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2 hours oxytocin and does not increase the contraction of the uterus, or recurrence continuation

, the infusion is impractical if you do not contribute to the increase in access buy cefpodoxime proxetil buyers mg cost dogs online india buying purchase cheap discount 200.

It is possible to increase the available cheek dezaminooksitotsina in the form of tablets containing 50 units or application of 25 issues of intravenous oxytocin labor instead of

cost australia uk information about generic drugs from wikipedia cefpodoxime mg 200 name where to buy generic medication for best prices buy for proxetil dogs sale. The initial dose is 25 units uses cefpodoxime mg tablet 100 proxetil 200. Then, every 30 minutes (depending on the result) the same dose of 100 units or 50 to 70, or increase repeat vantin cost price 200 insurance buy online without sale order mg cheap purchase.

After the establishment

of a good dose is 25 units reduced by 30 to 60 minutes gradually reviews imaging price vantin priyuralu vantintlo generic illalu canada intlo vantine name online antibiotic. Can be increased by a value within the specified time to weaken the amount of labor how should reviews buy 400 take 200 much mg vantin. The use of a drug, it is recommended that you go early after birth. Rinse your mouth with water or alkaline solution, has been deleted in the tablet of contraction very strong.

In recent years

this Contra induction. The presence of uterine scar after the node (narrow pelvis clinically and anatomically) and pelvic size of the fetus-threatening symptoms of septic disease of severe uterine rupture of previous genital, cesarean section, the surgical removal of uterine fibroids difference. Oxytocin, be combined aprofen (1% solution 1mL of the cervix), inflammatory such as (of 1mL subcutaneously solution of 2%) promedol and the analgesic is appropriate.

weakness of

labor force, will be able to apply the machine electroanalgesia domestic. The duration of analgesic treatment is 1 to 2.5 hours.

You can provide the

antispasmodic effect lidazy applications. . Appropriate infusion of uterine inertia of 40 ml (lidazy of 64 IU, which was dissolved in a 0.25% solution 50ml of novocaine) Lidazu

of this 40% in the interior of the cervix in the description of the period and novocaine cocarboxylase glucose solution, ascorbic acid, 50mg, take 5ml solution of 5% - in the treatment of. ATP can be administered intramuscularly (1% aqueous solution 1ml). If you use the labor force, long-term weakness two tasks of the opening regime in the glucose solution with the components of the above, especially the injection of sodium hydrogen carbonate solution of 5%, before taking it to the outside of the mother's body must be placed. For this excessive acidosis, using the injection of a 5% solution of sodium hydrogen carbonate in an amount of 150-200-250 ml depending on the weight of the work. Stimulation device that allows for labor mobility in the search, to the non-viable fetus or death in particular, to apply to the head along with the constant pull the drug therapy of vacuum cup skin and head forceps. You can as persistent weakness of labor, it is the question of the section (. Pelvis, complicated obstetric history, such as age, the mother) in combination with other pathologies such as this. I am trying to stimulate (IV) in the use of exorcism of oxytocin. In bankruptcy abdominal muscles, it is recommended that you create a bandage Werbowy artificial support of the abdomen. If a failure of availability of appropriate conditions and measures of these occurs, I rely on vacuum extraction or forceps. Weakness of uterine contractions in successive periods of women in labor and the weakness of the labor at the end of the period of exile prevention intramuscular metilergometrin that has been injected (1 ml). Intravenous oxytocin, you must maintain the (1 minute 20 drops) for the delivery of the placenta.

work (violent)

this, there are frustrating, is nervous birth sometimes

too strong. It is, perhaps cortex - has been associated with the viscera regulation violation, it's increased the formation (Pitocin, acetylcholine) of vasoconstrictor. Frequently, Stormy labor is characterized by (failed attempts) strong contraction. Be flattening of the cervix is ​​very fast, splashes of water, right after you start

the main thing this attempt rapid and powerful -. And trying to breath, please follow the breathing during exercise. Should be carried out through the nose and exhalation of your breath quiet smooth, - from the mouth.

tax will increase significantly

and exercises should be done slowly. If women are feeling the pain, it is not a force was calculated probably. There is a need to reduce the number of repetitions of each exercise in the next lesson, stress was increased gradually. Activities, must be not difficult and fun.


