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Prevention pathological course of menopause is determined by many factors: medical, social, occupational, psychological pharmacy injection ketorolaco drops eye uk tablet purchase online order buying ketorolac buy.

Preventive measures should be carried out throughout the life of the woman ketorolac buy injection online prescription to order us without cheap canada no buying tromethamine purchase where. The basic principles to be: A therapeutic, fair and reasonable for proper evaluation, smooth and timely completion of the female body, early detection of physical and sexual violence, the earliest forms of gynecological diseases and the care and treatment of these diseases, as far as possible, be sure to combine with the correction of the psyche and the treatment of nervous disorders with organizing the job search activities and leisure, compulsive exercise, a balanced diet, and

In this case, you can actually reduce the likelihood of pathological menopause - india where to buy generic medication for best prices information about generic drugs from wikipedia ketorolac eye tromethamine cost ophthalmic injection price sale canada drops. and in the form of the syndrome, and in the form of bleeding as well as to eliminate or reduce the severity of existing therapeutic diseases drug brand generic ophthalmic uk cost canada buy tromethamine name australia ketorolac toradol.

The anti-c cause hemolytic disease with almost the same weight as the anti-D, which may result in fetal hydrops and death ophthalmic solution generic online injection eye pharmacy drops reviews dose price 10 mg ketorolac tromethamine kg.

Treatment may include intrauterine transfusions and babies - run exchange transfusion and / or phototherapy much how iv injection mg tromethamine 20 10 60 per myl 30 ketorolac 15 tablet. Anti-E does not cause fetal hydrops, but the child can be severe hyperbilirubinemia requiring exchange transfusion and / or phototherapy how much get i ketorolac should you high can will take.

cause hemolytic disease of the anti-C, Ce, Cw, treatment requires after birth or during pregnancy . to prescription buying no buy pain online where with injection toradol order without iv medication news from Yahoo.

Laboratory diagnosis of hemolytic disease due to antigens erythrocyte Rh system

In the laboratory diagnosis of tension headache in the Rhesus system antigens and other clinically significant red blood cells with the following criteria:

1 there is no clinical evidence of disease newborn (acute jaundice, enlarged spleen and liver, skin hemorrhages) cost cheap buy discount toradol with does prescription costochondritis injection much canada purchase how where to order.

2 Studies suggest that maternal serum contains alloantibodies, the specificity of which is established im price how it does oral injection 10mg sales of much toradol cost.

3 According to the results of phenotyping erythrocyte shown that the newborn has a red cell antigen against which the mother has antibodies medication injection price uk toradol generic drug prices purchase brand name ketorolac canada 10mg in.

4 direct antiglobulin test - 'test' direct Coombs - toradol 10mg iv cost 15 pharmacy reviews name 60 generic im 30 for price injection. Positive, ie, E mg cpt im it code toradol 60 get injection much does how you cost 30 high. Antibodies to red blood cells are present

5 . high you will can toradol pregnant im getting on. The results of the study of the eluate (washing antibodies) with a performance that corresponds to newborn specificity erythrocytes the mother of his specific alloantibodies.

6 In the overall analysis of the blood - anemia, sometimes with a large number of erythroblasts, reaching 100-150,000 1 ml, and high reticulocytosis .. leukocytosis with neutrophil myelocytes.

7 Serum -. Unconjugated (indirect bilirubin) hyperbilirubinemia

8 In the urine of its high content of urobilin in the stool -. Sterkobilina (bilirubin excreted from the body as feces and urine urobilin sterkobilina, so that its concentration can be judged by the intensity of hemolysis)

The prevention of sensitization to antigen D

Today, medicine has a way to fight hemolytic disease in the form of administration (D) pregnant women Rho-immunoglobulin anti-Rh negative blood are at risk of Rh-positive red sensitizing cells fetal blood. It was found that preventing the production of effective antibody subject 2 rules:

1 Immunoglobulin anti-Rh0 (D) must be entered before starting the vaccination.

2 anti-immunoglobulin Rh0 (D) should be inserted in the proper dosage.

prophylactic dose of anti-immunoglobulin Rh0 (D), which is administered at birth is about 100 to 300 micrograms. It is believed that this amount is sufficient to prevent the production of antibodies in contact with 30 ml of fetal blood into the mother's body. In light of increased TPK is necessary to increase the dose of immunoglobulin Rh0 (D). Time of administration and dose immunoglobulin Rh0 (D) during pregnancy are regulated by normative documents of each country.

immunohaematological study of women during pregnancy

Advocates of vegetarianism was Pythagoras, Plato, Plutarch, Voltaire, Rousseau, Shelley, George Bernard Shaw, Tolstoy, Einstein, Schopenhauer, Montaigne , Leonardo da Vinci and many other important people.

