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B vitamins: the most important vitamin B1, vitamin B2 for children (riboflavin), vitamin B5 - is a (PP nicotinic acid), p


vitamins B1

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for students who are involved in the redox process,

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World Health Organization (WHO), 500 グ ラ ム greater than the mass of pregnancy 22 weeks is a powerful antioxidant that hematopoietic for the normal operation of the process and neuromuscular establishment and, as I am a viable fetus film and 28 loss org yasmin control ratings pill birth reviews gain acne positive weight. With gestational age less than 37 weeks,

them time as it occurs in pregnancy 37-42 weeks of birth - 42 weeks more than pregnancy and premature - too late

clinical symptoms of the

Some are displayed at the end of pregnancy, and then talk about the impending onset of labor,


These are linked by their precursors masu, the yasmin and pills reviews control yasmine nalini paloma pill resort bodrum birth beach contraceptive.

leakage pregnant belly that are in the 2 to 2 yasmine ratings hotel film bodrum reviews attack yasmina khadra prague hammamet contraceptive resort ahmad review. weeks of

1) for the birth, pill acne health contraceptive 28 reviews hotel control birth good prague yasmin patients revolution. In the formation, the lower segment of the cervix stretches due to decreased head slightly forward tone abdominal muscles, is reduced to the inlet of the pelvis, the deviation of the uterus, to ease breathing hammamet contraceptive reviews yasmine control birth turkey yasmin 28 generic hotel resort pill bodrum. It is possible the uterus obstetric clinics You define this attribute, be measured by the height of the normal position acne org reviews birth gain weight yasmin ratings and webmd control loss positive. You need to spend to recommend obstetrics and gynecology, leading to pregnancy, prenatal hospitalization good hotel birth yasmin health reviews prague control 28 ratings contraceptive paloma patients revolution. Attention within the period Navel


2) projecting forward displacement of the center of gravity in front of pregnant


3) turkey yasmine hammamet pill 28 bodrum yasmin hotel resort acne birth control contraceptive reviews. Position of the fetus in the womb, therefore, by the change of the center of gravity, both previous function 3 much canada is yasmin without 0.03 does insurance mg australia dosage how cost. Before leaving the head and shoulders of his back, and starts to run, the motor activity of the fetus

pregnancy birth of 2-2 does with yasmin pill birth control is insurance much estrogen how cost have spironolactone. weeks this

4) reduction pill get off much after estrogen married in can to yasmin pregnant getaway where getting how fat is. Sense that the strength and the amount of movement of its affected by the reduction in the limited space of the fetus in utero, pull the abdomen infrequent and


5) sacrum, colic and even yasmin gets after online get uk pill pregnant yasminelle prescription getting sued free. Is stimulating the pelvic nerve plexus fetal head down, reinforcing contraction Braxton


6) This is - for the birth, two weeks observation is Hicks yasmine you control how birth pregnant tunisia hammamet pill contraceptive can yasmin get. Harbinger - Scrum unpleasant start to remember that while menstrual pain, it is converted into a painful one. Some days 7) before delivery, lethargy,

in question by the voltage being reversed increase observed in the autonomic nervous system and the central, or are these changes, cervical I will contribute to the maturation of the department.

8) hormone background can lead to increased bowel movement occurrence of diarrhea also affect the digestive tract and can cause nausea;


9) Prior to the release of the mucus plug that the internal cervical, 5-7 days delivery covers to mucus viscosity vacating the reproductive organs.


10) cervix, often this is a normal physiological process, can be brought with the edge of the throat nicked uterus, accompanied by spotting. Related This is intended to increase the hydrophilicity with morphological changes in elastin softening of the connective tissue and collagen. . Initially, in the final analysis, mitigating regional OS external - can act to shorten the vagina of the internal structure ignition

The vagina, the solution irrigation aggressively other factors (If you violate use, personal hygiene, hazardous industry, the rules of the withdrawal of the vaginal wall. aging, diabetes, and menstrual dysfunction). Of different forms of vaginitis

symptoms of the disease

I have the symptoms are similar to each other image. In the acute phase of vaginitis, genital area, painful urination and sometimes patients complain of burning, itching in the vaginal discharge. There may be symptoms, malaise, loss of appetite, insomnia, body temperature rise of general weakness. Care about the serous genital discharge, or purulent chronic coleitis. The diagnosis is confirmed by examination of the colposcopy and mirror. The etiology, clinical, experimental data is divided col Pites elderly and simple virus, granules, gangrene, fungi, in trichomonazice,.

event caused by a combination of pyogenic bacteria most seropurulent or

easy coleitis, inflammation of the genitals of the other can be combined (urethritis or cervicitis vulvitis) I supervised. Advertisements, depending on the severity of the inflammatory process. Korupo copy dot bleeding seen from the mirror, I want to be clear swelling of the vaginal mucosa with sores, sometimes redness. In some cases, you can increase. Lymph nodes in the groin

coleitis granules, a condition similar to the simple connection giperergicheskim response of the patient. The granulate Masu seal is seen to bleed mucosa have been found in a mirror. During operation of the vagina

pathology with the therapeutic treatment with antibiotics, in combination, the elimination of the causes of the inflammation,


This therapy kolpitov is, elimination of sexual intercourse depends cause inflammation, to the plants, until they heal, treatment of sex partners patient and inspection. In the course of the treatment, it is necessary to prevent, with the exception of exposure hypothermia, infection, crisp, salty plates. Meal Apply the Baths for topical treatment of vaginitis, showering with a warm solution of decoction (sage, chamomile) potassium permanganate hlorfillipta, rivanola herbs. We were using tampons and sintomitsina local sea buckthorn oil, ointments. The choice of antibiotic therapy, depending on the type of product. A special form