I delete the (unless contraindicated) warm bath and pain of this muscle. If the woman is breastfeeding, you can run the best exercises. After feeding breast until no filled with milk immediately, it is required in order to take a hot shower After effort. You need to start after consulting a doctor the only class.



circulatory system and was in violation of the lymphatic drainage in the period of postpartum tips and

hint, there is a possibility that the cause of women cellulite. Order to combat the disease in the XXI. You can be used in cosmetics companies almost all provide the Russian market. However, it is important to simple rules and respect. Rub a cold towel, shower: I have spent time with the procedures of the water. If you are allowed the physician to take a woman bathing in the water, you can add the aroma oil. It is possible to withstand the effects of the vortex of light created just for you, under the hot shower. Please try to get enough sleep. This is necessary for the maintenance of the nervous system.

According to the

statistics, more than 60% of women giving birth was hearing deficiency. Sense of human corporal has a huge effect. At the stroke very soothing, process itself, gives a sense of security and security. When comparing the behavior of children, in many cases, we will be asked to pat themselves simply them. In many cases, adults are embarrassed to admit that someone wants stroking. Problem solving is simple - to visit a massage therapist. It can receive and relaxation relaxing massage. At home, you may be asked to massage her you. Pat and rub the muscles, girlfriend or men seemed balanced calm, to a massage, by the hand of someone, the most important thing girlfriend or spouse, passed through the state of him.

usually, why women of childbearing after that? Fattening? The reason is this: improves the basal metabolism of pregnant and lactating. The body is due to the fact that appetite energy is required to be increased to stimulate the appetite. Priority, to change the food. When the reason for the food intake increased does not exist, there is a habit. Women continues to eat as before. Extra calories are deposited in excess fat cells that appear more and more. That you get rid of them is very difficult. . It is recommended in the diet, then, the extra calories, as can be seen in the pillars straight backbone of the front, rush change

This is, this woman this attitude to the new fat cells cervical and lumbar spine and stop to have a good attitude: - has a curve of the two profiles. If the curve is convex, there is pain from muscle tension. In many cases, (protrusion of the abdomen, or is formed slowly) fault during postnatal repeat the provisions of the body by trophies attitude of nursing mothers. It is necessary to follow in order to maintain a correct posture. Take the recommendations shoulder some, it fails to relax a little. You need to maintain the jaw and requires a high of your head, is in the same plane on the shoulder. To raise the abdomen, it must be in the correct position the chest. Please follow the need to take this attitude. In order to maintain the posture, and some exercises.

1, we need to learn to be careful not to hold the hand of her book on her head. It will help you to buy this.

2 in the supine position, bending in a little push in the heel near the pelvis and knee, and foot attitude feminine. It does not take the floor, lift the pelvis sacrum. I stay in the raised position for 10 seconds.

3 in the supine position, feet resting legs, on the floor and bent at the knee. The reverse is also low also, to the left and right movement both knees a slow. Please make sure that the back is pressed to the ground. The delay of the final movement for 10 seconds while on the move.

4 can be easily separated into the side of the

. If you try to keep your hands at shoulder height of the poor for 10 seconds, lift the upper body. Legs fixed. You can not be a smooth practice.

5. In standing position that join hands behind the locked position. Use hand interlaced connecting elbow, at the same time, close the blade, and extend his shoulder. 10 seconds, I will hold this position.

or not a

, it is delayed in time and must be comfortable lactating or a particular location, women and children, are coming fatigue of both soon.

The pause pause for

This one seat

direct breastfeeding. Under the back focus of her mother feel relaxed and comfortable. You can replace a small sofa with a foot on, and put a pillow under his arm. If the head of the baby belt is in the top of the shoulder, the child will stop sucking or get bored quickly. It must not be angle, directly opposite to the chest the face of children. Head and shoulders needed to support a newborn baby does not just behind the buttocks and back of him. Baby Torso is that it is pressed against the body of the mother. With the support of important breast firmly, do not overtighten the sinus of the breast.

2 paper feed is lying. In particular, it if it occurs overnight or lactating, very useful if you have made Caesarean section, episiotomy and (episiotomy) it. his head child is pushed, are arranged on the side does not rotate relative to the shoulder belt. To prevent rapid fatigue in the hands of his mother, would not tilt your head.


child to refuse the breast, it is possible to reveal the following functions.

1) child or slowly, lactation suck it at all.

