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therapy with vitamin

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the need for vitamin supplementation (dysfunctional uterine bleeding and endometrial hyperplasia in mastopathy)

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Vitamin E. It not only enhances the effect of estrogen and progesterone in the body, FSH and LH for the use of vitamin E ,, menopause, in theory, ie suppress the activation reasonable. Remove the cause of menopause .. And Vitamin E (low blood pressure), and because they have an antihypertensive effect, suitable for high blood pressure in combination with other medication news from Yahoos properly.

, there is no way not to sleep combed wet hair. They disappear, not only because it is fragile, in the morning, and the appearance is unlikely eye pleasing, leading to highly tangled hair.


, it must say something about the right approach to clean dry hair. If your free time, it is best to air dry your hair for you. Then it will be time to absorb the amount of water is not susceptible to drying. You can heat up or blow-dry your hair with a hot towel dry. And in the case of missing leisure and heavy, you can use a hair dryer. At the same time, that is, we must not forget the safety rules. East: you do not need a hair dryer at a distance of less than 20 cm, and a hairdryer please do not be included in full swing. Comb hair comb cleaning that was just made of wood or plastic the best, you will be able to avoid the damage. Unwanted hair

All of the above arrangement is best to wash your hair type

, they are universal. The procedure for a mask for the hair, it can be preceded hardening procedures shampoo.


dirt for better hair, it is possible before washing the head, apply the mask. Yogurt and sour milk

to enhance the beauty of castor oil, which is used in a long house. Castor oil for this purpose rubbed draw a circle on the scalp before bedtime. Hair was wrapped in a scarf on top of the natural substance. In the morning, it should be washed with shampoo. The mask was carried out twice a week, a castor oil a few months. A positive result is obtained, the frequency of oil mask should be reduced to a single procedure in a month. As follows:

self-massage of the scalp.

1 A 1-4 lines putt, hairs on the palm, from the front


1) - on the back of the head; Left lobe


2) to right (rear) Masu; temples.

left fin

3) the right temple (rear),

2 at the top of the head in the other ear


4). Repeat the same movement, but the bottom of the hair.

3, the tip of the fingers of one hand, without the skin can move clockwise four lines stroke. Each round -. 4 Number

4.Repeat motion number two, but with a shift of the scalp.

5 will be a coil of both hands to generate the movement of the skin to the line 4 to each other. I saw him on the hand.

6 First




1) at the end of the hair. (Move hands in tandem) (from one ear, and return to the same) in the direction of motion crown watch produces with both hands; generate both palms of a movement in four rows displacement of the skin at the same time: around


3) top

7 left and right,

8. At number 4 at a time, stroking, but it is done in waves.

In the end, to strengthen the hair massage

cosmetics head improves the flow of blood to the muscles of the papilla hair and skin. Massage, can not be produced hair loss powerful, pustular disease, hypertension grade II-III. The massage wash from 10 to 15 minutes, the hair

finals - including estrogen deficiency, blood flow to the genitals and scratches his head properly


worse , vaginal dryness, but is a leading cause of dyspareunia.

The concentration of testosterone

This is an important precursor to testosterone biosynthesis of estradiol in the brain 7-10 times higher than the concentration of estradiol. The testosterone, a direct impact on the health and general libido and mood to give sexual motivation will increase. In addition, testosterone, and in particular by the fact that the bioavailability of estrogen, directly or indirectly, in the practice of assistance in improving blood flow to the genitalia. With age, the production of androgens by the ovaries decreases. For an example of testosterone, 60 years for women, in turn, less than about two times above the age of 40 women with much lower concentrations of androgens that the 20 year old girl.

The Masu


peaked at 20 or 30 years, the synthesis of androgen DHEAS

The other, and gradually decreased thereafter. In postmenopausal women, the ovaries reduces the synthesis of DHEAS, testosterone, which androgendefitsitnyh development inevitably mention.

In 2002, the international team of researchers,

is the overall health have been identified "lack the syndrome of androgen in women 'singles, including the number of non-specific symptoms, such as including the decrease in joy libido and sexual receptivity, the deterioration of the state, bad mood, decreased sexual dysfunction and fatigue, motivation, constant, of unknown cause. I also pointed out the number of additional clinical signs, including bone density, muscle strength, cognitive function and memory impairment has been reduced. The role of progesterone in the formation of female sexual response remains poorly understood.

. Progesterone for the phenomenon of down-regulation may be reduced. The flow of blood in the vagina Treatment with progestin, seems to have little effect on sexual function, but in some studies, the use of progestin implants during the use of oral contraceptives, or have a decrease in sexual desire.

that are involved in the execution of (oxytocin and dopamine), and


This steroid hormone, women who influence the process of formation of emotions orgasm and endorphins you take a direct function .

because there is too much prolactin secretion, which has a negative effect on sexual response in women, in particular apparently known, is the suppression of the secretion of estrogens and androgens by the ovaries of I. conflicting evidence on the role serotonin in the regulation of sexual function exists. It is believed that this neuropeptide the negative effect of a general information on sexual function in women. However, in practice, the effect of serotonin has been shown to be dependent on the type of serotonin receptors. Therefore, the activation of the C-2 receptor receptor reduced C-1b stimulates the female sexual function.

moisture in the vaginal blood that play a role in strengthening (VIP), vaginal secretions, and

these vasoactive intestinal peptide vasoactive intestinal peptide. NO, VIP, even muscle tone and are involved in the maintenance and the clitoris and the vagina relax as well.