The advocates of vegetarianism are divided into several groups. The first group - vegans, or true (strict) vegetarian. They are not included in the diet of animal protein (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, cottage cheese and other dairy products). Representatives of this group eat only plant foods (vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, legumes, seeds, cereals, honey, vegetable oil), raw or after cooking

The second group - . Laktovegetariantsy. Representatives of this group include in your diet not only plant foods, but also milk and all dairy products

The third group -. Ovolaktovegetariantsy. This group includes all the possible diet in the first and second groups of more eggs.

Very often leads people to vegetarianism desire to maintain and improve health. How can vegetarianism affects the human body

Many people have spent the principles of vegetarian nutrition, notes changes in physical and mental health :? Reduces nervousness, mood improvement, normalization of stool, the demise of bloating and abdominal pain, body weight, and others.

Research has shown that vegetarians than nonvegetarians, much lower risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, liver disease, gallbladder and biliary tract, pancreas, obesity and cancer.

laktovegetariantsev energy use dairy products, leading to an increase in life expectancy. The important role of dairy products in maintaining longevity stressed Mechnikov and his followers.

For those who want to switch to a vegetarian diet, you should first consult a doctor to evaluate the status of your health and body. The fact that the transition to veganism may not be in the period of pregnancy and lactation, acute illnesses (eg, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, gastritis with high acidity, colitis, etc. ..) in the growing period. Elderly should not be too drastic restructuring of the diet, although laktovegetarianskaya food is good and the elderly.

In the case of serious loss marked complete or nearly complete in the context of marked signs of menopause syndrome efficiency.

The duration of the disease can be up to 1-2 years for mild and more than 2 years - in severe forms

In need of care are generally those with moderate and severe syndrome .. Restorative Treatment includes a balanced diet with vitamin supplements, physical therapy altered as a morning workout (15-20 min), group sessions (3 times a week for 30-40 minutes), the elements sports games. For the treatment of disorders vegenevrologicheskih with a variety of drugs used for the purposes of the regulatory region of the hypothalamus-pituitary physiotherapy. Additionally administered hormones. Good effect gives the spa treatment. Of drugs prescribed antipsychotics, tranquilizers, antihypertensives. In the appointment of hormones should be considered contraindications to its destination. Absolute contraindications include severe liver disease, lack of enzymes, porphyria, blood clots, stroke, uterine cancer, breast and other organs, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, cardiovascular failure with edema syndrome. In estrogen treatment should regularly examine their breasts and the state of the endometrium. In the appointment of androgens should consider the possibility defeminizatsii - skin changes as seborrhea and acne, and changes in the frequency of the voice (especially important for women who have a profession that requires its tension -. Speakers, actresses, and so on D).

Measures to prevent complications in menopause should begin at an early age. They are reduced to respect for hygiene, proper treatment of gynecological diseases and the prevention of other chronic diseases.

The post-castration

syndrome This syndrome occurs in women after complete removal of the ovaries. While noting the development of the characteristic features of a neuro-psychological vegetal-vascular and metabolic disorders, endocrine background cessation of cyclical changes in the body. After surgical removal of the ovaries is determined by a decrease in estrogen levels in the body, which in turn, causes a significant increase in gonadotropic pituitary function according to the law of "feedback" from the production of estrogens and gonadotropins. Examination revealed an increase in the anterior pituitary gland, the image reminds changes similar to the changes that occur in the development of pituitary tumors. Additionally, when the post-castration according subcortical brain structures, adrenal cortex, thyroid, cardiovascular syndrome vary.

Exchange endocrine disorders (obesity, pain in the limbs, joints, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis).

