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mascara applied to the upper and lower lash line to slightly damp brush from the roots to the tips of the lashes, as if they comb it. Must be separated lashes matted with a dry brush. Eyebrow pencil strokes can be discussed briefly.

4 blush application. Is the section above the cheekbones shaded almost a century used. If the liquid blush and must be applied before the introduction of the overall tone of the face, and fat - after drying - After applying a special powder brush

5 Make the lips. Defines the contour lip pencil, then slightly parted lips lipstick applied.

complex structure corrects the shape and the details of the face, and so visually closer to the ideal. If you have a round face, and when the page is set to a dark primer (clay) or powder. Long face will be slightly shorter, and if you brighter, a little whiskey and dark tone set at the bottom of the chin. Powder surface with a square face shape same dark powder. Sides Exactly the same with a triple, trapezoidal, and the faces in the shape of diamonds.

forehead and wide, you need to cast a shadow on the surface of the schedule. It consists of a narrow forehead and down with powder or a lighter shade of the overall sound of the face. If the front is high, the item must be covered with a dark color.

When debugging lips in each case mouth and painted upper and lower lips, the "set".

Highlights chin as the medium for a darker shade apply when you double-click - a darker shade along the edge of the lower jaw is slightly increased

applied to the neck

rhinoplasty. If the nose with the tip of the long side a shadow. Short nose dimmed the surface and back lit. With a long nose blockage of his base, and with a wide -. For its part surface

correct shape of the eye by shadows. When should it be the shadows around the eyes intense shade in the outer corner of the eye. With deep-set eyes shades deciding bright colors. Soft, dark tones and tone appropriate for puffy eyes. When the slit-form eyes must shade in an oval shape, the lightest color -. In the middle of the century

weight of the uterus in nulliparous 30-40 grams at birth - 70-80 grams

There is the body of the uterus and cervix and isthmus. The whole uterus on the front surface to the back in a slightly concave - convex light

cervix is ​​the formation of a cylindrical and the bottom of the dip in the vagina. Passes into the cervical canal, which with the vagina

connects the uterus isthmus - the front part of the neck and the body of the uterus, the lining has the same structure of the body of the uterus and the wall appears to be more the structure of the cervix

uterine cavity - the space department triangular shape. The upper corners of the triangle to engage in the cavity of the Fallopian tubes and is directed at the underside of the neck channel. Cervical covered wall of the mucous lining of the inside muscle and peritoneum, the most of the outside of the uterus. The lining of the uterus of a soft, thin, no wrinkle in the cervical canal, wrinkles, tree-like shapes. Histological structure of the mucosa depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle.

and the muscle layer of smooth muscle. Peritoneum of the uterus at the level of the inner front of the operating system, then the bubble, and the surface it comes back to the vaginal vault. Of the upper corners of the uterus, fallopian tubes, up to 12 cm, and terminates in a funnel-shaped, rounded edge. Here, in the vicinity of the entrance to the fallopian tubes and the ovaries.

and cyclic changes in the uterus

vaginal wall darker expanded by the increased blood flow to the vagina and expanded (about 2-3 cm).

frictions irritate nerve endings, which. An increased libido filled outer part of the vagina venous and larger, while the inside of the corner, as a slap in the face orgas. Increase sexual arousal leading to orgasm. Specific response during orgasm the occurrence of rhythmic contractions of the muscles of the vagina and cervix (reduction in intervals of 0.8 to the vagina begins at the moment of orgasm, the uterus - 2-4 from the beginning). After the euphoria a time of reverse evolution begins. Swelling happen - reducing blood flow to the genitals. This process usually takes 10-20 minutes. If it is not an orgasm, detumescence happened often only 30-60 minutes.

after orgasm, and some women sexually not nervous, they have a refractory period. In women, orgasm can be repeated, this would be a very short time (1-2 minutes). Cycle of sexual arousal, orgasm and complete an end. Without a doubt, the most important organ of the human sexual response is the brain. Scents and imagination and mental images and other factors that contribute to the prevention of sexual desire and neurochemical changes in the nerve cells in the brains leads the process of arousal. The main center and directly regulate sexual function and mood, the hypothalamus. Physiological changes associated with excitation arising in the field of optical and medial hypothalamus, and in the structure of the limbic system, plexiglas. In this case, the role of sex hormones and certain neurotransmitters.

If you have symptoms of viral infectious dose narcotics, anti-asthmatic and anti-inflammatory drugs are increased.

used ascorbic acid, if there are no contraindications, and consume plenty of fluids, and do breathing exercises, and extracts of herbs expectorant

If you need to visit the doctor:

1), if the higher frequency of attacks;

2) as indicators peak power is down;

3) If there is a need to use more common than asthma medication

4), the effectiveness of voucher asthma medication

5), if you need have to replace medications

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