In general, sexual response, and in harmony with the surrounding We are shaped by a complex interaction of neurotransmitters and hormones main factor for the transfer and the formation of nerve impulses in women finally U fibers of the nervous system parasympathetic.

treatment depends on a number of up to defibrillation, the severity of the disease, the release of lidocaine.

occurred in 15-20% of patients

supraventricular arrhythmias, acute myocardial infarction, in many cases the same culture. In most cases, atrial fibrillation. In rare cases, it is necessary that the use or performance of amiodorona electrical defibrillation.

thromboembolic complications. Prolonged exposure to the patient helped to equip poor circulation to the development of deep vein thrombosis and venous system of the lower limbs in the hospital. If separate thrombi in the venous blood, then into the right ventricle of him - pulmonary artery, and closed the lumen, resulting in the death of the patient.

E 'embolization other possibilities, such as renal artery embolism develop or

, the persistent high blood pressure. Appearance of blood in the urine (hematuria) is mesenteric artery - and embolism (poor circulation of the blood vessels of the intestine abdominal pain, violation of the seat) of the femoral artery -. Foot Pain

this, such as heparin, the appointment of anti-clotting drugs, and then 3-6 months for the prevention of thromboembolic complications -. Aneurysm wall late complications indirect anticoagulants

Acute myocardial infarction

this left ventricle. Local awareness on the wall - aneurysm. It is usually located in the upper wall and front. This allows you to test for the detection of X-ray photography lens. You can form a clot.

This syndrome Dressler aneurysms may undergo calcification in the cavity at the end. The post-myocardial infarction syndrome or Dressler's syndrome occurs in 2-10 weeks after an acute myocardial infarction. Clinically, (38 ~ 40 ℃ up), revealed by chest pain, fever, HIV Outpatient Zita tend to occur. The Masu this autoimmune disease.

for a diagnosis using either

method X-ray echocardiography. Duration of illness can be up to 3 weeks. For the treatment of tablet use glucocorticosteroids.

pericarditis. Prevention of pericarditis 6 percent in three cases of acute myocardial infarction, in many cases, the main symptoms

Pericarditis undiagnosed -. The constant pain in the chest. The majority of patients are believed repeat (recurrent myocardial infarction), and may therefore be difficult to distinguish pain. There is no possibility that the decrease pericarditis, swallowing, coughing, and prone input, radiating pain in the neck and arm long.

pericarditis, can raise the temperature to 39 ℃ or 3 days.

increase in systolic blood pressure greater than

140 mmHg - aspirin

This hypertension for the treatment of uveitis seen these hypertension. Arts and diastolic -. However, more than 90 mm Hg. Masu Art.

There is a (symptomatic), arterial hypertension secondary and

high blood pressure.

The most important factors that influence the level of blood pressure of

determine body contains the value of cardiac output, total peripheral vascular resistance. Cardiac output - the amount of blood that pumps blood to the pulmonary trunk larger vessels, the aorta and the heart of the individual. Total peripheral vascular resistance - this time depends on the amount of smooth muscle in the vessel wall and like most characterized in order to resist the flow of blood. The reduced lumen is reduced, thereby increasing the value of the increase in blood pressure and total peripheral resistance. Reduced sound pressure lowering. Compliance. Increase in cardiac output, an increase in blood pressure, with a decrease in total peripheral resistance - and significant humoral factor is a decrease in the development of neuropathic

or hypertension

The measurement of blood pressure should P> blood pressure are carried out in a completely stationary state must be measured if

. Drinking coffee, alcohol, physical activity, smoking in 30 minutes to eat, but it is not recommended. In case it should be on the floor of your measurement, feet touched the floor is not permitted in the legs all the way back stabbing, back flat on the back of the chair. The palm rest before the measurement is necessary to empty the bladder is required. If you are in breach of these terms and conditions, you can make people overestimate pressure. There is an increase in blood pressure through a 5 ~ 10 mmHg after smoking. Arts drink, alcohol -. 8 mm Hg. Drinking art, coffee - a 11-15 mmHg. Art. I was full of increased blood pressure bladder 10 ~ 15 mmHg at the time. Art.'s Slightly elevated systolic blood pressure, 5.7 mm Hg in the absence of stress on the back. There is an increase in systolic blood pressure of 7 mm Hg to the lack of support conditions and foot,. Art, diastolic blood pressure - 11 mm Hg. Masu Art.

This should not forget that the shoulder is a level of 4-5 ° intercostal (nipple level) in blood pressure during measurement. Shoulder observed underestimation of blood pressure by 5mmHg in a higher position. Art, low -. The addition of 6 mm Hg for. Art. E 'necessary for the sounds of the heart (the inventor after the sound of the blood pressure cuff Korotkov this) and the extent of follow-cuff stethoscope. After the loss of tone, you have to take down to the cuff to 30-35 mm Hg another. Art. Loss of color, eight full brachial artery clamping, or blood flowing at the bottom of the cuff. After the fall of the air. Appearance of Korotkoff sounds on indicators of devices, such as systolic blood pressure. Simply due to the narrowed artery pressure between the contraction of the heart (left ventricular systolic) to adjust the value. I due to the fact that turbulent artery blood flow was observed narrow audible sound. I celebrated the diastolic blood pressure with the disappearance of the color. In this value, I may be permitted, under the cuff position, passing between the '(diastolic) blood relaxation of the heart.

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