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impact on the

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phenobarbital. Not only (spectacular attack) generalized tonic-clonic seizures that the attack adults and children has been widely used in focus. The toxicity is teratogenic in the first three months of the baby fetus drug. To develop intrauterine addicted - other suppression hearing loss, central nervous system, fetal anemia, the use of Baby Mama phenobarbital cause is already born deducted. Blood pressure may be that the advance to be.

ethosuximide has anticonvulsant effect in a small form of epilepsy. It also effective for myoclonic seizures. Cause abnormal very characteristic in fetal Mongoloid appearance, such as intrauterine growth retardation. You do the short neck good, dermoid fistula or extension nipple-thirds of these children.

Phenytoin is for large seizures, status epilepticus, tonic clonic seizures. It is a division of the palate clinical evidence, and the upper lip, that it is likely to lead to the formation of fetal tumors (neuroblastoma) the use of phenytoin. Mental retardation, abnormal bleeding skull, potential and a congenital heart disease is less

Depakinum - generalized or in the treatment of partial epilepsy and drug valproic acid, specific for the treatment of syndrome. If the member that the facial dysmorphism develop deformities of many much to valproic acid in the I semester of pregnancy to use in particular. Ties myelomeningocele (encephalocele), spina bifida in (spina bifida), interfere with the development of the neural tube of embryos

chlorpromazine -. Medicine, which belongs to a group of anti-psychotic drugs. In the case of neurological diseases associated with alcohol psychosis, mania, but also excited, muscle tone resulting increase in used in various applications, the state of agitation delusions and hallucinations condition and schizophrenia. Chlorpromazine and its metabolites that are excreted in the breast milk to adjust its use during lactation. If it is taken, not only gynecomastia in boys, children and cause the appearance of breast milk in women. In addition, there is a possibility that apathy occurs Baby, I'm developing a hoax.

er if diazepam, to get it with milk, it is possible in the baby's body, therefore, to accumulate after their application for Mom still under the influence of this baby preparation. The effect is on a soothing effect pressing of the central nervous system in babies.

placental pathology reason

primary placental disorders, anatomical structure of the placenta attachment developmental disabilities up to 16 weeks, to avoid damaging the ovarian function. As a rule, lead to the development of the overall congenital malformations of spontaneous abortion of the fetus and then at an early stage.

is the main obstacle to the development of the placenta,

secondary placental dysfunction, over 16 weeks, starting under the influence of factors of the mother formed.

Pregnancy strengthening vasospasm, including the

uterine placenta, in the presence of high blood pressure disease of the mother, inside the reduction of the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. There is a lack of fetal oxygen. Developmental delay in cases of severe form of high blood pressure, premature birth, it could be a miscarriage. Maybe stillbirth. Level of the placenta was increased compared to healthy women with diabetes, but it is imply not a good state of the fetus and placenta. It increases the weight of its own in this state, but the concentration of estriol lead reduced functional immaturity of the fetus.

In the placenta of "aging"

perenashivanie pregnancy (41-42 weeks). Its function has been injured. Concentration reduced placental lactogen. Grown old placenta is a threat to the fetus, it is not possible, can result in death lead him to fulfill his function. Significant decrease of the placenta is a signal for immediate delivery.

incompatibility of mother and fetus in Rh-blood sense

occurs. Placental weight increase. Is determined from (1.5 to 2 times) placental lactogen high blood test. This results in the form of severe edematous fetal death or hemolytic disease.

In (glomerulonephritis and chronic pyelonephritis and hypertension complicated by renal failure), reduced renal excretory renal disease

heavy, thus it will be stored in the hormone in the blood. Function of the placenta according to the level of progesterone and placenta is, the occurrence of functional disorders of the fetus confuse the level of the lung as a poor prognostic be viewed thereof.

development of the fetus, which appears to be in the placental dysfunction syndrome and

severe preeclampsia is slow.

treatment of

placental dysfunction needs to be comprehensive. Nutrition during pregnancy, rich, vitamins should be diverse (desirable fish, meat, cheese, eggs) and protein. Placental dysfunction, please check

If you must use a vasodilator. Improves blood flow to the placenta, uterus, and blood, they will facilitate the development of new blood vessels. They can (thermal process to the area around the kidney) using physical therapy to remove the heights of the muscles of the abdomen and of the uterus.

promote the use of circulation (coagulates the tendency of their change in viscosity, ductility blood, thrombosis) tools that help for the correction of

coagulopathy. The period of application and enable the development of the vascular bed of the muscle layer of the uterus and placenta in.

