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The factors that stimulate ovulation for

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The increase in the number of births and chetvernyashek

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stimulating hormone secretion that may affect the optical activity or

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and multi-who survived the 87 children, there are two zocor prices peopleu0026#39;s makes online reviews for who name pravastatin generic pharmacy simvastatin canada target. In light of the multiplicity of embryos


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The process

3 Massu (dizygotic) simvastatin you will off how does can get high.

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The fertilized diagnosis and re-concept of pregnancy and ultrasound current research relates to the different time periods

the fetus dizygotic.

Can intrauterine death of one of the achievements of the early stages of embryo

The second is to survive and grow without a medical condition. It will be in the high reliability and precision, and the result was the brother of the different period, which does not require regular monitoring of ultrasound is mandatory and the second doctor. If the fetus is the second developmental delay, most women to perform abortions. However, in each case, and each individual is determined to solve.

It (66-75% of all twins)

dizygotic twins more common. The birth rate of dizygotic twins varies up to 50 people in the 4-1000. Japan followed by all countries in Africa have the lowest frequency of twins, agrees with the higher threshold of the birth of the twins, and Europe and the United States in second place.

as normal siblings born at different times 60% of the 40 that can be

dizygotic twins are a group of blood and the opposite sex to be the same sex - the same or different, and this may be the Overview of this gene. It happens to be like a normal child of the same family, they do not like each other. Fetus, independently. It characterized the command of one of each twin placenta is closely linked to the other in contact with each other, forming a kind of dizygotic a placenta, but in reality they can be separated from each other. Each double housing develop own water and fluffy. The separation of the placenta away by the introduction of a fertilized egg in the uterus, in the case of closure of egg laying, would fall subscriber alike. The most important under the fallen

. When you understand this functionality layer of the mucous membrane of the uterus changes for pregnant women before, and the main reason for the formation of dizygotic twins in synthesis, ovary under the influence of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) from the pituitary gland that causes ovulation most and maturation of multiple follicles in the ovary while developing pod or from one or two of dizygotic twins is a strong hormonal stimulation. In many cases, two eggs from the same follicle. Twins Nuclear similar principle, any place, and artificial stimulation of ovulation. And it will go through medical intervention for the treatment of infertility and E.

that with the development of dizygotic twins genetic predisposition that has passed through the


induction and pregnancy

IVF - fertilization "test tube" call - and artificial contraception, in many cases, multiple pregnancy generally occurs first. For, in the laboratory and the mother of the fetus from the uterus, and thus put 3-6 fertilization previously. A lot is different operations in the past and gynecology and public health through a variety of circumstances. If not contraindicated, and in this case, you can solve most of the pregnancy the fetus, or occur with a probability of 40%. Make demands and recommended by the doctor, namely limits. Especially when more than one embryo E. harvest, and signs of delayed fetal development. Used to fade the fetus, in principle, to generate the fetus is "viable" at an early stage of pregnancy, while others live, and twins born in good health. Identical twins

origin (Staphylococcus permissions)

1 fertilize eggs containing two or more nuclei. What led to the formation of the fetus base, for each core, integrates with sperm nuclear material. If separation of the eggs produced in the first three days after fertilization, odnoyaytsovye twins will be two placental amniotic cavity and two. Then, through the division of the egg between 8 and 4 after fertilization, are placed into the amniotic sac to another with the placenta and one of the subarray 2, has put 2 each fetus. If it occurs after fertilization 9-10 twins, and so separated from the placenta and amniotic sac common. There defect leading to the fusion of the twins were separated in eggs (13 to 15 after fertilization) late stage. We know from history and Angie Iange conjoined twins who lived in the 19th century Birth, split in the narrative. In the future, and gave birth to many children and had been married. Died a difference of 2 hours at 63 this education of identical twins, Massu 1,000 births.

is rare that 2 divided in two parts of the fetus agglomeration SeiHara Moto Nye -. At different stages of development,

identical twins (monozygotic mono) twins, has been developed as a result of one of the branches of the eggs of all the other parts of the fruit, which comprises. . The proliferation of identical twins - in contrast, dizygotic twins,

In the circumstances

modern scientific experiment is 3-5 in childbirth in 1000, the division of the embryo is not just a temporary oxygen saturation , indicating that hard that can occur as a result of the deficit and the slowdown of injection, or 4.5 factors in breast milk from other violations of the ionic composition of environmental balance and acid-base box, harmful toxic and can to cover all the way to the moon.

