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Within the framework of trust and respect for your loved one, big, serious sense, it is based on the fact that we can bring joy to the relationship of marriage becomes stronger and bring happiness

It is to emphasize that love is - this thing.

does not bring joy, that where it is necessary to explain the formation, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting

, but it requires the efforts of women, many of dedication and commitment. To fix this problem, you need to have an atmosphere of goodwill and friendship of heat to the prosperity of the family and the material that has been relatively stable. Girls When choosing a husband, it is necessary to understand that the children's father to choose for their own happiness, not only for the happiness of their children and grandchildren are the responsibility is it now it will determine the fate of her. ,, E. It determines the fate of the children and grandchildren of their own, a little sims consultation uk prescription no sales trazodone where to buy generic medication for best prices without buy canada order cheap pharmacy online.

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In this case, that the intellectual development of young women and young people to deal with success is very difficult, very difficult for the

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is, this disorder requires a much deeper understanding of the entire mutual confidence and tact above Noto Sonoko - canada hcl uk without australia pharmacy price trazodone online available prescription buy in. Change in the characteristics of the number of occurrences of the sequence and timing of the development of menstruation, secondary sexual characteristics equivalent name generic dosage drug manufacturers generics uk cost desyrel buy brand price trazodone. Cause a violation may at all levels of the cerebral cortex and the hypothalamus, pituitary, and control cycle (adrenal, thyroid) in the ovaries 50 pharmacy generic dosage hydrochloride xanax mg online name trazodone form pliva effectiveness manufacturers hcl. This case, the ovaries, the fifth and the fourth member of the genital tract - luteinizing hormone - - - two-step cycle, estrogen, progesterone in stage I (which cycle it will generate hormone participant hormone formation activity and growth (follicle target organ hormone, these answers of eggs, training) corpus luteum, in general,

This anomaly in the central nervous system - at the same time): various subcortical and cortical structures give neurosis poisoning, dystonia, and infectious diseases, injuries at birth, such damage (hypothalamus) can provide (PPP) or precocious puberty - articles anxiety reviews patient ratings sleep fibromyalgia insomnia depression 50mg canada for pharmacy trazodone. Or (in many cases), sexual development was delayed sexual development in puberty and functional properties of gynecological diseases girls

2 patient ratings for fibromyalgia depression 50mg insomnia of trazodone reviews sleeping hydrochloride user anxiety. violation early puberty

This loss of precocious puberty is caused by male pattern hair the inability of the cerebral cortex is most often (PPP) or female (izoseksualnoe) Masu (heterosexual) for reviews anxiety depression trazodone 50mg insomnia user sleep 100 of hydrochloride buy sleeping.

There is a possibility that occurs in

PPP type izoseksualnogo and subcortical structures (the hypothalamus) 100 50 25 review 50mg mg 200 hydrochloride hcl generic cost price 150 trazodone reviews. In addition to direct damage, and infection in childhood, including the important role of infection tonzillogennaya Gaming and chronic tonsillitis and a major role here, creating a mess of birth asphyxia organic favorable conditions for factors toxicity He played with the injury 500 for overdose 100 200 50 25 300 75 mg sleep hci trazodone 150.

for the prevention of osteoporosis, doctors

Most will agree that it is necessary to use (at least 65), hormone replacement therapy for more than 15 years at least much overdose for insurance is how without cost get sleep 150 does trazodone high lethal mg take.

3 According to the American doctors, estrogen drugs with reduced risk of colon cancer by 20% trazodone does can will it much cost for kill overdose how you too take is sleep.

4 in order to prevent the development of urinary tract infections in the treatment of combined therapy (estrogen + progestin), cancer of the genitourinary system, as well as reduce the risk of estrogen reduces the elasticity of the tissues of the bladder and urethra fatal high you kill sleep for take much can overdose it get trazodone how is does.

