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Despite the wide variety of agents and methods for the treatment of various disorders of the work, it is not 100% certain that the woman has a child can have online purchase canada mebendazole prescription order over uk pharmacy buy buyer counter buying.

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anatomically and clinically narrow pelvis

female pelvis has a number of characteristics of the structure, people, not only the thickness of the bone, but also the shape, configuration does 100 discount where to buy generic medication for best price sale nhs mebendazole much how cost mg for of cheap. Bone basin includes the "big" and "small" pool and four floors: the wide and narrow pelvic cavity entrance, the wire axis of the basin, the output

The problem with a narrow pelvis so great that modern obstetrics . name counter australia vermox mebendazole canada the india online uk buy over price information about generic drugs from wikipedia. Pregnant women with suspected narrow jaws are at high risk of complications during childbirth, women's clinic, under the supervision of specialists must be taken chew pharmacy reviews mebendazole price 100 tablets 500mg online where to vermox buy generic. Most pregnant women with narrow end cesarean jaws how dosage mg take 125 much does 100 tablets chewable usp mebendazole i cost should. During the pregnancy with a narrow pelvis must immediately identify the functional assessment, rapid medical orientation in childbirth

A narrow pelvis - how is mebendazole the get can much counter where to over. This is a female pelvis, which is an obstacle to the birth of the child order uk ordering cheap buying pharmacy canada buy online tablets vermox where free to. The frequency of this pathology of pregnancy - 2-24% without counter the uk to mebendazole get online over vermox prescription buy where canada australia. Narrow basin isolated anatomical and clinical tight order suspension tablets canada cvs cheap where buy uk 500mg you in can vermox online buying. Anatomically narrow pelvis - where without no online mebendazole vermox the to buy order counter over ordering prescription canada get. A form of female pelvis, where at least one dimension is reduced by 1 order vermox online buy cheap prescription discount mebendazole prescriptions where generic purchase canada to uk. cm narrow scope clinical basin may be normal, but it is an obstacle to the birth of the child, so great during pregnancy fruits are not inserted correctly head of cost canada uk discount does sale how much for vermox australia prices. Clinically narrow jaws can be associated with a narrow anatomic pelvis, and may occur independently of the other wholesale fruit and mistakenly placed on the head buy canada online uk sale counter buying purchase the price to over ordering where vermox australia. The workflow in this case depends on the degree of non-compliance that has developed between the size of the fetal head and pelvis

The causes and factors contributing to the appearance of defects in the structure of the basin are several buy uk mebendazole online reviews cheap names vermox dosage tablets generic pharmacy 500mg 100mg. Often the basin leads anatomically narrowed various acute and chronic diseases experienced by children and adolescents, rickets, diseases of the spine and joints, and a variety of injuries to bones and joints of the pelvis, increased physical activity adolescence reviews can much should 500 100mg how is vermox cost to get take where does.

Class A narrow basins, based on the reasons for their development, or based on an assessment of anatomically narrow pools on the degree of shrinkage and shape vermox get online.

In Russia used classification of tight gas, which is based on the form and degree of stenosis. In addition, vessels narrow classification and frequency.

I. common form of narrow pelvis.

1 through narrow pelvis.

two flat jaws :.

1) basin simple dish,

2) basin ploskorahitichesky;

3) a decrease in the vast basin of the cavity

3 Obscheravnomernosuzhenny basin.

II. Rare form of a narrow pelvis.

1 Kososmeschenny kososuzhenny and pelvis.

2 Taz reduced bone tumors caused by pelvic fractures.

3 Kosopostavlenny basin.

4 Other forms of the basin.

III. Depending on the actual change of the conjugate (e.g., the degree of shrinkage in the pelvis). This classification is considered the most important.

IV. There is a fourth degree classification Littsmana shrink namely ..

The degree of narrowing - 9 cm

The degree of narrowing - 7.5 cm

III withdrawal -. 5.5 cm

IV withdrawal -. less than 5.5 cm

V. Classification Krasowski, is more commonly used

Grade I - .. The real value of the conjugates 2-9 cm vaginal delivery can be completed, but no bur

grade II. - The actual value of the combined July-September cm vaginal birth can live, but aborted fetus

Grade III -.... the real value of the combined 5 to 7 cm Parto vaginal impossible to win its fetal life

Level IV - the real value of combined 5 cm or less. This is certainly a narrow pelvis.

