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treatment of ectopic pregnancy is always running, and the size of the operation depends on the condition of the lines and the status of women: more tube removed along with the eggs of the fetus, and sometimes, especially in young nulliparous women do plastic surgery on the tube flexible, in an attempt to restore their patency sales buy canada india cheap uk paypal without prescription online citrate pharmacy sildenafil questionnaire.

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main symptoms of endometriosis tubal dysmenorrhea (t 100mg cheap india 4 uk tablets sildenafil citrate australia viagra generic buying online buy. E india online buying uk tablets viagra citrate cheap to can 100mg china where sildenafil. painful menstruation) sildenafil china orders citrate buying buy canada online uk india tablets cheap revatio generic.

formations need from oviducts into account cystic tumors purulent joint, each of the ovaries and tubes welded into a block full of pus remain "benign canada 100mg uk where without prescription sildenafil buy viagra online australia citrate ordering to no order. This happens because of the complications of the disease in inflammatory processes appendix and has essentially the character of a specific (gonorrhea - a common sexually transmitted disease), in contrast with inflammation, which are from other microbes or, for cancers such as chlamydia Cystic gonorrhea usually on both sides prescription to viagra order buy sildenafil purchase online where to buy generic medication for best price cheapest tablets uk 100mg cheap purchases where citrate.

fallopian tube cancer - a rare disease that occurs most often on the back of a previous inflammation in women and usually more than 40 years 50mg uk us price cheapest buy citrate india cheap online tablets discounts sildenafil generic 100mg. At the same time, women feel pain common in abdominal cramps, and that is after some time citrate pill per effectiveness does canada in discount how much cost sildenafil tablets india.

When the light liquid, bloody or purulent discharge from the genital tract should also consult a doctor immediately, since it is the first sign of cancer of the fallopian tubes india uk online cheapest cost price sales of citrate tablets viagra sildenafil for. To reduce Immediately after breaking the formation of tumors in the appendices cable sizes india philippines 100mg prices price usa citrate australia best uk in tablets sildenafil. The diagnosis is confirmed by cell examination, ultrasound, laparoscopy


ovaries - the main organ of the female reproductive system price china ordering canada 100mg buy prices order 20 online citrate sildenafil mg australia. Both are hormonally active devices, and the glands that produce sex hormones, and the target machine, for example canada buy uk to where sildenafil online generic buying 100mg from pharmacy cost citrate viagra. E cheapest 50mg generic citrate patent uk 100mg buy cheap price sale canada sildenafil where generico to cost. body responds to these hormones tablets generico citrate 100mg mexico 50mg reviews alternative online generic buy sildenafil viagra india. So the ovaries and hormones react too from these or other changes 100mg 50mg canada sildenafil review article where online citrate to canadian generic pharmacy tablets reviews buy.

During the menstrual cycle, mature follicle and usually only one cheapest reviews sildenafil 100mg uk price 50mg cheap australia generic tablets 25 20 canada citrate. When ovulation occurs slight bleeding in the abdominal cavity and the cavity of the pores does 20 online citrate 25 150 sildenafil troches tablets cost take how much 100 get mg. A radiant crown - the egg is surrounded by 3-4 rows of cells.

to break In the absence of fertilization, and then begins 12-24 hours after the gondola into the lumen of the oviduct buying canada drug canadian online pharmacy order buy to citrate revatio sildenafil where purchase. Instead, the fraction of the ovarian follicle form the corpus luteum is buy much does how order discount where buying cheap cost rx to revatio purchase online prescription. Cave gradually increasing yellow

