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The difference between girls yet (need to be aware of these parents) this girl in forever linked with the family, father and mother and even married parents are not forgotten mg 750 uk buy methocarbamol horses buying online 500 for order robaxin pharmacy. Although, of course, there are exceptions to the rule - soft boys and girls also empowered and independent does buying discount much where how robaxin to cost online cheap methocarbamol prescription order purchase.

It is clear that the sexual development and sex education in the lives of the girls and a nice front canada sales where to buy generic medication for best prices street australia on of cost 500mg price for 750 methocarbamol.

The development of respiratory Girls

Respiratory fully formed children and smaller adults 500mg canada drug methocarbamol what uk 750 for name mg robaxin is brand pharmacy information about generic drugs from wikipedia buy.

The nose is small, underdeveloped cavity, nose, narrow (nasal bottom entry in the first months of life, not everything), tender mucosa, which is rich in blood vessels canada 750 online methocarbamol buy pharmacy 500 cost reviews 500mg prices generic mg robaxin. Therefore, children are common disorders nasal breathing, there is a danger of suffocation, sleep disturbances often result methocarbamol tablet high mg 500 reviews price use street 500mg 750 generic dose value kg recreational.

The sinuses are absent or very young, as young children in these cavities are rarely rhinitis (sinusitis in children is almost none) value how 1000 750 overdose snorting mg 500 1500 street high methocarbamol much.

Yet the nasolacrimal duct is short, the valves under-developed, which is favorable for infections in the crack path, when it continues to be difficult to treat how you too should mg overdose can does cost is 750 high much take get methocarbamol. Dacryocystitis this call, including neonatal dacryocystitis does can high get you off methocarbamol.

Throat in children is relatively narrow, the pharyngeal tonsils almost not reflected in the beginning, before the end of the first year of rise slightly, and in the next few years there is hypertrophy (ie cheap without canada online buy prescription pharmacy robaxin purchase 500mg 750 sales methocarbamol. E cheap 500mg ordering where to order online buy buying methocarbamol united prescription states without tablets robaxin. excessive increase) in the tonsils, the maximum development of five to 10 years, during puberty begin to decline buy cheapest prescription cheap online for purchase sale to ordering order robaxin discount generic where. Children are prone to razrascheniyu tonsils and adenoids in the nasopharynx, given the narrowness of the throat and nose, often breathing difficulties during inflammatory processes (even choking) 750 cost generic online medication news from Yahoo of does robaxin how much per sales pill.

The larynx in children is not cylindrical and funnel, and the voice of a space that contributes to stenosis (narrowing) of the airways and choking

the trachea just too narrow born 4 cm long, 14 to 15 years to 7 cm (adults - 12 cm) . australia pill sale robaxin online price generic canada for per street cheap sales 750 mg. The cross-section in the first months of life - an ellipse in the future (and adults) - a circle canada online uk price otc from pill methocarbamol pharmacy generic buy image available identifier robaxin name. Tender tracheal mucosa, a large number of blood vessels, dry as a result of inadequate secretion of mucus glands methocarbamol 750 effective cost canada robaxin pharmacy form mg drug image order online generic. The trachea in children is smooth, easy to squeeze canada online price reviews 750 relaxer robaxin user 500mg pharmacy buy street muscle mg spasm. The trachea is also easy to stenotic conditions

get bronchi - 1500 relaxer street 1000 price mg 500 robaxin value robaxin-v muscle dose 750 uses generic. Rechterbronchus is as a continuation of the trachea and the left is a large angle of the trachea does much how 750 cost 500 can robaxin mg should get high take. This explains the frequent presence of foreign bodies in the right bronchus how you can robaxin take off much get many high will does. . Too narrow bronchi, is formed by the relatively dry

soft cartilage, mucus-rich glass, but

Newborn lightweight weighs 50 grams, at 6 months of weight are doubled in the year - tripled, to 12 up to 10 times the initial weight (in adult lungs weigh nearly 20 times more than at birth). The right lung is usually a little left. Light cells, such as the most imperfect histologically, ie. E. lungs underdeveloped in terms of functionality. C 6-7 year histological (cell) is substantially identical to the structure of the adult lung structure. The volume of the lungs of the newborn - 70 cm3, growth due to an increase in alveolar (lung bubbles) mainly, whereas the number of cells remains constant

The relatively large lungs, heart, mediastinum and take up more space in the chest of the children. . Thorax, since it is able to breathe, smoothed intercostal space and the edges great pressure in the lung at all times. The ribs are substantially perpendicular to the spine, and the increased capacity of the chest by lifting of the ribs is possible. This explains the nature of baby diaphragmatic breathing (ie,. E. Breathing "belly").

