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In addition to normal, but always plentiful and (or) prolonged menstrual period is one of the manifestations of dysfunctional uterine bleeding in adulthood or menopause, and possibly the development of fibroids

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Contraception special attention, because another pregnancy can be planned purchase discount cheap of remeron much no coupon rx does how insurance buy cost without canada. earlier than 2-3 years And at this time is needed for a full recovery of the female body


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Life Sex after childbirth

Usually monitor mother and baby home from the hospital on the fourth day and only occur if the delivery is not complicated. Sexually doctor says to no earlier than 1.5-2 months after delivery. With the usual sex life to be. To gently again Eg cracks and perineal lacerations heal in just six weeks after childbirth. In the recovery period inflammation of the genitals of a woman causing infection harmless. It often happens that women experience discomfort during sexual intimacy, and is sometimes accompanied by pain. These unpleasant sensations usually associated with post-partum dry. In the postpartum period during the year in women's levels of estrogen (female sex hormones) remains low, especially in women who are breastfeeding. This often leads to postnatal vaginitis. Symptom of the disease - vaginal dryness. This stems from the fact that the reduction in the number of lactobacilli in the vagina, and the number of female hormones in the body. There are special products that contain lactic acid, which help to keep. Until the flora of the external genitalia They help to recover. Sexual life quickly It happens that a woman, for whatever reason, will resume before the sexual activity. Therefore a risk of transmitting an infection, which inevitably lead to serious consequences. Nevertheless, the impression is that the reconstruction of the menstrual cycle after childbirth in women after pregnancy can not occur. This is not entirely true. A woman can get pregnant during the first 2 months. This is dangerous because the female body is not the time to recover from childbirth can have damaging health. It is also important that the nursing care of the child requires a lot of effort and energy to the mother. The pregnancy and the postpartum period is hard, and the next child is born, usually weakened. Abortion involves the risk of serious diseases of the reproductive system.

Please note that the use of condoms only protect against infection with various sexually transmitted diseases.

contraception among unmarried women, rarely sexually active

this group Related may use to protect against unwanted pregnancy physiological process, but only when the sexual intimacy of a woman known in advance and is the 2nd phase of the menstrual cycle early. On the eve of the sexual intimacy is necessary for 2-3 days to measure. Basal body When it reaches 37 ° C and above - free. Sexual mode may When an unexpected sexual intercourse or in the 1st phase of the menstrual cycle, oral contraceptives are recommended, Levonelle, coitus interruptus, diaphragms, condoms, spermicides, which should be prepared in advance.

Contraception during lactation

During lactation occur even in the absence of menstruation conception. Contraceptive methods during this period should be safe for both the mother and the baby. The use of oral contraceptives during this period undesirable. It is best to use. Barrier method 3 months after childbirth, or within 6 months after cesarean, you can post an IUD.

contraception for women with mastitis

In the presence of mastitis is very important how sexual freedom. Therefore, preference should be given an IUD. But often the breast develops after 40-42 years. In these cases it is advisable to use the method to be used in combination with physiological barrier women means. We recommend the use of injectable hormonal contraception, but also products that oral progestin-only.

Contraception for women with fibroids.

For this group of women are in need of a free sexual manner. In this case, when the pregnancy is not desired, it is preferable to prevent the abortion, because they contribute to the growth of the tumor. Intrauterine contraception is a category of women is contraindicated. Physiological method admissibility in combination with sealant women. In the presence of uterine fibroids may be assigned to a particular hormonal (gestagensoderzhaschie) a therapeutic effect. Injectable contraceptives are the best long-acting tablets containing only progestin.

Contraception in patients with women who have a pregnancy for health reasons is unacceptable.

For this group of women are most suitable IUDs, barrier for men and for women, physiologically surgical sterilization.

25 May, 2016