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After peeling the skin needs nourishing mask. This is the third stage of skin care. Can consist moisturizing mask of fresh juices, decoctions of various herbs and pumping, as well as fruits and vegetables. As part of these masks are biologically active materials present (vitamins and minerals and volatile), and promote skin cell metabolism, and skin relaxed and refreshed, and relieves fatigue and store new skin. If the mask has been prepared at home, then generally used pillars, and rolled oats or oatmeal, wheat or barley bran. For dry skin, add egg yolk mask for oily skin - protein

is called acute inflammation lasts no more than 2-3 weeks. Called inflammatory disease, occurring more than six months chronic. This disease happens again after six months or more after treatment, called reinfection or re-infection.

According to the localization of inflammatory diseases may occur external genitalia and internal genitalia. To the external genitalia and the vulva (inflammation of the vagina called inflammation), Bartholin gland (bartholinitis). Disease internal genitalia are coleitis (inflammation of the vagina), cervix, inflammation of the soles of the neck (inflammation of the cervix), inflammation of the lining of the uterus, inflammation of the uterus and his entourage (inflammation of the different layers of the uterus), or adneksit trumpet (inflammation of the uterus), circumference (inflammation serous membranes of the uterus), the parameter (inflammation of the surrounding fatty tissue of the uterus) pelvioperitonit (pelvic peritonitis or peritonitis interpreter).

inflammatory diseases of the divisions minimum Nationality Domain women

These include the vulva, bartholinitis, coleitis, cervicitis, and cervical erosion


episioitis - inflammatory disease of the vulva, is more common in girls. There episioitis elementary and secondary schools. Women as a primary disease independently is rare. Predisposing factor is the decline in ovarian function. Episioitis primary develops after infection and further wound infection, with a lack of personal hygiene, and rash, parasitic worms, and antibiotic therapy is not appropriate, and endocrine disorders (diabetes), and exposure to chemicals, and so on. D. Vulvity secondary occur because of a lot more often to the injury of the external genitalia of the vaginal secretions in various diseases (coleitis, candidiasis, trichomoniasis, inflammation of the lining of the uterus, and so on. D).

This happens when you use a contraceptive oral combined show bloodstains intermenstrual, which also contributes to a few of them in the components of estrogen-progestin.

In such cases it is better to use the tools with a very high content of estrogen and progesterone. Prolonged use of contraceptives oral combined, and there are characterized by morphological changes in the ovaries, which are in the size and structure along the lines of the ovary in women after menopause. Is the effect of contraceptives and contraceptive oral combined due to the different mechanisms used in the beginning and after prolonged use.

As a result of changes in the cervical mucus and settlement pupil symptoms, and reduction of uterine activity reduces the risk of introducing infection from the vagina to the uterus, and pipes them. At the same time increases the frequency of chlamydial infection and generalized forms, which may be due to a change in vaginal symbiotic.

of particular importance is the pace of operations hyperplastic and genital tumors and breast cancer in women taking long-term combined contraceptive oral. It is believed that the use of contraceptives oral combined operations reduce the risk of hyperplastic and endometrial cancer, ovarian cysts, which was not observed in relation to breast cancer. The pace of operations hyperplastic and malignant tumors of the breast against the backdrop of the extensive use of combined contraceptives oral increases.

of the positive effects of oral contraceptives joint has been observed in those lacking wives ectopic pregnancy, and in some cases a therapeutic effect in the syndrome hirsutism.

complications pill

and the risk of heart disease and blood vessels when making contraceptive oral combined recognized by all researchers. Especially dangerous is the development of high blood pressure. The use of contraceptives oral combined leads to the activation of blood clotting because of the element of estrogen, which increases the risk of thromboembolic complications.

and the risk of cardiovascular disease complications and thromboembolism increases, especially when taking oral contraceptives vehicle and smoking in women over the age of 35 years, and also depends on the dose of hormone ingredients in the tablets.

has also proven metabolism

effect of the pill work side-by-side on the metabolism. Can determine the effect on lipid metabolism antagonistic effects of estrogen and progestin components. Progestin lead to an increase in the amount of low-density lipoproteins and a decrease in high density lipoprotein, and this leads to atherosclerosis undesirable effect. In order to reduce it, and carried out to improve the contraceptive oral combined with reduced doses of hormonal ingredients. To a lesser degree of contraceptive oral combined affect cholesterol levels in the blood.

ingredients of hormonal contraceptive drugs reduce the sensitivity to glucose, affects the amount of insulin in the blood. Similar effects are due to the estrogen component, where women are sensitive to glucose, it is recommended to take the drug, which include progesterone only.

The worst effects of the contraceptive oral combined system of the heart and blood vessels, and the characteristics of the coagulation of blood and metabolism occur in women who have had to prepare for this disease (State hyperplastic, thrombophlebitis and diabetes in relatives of history or disclosed in a particular survey).

is the negative impact of contraception oral combined weight gain

liver and kidney

It is important to study the function of the liver and kidney in women using combined oral contraceptives . This is because the pharmaceutical operations consume hormonal agents occurs mainly in the liver and kidneys. Moreover, it is known that oestradiol estradiol and norsteroidov cause changes in liver function and contribute to cholestasis and disposal operations of metabolic products made ingredients hormonal contraceptive oral combined through the urinary tract. In this regard, it can be liver disease and kidney failure can be a reason not to recommend the common pill oral contraceptives as a contraceptive, or cancellation in the event of detection of diseases such devices in the use of contraceptives by mouth combined.

symptoms of self using contraceptives combined oral It should be noted, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and pain and stress in the mammary glands, depression, and loss of libido. These symptoms may occur early in the use of contraceptives oral combined, and then may disappear. For longer than the attributes of depression and decreased libido.


depressions associated with tryptophan metabolism slowing down under the influence of a progesterone contraceptive oral combined. With the development of this condition indicates a change in the way to prevent pregnancy.

decreased libido

low libido is due to inhibition of ovarian function, and reduced secretion of sex hormones, which can lead to discomfort in sexual life. The problem is resolved and the abolition of contraceptives and changes in contraceptive oral combined.

endocrine organs

effect of contraceptive oral combined on the functional status of the endocrine organs occurs. Inhibition of the remarkable generation of steroid in the ovaries, and what connects Padania libido. At the same time, the overall downward trend and thyroid function in women taking combined oral contraceptives, celebrated the normalization of relations, as in hyper-and Hypo. With symptoms of high cholesterol may be vital to reduce insulin, which contributes to impaired glucose tolerance. Is the restoration of a significant decrease in the function of glucocorticoid in the adrenal glands and the production of cortisol.

and reproductive function after discontinuation of combined oral contraceptives. During pregnancy and childbirth usually proceeds. Is not enough to study the effect of contraceptive oral combined on the development of the fetus and newborn. The issue of teratogenic effects of contraceptive oral and combined effects on the genetic structure needs to be more detailed study. It is therefore advisable after prolonged use of contraceptive oral together when you need to perform the function of generative recommends that women refrain from pregnancy in the first months after its withdrawal.

effective contraceptive oral combined

The 0.2-1 0.0 index Pirlo. Every failure (pregnancy while taking oral contraceptives combined) associated with dose cardiac arrhythmias, the potential pathological conditions of the body, at the same time using more than one medication news from Yahoo, and other factors that affect the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical oralnyhkontratseptivov combined.

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