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Girls Chapter 2 Puberty

girl puberty girls to say in a broad concept that includes age at the beginning of the development of the secondary sexual characteristics in the possible establishment of a regular menstrual cycle without buy buying propranolol canada consultation uk pharmacy ordering order online purchase prescription. E uk counter buy propranolol over without prescription where the buyer canada purchase online get to cheap inderal. Girls complete conversion of mature woman prescription buying without mg tablets propranolol hydrochloride uk inderal 40mg online 10 buy. Therefore comprises three periods:

I phase - prepubertal eight years before the first menstrual period (menarche) - 12 to 14 years;

Second phase of adolescence - menarche to 14 years (the period from the founding of menstruation); Stage

III puberty - Youth (15-18 years) - the length of the termination of the girl

Puberty - the most important thing in the life of the girl . prescription the in where needed uk hydrochloride online buying to canada ordering can propranolol without order get. When the girl enters puberty under favorable conditions with the right attitude and behavior of the parents, with the right training, all of these roles in the life of a happy and successful knee girl rx where to buy generic medication for best price insurance purchase canada cheap without cost online prescription no propranolol hydrochloride la. In contrast, poor parental behavior, even when good girls body data can affect the physical, psychological girls spoil their future price how cost does hcl propranolol costochondritis discount insurance cheapest much without la.

During the ripening period was the character and prospects of the girls sales usa per cost hydrochloride of prices propranolol inderal for information about generic drugs from wikipedia canada price pill cheap.

The desire disobedience against their will, a critical attitude towards the elderly awakened interest in children, express more attention to their appearance, clothes, make-up, long walks, new interests and preferences, increasing alienation in the family - is the most common changes in girls during puberty, especially late in the second period and the third period propranolol inderal generic buy australia prices uk mg online price 60 order canada.

changes in girls body

At the age of 7-8 years (beginning of the first period) Athletic girl takes the characteristics peculiar plant buy to the purchase drugs uk price order ukraine where buying generic canada propranolol online pharmacy. In comparison with the boys and girls on the narrow sloping shoulders, wider hips, abundant accumulation of fatty tissue in the breasts, hips and buttocks prices hydrochloride cost brand propranolol hcl extended drug medication news from Yahoo for 20mg release generic inderal version. Around the age of 10-11 years, the breasts of the vulva in a feature of the scalp begins to develop 10mg dosage reviews la propranolol anxiety migraine manufacturers online for canada hydrochloride generic pharmacy. Are

13-14 years are the most important changes with puberty connected 10 for 60 reviews mg migraine generic price user propranolol 20mg buy 40mg by patients anxiety. The first such increase in height and weight hydrochloride 30 20 10mg dosage ml generic 160 anxiety 40 size propranolol 80 60 kg. Weight gain, two periods, with the greatest increase in weight (and length), when two waves mg sa 40 er 60 propranolol for anxiety 80 120 hcl much cost does how. The first wave corresponds to the first year of life and is for boys and girls how public it performance propranolol for does is speaking take much should too anxiety overdose to lethal. The second wave of intense weight gain (and growth) is required only for the duration of sexual development that girls and boys are not the same (at the beginning of this wave of girls at the age of 12, the peak accounts for 14 years, and the beginning the 15-year-old boy, the summit - 18 years) can to take pregnant get high anxiety propranolol how getting for too safe is much i should where off prescribed. Weight gain slightly above the increased growth online propranolol how off high you prescription get anxiety can.


In order to determine the syndrome is often used (USG) using the Doppler mapping color.

In severe SFFG best treatment Amniocentesis - Amniocentesis and fracture of the right amount of water under the control of echo. The advantage of this method is to reduce the risk of premature birth or abortion. The effectiveness of this method is 30-83%. There is another method in which the blood vessels of the placenta of identical twins are introduced through one of the vessels of the umbilical cord nediffundiruyuschuyu ink injection liquid mass and spread through the circulatory system, both placenta. This means that the anastomosis between the vessels in the placenta of a general circuit of each of the twins. Thus, in the vessels of the placenta is a mixture of blood both twins. You can adjust the blood pressure; as balance ("symmetric"), both twins are in good condition. However, if the balance interrupted as a result of the asymmetry of the placental circulation, and hereby double, the more blood than the other, leading to the development of a breach of nutrition and growth.

The incidence of twins in the process of a life of service 5 times larger. Obviously, judging by the doctors Apgar scores were also more likely to be lower. In singleton pregnancies

the fetal position in multiple pregnancies in the uterus is usually normal (90%). Both predlezhat fetal head at the entrance of the basin, both basins end, either - - the head and the other - the end of the bowl when the fetus in longitudinal position, various options are after. Each longitudinal fetal buttocks on the back and can therefore be difficult to reduce the number of fetuses diagnosed. Less frequently lateral position of a fruit and a longitudinal and lateral position of the twins.