With age, the angle between the ribs and sternum position changes, the diaphragm descends develop breasts and intercostal muscles, and the breath of the baby is a regular (with ribs and stomach).

A requirement for the performance of the pregnancy and delivery after the time limit is a clear observation. fetal heart rate OB-GYN, who oversees the delivery, hear the heartbeat of the baby every 15 minutes in the first stage of labor, and in the second period -. any attempt after Cardiac monitoring is performed in parallel in which the pregnant belly of a sensor that detects fetal heart rate is confirmed. doctors suggest if there are signs of increased hypoxia in the fetus, in an attempt to speed up labor. childbirth in women with prolonged pregnancy in cases complicated vaginal and end. by Caesarean This is done in the development of acute fetal hypoxia, weakening of labor, with clinically narrow pelvis and other phenomena. Sometimes doctors simply decide to make childbirth surgery -. Combined perenashivanie pregnancy with large fruits, the age of a woman in labor for the first time in 30 years, breech presentation, uterine scar

perenashivanie pregnancy harm the fetus. After birth, the child may have normal sizes, and may be much greater. Since the skull bones welded seams and reduced soft spots the head of the fetus is less good start as it gives through the birth canal of the mother, which can cause a variety of birth trauma. Perenashivanie necessary fetal oxygen increases significantly and the placenta can not handle the function of the fetus of oxygen and nutrients, hypoxia begins to grow. In the placenta perenashivanie decreased metabolism, synthesis of hormones, vitamins, possible pathological degenerative changes in the chorionic villi. Then broken blood supply process and can not exclude infarcts - areas of necrosis of the tissues deprived of blood supply. Slackens Perenashivanie long cord. Due to the reduction of amniotic fluid and changes in the composition of deterioration conditions fetal life.

pregnancy complicated by the development of early and late toxicosis frequent term preeclampsia, threatened natural miscarriage in the early and late stages of pregnancy. Hypoxia can cause pulmonary complications, injury to the central nervous system of the child, the development of birth defects.

The term births pregnancy may also occur with a number of complications. This can harm the mother and the child. The most common complications:

1) premature separation of amniotic fluid, after a long period of free water, which is full of potential infectious complications;

2) the weakness of the labor force, contractile, and that often reduces the activity of the uterus;

3) increases the risk of birth defects, because the fetus is thickened skull bones and the seams are closed and narrowed the fontanelles;

4) asphyxia (suffocation) the child at birth, as the process of prolonged labor;

5) possible bleeding in the early postnatal period due to problems of developing placental abruption, lacerations of the birth canal

Studies have shown that after birth. children born deviations from normal development are found in 20-50% of cases. perenashivanie as a result of a true pregnancy, Choking is celebrated in almost half of the children born. We often take prolonged jaundice, hormonal imbalance, disorders of the central nervous system, which reduces the possibilities of adjustment, for infectious diseases, such as these children immunity is reduced.

Pregnancy There is a science-based children detained after long and physical development. Standing, walking, talking and sometimes start late, the first teeth erupt later for them than children born at term.

Abnormalities of the uterine activity

These lesions often impede the progress of the delivery. Even with the current level of development of medicine is not 100% safe methods of prevention and treatment of disorders of the tribal forces. If not prevent, or to facilitate. The development of the disease, the mother and the fetus at risk Statistics show that the decrease in uterine activity more than 30 pregnant women found approximately two times more likely than women over 20 years.

To detect the presence of abnormal uterine activity to be determined, need to be able to assess. Well the muscles and of the activity If there is an uncomplicated delivery, we auksotonichesky effect this means that the tone of the uterus gradually in parallel with the development of the activity of the law of birth

This is normal increases contractile force:. There is a decrease in the surface area of ​​the tube bends here an active area - pacemaker or pacemaker. So this reduction is downward, and the pace and decreases the value. It turns out that the maximum force and the duration of the reduction in the fundus. While typically developing generic uterine activity observed relationship strength and intensity of the decay of the body and the lower uterus and coordination of all departments share. In addition, various phases of each parent their time: the first phase and duration of contractions repeatedly less force than the duration of the resting phase of the muscle layer of the uterus

A mother may worry about the appearance of the milk (front. contains a lot of liquid, and because it is a light blue tint).

The reasons for the lack of baby milk reception

The first group of factors associated with breastfeeding:

1) later lactation (first feeding should be done 30 minutes after birth) no later;

2) feeding a child held at certain times, and few of them for a day (the first month of life, the child must have 8 meals per day, and must be performed at his request );

3) feeding no night;

4) broken appliances breastfeeding;

5) used during breast feeding bottle that gives proper nutrition and eventually leads to failure of lactation (it impossible for the child several nipples and pacifiers);

6) is inserted into the baby weaning diet (children up to 4-6 months to completely abandon through breast milk).

