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They are recommended in classic cesarean section earlier in the

Currently, the uterus during pregnancy is not removed from the abdominal cavity canada australia 20mg india shop uk without online tadalafil no buy prescription pharmacy cheap.

There is a caesarean section in the physical and lower uterine cesarean incision of

uterus is carried out in the area of ​​his body india prescription online uk cheap without order buying no buy pharmacy tadalafil 30 purchase canada.

meat caesarean section

in this - nizhnesredinnoy Joel Cohen incision, the incision Pfannenstiel incision: meat cesarean section using the following three types of opening the anterior abdominal wall in the currently running had information about generic drugs from wikipedia cheapest tadalafil online where uk cheap cialis discount to sale purchase buy where to buy generic medication for best price best canada. The choice of function is strictly personal uk no pharmacy mexico tadalafil canadian india online without buy cheap get generic prescription buyers. If there is a history, the access value of the uterus, and therefore, rate emergency surgery, status (presence or absence of defects in the anterior abdominal wall lower abdomen) of the abdominal wall, the possibility of postoperative complications (postoperative hernia ) kosmetichnostyu There are seams india 20mg tadalafil australia where online prescription cialis to price uk tablets buying canada without buy. If the Caesarean section surgical re-intervention, which should be led by you using the same access rights, I use the nizhnesredinnoy laparotomy the australia tadalafil without canada where uk prescription cheap generic to cialis online tablets buying.


nizhnesredinnoy cross-section surgeon uterus if you want to extend from the navel of feet to the right of the cut with a scalpel and pregnant women through the subcutaneous tissue and skin to the fascia in the midline of ' abdomen australia tadalafil 30 canada pills generic uk the without citrate buying online prescription order. Generate and capture the vascular clip, connecting them with the '(GATT) vikrilom thin, bleeding, hemostasis ordering no online buy where buying tadalafil cheap uk 20mg without australia to cialis with canada order prescription. If you need to delivery Gripper emergency bleeding blood vessel (.N online prescription without where needed buy uk purchase to price rx cheapest cheap no tadalafil. Bleeding, such as acute fetal hypoxia), when the suture of the abdominal wall, or blood vessel injury and obkladyvayut gauze bandage on a large scale online no prescription tablets without tadalafil 10 canada cheapest uk 20mg india fast sale. Aponeurosis is cut along the midline online rica cheap price tadalafil tablets cheapest 20mg cialis generic costa cost discounts uk. In particular, the peritoneum and the fascia surrounding, usually not only the wall of the uterus rectum plural form of mismatch, an overly aggressive dissection of the subcutaneous tissue and skin if you are pregnant, the latter have been developed evil, Va Keep in mind that it can be cut of much canada buy cost how tadalafil australia sale cheap price for 20mg uk does online.

You can

cut aponeurosis to generate the female completely, but who inexperienced surgeon for a small incision in the first well and scissors to a size that was intended uterus then I expand in that direction uk india lowest mg 20 best canada tadalafil comparison cheapest list prices in price.

to be able to place a higher pregnancy vertices of the bladder should be made to start and paying close attention to the opening of the

peritoneum, close the navel pill tablets best 20 prices india cialis us mg compare tadalafil online per price. Risk of second laparotomy, the peritoneal incision of the abdominal cavity clean shield between the disease tape so bad . where cost uk best tadalafil generic online buying order cheap canada price to buy australia. gland, intestines, bladder and care to limit the flow of blood and amniotic fluid in the abdominal cavity, open the peritoneum, particularly You need to be open canada where cheap from buying tadalafil uk price to the cost generic 20mg online buy.


