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according to Table 4

The approximate schedule with puerperal fifth day (at home)

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In cosmetics is generally used as part of the regeneration of creams, gels, masks, bath off you does high seroquel get to how can.

hair care

The best decoration of women at all as a beautiful and healthy hair times. The meaning of the famous French saying: "If you look, wash your hair," is that people with hair is fresh and clean, can not look bad. Hair, and a person susceptible to external influences. So they must be protected from overheating cold sea water. Small amounts of sunlight are beneficial to the hair, as well as all over the body, but for a long exposure to the sun, desirable hats is it. Sea salt and chlorinated pool water or damage to the hair when dry. Therefore, it is necessary to have a dip in the sea or in the lid immediately after bath rinse your hair with fresh water. Other factors are the condition and appearance of hair: lifestyle (diet, fresh air, exercise), general health (presence of certain diseases), the careless handling of hair (or improper care stain)

Chapter 3: Sexual dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction

It is a disorder of sexual desire, arousal or orgasm and pelvic pain is directly related to the sex life together. The occurrence of these symptoms or a combination of these is a problem for patients, impaired quality of life and interpersonal relationships.

In most cases, the self-development of uterine cancer in older women asthenic physique, there is hyperplasia of the story.

for signs of cervical cancer is caused by a serious and persistent menstruation, uterine bleeding during menstruation (menstruation in women), uterine bleeding, spotting (white) in cramping pain in the lower abdomen. . In the case of compression of the ureter localized pain in the lumbar region

cervical cancer

cervical cancer - is the widespread disease of cancer, but it is easy to avoid, in the above, the appearance of a long-term process of precancerous lesions (dysplasia) exist. The main risk factors for cancer of the site are: early sexual activity, frequent change of sexual partners, sexually transmitted infections caused by active and passive smoking

The cancer can in the vaginal cervix and be located. and the cervical canal. Isolated endophytic (most common), and mixed exophytic tumor growth. Most of the neoplastic process extends into the vagina. Hematogenous metastasis is only in the later stages of cancer (most commonly affects the vagina metastases, bone, liver and intestine) possible. Clinical criteria for the classification of the stage of international TNM and FIGO cervical cancer is shown in the table number 5

Number of Table 5

Clinical criteria for the classification of cervical cancer TNM and FIGO International its stage

In the early stages of cervical cancer is usually asymptomatic. For advanced stages of cervical cancer is characterized by symptoms such as pain, bleeding, and white when in or acyclic bleeding (presence of blood outflow is almost always indicative of an invasive carcinoma of the cervix). In addition to the core symptoms, the patient may complain of pus (in the case of the accession of infection smelling discharge), fever, and changes in the function of the adjacent organs.

is formed input

In the advanced stages of cancer, when the disease process involved regional lymph nodes, pelvic cellular tissue and nerve endings stimulated, there is pain.

Ovarian Cancer

About 6% of all cancers of gynecological diseases are malignant tumors of the ovaries. There are several factors that contribute to the development of this disease. These factors include :. Lack of pregnancy and birth history, complications of hormone replacement therapy during and family history of the disease

Ovarian tumors can be primary (epithelial cells) and secondary (metastatic). In return epithelial tumors are very different: serous, colloidal, endometrioid, clear cell, Brenner tumor, mixed epithelial tumor - can in benign limit (low grade) and are divided malignant. These funds are also undifferentiated carcinoma, and epithelial tumors Nai unclassifiable. International criteria for the clinical TNM classification for ovarian cancer staged Figo and shown in the table number 6

in table 6

Clinical criteria for the classification of the stage of the International Ovarian Cancer TNM and FIGO

At present, most scientists believe that ovarian cancer develops as a result of physiological exhaustion. In other words, ovarian epithelial tissue after delivery without interruption, and the effect that it "usury". In support of this theory, the fact that women who breastfeed their babies for a long time, or women who use hormonal contraceptives, is ovarian cancer is rare. There is also a theory that the cause of this disease is a mutation of genes, vectors and susceptible to this disease. The evidence for this theory is the family history of ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer often metastasizes to the lymph vessels in the retroperitoneal lymph vessels and the ductus.

The first stages of ovarian cancer novobrazovany asymptomatic (rarely observed weakness, abdominal pain). Very often the first clinical signs are nausea, vomiting, not relief, pain in the lower abdomen expander character. The larger the tumor grows, the more pain, the back and in the groin area and have no connection with the menstrual cycle radiates the bottom. Acute pain associated with the tumor capsule rupture or perforation. Sometimes women complain about the violation of urination and gastrointestinal diseases. With the growth of the tumor ascites can form, and dramatically increase the body temperature. In the case of the fallopian tubes included in the pathological process of the symptoms bleeding from the genital tract.

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