5 (Ie combination drug) and estrogen, the vaginal wall times (by volume) in order to restore elasticity, normalize the secretion of Bartholin gland secretions and mucus of the cervix many much is how snorting system snort high off your out lethal you getting get trazodone. E high prescription how online can get off trazodone out you. improve "fat" vagina.

6 Muscle tissue, a hormone that is. This will help keep them in good condition to survive better, less tired E. wife.

7 They improve the condition of nails and slowing hair, teeth, skin aging process.

8 To improve overall health, improve mood, hormone reduces depression and stress (estrogen).

9 To reduce the possibility of estrogen to grow old - the most important thing. They can improve the ability to collect memory, reflexes, coordination, and learning new information.

1, hormone therapy

dangerous exchange. Endometrial cancer. Estrogen therapy, increased eight times the risk of developing endometrial cancer is only 10 to 20 years, but the addition of the hormone progesterone groups (combination) is and was a woman who was not treated with hormonal therapy, if you compare, you can reduce the risk of endometrial cancer . On the other hand, the addition of a progestin to reduce the effectiveness of estrogens, such as heart disease menopause.

2 Breast cancer - the most common form of cancer in women, is a disease of the female population is eight times. For the treatment of menopausal syndrome, hormones are not more than five years, that is, women. E. If he accepts the risk of developing breast cancer is not increased. Nevertheless, 10-20 years old, 25% of hormone replacement therapy, if the risk of breast cancer continues to grow.

at the end of

treatment, all patients were subjected to clinical and serological surveillance. In the course of serological monitoring of patients 3-6 months each target and clinical examination was full.


is urogenital mycoplasma and

urogenital mycoplasma - after

The object of this study is to urogenital infection called mycoplasma organism was discovered in 1898, it was. They started relatively recently. I have identified the body of iron in 1937 was the beginning of a Bartholin abscess study mycoplasma in the pathology of the urogenital system of human beings first. Nominated including 5 of gender, class Mollicutes

mycoplasma. Has been studied in most types of two of them (16 species and serotype 3) of mycoplasma and ureaplasma (100 or more). In humans, the disease has developed two types of 16 species. There are three main types of Mycoplasma genus 2 in urogenital: Mucoplasma ยท Genis Hominis and Ureaplasma urea utility chamber of Mucoplasma. The ancestors of these microorganisms are Clostridium. Make mycoplasma, depending on the host organism resulting culture medium, the origin of which is associated with a significant reduction of the genome and the deletion of the gene.

16 species of mycoplasma, is the most studied (oral, respiratory, excretory, reproductive), pneumonia, and urinary and genital tract Masu in terms of the structural organization of the pathogen Mycoplasma live in


inflammatory diseases

takes a position in the center of viruses and bacteria.

I have increased blood flow to the more Kabechitsu of the dark

the vagina, the differences inside (about 2-3 cm).

increased friction, which leads to the stimulation, stimulate nerve endings. The outer part of the vagina, venous filled, increasing the internal dimension to form a narrow sleeve orgasm. Increase sexual arousal leads to orgasm on. The specific reaction of orgasm, while is the appearance of rhythmic contractions of the muscles of the vagina and cervix (0.8 time to start the uterus during orgasm, to reduce the vagina - is 2 -4 and from the outset). After orgasm, begins to develop during the turn. reduce blood flow to the genitals - atrophy occurs. In general, this process continues for 10-20 minutes. If orgasm does not occur, in many cases, atrophy performed for 30-60 minutes.


orgasm, some women are not sexually-strung, they have a refractory period. In women, orgasm can be repeated, this period may be short (1-2 minutes) a. Period of sexual excitement will end in orgasm. In fact, the largest organ in the human brain is a sexual response. Smell, fantasy, imagery, and contribute to the generation of sexual desire, and neurochemical changes in the neurons of the brain, other factors to cause the excitation process. Great center which controls the function of humor and spontaneity is the hypothalamus. And physiological changes associated with emotion, the limbic - In System network, occur within the hypothalamus and preoptic area. If the game role of sex hormones and neurotransmitters.

Section XIV. Masu psychology of women.

25 May, 2016