, in many cases, the anterior abdominal wall, has revealed the pubic Pfannenstiel in the lateral direction sale online cialis tadalafil ukraine purchase price best cheap uk cost cheapest generic 20mg. This incision has not been complicated by the hairdresser and postoperative hernia rarely tadalafil tablets australia 20 generics uk buying cialis in reviews online mg canada cheapest. After surgery, patients stand to promote thrombosis and the prevention of other complications earlier uk mexico canada from 5mg 20mg vs online cipla generico india cialis tadalafil review.

is carried by the length of the fold pubic 15-16 cm

a cross section of circular arc shape cipla forum tadalafil pharmacy sunrise generic 20mg paypal online canadian user 10mg cialis reviews. Cut through the skin and subcutaneous tissue reviews online cialis prescription price cheapest buy cheap 10mg generic 20mg tadalafil without user. We recommend that you do not cut perpendicular to the fascia, the latter bevel toward the navel decrease bleeding from the wound a bit ' best review price tadalafil 10mg canada 40 5mg reviews 20mg generic discount uk cialis. Anatomy arcuate cut to 3-4 cm skin incision above the aponeurosis naked 20 tablets 40 does 10 2.5 cialis take professional much tadalafil mg cost should how. Aponeurosis, and can be cut (not to violate the integrity of the blood vessels) finger stupid, then you will be peeling up navel ring and the right abdominal oblique muscle and genital top and bottom of it tadalafil get online how much. Otseparovanny aponeurosis is removed down to the navel and the pubic bone india cheapest where tadacip buy uk to order prescription cipla 20 online generic cheap. Anatomy band (vaginal or more) is relatively high, but this helps to improve access to the uterus during pregnancy generic cipla sale australia uk price india cost buy cheapest viagra canada tadacip. Rectus abdominis muscle, to cut off the finger in the vertical direction cipla 20mg tadacip 10 online reviews generic. (Empty) But considering the upper limit of the bladder at the end of pregnancy, you need to be careful when you got up to 5-6 cm above the pubic area during labor, in particular to open the parietal peritoneum.

(1972) Cohen for optimal access to the uterine incision of

anterior abdominal wall - the wall can be produced by Joel way. This change is done to deepen the surface laparotomy incision median aponeurosis nadsekayut at the same time as the subcutaneous tissue is straight horizontal incision below the line connecting the female of 2-3 cm of ileum, before.


, it is useful for the location of a particular women and children should be, or is delayed, the offer will be the effort of both soon.

The pause of

direct breastfeeding


1 Sitting pose. Under the rear focus of the mother feel relaxed and comfortable. The feet can be replaced with a small bench and placing a pillow under his arm. The baby's head is rotated relative to the girdle of her baby will stop and the pneumatic suction immediately. In every corner, the face of the child is not a direct opposite breast. Head and shoulders needed to support a newborn baby not only behind the buttocks and the back of him. Should be pressed firmly against the body of the mother baby trunk. I tighten the breast lactiferous support breast feeding is not important.

2 Toshokuuso. In particular, it is very useful when it is conducted in case of cesarean section lactation, episiotomy or (episiotomy), occurs at night. Child is placed on the side, not pressed to rotate with respect to the shoulder girdle head. In order to avoid premature fatigue, the mother does not have to tilt the head in the hand.


children to refuse the breast, it is possible to understand the functions of the following: Masu.

1), baby does not suck at all slow and lactation.


2), and if you try to attach to the breast the strength of the child, in order to provide


3) children, choking the milk in a short period of time, to cry, taking the rejection of the breast


4) 1 chest, Masu two children.

I refuse to waste

breast milk


1 Influence of drugs or illness of a child. The children of breast suck very slow, at the time of the disease. When you try to attach to the breast, it can be painful when pressure on the injury site, the cry baby. It can cause suppression suck sedatives reflection.

2 There is a possibility that the various difficulties may occur to provide the art. Use baby bottles, pacifiers, improper maintenance of the breast, an excess of milk, sinus congestion - in all these cases, is subject to appropriate technique to apply the baby to the breast is important is exactly this. E 'possible to convert the position to send in the supine position is reasonable - if a lot of milk. How to confuse breast milk, please avoid the use of pacifiers, bottles and nipples. (If it is not possible at the moment to provide expressed breast milk, and certain medical conditions, to give the chest) and, if necessary, will need to use a spoon or cup mother eat.