In the complex process of

placental insufficiency, a tool to improve metabolism and gas exchange in the placenta is included. Kislorodolecheniya this application, amino acids, vitamins, iron compounds, as well as non-steroidal anabolic agents and glucose. Now, the metabolic function of Riboxinum of potassium Orochi looks down and placenta. Placental dysfunction (the clinic of women, then in the hospital) must continue 1.5 months at least.

Medicine is the removal of the adverse effects on the body of the woman smoking, alcohol abuse, such as uncontrolled treatment of chronic diseases, prevention of

placental dysfunction, infection. The beginning of the necessary nutrients to prevent pregnancy and Masu normal sleep.

It is for women

special attention belongs to the underdog. Prevention and treatment obligation it,

a rare disease of the other

placenta for regular monitoring -. Hydatidiform mole. Normally, during the development of the egg cells grow in chorionic villi, it is branched, turn into the placenta. However, blisters that are filled with villi light liquid content sometimes converted. Value of cherry, foam in various sizes, the clusters of small,. Villi epithelium, has developed a swelling in her grow. Bubbles grow into the uterine cavity to gradually grow the shell to muscle tissue of the uterus. Sometimes the wall of the uterus is destroyed completely I to penetrate into the abdominal cavity hydatidiform mole. Ingrowth bubbles bleeding in the broken shell of blood vessels in order formed around.

There is a partial hydatidiform mole and

full. In degeneration full chorionic villus receives. This form, therefore it is impossible to form the placenta, fetus develops early solve matrix and cleavage in early pregnancy.

, if part of the villi only born again, you can to develop a partial molar pregnancy in the later period

. Typically, the fruit has been dying, but that to develop it and sometimes when he affected a small part of the placenta disease process.

molar pregnancy fetal resorption and

death after growing uterus quickly. Growth of the uterus does not correspond to the gestational age. Its size is much larger than they should be. Is the consistency of the uterus tugoelasticheskoy fruit, the sound of the heart can not hear, but it is not defined. Some time, and then weakened after the newborn, the nap has been increased, it will bleed. I'm developing such a background, usually anemia (anemia). I will be able to develop and sometimes liquid, bubbles of the individual blood drift detection. In many cases, due to the complications of molar pregnancy (edema, vomiting, nephropathy) a toxemia of pregnancy.


General molar pregnancy is born alone in the month of the fifth and sixth. Under the influence of the increase in bleeding in the battle go simultaneously the separation of the wall of the uterus. The present during germination of hydatidiform through the wall of the uterus, you have a life-threatening bleeding. There is a risk hydatidiform another to horionepitelioma sometimes develop after - so that it develops in a blood vessel, a malignant tumor that grows very quickly, (brain, liver, intestine, lung, it very quickly Masu body) that the has developed a transition to other organs.

Diagnostics of women in hydatidiform mole and was in

time in the hospital. In order to accelerate the introduction of birth nomination, it is, in order to improve the contractility of the uterus. The massive bleeding sometimes, delete the corresponding neck opening manually spin. Expand is the Panda cervical neck closed, rub the uterine cavity Brandt WC. By removing the importation into the abdominal cavity of the uterus during germination

This drug also has a cardioprotective effect -. I reduce the extent of left ventricular hypertrophy.

was increased by reducing the

to improve renal blood flow spasm kidney, contributes to the normalization of diuresis, glomerular filtration rate. Identified as an anti-atherogenic effect - of

the use of the claim aterosleroza reduce the symptoms by reducing the synthesis of collagen: Masu.

Verapamil is often used (combination

1) angina, hypertension -) to improve blood flow in the coronary artery and high blood pressure

2) bronchoobstructive disease, diabetes, Raynaud's syndrome

This side effect: Masu.

(tachycardia, flushing, peripheral edema)

1) peripheral vasodilatation, symptoms of worsening heart failure decrease

The AV cable 2) or ejection fraction of the left ventricle Masu reduced.

3), constipation, diarrhea, nausea and Masu.



1) infakrt infarction;

2) unstable angina pectoris,

3), conduction and cardiac arrhythmias - sick sinus syndrome (diltiazem and verapamil) AV block, because nifedipine


4), aortic stenosis ();

5 Masu, diltiazem and verapamil for ()

6) heart failure); hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

7), liver failure and kidney

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