The second group of reasons has to do with the psychological factors of the mother:

1) the uncertainty in the behavior of women;

2) any stressful situation;

3) fatigue;

4) the adverse impact of family members with a woman. For example, under pressure from her husband to stop breastfeeding at night, nervous family atmosphere makes rare young mother once put to the breast, the baby and so on G.

nails hands updated every 3 months and feet -. Once in 4 to 5 months. Nails

manicured look of the strip of skin processed gently at the base of the nail. For the treatment of the skin, use the prepared using glycerine and triclosan ointment. Glycerine as part of an ointment will soften cuticles and triclosan - has antibacterial

In a normal nail is pink, whitish at the tip, flat surface, solid structure .. In case of violation of metabolic processes in the body, poor nutrition, be able to change, as a result of the overall poor health of the body. frequent nails stressful situations In this case, the nail becomes rough, yellowish, more fragile and begins to exfoliate. Sometimes, as the surface of the nail, the presence of a human disease of the internal organs (gastrointestinal tract, liver and gall bladder) to take.

Bad habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, for example, directly affect the appearance of the nail. In this case, due to reduced blood flow to the fingers soft tissues receive much less than it should, oxygen and nutrients, and nails dull, pale, fragile and growth.

Inflammation of the nail plate surface changes becomes rough due to longitudinal and transverse strips. The nails are yellowish hue with regular use of household products, without protective gloves for the hands, with a quality nail polish coloring frequent low impact on the nails and the skin of the hands and various industrial water connections.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap or other cleansers, it means with antibacterial components. Clean hands washed.

polish remover paint (or remains) cleaned from the surface of the nail. Best not to products that use acetone, as this could lead to increased dryness and flaking of the nail surface.

Podpilivaya nails are not a nail in the reverse direction and move forward in the same direction. The nails are advised to polish process file is not wet. He appeared on the fingers of burrs can gently place under the skin lubricated with a special cream or Vaseline hygiene. Cutting burrs is not recommended.

Then in your hands, even in the field of nails, apply moisturizer. The remains of the cream in 10-15 minutes, you can get. Cosmetic wet tissue

The frequent use of nail polish nails dry and robs them of natural oils. To prevent your nails are always in perfect condition, it is advisable to feed them, and the skin of the nail phalanx of masks and creams, compresses. For retrieving the nail recommended daily for 10 to 14 weeks for packaging fish oil or oil solution of vitamin A. In the upper brittle nails, it is advisable to the daily diet of foods with vitamin A and D. Nail enrich the surface are best removed with a special nail polish remover, and do not use acetone, which dries nails.

For the record ride was smooth and even, it is suitable for polishing regular use of lemon peel (the inside).

For the nails are stronger, less waste and sloilis, you can take advantage of this popular beauty advice

Nail Mask cranberry oil

Wanted :. 3 tbsp. L. blueberries, 1 tbsp. L. sunflower oil or olive oil.

Preparation. Cranberry berries ground into paste. In the resulting mass review vegetable oil and the mixture is stirred.

Applied s. This mask is applied to the area of ​​the nail or toes. Mask holding for 10-15 minutes and warm milk, then rinse by hand. The same procedure to effect is recommended 2-3 times per week for brittle nails that break down quickly. . In cranberries contain vitamin A and C, fruit acids and valuable mineral components, protect and strengthen the nail

Nail Mask currant

Wanted: 2 tbsp. L. berries ripe currant (preparation of the masks can be used berries red or black berries).

Preparation. Times form a slurry currants.

Applied s. On the surface of the nail and periungual area of ​​the skin of the fingers berry mass, while it is advisable to massage for better absorption of nutrients the skin. After 10 min, rinsed fingers warm water and diluted milk medium.

At the time of a night's sleep for the prevention and treatment of brittle nails, brittle nails should be lubricated with glycerine. From this point, and beeswax. The beeswax melted in a water bath, is applied to the surface of the nail as a thimble, let your toes night. He pulled in the morning frozen "thimbles" wax.

contrast bath for nails are also very effective in the struggle for strengthening nails. Be carried out as follows: 2 min dipped his fingers in the first cup of hot water and then, while they are immersed in a beaker of cold water. Alternating hot and cold baths spend 4.5 times. The hands are then wipe with a towel and put them in a nourishing cream and apply to the area of ​​the nail glycerol. Such procedures contrast baths restore normal blood circulation, bringing nutrients to the periungual box ukrepleniyunogtey contributing.

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