3 Children will respond to changes in the environment in breast milk. Move separation from the mother, the appearance of the stranger, exchange of the apartment, the decor, intense emotional

can not

Children's rapidly changing sick mother, the mother's menstrual cycle, the smell of the mother or Do not take the breast milk, or simply show the reaction Na.

4 Denial of chest is clear. Children, before taking the breast, and make sure to turn heads, or react to sound, there is a smell. In this situation, you need to be patient and calm mother.

In the context of the whole

above, is to identify the cause of the failure of breastfeeding, and will fix it as soon as possible is important.

The young mothers

each expression, you should be able to know the status of the case in which there is a need to express milk in an independent way, do you


breast milk .

is carried out in the following directions


2) feed preterm infants, have children, a reflection of aspiration "resuscitation"; breastfeeding


1) to stimulate the children in a situation of forced separation from If not, if you do not get enough milk during lactation, the recruitment of children


3) He ;

4) children temporarily milk (children who are able to adapt to the child's adjustment to breast) lip or cleft palate, flat nipple mother, sucking is expressed provision is difficult.

In the case of all (these, the milk is that it has continued breastfeeding, give hyperemia of the breast in women) are used, the relief of lactostasis mastitis and with the addition of this shelving

5 ) racking Masu I can be.

to exit the transformation of the nipple and areola after providing


Self-massage is performed once every 2 or 3 of the muscles around the joints.

car lumbar massage

This position: sitting, standing and lying down. Movement of elasticity is activated by the torso back and forth a small pelvis is tilted back in the upright position. I caress the palms of both hands from the top of the spine ass


1) side: reception.


2) size: palm; index finger) and (fist around the thumb, finger pads of the back of his hand, and Masu fist.

After grinding

to do, to tilt the circular movement forward, backward and sideways to the dock side. ( - The straight year after each breath) followed by a circular motion of the body on both sides. After the massage, which crosses to hang in the muscles relax more desirable. At this time, we will strengthen the muscles and ligaments, correct the curvature of the spine, you get the correct posture. VISY- Useful as for all ages. They can be made from 2 to 3 times a day.

was self-massage of


of the back muscles this depends on the health of the posture of the body and internal organs. muscles of the back - the most powerful, are involved in the movement of almost everyone. To increase strength and flexibility, it is necessary to combine exercises machine gymnastic and self massage. I stroked from the iliac crest


1) axillary: Masu technique of self-massage.

squeeze the ends of the palm side of the

2) inch;

3) mix: -; Masu rotation direction of the finger pad of the little finger.



stroking 5) this



the same method was executed along with the muscle. On the side of the need to apply rubbing his fist with the thumb and index finger to the entire trunk from the spine to the stomach. You need to reach the level of the blade of the chest back, front and gradually.

rather than if you have

inhalation in the acute phase, to appoint, taking into account the permissible range of the individual.

Regardless of

, duration of disease, and inhaled bronchodilators used in the reaction of bronchial spasm. It is an aerosol formulation which was weighed with (effective for the flora and gram-positive gram-negative) recommends broad spectrum of activity bioparoks anti-inflammatory, antibacterial purpose. Bioparoks reduce productive cough, excessive secretion is reduced in bronchial asthma. The medicine is used every four hours for breathing four times to suck. I use herbal tea (chamomile, St. John's wort), anti-inflammatory even during inhalation. I am using acetylcysteine ​​inhalation in case of sputum and liquefaction. Recovery from pneumonia, is established on the basis of clinical data, laboratory values, the blood, the normalization of the recovery of X-ray changes. After recovery, walking outdoors, we recommend a course of vitamins breathing treatment. . Bronchopulmonary disease after vitamin, was added to the diet foods, such as vitamin-rich Multitabs using Pikovit, gendevit, the undevit - vegetables, fruit, fruit juice. And frustrated at the time of the change of infection, all of these steps will help the defense function of the body's metabolism reconstruction ,. It is an observation of the patient is discharged from the hospital to outpatient. For rehabilitation, will be sent to the local nursing home. Physical therapy is recommended to complete the reconstruction of the function of the respiratory tract.

