bar small -. 1 kg, the same weight of each "pancake". Placed in a weight 2-5 "pancake", deletion or addition, you can choose the optimal weight for classes. He worked with weights muscles of the back, shoulders and arms. Dumbbells are complex gymnastics performance. They have the same function and weight. This is in contrast with weights are not folding. Minimum weight -. 16 kg

team sports is harder bar. It is used to build muscle, but if, during each session for several approaches, the bar is a tonic effect on the muscles of the body, ie. Th. Directional not allow the accumulation of muscle mass in this case occurs.

The weights of the feet and fists are used to strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs. They are made of dense matter, which is filled with sand; to the ends of the tape recorded weight pocket sewn on the wrists and feet.

A series of exercises with weights

A series of exercises with weights is

exercises for the muscles of the arms

1. Stand straight, hands wide shoulders, one that takes in each hand weights weighing 1-2 kg. Raise your hands up to the shoulders (to strengthen the triceps) spread your elbows at your sides.

2 Sit in a chair, legs well arranged ups. Take a dumbbell in one hand and a 2 kg. Elbows free hand to rest on one knee, lean forward and bend the arm with a dumbbell at the elbow and touched his shoulder. Repeat for the other arm (developed biceps - Biceps).

3 Stand straight, feet apart, dumbbells in each hand with a weight of 1 kg. Dilute your arms at your sides, and bend your elbows, shoulders touching (two-headed muscle developed and triceps).

4 Right Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart to put a dumbbell in one hand and a 2 kg, the free hand on the tape. The decrease in hand with a dumbbell to lift aside until horizontal. Repeat for the other arm (strengthens the triceps).

lowest 5th Place your feet flat on the floor is stable in a special bench with your knees bent. On each side, taking weights weighing 1 kg. You take. Hands down chest, elbows should be decreased along the log at a time.

June Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Bend forward at an angle of 45 °. Pick up a dumbbell in 2 kg. Lower down and simultaneously pull with both hands on his shoulders (strengthens the biceps and triceps muscles of the shoulder).

exercises for shoulder muscles

1 Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. In the hands of dumbbells weighing 2 kg, which is lower. Raising and lowering the shoulders. Powered muscles of the shoulder girdle (4 sets of 20 times).

2 Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Pick up a dumbbell weight 2 kg. Curve to the right at the right angle bend and lift. Left hand, bent, folded down. The hand position (five sets of 16 times) to switch alternately.

Exercises for the back muscles

1 Lie on a sports seat. Soak your feet on the ground. Shoot up to 1 kg weights, lift up the lower chest, threw elbows at your sides. Bent at the elbow remains in a horizontal position relative to the ground. Powered trapezius muscle of the back (2 sets of 6 times).

2 Lie on the extended bench face down with your legs, weights of 1 kg. Lower it. Then simultaneously lift your hands to the sides. The development and upper back muscles (make 2 sets of 8 times).

3 Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Sit in with a hand holding a dumbbell in 6 kg at term. Free hand to sit in the seat of the chair. Hand with a weight below the floor. Start slowly pull the hand weights to your chest, with your elbows while ago (2 sets of 8 times).

4 Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. In each hand weights over 5 kg. Legs slightly bent at the knees, back straight. Breeding hands with dumbbells in hand horizontal (2 sets of 6 times).

5 Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. In the hands take dumbbells in 3 kg. You, with your palms facing forward. Bend at the elbow, to summarize the dumbbell chest (2 sets of 8 times).

exercises for chest muscles

1 Lie on a sports seat. Knees bent toward the ground. Pick up a dumbbell in 2 kg. Redirection elbows slightly bent behind his head. Developed chest muscles (2 sets of 10 times).

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