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Chest - this is the most delicate organ in the female body, he must constantly defend

90% of the breast is the woman in the chest, so it is important to perform a self-examination monthly pharmacy 50mg online prescription atenolol cheap without generic safe tenormin for name 25 drug. 25 generic price online get reviews buy tenormin 50mg anxiety. E 'a pretty simple technique that allows us to identify changes in the breast.

It is advisable to conduct a survey on the same day of the menstrual cycle, the most appropriate is 5-6 days after the onset of menstruation. At this time, the mammary gland is in a relaxed state. At menopause inspection can be performed every day. Repeat self-examination does not need more than 1 time per month, otherwise the changes will not be too great, and will be more difficult to determine.

The survey includes six phases. Before beginning the need to relax and calm down, do not worry. Vocational training should be considered a medical procedure that must be followed in order to maintain their health every month. Includes the following:

Step № 1 inspection lingerie

nipple discharge may be less. Often, many women simply do not notice the bra. Therefore, the bra should be inspected carefully.

Step № 2 glands overall control

The survey is conducted preferably in a warm, bright room. Need for stripped to the waist and stand in front of a mirror with your hands free. Looking around each breast in the mirror, you should pay attention to the shape, size, color, glands of symmetry.

Step № 3 skin condition

The skin normally has no redness, rashes, wrinkles, diaper rash, bumps and potholes. During the inspection, you should not take the breast tissue in the crease between your fingers, because it can create a sense of presence of seals or tumor growth.

Step up inspection № 4

tour is best done with the help of a lotion or cream. Carpets III-IV fingers of the right hand is needed to investigate the left breast, and vice versa. Proposals must be circular and spring. Before an inspection carried superficial and deep. You need to probe a large region of the scapula to the sternum and armpits.

Step № 5 inspection lie

This is the most important step, as in the supine position can be heard all the tissues of the prostate. And 'better palpably lying on a hard bed or area by placing a roll of the head and hands behind your head or start to pull down the trunk. There are two search methods:

1) method (breast mentally divided into 4 parts, a survey carried out in each case separately) seats;

2) the method of spiral (chest is made of a spiral, a circle is drawn from the armpit to the nipple).

Step № 6 nipple research

In view of the areola and nipple should pay attention to color, shape, cracks. Then, gently pressing the nipple with your fingers to determine if there is a selection.

If you notice any changes in breast tissue needs to urgently go to the doctor. Better to score a false alarm that to cure the disease by the end of the stadium. breast disease treated (and very effective), but only in the early stages


mastitis -. an inflammatory disease of the breast that occurs in women during the postpartum period. The term comes from two Greek words: mastos - "nipple, breast," he - "inflammation"

The causes of mastitis

The reasons that lead to the development of mastitis, many of they are the most important.

1) the stagnation of milk due to blockage of the duct pumping or incomplete;

2) injuries;

3) the teats;

4) infection

See mastitis is defined as follows:

1) the evolution of the disease :, chronic (suppurative and non-suppurative acute form);

2) infectious agent :. nonspecific (staph, strep) and specific (tuberculosis, syphilis);

3) the affected area duplex and double;

4) the number of households: multifocal odnoochagovy;

5) views of affected tissues: parenchyma (inflammation along the canal) and interstitial (develops into contact with the infection in the breast tissue by the lymphatic system)

Mastitis can hurt women, nursing mothers, pregnant women and infants

mastitis breastfeeding

breast mastitis occurs in women during lactation. The disease is caused by microbial penetration of pyogenic type (most of the time - staphylococci, streptococci) and the milk ducts through cracks

The main symptoms of mastitis :.

1) chest pain

2) redness;

3) increase in body temperature of 38 ° C and above;

4) Chills;

5) crack nipples.

begins acute illness. breast lesions increases, it becomes more sensitive to touch, axillary lymph nodes also increases.

In breast tissue appears sealed. At the beginning of the disease, no clear boundaries. Later, it is softening and suppuration, which leads to a deterioration of the patient -. The increase in body temperature, toxicity, pain

For the diagnosis requires a puncture. Signs of mastitis - the presence of pus and infection dotted

From a clinical point of view there are six stages of the disease: .. primary, acute, abscesses, abscesses, gangrene, chronic

The initial phase of acute development and accompanied by an increase in body temperature to 38.5 to 39 ° C, pain, increasing the size of the breast. . Redness of the skin, usually does not occur

In the absence of an adequate treatment process and timely progress in acute

The symptoms of acute period :.

1) the joint appearance with soft edges, and red skin rash;

2) headache;

3) insomnia;

4) Chills;

5) weakness;

6) the body temperature of 39-40 ° C;

7) an increase in breast size and appearance of axillary lymph nodes painful

The treatment for it. the step of sealing of resorption and withdrawal symptoms. With no effect on drug use is becoming mastitis abscess phase with a further deterioration and the gradual growth of the seal with the formation of an abscess.

Abortion on a background of gonorrhea associated with a high risk of ascending genital infection.

early exit from the amniotic fluid of pregnant women with undiagnosed or untreated gonorrhea are at high risk of intrauterine infection, fetal risk. The first manifestation of gonococcal infection of the newborn is conjunctivitis. The clinical signs appear 2-4 days after birth, and in some children - after leaving the hospital, the day is 5-7 E.

The severity ranges from mild conjunctivitis .. red eyes with discharge of blood or serous attack the heavy swell with purulent discharge, corneal ulceration, iritis, and a high risk of blindness in the future.