pulmonologist or melkoochagovogo during rehabilitation medical supervision and care of the sick in the hospital boundary of the district clinic for rehabilitation and

spa treatments


non-severe pneumonia. The people who were in the acute phase of extensive damage from severe poisoning, a man of course, send the person who developed the complications of pneumonia decline in the rehabilitation center. (Breathing, physical therapy, massage, physiotherapy, climate, air therapy, hydrotherapy) basic rehabilitation activities, is a non-pharmacological treatment. The people that may have caused the pneumonia, it is recommended that the termination process in (Ukraine Yalta, south) mild and dry climate, local motel, resort and weather.

Some of the

clinical orientation, led morning exercises (daily data for the prevention and comprehensive treatment, and the biological response general massage, breathing techniques, physical therapy, sex and immune response)

the use of drugs and other adaptogens to increase

this this asthma Asthma -. Chronic relapsing disease of the respiratory system as a result of the wide range of bronchial obstruction move multi-Tsu, swelling of the bronchial wall, which is based on chronic allergic inflammation, bronchial asthma with regular attacks of choking and dyspnea, bronchospasm,

the disease: bronchial hyperresponsiveness of asthma genetics

it is necessary avoid exposure to the allergen patient.

1 3)

a few months specifically for close contact with the urban lifestyle

this; Masu.

There is a need to know the flowering plants of the calendar,

1) Do this

Please do not walk for 2) forest: avoid exposure to pollen allergens;

2 for this holiday, we will contact with the allergen minimum among the many flowering plants, as

4) possible. And 'advisable to pack a pillow and mattress

1) allergen-impermeable substance: Masu avoid exposure to allergens in the home.

If this is

2) can replace the pillows of foam, wash clothes every day, as much as possible



This library

4) glass; placing in furniture

and this

5) bed, padded is not recommended.

You get rid of that pile (carpet, rugs, upholstered furniture) that

6) the dust itself.

rag every day, it should be done by the members of your family, if this is not possible, another mask be cleaned wet and windy (apartment, if possible, cleaning) disease

this mechanism. Changes in bronchial reactivity and sensitivity. Depending on pharmacological factors physical, chemical and violation of bronchial patency. This is considered a third of people who suffer from asthma and atopic disease is hereditary. Viscous mucus that was generated in a number of bronchial asthma, and consequently, occur spasms of the bronchial muscle membrane, edema of the bronchial mucosa.

You need to know the asthma patients


1 Please be aware of the diagnosis.

2 Need to know how to avoid contact with the factors that cause the disease necessarily.

3 You not only know the early signs of exacerbation of asthma, you need to be able to stop the self-initiated therapy according to the plan that was developed by a doctor.

4 This, claims to know or seek the help of emergency medical care is essential.

5 Necessarily, it is necessary not only its effectiveness, with a variety of treatments, to know the differences between them.

6 You need to be able to use an inhaler.

7 This can be used to determine the peak flow meter and record the results accurately, you have changed the outcome of these is essential.

I am developing a cough, paroxysmal accompanied by shortness of breath are symptoms of the onset of symptoms


this disease. The cough sputum Masu natural glass, a small amount of sputum.

the severity of the

asthma, mild, moderate and severe degree. Suffocation, there is the possibility that the paroxysmal cough, sneezing, occurs in the precursor appear mucus secretion of a large amount from the nose. So that you can develop

women endometrial proliferation disease (up to cancer) and the preservation of the uterus, it is contraindicated in long-term estrogen therapy.

Treatment androgenitalnogo syndrome, contains the stimulation of ovulation by the 5th (glucocorticoids such as dexamethasone), hormone replacement therapy, up to day 9 of the cycle. As a rule of pregnancy, these are the results of the treatment. (In all cases) of uterine origin amenorrhea

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