VI. Western scholars prefer Obstetricians Caldwell and Moloy classification, which is based on data from the radiological examination. This format is a four basic forms Basin: ginekoidny, Android, and anthropoid platipelloidny, and 14-step "intermediate", which are distinguished by the shape of the front and rear portions of the basin. In addition to the shape, the size of the basin, as well as fixed. The size can vary depending on their boxes are divided into small, medium and large sizes.

The narrow vessels. Very often diagnosed poperechnosuzhenny basin; a little less often - a simple dish basin; much less likely to establish the presence and obscheravnomernosuzhennogo ploskorahiticheskogo basin. But very often, these types of constraints that can not be attributed to a specific type. Discuss forms "deleted" a narrow pelvis.

Diagnostics __gVirt_NP_NNS_NNPS

Section VIII. How to get your health

To avoid ingrown hairs retain further in the new skin to use exfoliating products (scrub) that scrubs and coat.

Depiliruyuschy cream

The cream for hair removal is usually the sodium salt of thioglycolic acid (or potassium). The chemical properties of the substance with a weak bond between the fibers of keratin hair, making it easy to damage the hair. Unlike razor and cream, not only removes the hair surface, but also "lost" chemical of the hair, which is deep in the skin. The disadvantages of this method of hair removal have the same characteristics of the period of growth as shaving. Rapid and continued growth of new hair growth in the skin


Bioepilation (or waxing) is one of the easiest ways to remove. Unwanted hair from the body surface length obtained during the procedure effect persists months and the hair grows back

bioepilyatsii procedure is performed using warm or hot wax - .. Second on the direction from which the hairs are removed and the area

The hot wax is applied to areas of the body where hair removal is particularly sensitive skin (face, underarms and bikini). The wax is heated to the process liquid before. Hot wax is applied to the skin surface of the skin areas of narrow strips with a spatula and the pass band of wax is removed together with the stagnation in the hair. Bioepilyatsiya performed with natural or synthetic waxes and resins. Use both in pure form or in various combinations. Cera is divided in the direction of hair growth.

wax cold or at room temperature, a thick consistency of honey and then applied to the cotton tape on the skin with fine hair. The use of cold wax is best when you want to remove only increased after the last hair waxing.

The skin of the hands and feet epiliruju hot wax. Unloading in this case, a cassette with a roll (cartridge) with wax, pre-heated in a special holder. Hot wax is applied to the skin surface for the fabric strips, and then a sudden movement along the unwanted hair is removed. The hair follicles are removed at the same time as the hair.

'better for hair removal in the middle of the menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs when the egg. This is due to the fact that in this phase of the menstrual cycle, the rate of hair growth is 30-40% lower in comparison with the rest of the time. Bioepilyatsii lead against people with diseases of acute and chronic skin, infectious diseases, benign skin tumors in the region of epiliruemoy varicose veins.

Also enzymatic depilation, which is performed with the use of the wax, and a composition containing enzymes (enzymes). Consists of two consecutive phases. In the first phase, the hair from the wax. In the second phase of the skin area where the hair is removed, disposed of enzymatic preparation of a gel and in particular to improve. The interaction of the drug with skin In addition to the skin, to start working with ultrasound equipment, so that the enzymes to be transported in hair follicles absorbs substances healing Following pretreatment

After the procedure bioepilyatsii hair canal is still open for two three days, respectively. Resins, this time can be the enzyme ultrasonic procedures.

After the massage is generally useful rubbing the back with a rough cloth on the back (of the shoulder girdle area) and between 5-8 times.

Self-massage the abdominal muscles

These muscles support the internal organs in the correct position, protection against knocks and damage. The state of the abdominal muscles depends figure beauty in every age. Abdominal massage is particularly effective in the supine position (even if you can do it and you sit with your knees bent). Receptions:

1) strokes with the palm of your right hand on the top left in the Annex to the upper right, then left and down to the groin;

2) by rubbing the fingers straight edges and the hypochondriasis spiral upwards and downwards. Rub quadrant: Put your hands in the middle of the (xiphoid process) of the chest and slide into the pool (3-5) of the suppressive activity;

3) mix: four circular pads of the fingers and the back of the hand; fingers of both hands - brushes rotate in opposite directions to move from canvas directions; Dried - four fingers down, the movement from top to bottom and vice versa (especially useful when more body fat); double ring - fingers pulled the rectus muscles and down to the pool

Massage Techniques for oblique muscles (between the ribs and pelvis):

1) caressed Basin ,.

