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The diagnosis of the disease

Investigation Plan buy prescription buying without uk gel emulgel voltaren shop patch order pharmacy online.

1 Complete blood uk where gel purchase voltaren to buy online tablets emulgel patch canada generic order get.

2 urinalysis emulgel buy 1 cream voltaren to order suppositories where buying online canada tablets sr in.

3 General analysis of sputum buy 100mg prescription to suppositories without voltaren ordering online where tablets gel canada no emulgel order.

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6 X-ray examination of the chest canada cream patch much for does without gel voltaren 75mg insurance how cost costochondritis.

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We need to know whether and how to change the status of the bronchi and lungs

Yes, you should australia of drops emulgel 75mg cream eye 25 price 1 canada sale tablets voltaren. In order to determine the severity of chronic obstructive bronchitis, to the degree of narrowing of the airways to determine the degree of lung function, several methods used in hospitals (spirography etc.) price australian in to prices buy gel cost purchase where australia voltaren canada order emulgel. In the course of this study, you have to breathe into a tube connected to the device, the speed and the amount of air that is omitted from the lungs in a single breath measurement canada for price tablets buy coupons din emulgel generic online cream uk pharmacy voltaren diclofenac. These tools can reduce the amount of air the lungs (lung volume determined) and the speed at which the air can continue to determine by inhalation buy voltaren xr cream 50mg generico image substitute equivalent reviews generic drug gel dosage. The disadvantage of these devices is that they are only in hospitals and at home are not suitable for

Chapter 1 : pill tablets 75 diclofenac medicine voltaren canada emulgel topical generic ophthalmic online pharmacy mg. Causes of reproductive disorders

The most common causes of reproductive disorders are:

1) menstrual disorders of various origins (ovaries, uterus, adrenal, etc on emulgel tablets canadian arthritis reviews cream generic topical rapid voltaren 25 100mg gel pharmacy order. . 50mg for voltaren pain xr forte generic cost 150 100 75mg retard back price.

2) the development of dysfunctional uterine bleeding;

3) the presence of inflammatory diseases such as the women of the lower and upper genital tract;

4) gynecologic cancer

menstrual disorders

menstrual disorders as an independent disease injection cost is mg dosage much take voltaren can does 50 75 100 sr gel how. and as a symptom of disease processes in the female body voltaren emulgel pregnant can how online is much high should ibuprofen you in gel take get getting.

reproductive function is regulated by systems such as the hypothalamic-pituitary system, the cerebral cortex, and others, as well as the effector organs (it is the ovaries, uterus) high voltaren you can will get. Moreover, irregular menstruation are present not only in violation of the rules of the central but also in a number of neuroendocrine syndromes (such as Cushing's disease, Skien, Shereshevsky - Turner and premenstrual syndromes and after castration postgisterektomichesky). The violation of one of the links in the regulation of the ovarian cycle-menstrual inevitably leads to a decrease of the concentration of estrogen, and thus to stop ovulation. Reduce the concentration of estrogen is always accompanied by an increase in the concentration of androgens, resulting in symptoms such as hypertrichosis (increased body hair), hirsutism (male pattern body hair), hypoplasia of the mammary glands, enlargement of the clitoris, hoarse voice, and so on. G.

For menstrual irregularities are amenorrhea and dysfunctional uterine bleeding


Amenorrhea - .. a pathological condition characterized by the cessation of menstruation ( which can take up to six months or more)

by the surgical treatment of normal secretion of gonadotropins, which leads to a decrease of the concentration of estrogen.

The main treatment for the majority of tumors, in addition to chemotherapy, a surgical treatment.

In the event that a patient with ovarian cancer stage I or IA would like to preserve the reproductive function, it may be resorted to the realization of the conservation surgery -. removal of an ovary, and omentum, and the studies of the second ovary bond

The treatment of endometrial tip polypectomy. To this end, the electro-mechanical instruments or laser technology.

most often in the treatment of vulvar cancer include surgery, radiation therapy and combined methods. Lead is a surgical method

The predominant method for the treatment of cancer of the uterus is expanded or a simple ex tirpatsiya uterus and appendages

If there are 2 types of treatment of ovarian cancer surgery: .. Interventions ablative and expanded. The indications for surgery advanced metastases in retroperitoneal lymph nodes, the presence of which was confirmed by ultrasound, CT and MRI. Extended operation is the removal of pelvic and para-aortic lymph nodes in the groin (if necessary). Stage I ovarian cancer is an indication for hysterectomy and removal of the appendages of the greater omentum. At the same time produce a comprehensive examination of the abdominal cavity and histological examination of suspicious areas. Chemotherapy for the stages of cancer is not required I or IA.

Now remove the uterus with appendages and omentum majus. Frequent malignant tumor Sometimes the tumor process was adjacent organs (intestine, spleen, liver, etc. ..), which is an indication of their resection

In Vitro Fertilization

ECO -. An abbreviation of a special method of fertilization - IVF and that is outside the body of the woman conceived .. (additional corpora -. "Outside the body") In other words, the process of fertilization, the sperm penetration into the oocyte, not occur in the uterus and in a specially equipped laboratory, called the incubator. when in vitro fertilization is considered to be the most effective way to infertility. of course at any of the existing methods of artificial insemination can 100% guarantee pregnancy, but this method can be repeated many times without damage to health and thus increases the chance of pregnancy several times.

According to statistics otolaryngologists woman feels 40 years and even longer begins to fade, in men with 33 years of hearing, especially when the ear perceives sounds high.

Heart problems up to 45 years of age to a greater extent are men. In women, cardiovascular disease less frequently because their body produces the hormone estrogen, which protects them. Women are more resistant to heart attacks than men. This situation can be explained by the fact that men are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol, take less exercise.

Compare significant differences in male and female speech, linguists have noticed. In the language of the men are a large number of new words and concepts. Speech of women is more neutral than men. Often contain outdated words and dialect. Assessing the emotional side of the discourse of women, then there are the interjections most commonly used metaphors, epithets and comparisons. Women more likely to use words that describe emotions and feelings. Colloquially try degrading treatment, nicknames or nicknames avoid. Men often use abstract nouns in speech, and women - specific. In the language of the women's frequent use of compound adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. Women are frequently used verbs in the passive form of expression, and the men - active. This can be explained by the fact that a man is taking an approach is the most active of a woman. In the language of the people is more interrogative and imperative sentences. If we compare the expression of the thoughts of men and women in the speech, the expression on the same subject, women use more words than men.

Search Results very interesting between men and women on the "Lies." Significant differences have reason to lie. According to a survey, women lie, when it comes to purchases, donations or their price. Over 50% of women admitted in a lie, if they do not want the only thing that has brought not disappoint the donor. More than 30% of women surveyed admitted that they underestimate or overestimate the price of purchased from them depending on the situation.

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