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post-partum depression

is one of the most common diseases in women in the postpartum period this

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Chapter 2: Diseases of the Breast


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vaguely, please try to imagine the structure of the genital sex of other men and women of

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The entire clitoris

diabetes - mg medspa price 50 25 reviews review reviance. A complex disease. Therefore, it is necessary to create a schedule, see a doctor on a regular basis for the assessment of the dynamics of diagnosis and health care.


the process, even if it is based only on the special diet, the majority of diabetic patients, it is necessary to use special equipment to control glucose levels in the blood every day. This, it will be able to determine when control is lost. There is a need to collect, analysis time, it may be amended (the second, the first day of the breakfast - after that before going to bed, and repeat the cycle before lunch, third - - before dinner, the fourth in) the recommend. So, you know what your blood sugar or has done throughout the day. Discontinued evidence necessary to show the doctor at each visit. In addition to doing a blood test for glycosylated hemoglobin, at least 2-3 times a year. This allows the physician to determine the validity of the levels of sugar in the blood over the last 2-3 months. The test, if you have shown a significant increase in blood sugar, you will need to change the treatment.

I can Violation

food system'll lead to diabetic coma and inappropriate medication or insulin, treatment or irregular blood sugar, or patients.


require the active intervention of the doctor and emergency activities forever. Certificate of disease as an indicator of the doses of drugs that can certainly help to insulin or diary and in diabetic patients, to help the doctor called the patient: in this context, each patient, have the relevant documents, there is a need. Patients with hypoglycemia, in order to avoid the onset of hypoglycemic coma always be eliminated should bring a mass of various sugars captured by the first signs of hypoglycemia.

The process by suppurative also, both the onset of infection, etc., at the same time as possible, a patient, please consult your doctor to determine a treatment strategy further immediate worsening of diabetes

This blood, the most common: clonidine, corticosteroids, diuretics, gemfibrozil, narcotic analgesics, progesterone. when you receive, is one of these drugs, it is necessary that you take really, it's necessary or not an alternative medication, finding a doctor. One of the main causes of blindness - eye disease in diabetic patients. It is advisable to visit an ophthalmologist regularly. A beneficial effect, have moderate physical work, sports, gymnastics in the course of diabetes. All this has contributed to a better assimilation of glucose by the organization. The worsening of diabetes can often lead to diseases of the skin and mouth with diabetes. Foot care is for patients with diabetes, a particular problem. Inflammation, infection, ulcer is detected, treatment should wear cotton socks to start immediately, comfortable shoes. Therefore, it is particularly important in preventing the onset of serious complications of diabetes of personal hygiene of the patient.

growth, which is located in the front of the neck, is summed up in the regulation of hormone lymph fluid and blood, is secreted, development,

this differentiation thyroid and

hypothyroidism process tissue metabolism. . Thyroid disease, you may experience symptoms (hypothyroidism)


hypothyroidism improve or decrease (hyperthyroidism) its function -. As a result of a decrease in the function, direct

thyroid, congenital abnormalities of the thyroid, chronic infections, autoimmune disease that naturally develops when there is a lack of organization of thyroid hormone and organ inflammation of the thyroid gland, in the middle - reasons leading to the development


the various operations on the thyroid gland that causes that led to the development of hypothyroidism in this primary hypothyroidism, iodine deficiency in the environment, damage to the thyroid after administration radioactive iodine

the cause of secondary hypothyroidism leads to this development -. Hypothalamic - pituitary system, it is a traumatic injury or infection neoplastic. Of possible diseases that cause the functional form of primary hypothyroidism merkazolila overdose

mechanism:. Was linked to the peripheral metabolism of thyroid hormone disorder, or disease is due to a decrease in the sensitivity of organs and tissues to thyroid hormone. Decreased secretion of thyroid hormones results in the inhibition of all metabolic processes.

This primary hypothyroidism, symptoms Symptom

The disease is more common in women. Typical functions are the following. There is a distinctive, chills, drowsiness, malaise, slow mental capacity, performance, voice, movement, fatigue, swelling of the limbs or face decline - easily seen when you press your finger on the front of the leg holes do not - joint pain. Dry skin pale yellowish. The language is thicker at the edges, one has the impression of the teeth. The hair of the head, pubis, becomes brittle and the third level of the eyebrows. Hoarseness. It lowers the body temperature.

The most important role in the diagnosis takes place near a rectal exam of the vagina and two hands


are designed to glide Yokochitsu fornix, infiltration of tangible fixed the attention of the

rectal exam. In general, brand

The diagnosis

this process of endometrial hyperplasia

diagnosis, blood tests, endometrium, an increase of leukocytosis and erythrocyte sedimentation rate according to the method described below, the variation hyperplasia:. Uterine


1) - cells obtained by the (suction), in order to be able to determine the degree of change of the endometrium), (This method is, in the appointment of HRT performed to monitor the endometrium; performed

2) vaginal ultrasound - this method, the thickness of the myometrium and uterus may be a clear increase in the density acoustics.


3) of the uterus very useful and non-invasive, traumatic, at least in this way - in order to verify if all the organizations has been removed, the station of the disease process to reveal not only the position, but after this is done before the start of the expansion and curettage.

Masu, the final diagnosis after histological examination '(diagnostic curettage carried out for this purpose)

endometrial tissue.

diagnosis of

endometrial cancer


The diagnosis is based on medical history, data both hands pelvic exam, the uterus, as well as ultrasound, cytology and laboratory On the basis of histological studies of diagnostic material obtained by curettage diagnosis. And for estimating lymph node status and tumor size by ultrasound and computed tomography. Endometrial cancer is presented as a tumor growth of various degrees of diffuse or nodular form infiltration. Endometrial polyps, glandular (adenocarcinoma) of the uterine body, differential diagnosis small cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma gland

The only is endometrial hyperplasia: from microscopy to the foreground rather, it must be done in diseases such as submucosal fibroids.

Diagnoctika cervical cancer

The diagnosis of cervical "cancer" - is organized in such a way as to be based on an analysis of the story, but close to nisin (organization for women, and so as a mirror), which can be detected infiltration rectovaginal pelvic studies, based on the study of gynecological cytology. The most common form of squamous cell cancer of the cervix.

Color Doppler ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, with the use of a diagnostic abdominal ultrasound inspection mirror (for this method of last resort), for the diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

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