In addition to eye diseases in children may develop symptoms of neonatal sepsis, meningitis. Girls (alone or in combination with other infections) can be observed vulvovaginitis.

The treatment of gonorrhea in pregnancy

The treatment for women who want to continue the pregnancy, should be performed in a hospital. Penicillin is indicated in any stage of pregnancy. The use of the drug in pregnant women except in the case of individual intolerance, then apply erythromycin, chloramphenicol and sulfonamides. In the second half of the doses during pregnancy penicillin increased 1.5-2 times.

The use of tetracycline drugs is against inappropriate. Gonovaktsina name (from the second quarter) at lower doses immunotherapy agents (100-150000000 microbial bodies) in gonorrhea and chronic relapse.

The local treatment with the defeat of the urethra, rectum, greater vestibular glands can occur in all stages of pregnancy. With the defeat of the cervical canal can be used vaginally bathroom without injection of drugs directly into the cervical canal (taking into account the possible threat of termination of pregnancy).

on gonorrhea during pregnancy during pregnancy should be reported to the antenatal clinic for their special observation before and after childbirth, and careful monitoring of the newborn.

In pregnant women with gonorrhea, interrupted the process of biogenesis of peptide and steroid hormones, which is more pronounced in the chronic form of the disease. To correct the violations of the placental hormone system in the complex treatment of this level of the group of patients should be prescribed drugs that reduce the threat of premature termination of pregnancy to prevent complications of childbirth in women.

The treatment of gonorrhea in the post-partum

Antibiotics are prescribed according to the scheme of treatment of chronic gonorrhea. You have performed Lactation vaccine. Local treatment with the defeat of the urethra and rectum, immediately after childbirth, the cervix - not earlier than 5-6 weeks after birth, formed after cervical

After treatment of abortion from the cervix can start earlier. 10 days.

The treatment of gonorrhea in children

Children, gonorrhea, treatment should be performed in a hospital, the main antibiotic is benzylpenicillin.

If treatment failure benzylpenicillin prescribed another antibiotic. For the treatment of children aged 3 years with chronic gonorrhea gonovaktsinu used (starting dose - 50-100000000 microbial organisms), followed by the appointment of antibiotics. Children under 3 years of immunotherapy is not performed.

Unstable angina is very dangerous in terms of acute myocardial infarction.

The development of unstable angina contribute vnutriblyashechnoe bleeding, increased platelet aggregation, reduced antithrombotic properties of the endothelium, vasoconstriction due to local release of vasoactive substances, serotonin, thromboxane A2 in response to a violation of the structure of the plate.

In the classification of isolated class III unstable angina: .. more functional class, the greater the likelihood of complications

Class I - de novo angina or angina increased during the month

Class II -. angina at rest during the previous month

Class III -. angina at rest in the past 48 hours

In the history of the patient characteristics of the progression of angina pectoris. In the last 1-2 months have increased the number, severity and duration of angina attacks. The attacks had never occurred, and had, there are more than 1 month - for the first time appeared angina. Angina began to appear alone or at night. Important clinical signs of unstable angina is the absence or weakening of the effects of nitroglycerin, which has been previously removed successfully


For the diagnosis uses the same methods in angina stable :. ECG, ECG monitoring enzymatic diagnosis (to exclude acute myocardial infarction), echocardiography, coronary angiography.

The main goal of therapy for unstable angina are relieving pain, reducing the need for the heart muscle of oxygen, antiagregatnoy and anticoagulant therapy.

In unstable angina should certainly to stop pain. This is done using a solution of nitroglycerin intravenous until subsidies pain or the occurrence of significant side effects. After 24 hours, the production of a patient to receive tablets of nitrates.

The reduction of the oxygen requirements of the myocardium can be achieved by in-blockers. They are administered intravenously, if the patient is any indication-against their use. Then the patient is transferred to long-acting formulations tablet, such as the delay metoprolol, atenolol. Reception at-blockers tried to reduce the rate of 55-60 beats per minute of the heart. If the patient has contra-indications for the use of-blockers (for example, asthma or vysokostepennaya atrioventricular block), the use of calcium channel blockers slow - drugs verapamil and diltiazem groups. Combination therapy with these two groups can drugs.

In this regard, the activation of platelet aggregation is appropriate anticoagulant and antiplatelet therapy. Among the drugs used for this purpose was isolated acetylsalicylic acid (or kardioaspirin, kardiomagnil). If there are contra-indications for its use are prescribed clopidogrel (Plavix) or tirofiban. It 'also important to the use of heparin subcutaneously or high molecular weight heparin (enoxaparin, reviparin). Treatment should be under the control of the parameters of blood coagulation and INR.

With proper treatment improved overall observed 24-48 hours after admission. With the inefficiency of conservative treatment, and the presence of stenosis of the coronary arteries is necessary to take into account the surgical treatment of this disease (coronary angioplasty with stenting or CABG).

Myocardial infarction

ischemia, acute myocardial necrosis resulting from the appearance koronarogenny and pronounced imbalance between myocardial oxygen demand and delivery

Do not do anything to forgive -. all things considered insensitive, inhuman behavior antipedagogichnoe.

'only worsen the relationship between the caregiver and the child. But always ready to forgive everything - is losing credibility in the eyes of the child and the ability to influence it. So, in this situation, prudence, consistency and understanding of the individual characteristics and personality traits of the child will serve as the best guide

How to become a good parent

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