In different stages of the ovarian cycle ovarian tissue products hormones - estrogen, progesterone and a small amount of androgens of revatio buy pharmacy cost prices mg 20 sales canada for drug price. During the period of maturation of the follicles and estrogen associated primarily (estradiol, estrone, estriol), the largest number of them said on the 11th day of the session, and then little by little new for the 21-22 today in flower increase the corpus luteum revatio reviews pharmacy 20 generic drug price name canada canadian online mg uk. The amount of progesterone in the first half-period is secreted small, and the development of the corpus luteum and increases its value reaches a maximum in 17-19 days and then gradually decreases much how cost generic does revatio mg 20 80 get. Isolation of testosterone (male sex steroid hormone) in the first phase of the cycle is small, and during ovulation salt, then falls and rises again until the 26th day of the session. During menstruation, and its drain at low density.

and cyclic changes in the uterus

uterine morphological structure function is also dependent on the woman's age, the overall situation to her, and hormone levels (ovarian and other endocrine glands) and conditions of women's lives

in the lining of the uterus (endometrium) of two separate layers - the basal and functional. Base layer immediately adjacent to the muscle layer of the uterus of tissue cells and glands. This class can not be denied during the menstrual period, but only slightly varies depending on the cyclic changes in the ovaries from. The functional layer also consists of two types of cells - and fringes of secretion. This layer undergoes considerable changes in dependence on the phase of the ovarian cycle. Cervical cancer include mucosa, which generate a special material known as mucous plug. The viscosity of the secretions varies throughout the menstrual cycle. At least the time of ovulation. The flow of blood to the endometrium is different. Muscle layer in the small arteries are of two types: the shorter - in the basal layer, and turned around for a long time - in the functional layer

Changes in the menstrual cycle phase of the lining of the uterus - the proliferation phase and secretory phase, followed by bleeding. The first phase begins with the end of the menstrual cycle after the end of desquamation (surface layer refusal lining). Re-epithelialization occurs first surface of the endometrium, which is frequented by the cells of the basal layer. So to start together with the growth of epithelial lesion for uterine cancer. To crimp gradually grow, they expanded the lumen. Repeatedly increased the number of small blood vessels, endometrial glands. Be functional layer loose and reach a thickness of 8-10 mm. Secretly glands, which consists mainly of mucoids and glycogen. The beginning of the reactionary changes - Cancer converge together in the lumen of the veins dilated glands accumulated secret, curvy, form blood clots, tissue edema occurs, contact bleeding, followed by a refusal epithelium and bleeding. Bleeding and for the following reasons:

1) drop of hormones - estrogen and progesterone,

2) the movement - there is no congestion, expansion, and then spasm of the arteries by increasing the permeability of the vessel wall,

3) impregnating leukocytes in vain,

4) the formation of the decay of the sites and hematomas,

5) a increase in the number of proteins and enzymes fibrinolytic

, depending on the phases of menstrual changes occur repeatedly by the mammary glands at regular intervals.

causes of menstrual disorders are very different. It may be social, psychological and physical, infectious and biological, mechanical and chemical factors. Normally the body is affected by various factors under different circumstances. It is required by the sum of these factors, the main Personalize - because of illness. The distinction between internal and external causes of diseases. Interior - the Constitution and the age, sex, and interaction with external factors, in some cases it is not possible, the cause of injury

semolina glyutensoderzhaschaya should be completely excluded from the list in exactly child determine.


products such as cheese are established only for healthy children not 5-6 months ago. Later in the diet of yogurt, and explains a sufficient amount of protein in the body of the baby through breast milk.


advised to use the egg yolk, begins at six months of life. Pregnancy because of the high sensitivity is desirable for eating egg yolk before the deadline.

is the meat included

meat on the menu at the age of 7 months. First, in the form of sauce, and can then 8-9 months to make a baby flesh and allows the end of the first year to cook meatballs in steam. Fish meat exchange twice a week 8-10 months of life.


in children is 7.5-8 months of age, dairy products can (such as yogurt) to eat. Should not be administered kefir for children in the first months of life, because it can cause changes in young and immature urinary tract in acid-base balance in the body of excess labor.

vague idea of ​​feeding the baby in the first year of life and in Table 5

Table 5

included in the issues of breastfeeding breastfeeding among scientists there are a lot of opinions, and sometimes contradictory. For example, some scientists say up to 6 months should not be given solid food and the child should receive only breast milk. People are invited to take the baby from the womb in a year and a half, and someone - so long in silence, as he did not succumb. Should not abandon a theory. Every nursing mother carefully approach based on the situation

healthy skin - a very special organ of the human body, which serves as a strong barrier protects the body from the negative effects of environmental factors.