is the need of the children on basic foods that should not rush for the introduction of complementary foods.

force sucking reflex is to introduce the child fell earlier this

supplemental foods, and the result is a reduction of the mammary gland and milk production. In this case, the temptation to be unnecessary from the point of view of physiology, that for the realization of breastfeeding is not a substitute.

juice should be not less than three months from the juice of life


home. Thanks to the research of many scientists, it has been found to be very effective in meeting the vitamin in the child's body (juice meets 2-3 percent of the daily requirement of this vitamin) juice. As a rule, most children developed juice intolerance in front of them early. This is the expression of intolerance predominantly digestive disorders and allergies. You can enter early juice also violates the proportion of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, to intervene in the assimilation and absorption of iron. Championship to be included in the list given apple juice. This is due to the fact that the low acidity and has low sensitivity of this. Then slowly diet plum, apricot, banana, raspberry and black currant, cherry juice. Juice acid, and must be diluted with water before use or stinging boils. , Is introduced and increased juice (oranges, tangerines, oranges, strawberries) for food allergies minimum age of 6-7 months. Juice (mango, papaya and kiwi) and exotic tropical fruit juice becomes a burden is not the case, should not be carried in the digestive tract of young in the diet of young children, it does not cause an allergic reaction severe. First, there is a need to get used to (a good way to determine fruit juice and intolerance of others 1) when 6-7 months old and the only fruit, one of several children, baby, and you can start by giving a little fruit juice Kano.

using the fruit as it is used in the juice (4.5 months of life 3) juice

The introduction of product

and appoint others you may enter fruit puree in two to three weeks after the hour.


stronger food, is the introduction of appropriate complementary feeding at age 4.5 to 5.5 months. After 3-4 weeks, you may appoint a puree of vegetables and fodder from the first, is the temptation to handle grain. Puree followed progressively First, a kind of (pumpkin and sweet potato) vegetable, must be configured to diversify broccoli, cabbage and carrots.

porridge (maize porridge, rice and wheat) fiber, gluten-free, to be submitted


lure grain this first. This lies in the fact that children in the first year of life are likely to be affected by the occurrence of (intolerance of gluten-containing cereals) Celiac disease.

I believe that scientists and physicians

largely to be sensitive and specific for this method.

This method can be used to assess the state of the vagina microcenosis :. , In order to evaluate the microbial contamination vaginal biotype Generally, in order to determine whether the prevalence of other bacterial morphotypes, be aware of the existence of a state of the epithelial cells and the inflammatory response

microscope method. And Gram-negative bacilli or alternative gramvariabelnymi and (lactobacilli) Gram-positive bacteria are typically large in natural vaginal swab or decreased BW and fast, and this includes, but is not the existence or decreased white blood cells , (characterized in that May 7 white blood cells containing lactobacilli as but not totally absent established). Also the number of white blood cells, it is possible to distinguish between vaginitis or vaginal. The results of the study, but appears to be related to the quality of the materials taken directly from their own interpretation of the results for a particular patient, and vaginal samples of quantitative laboratory is rare.

to the fact, however,

The diagnostic value of microscopic examination of optional bacterial anaerobic, and when it is not detected in the small amounts of microscope, there is a possibility that pathogenic bacteria affect the occurrence This low vaginal swabs due. Even if genus and species, many of which are the same type of model (most microbial one in the field of vision cells) for the detection of anaerobic bacteria in the optional swab sample, however, antibiotics and pathogens characteristics while sensitivity unlike the strictly anaerobic bacteria, was largely different.

Tried to use in order to determine how many Immunomorfologichesky deemed BV

foreign researchers, and more efficient. Because there is no information about the structure of the antigen gardnerellas process in the literature, is to develop and test systems for the process of creating a vaccine antividnyh serotipovye fluctuations. Not only seeds, and bacteria in the vagina and directly counted using immune serum titers for the diagnosis may not be possible in practice to determine the type of microorganisms that are found in the cells of the "key" in addition to exactly quantitative composition of the plants appear, and characterized.

When considering

BV has thyroid tumor, and if Gardnerella plays a leadership role, you must use the classical microbiological method to determine the final culture - no. However, Independent gardnerelly same importance these organisms in causing BV, isolate pure cultures can be up to 40%, and can be used as a basis for a definitive diagnosis has not been found in healthy women, and not enough frequency. However, according to most researchers, this method is required to diagnose :. In order to confirm the diagnosis of pregnant women, and for the development of antigen mikrobnoykletki

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