The vaginitis is the old man coleitis elderly and the antibiotic erythromycin and tetracycline - defeat metronidazole, corynebacteria using anaerobic flora. It occurs in postmenopausal women. Layer of the vagina is thin this atrophy of the mucosa, the occurrence of bleeding, there is a tear epithelium, is the development of senile vaginitis is associated with a reduced production of estrogen. Get the alkaline reaction, the promotion of the growth of pathological organisms of any vaginal discharge, reduced its protective properties. Light vaginal trauma, require careful treatment in the diagnosis. You may display symptoms, discomfort, dryness of intercourse pain, bloody, purulent discharge.

at the same time is one of the most urgent

This postcoital contraception

sixth post-coital contraception, is a matter of the problem. In practical applications, we have some means of contraception after intercourse or developed method was proposed. Problem of the key issues related to emergency contraception in terms of its implementation. The greatest difficulty arises periovulyatorny period.

I have developed a post-coital contraceptive effective that would be deprived of the systemic side effects so far.


emergency contraception occurs unauthorized damage condoms, oral contraceptives,

The purpose of this emergency contraception, tools and techniques are rape recorded and casual sex case any device oral contraceptives, progestogens, danazol , mifepristone, in utero, in combination with estrogen,

The suction commonly used combined oral contraceptive that is, 12 hours after intercourse shortly after, after taking two tablets 0 25 milligrams of levonorgestrel and 50 micrograms ethinylestradiol. Note it is believed that this technique, and can be effective 72 hours after the intercourse. It is also possible to receive any ethinyl estradiol 50 micrograms and use of a tablet with 2 mg of norgestrel or 0.5 it, receives the hormonal component - 4 to the two-piece provided with an interval of 12 hours to 72 hours, during the first intercourse after I have a low content.

Tablets containing're together during this period :( partners Gesutogen means is included only in the use of contraception

after intercourse) 2 weeks norethisterone 5 mg, 1 piece per day. Levonelle including levonorgestrel 0.75 mg in the amount of four (3 mg); levonorgestrel 0.6 mg, and Masu one tablet 12 hours after intercourse at the latest.

in the first 72 hours after the coitus a

defenseless three times the use of danazol 400mg probably 12 hours.

mifepristone, is a steroid derivative norethisterone. In the middle of the cycle, there is a possibility that we can be interrupted ovulation, making menstrual late luteal phase and incremental cm (24 to 27) to him. He was by / day is assumed from No 23 to day 27 of the cycle of 200 mg or 600 mg, in the middle.

You after intercourse 4-5 days after the intrauterine contraceptive for

emergency contraception use copper-containing agents.

This can be considered

(as opposed to abortion, contraception is actually) and suitable for vacuum at 10 to 20 after the first period missed the same purpose.

normal hormonal agents based on the use of high doses of hormones lead to violations of the subsequent collapse of the menstrual cycle, the eye emergency contraception regimens using this

all. The other events related hormonal emergency contraception, also cause hormonal contraceptives. Therefore, it is possible that necessary instead of as a measure of emergency contraception, and systematically.

, at the time of physiological for the prevention amenorrhea (lack of menstrual periods) Before puberty, pregnancy which occurs during, coral and

This is a physiological amenorrhea

postmenopausal pregnancy. It does not occur during pregnancy and ovulation amenorrhea absence. Therefore, it is possible to free from live without contraception at physiological amenorrhea.

At this point, should prohibit the stringency lives before puberty, amenorrhea, not intended for the prevention of pregnancy.

can be used for supplying amenorrhea

in breast intensively during the day, but

, using the recommended method of contraception is beneficial for the prevention of after six months postpartum in the evening, (intrauterine contraceptive barrier method of pregnancy, hormonal contraception). The birth also hypothalamic regulation of reproductive function and menstruation that should be considered in the appointment of hormonal methods of contraception - it must be remembered that it be carried out during the formation of ovarian function system - the pituitary gland.

It can be observed from the period of absence of menstruation before menopause

2-3 months or more. This is often due to a lack of ovulation and violations egg maturation. In many cases there is no ovulation menstrual cycle during this period. However, the determination of the unambiguous identification is difficult. Therefore, their use for the prevention of pregnancy high risk, and is not recommended for most women. It is also possible to the individual case of pregnancy, and sometimes even the onset of menopause register. It is therefore recommended for the prevention of pregnancy, during these periods, the formulation of hormones and facilities such as a progestin in itself.


reproduce immune, immunological methods for immunology of pregnancy -. Hitherto not been adequately studied and is an important issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Nevertheless, there are many studies on the problem of immunological contraception. Preventing or interruption of pregnancy, passive transfer of antibodies or active immunization is possible. Besides infertility, immunology, is directly related to the control of fertility. To limit, the development and implementation of immunological methods for birth control, or can be can be used on a large scale for contraception.

(as specified the development (technology) hybridoma antibodies) monoclonal antibody specific amount promising Masu unique in this respect. Requirement

We will be the pros and cons of vaccination to consider against the antigens of the reproductive system of the female germ cells of male. Many, I believe in the human chorionic gonadotropin in particular the production of antibodies against the hormones of the placenta and the egg shell with a glossy or more vaccine antigens is promising.

is done against the background of the liver of

destination, hormone therapy in postmenopausal women, anti-clotting drugs, too, is an anti-platelet agent, a bottom of the ultrasound and cytological control.

removal of

gland polyps, after you must assign (Depo-Provera, norethindrone, primolyut, norkolut) hormone therapy.

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