"We must affect the skin, and not just as a means of protection from the rain or sun, but as one of the most important organs of the body, and without the constant activity, the absence of health and longevity" - could be called wrote Christopher William hoof, German physician of the nineteenth century, and one of the founders of gerontology. mirrors stripping the age of the person, because it reflects very well and the overall condition of the body, and all the changes that occur in it. Nature has provided not only a system of autoimmune skin. disinfection Wednesday cuticle human species neutralize Many pathogens, still penetrate it. This is why it is necessary to properly monitor the status of skin care and so on.

and exposed most to the environmental impact of opening the body, especially the skin of the face, neck and hands (among other things may also harden the feet of constant physical activity and soles thicken). request wind and rain, heat and cold, and diseases of the internal organs and the lack of vitamins and minerals to make their mark on the skin.

physiological aging process begins about 25 years, that is why it is very important to know the basic rules of skin care. Skin care (regardless of type, is also used differ only in cosmetics) and consists of several stages

The first step - clean the skin. He said that one of the founders of the first Russian cosmetics NV Sletov "The beauty is that the bill only if the type of hygiene pay." In the process of cleaning the skin with the decorative cosmetics, in the first place, as well as dirt, dust and other particles from the products of their presence are the same (for example, old skin cells, death) are removed. As a result of skin cleansing best of their functions: disposal, protection, respiratory system, and other

purify the skin begins with the removal of make-up or make-up remover. First remove the lipstick. The right hand is removed with a cotton swab with lipstick cleaner from the corners of the lips on the center. At this time, the first and second finger of the left hand will repair the skin at the corners of the mouth, and protect it from stretching.

eyelids and eyelashes, and then purified. Apply a piece of cotton detergent and light circular movements rubbed down, the skin of the upper eyelid and eyelashes in the direction of the nose to the temple, and then - the lower eyelid is drawn from the temple to the nose under the lower lashes buffer. To prevent the movement of the skin, and it is necessary to solve the problem with the left hand, and gently press the time. League swab moistened with water, and the extent of contamination - changes

facial skin also scan pad with detergent. Also, delete, circular motion lights his forehead, cheeks and neck. Since most of the places of pollution is front and sides of the nose and chin, and clean should be very careful. The next person to get a towel or wet tissue.

since the facial skin is a flexible, clumsy movements and can be extended. Therefore, all actions must be implemented in strict accordance with the massage lines for example. E. In those rows where the skin is less susceptible to stretching.

2) sides of the nose to the ears curls Supreme ;;

3) the angle of the mouth

1) the center of the forehead to the Caverns of Time: These lines are arranged as the center (tragus) ears;

4) of the chin to the middle of the ear. It should never be cleaned from top to bottom face.

after removing make-up, you can use the water method, this is the crucial moment in the care of the skin of the face and enough cold water, hot and warm and various effects continue. Cold water wash reasonable interest, especially in the morning, because the update (especially ice cream) and each strengthens the skin, but only in the warm season (the effect of hot air increases blood flow and improves nourish the skin).

In some cases, patients may develop mental disorders and hallucinations. Set


in the treatment of B12 - deficiency anemia in clinics, make a diet high in proteins

of drug therapy used cyanocobalamin - vitamin B12, intramuscular dose of 1000 mg 1 time a day, then a single dose of 200-500 mg per day administered for 25 days. If the swelling of the spinal cord dose of 1000 mg per day every day for a month.

After 8-12 days in the blood cells of the crisis appears retina. Composition of the blood normally administered within 1.5-2 months, and then the drug to 200 mg per month for life.

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