2), if you try to attach to the breast the resistance of the child, and refused a short time in order to supply


3) children, breast, crying,

taking suffocation 4) chest

milk, children will be two rejected.

influence of drugs or disease reasons for refusal

breast milk

of this one. During the illness, milk child suck very slow. When you try to attach to the breast, it can be painful when the pressure to the site of injury, the child cry. The sedative, can cause suppression of the sucking reflex.

there is a possibility that the difficulties different

2 occurs in the development of the arts. Using improper maintenance pacifier, breast, excessive amount of milk, trim bottle supply - in the case of all of these, that you follow the correct way to put the baby to breast exactly is important. Can convert the position of power in the supine position is reasonable - it like milk of many. As confuse the breast milk, they please avoid the use of pacifiers bottles, nipples and. When supplied as needed, the mother should be used. Spoon or cup

3 (when you want to express breast milk supply, there is no medical conditions of some, if you can breast-feeding). Children will respond to changes in the environment in breast milk. The Masu rapid change and mother separated from the mother to move the furniture, the appearance of the stranger, changes in the apartment, her sick mother, the mother's menstrual cycle, from the smell of milk.

There is no that it is not possible to have a strong emotional response, or to take the chest just maybe children

only 4 denial of the breast will be apparent. Children, before chest and head, you can respond to sound, smells turn distracted. You must be patient mother is calm in this situation.

In the context of all of the

above, in order to determine the cause of the failure of breastfeeding, it is very important to solve it as soon as possible.

The Masu

express breast milk.


The young mother

of all,

This flask, and your pump need to do is carried out is running on display such as the following: it independently promotion of breastfeeding in the context of forced separation of 1) children should be able to know the status of if there is; If you do not want to suck the reflection, the feeding preterm infants,

2) They are children of our "resuscitation"; replenishment


3) children, if you do not get enough milk during lactation,

is supplied temporarily, children breast milk he (child 4 If you have expressed lip or cleft palate, mother flat nipples, baby) Adjustment of suck) You can adjust to the difficult chest.

In the case of all of (these, we will continue to breast milk, women) have been used hyperemia, you can give relieve lactostasis and mastitis by adding stretch

5) racking milk;.

It can be determined as a result of the evidence to be considered after the supply of

this inadequate nutrition of

6) children, and proven in the treatment of the nipple and areola .

weight gain bad one of this baby main indications of children

malnutrition. If the power is sufficient, 500g requires at least a month. It is psychological negative (milk less than usual) mother as a result, baby milk varies greatly, after (30-100 g), of each feeding, and, it does not make sense even to spend weighing every day The presence of a doctor weighing before the effect. It is recommended that you determine the child. Weight gain of children a week a small amount enough milk

It is not in the

2 and a .. thick urine - if it is 125 grams in less than. When there is excess water to drink breast milk, you need to urinate once in 6 to 8 he is a child. If a child urinates six times less than one day, urine is concentrated, there is a pungent odor, make sure there are things to be considered child malnutrition of children

as a sign of this malnutrition (feeding In order to, she is you should) is characterized by high reliability. .

baby crying

1) frequently. This can be attributed (damage perinatal to the central nervous system, "colic", Meteor sensitivity of children) to various causes.

The nursing too often

2). As a result of inaccurate technology of nursing, (in order to rotate early weaning, for the shoulder belt head during a break during aspiration, as a result of the rapid fatigue of the child);


4), rare dry stool firmly; rejection of the baby from the breast.

is that there is no

5) milk, you are trying to pump after feeding. If you feel weight gain in children is good, but it's not suffering, you can be the talk of the (meet the needs of children completely to the mother of breastfeeding) lactation balanced.

6) milk after birth "has not arrived." When implemented by supplying the baby breastfeeding on demand of the initial arrival of the milk without pain or redness.

increase the pulmonary microcirculation drainage function of bronchi,

breast massage

This breast massage, to promote the absorption of inflammatory response in the lung. Massage is used at all stages of disease with body temperature, poisoning, a record of the state of the cardiovascular system. The treated warming and compression optimal absorption of inflammatory changes that can be made, after mustard wrap, chest compression, the recovery of the body of the bank. For the prevention of complications associated with bronchial obstruction, it is a useful breathing techniques that are recommended. It is possible to use the balls have to be blown up to a day inflatable toys, balls, 3-5 times in order to perform these exercises.

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