The most consistent complaint is hot flashes, mild form that are up to 10 times a day, if severe - up to 20-30 times a day. The tides usually occur 3-4 weeks after removal of the ovaries. This results in an increased sweating, shortness of breath, palpitations, anxiety, seizures, dizziness. Tides are often at night, in the warm season, after taking hot drinks. They can range from a few months to 5-10 years. Even the common headache and sweating, headache, usually located in the occipital and temporal, may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Sometimes the headache is almost constant, sometimes appears in bouts with high blood pressure, cramps in the extremities, profuse urination. Sweating occurs at rest, is not associated with an increase in air temperature. Almost half of women have heart pain, palpitations. Dizziness may be accompanied by diarrhea. After the attacks the patient is often seen extreme weakness and fatigue. Neuropsychiatric disorders can be expressed to varying degrees. Memory impairment is characterized by loss of the ability to recall current events. Women have depression, indifference to others, his favorite native occupation. It may seem suicidal thoughts. Many patients feel tired all the time, regardless of physical or mental work. Metabolic and endocrine disorders are not usually combined with vegetative-vascular, ie. E. Patients with frequent hot flashes are sharing endocrine disorders, and vice versa, an increase in body weight of 8 kg or more, there are rare and short tides. As a result, the removal of calcium from the body of the tubular bones develop osteoporosis in which there is severe pain. I often worried about back pain is not associated with the presence of any strain of the lumbar spine. For a post-castration syndrome can affect diseases like tuberculosis liver disease, renal or neuropsychiatric disorders.

, the diagnosis is usually not difficult. Complete removal of the ovaries symptoms appear after 1-2 months. While leaving at least a quarter of the ovaries and uterus may be cyclic or acyclic points for 1-1.5 years after the operation. Then usually comes amenorrhea syndrome and no signs characteristic postcastration

postcastration syndrome treatment in young women used hormones -. Estrogens, which are assigned cyclically until the capacity to respond to endometrial menstrualnopodobnoe reaction. All while taking estrogens should be checked regularly, as these women increases the risk of uterine cancer. Hormone therapy is not suitable for all women, 60% of the post-castration regression syndrome alone in the first year after surgery. In addition to hormonal treatment prescribed sedative and restorative therapy. Such patients hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, physical therapy, vitamins (vitamin B, C, PP) are shown. Syndrome during Tomb postcastration develops in patients with a weakened system "hypothalamus - pituitary -.. Adrenal cortex" Therefore, surgery should be done only as a last resort and promptly appoint a complex therapy, targeted activation of adaptive responses that contribute to an easier flow postcastration syndrome

The amenorrhea

amenorrhea - absence of menstruation is for 6 months or more. Distinguish between physiological and pathological amenorrhea. Physiological amenorrhea occurs in girls until 11-12 years, pregnancy, lactation, menopause and old age.

The physiological amenorrhea in girls is associated with the absence of cyclic changes in the ovaries.

follicular maturation during pregnancy also ended, as high levels of progesterone, estrogen, produced by the corpus luteum, placenta, inhibits pituitary gonadotropin function and prevents peeling of the mucosa of the uterus.

In the results of amenorrhea and excessive weight loss.

The changes to the front the functional nature of the system for the development of diseases such as pituitary gigantism hypothalamus, pituitary -. Cushing, anorexia nervosa and hyperprolactinemia

anatomical changes of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis accompanied by the development of adenomas Skien syndrome.

Congenital defects of the central regulation of the menstrual cycle are developing adipozo-genital dystrophy.

Anorexia, which has developed as a result of stress, accompanied by a decrease in the secretion of pituitary hormone stimulant occurring often acute weight loss (15% or more ). This leads to the cessation of menstruation and cause girls to see a gynecologist. On examination, I found a decrease in the size of the external and internal genitalia, and hypotension, slowing the heart rate of 50-45 bpm. / Min, and hypothermia. He later formed an aversion to food and the complete loss of appetite

With the increased development of the hypothalamic pituitary hormones development -. Cushing, which implies an increase in the size of the adrenal gland and increase in hormone production and consequently increased secretion of androgens and glucocorticoids. The review, which draws attention to obesity with preferential deposition of fat in the face, neck, upper limbs (face turns lunoobraznym) dry skin and rashes with marble. On the skin of the abdomen and chest purple stripes form -. Strie

gigantism develops with increasing specific structural pituitary cells, which is accompanied by an increased production of growth hormone. The patients Appearance: .. A disproportionate growth, and eventually developing the enlargement of facial characteristics, finger, increasing the size of the lower jaw, and so on D. The disease is accompanied by a decrease in the concentration gonadotropin and amenorrhea

The Skien syndrome develops as a result of structural changes in the pituitary gland (often after the post-abortion or post-partum bleeding). Pituitary lesions detected in necrotic tissue, intravascular thrombosis develops (with the resulting change in the kidneys, liver and brain). . Because of the marked deficiency of pituitary gonadotropins develop amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea or ovulatory infertility, malnutrition, breast and dramatic weight loss

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