2) upward and outward pressure; edge of the base of the hill was the palm and thumb;

3) mixture: only - each hand massages the muscles of the same side below the iliac crest to the edges; straight, spiral and round - the rims 4 fingers - the coast of a pelvis and spine and everything; base of the palm;

4) concussion. Fingers close in a "block", to increase the palms firmly to the lower part of the sections of the stomach and abdomen of the short and

particularly necessary to self-massage abdomen after birth: .. Restore tense muscles and weakened stomach

It should be remembered that after a meal should be at least 1.5 hours. Before massage must also release the intestine and the bladder.

Auto-scalp massage

E 'is used with the medical, hygiene and cosmetics. Head massage should stand or sit. Movement needs to be done in the direction of hair growth - from top to neck, ears

Methods :.

1) caress - the palm with the fingers on top of pat, not to get to the ears of the other - the parts of the frontal and occipital;

2), the base pressure of the palm from different angles at the same time (you can fingertips and knuckles). More pressure must fall on the back and front;

3) rubbing linear, circular buffers and spiral all the fingers. I need 'to put pressure on the skin (but not much), move and stretch. Then repeat the race, followed by time with a circle of gravel portion;

4) pulp - the base with one hand or both, through the skin and moving together;

5) pellets stroking four fingers in both hands above his head;

6) caress the relief of all the fingers and the base of the palm of your hand

Sexual problems in women have long been known .. Memories of them found in ancient Egyptian papyrus, the Bible, and the myths and legends, but researchers who are interested in the question a little over a century ago.

Female Sexual Dysfunction -. A condition that the combined effect of physiological and psychological factors appear

According to the National Survey of Health and Social Life during the year or who suffer from sexual dysfunction, 43% of women ( like men the percentage is 31%). Anonymous survey showed that among women aged 18 to 59 years, 27-32% say lack of interest in sex, one in four (22-28%) - anorgasmia, 17-22% of female pleasure not lead 8 21% experience pain during intercourse, 18-27% reported that the lack of moisture in the vagina during intercourse. Sexual dysfunction can occur at any age, but more common in perimenopause and menopause

sexual dysfunction include the following offenses :.

1) lack or loss of sexual desire;

2) aversion to sexual intercourse;

3) the lack of response of the genitals;

4) orgasmic dysfunction;

5) inorganic vaginismus

6) mineral dyspareunia;

7) increased libido;

8) Other sexual dysfunction, not caused by organic disorder or disease;

9), sexual dysfunction, not caused by organic disorder or disease, unspecified reasons.


The lack of orgasm during sex. Frequency of occurrence -. 18-40% of women who have sex at least three years


This decrease in sexual desire or lack thereof. In 90% of cases and anorgasmia alibidemiya combined. Main causes: neuroendocrine abnormalities; infection; toxic, hypnotics, neuroleptics, antidepressants; stress brain trauma; depression, disgamiya. Anorgasmia may also be due to frigidity or disharmony of sexual relations between spouses.


This anorgasmia due to the inability of a woman to have an orgasm. . Frequency - 30-90% of women suffering from anorgasmia, and married at least one year

There are primary and secondary frigidity: first results from the start of sexual activity, and develops in the secondary Women already know orgasm.

There are four forms of frigidity:

1 Retardatsionnaya Shape temporary and is related to the delay of psychosexual development, peculiarities of temperament, education. Sexual attraction with absent or weakly expressed retardatsionnoy frigidity. Erogenous zones numbness or slaboreaktivny, sex is irrelevant, not lead to frustration. Since eliminating the delay awakened libido, increased peaktivnost in the erogenous zones.

2 symptomatic form due to organic disease of the brain and spinal cord, lead poisoning, drugs, endocrine diseases (genital hypoplasia), malposition of the uterus, gynecological diseases, beri-beri, post-infectious asthenia, fatigue, and others.

3 psychogenic frigidity is caused by the destruction of the mental factors of sexual function (marriage with the man she loved, frustrated in their family life, rudeness during virginity during first sex , hysteria, neurosis, phobic anorgasmia associated with the onset of fear, rolling in terror, leaving relationships stop when approaching orgasm).

4 the heart of the constitutional frigidity is an inherent lack of psychological functions. The reason is clear. It is believed that the constitutional frigidity is a manifestation of the homosexual installing hidden, unconscious.

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