In a multiple pregnancy need special treatment and careful monitoring of the pregnant woman. Regular examinations of the cardiovascular system, the kidneys and other organs, recording and evaluation of laboratory data (complete blood count, urinalysis, a group of Rh factor in the blood biochemical tests, measurement of blood pressure, weight are required), obstetric examination (vaginal examination ) external examination (palpation of the twins and the uterus through the abdominal wall, listening to the heart sounds of the twins, the determination of the position), Special research methods - repeated ultrasound (to the development of twins to determine their growth and determine the size, measure the amount of amniotic fluid placenta remaining maturity determined) Doppler, consulting with specialists (doctor, eye doctor, etc. ..). If you see signs of complications during pregnancy should be addressed to the Department of Pathology of pregnancy maternity hospital for further examination and emergency treatment. In the absence of complications, given the complexity of the flow of multiple pregnancy, it is advisable to go ship from the date of delivery for 2-3 weeks, and in the presence of a triplet maternity -. 4 weeks

The diagnosis of multiple pregnancy is difficult in the first half, but closer to the end of the pregnancy, the more likely the easiest to detect and diagnose. Specialists in clinical outcomes (symptoms), instrumental and laboratory based on an analysis of historical data (query) based. In the presence of a pregnant woman or her relatives multiple pregnancy woman on the list, you should consider the possibility of a multiple pregnancy. The information will also help the woman, on the eve of the pregnancy makes the pharmacological stimulation of ovulation or assisted reproduction used (FIV)

In the diagnosis of multiple pregnancy into account the following features :.

1 An important feature is the rapid increase in the size of the uterus, not according to gestational. Characterized mainly second trimester of pregnancy symptom called "Jump". It occurs in a high uterus (especially in late pregnancy) reached waist 100-110 cm or more. Do not forget that these criteria be with polyhydramnios and large fruits. If an internal investigation obstetric characteristics, the two or more major parts of the fruit.

2 unstable and unreliable features is the projection of the upper corners of the uterus (matrix) of the cavity is formed by the position of its large fruit sections. In the longitudinal direction of the longitudinal recess in the front wall of the uterus as a result of contact of the fruit formed together. Determination of horizontal slits across twins.

3 Suppose multiple pregnancy on the basis of high uterus in the presence of the small size of the previous head. A more detailed examination of the complete set of tools predlezhit not only the head, but the end of the basin of the other fetus.

4 subjective sensation of fetal movements in various parts of the abdomen also points to the piglets.

5 If obstetric research is important to clearly define. Three or more major parts of the fruit, which strongly suggests that the twins say, two heads and one end of the pool or both ends of the pelvis and a head

Of great importance is the length of the fetus, and if the size of the two most distant pole (head and back) is 30 cm or more (instead of the usual 24 to 25 cm), and the head is small (less than 10 cm), the presence of twins is likely.

6 auscultation (listening) heart sounds were of individual pulses in different parts of the stomach part (colon separated heartbeats) and between these areas, there is a range in which the heartbeat you can not hear or irregular frequency (with a difference of 10 beats per minute), this symptom with a great point in a multiple pregnancy.

7 One of the most reliable methods for the detection of multiple pregnancy ultrasound is able to apply the first half of pregnancy. Is generally because of its simplicity and reliability (80-90%), the speed and the security used determination.

8 is a method for the detection of heart sounds with fonoelektrokardiografii twins. Applied, as in the later stages, and in the week before 20-22.

9 plays an important role ultrasound that diagnosed not only multiple pregnancies in an early stage, but also shows location and presentation of the fetus, the type of crop, the location, construction and the number of placenta, the amount of the amniotic cavity, the amount of amniotic fluid, birth defects and miscarriage during pregnancy, the condition of the fruit from the functional point of view

biopsy needle -. Cancer tumor biopsy with a special needle that you can take for examination under a microscope. a tissue sample


The research method, with which you can see the channels of the mammary gland place. Contrast media mammography make administered waterproof and X-rays that purpose. Ductography is often used, since it determines the status of all the channels.


is used if a cyst is detected. During the study, cyst aspiration and the content thereof is removed, and then introducing contrast media. This method allows you to specify the size. Cyst on mammography, shape and position

The definition of the hormonal status

In order to determine the body to study a blood test. Hormone levels ensure that the content of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin, the products are established by the ovaries and pituitary.

The treatment of mastitis

science does not stop, each year produces new drugs such as hormonal and non-hormonal, which help to better cope with the disease

Currently, there are different ways to treat mastitis.

1) conservative approach (based on the use of drugs);

2) the traditional way - surgery ;.

3) methods of traditional medicine

The method of treatment depends on the stage of mastitis, women age, general condition, the presence of chronic diseases. For a professional manner, even selected to complications and degeneration of the joint lead in a malignant tumor

The methods of TCM

The methods of traditional medicine, the following :.

1) the use of oral contraceptives protects a woman's body against unwanted pregnancy and maintains the normal hormones;

2) the use of antioxidants (vitamin E and K, zinc, selenium) significantly reduced the risk of progression of mastitis in decreasing cancer;

3) of vitamin A, E and B normalize liver;

4 (effectively prepare) resources to support the thyroid, since the lack of activity of the gland leads to changes in hormone levels, causing the development of mastitis in this case potassium iodide);

5) medications to reduce the exposure to estrogens (female sex hormones) on breast tissue;

6) of tincture of valerian, motherwort calming effect on the nervous system

7), drugs, the immune system, the resistance action of the body increases affect risks to the environment stimulating;

8) the use of homeopathic remedies (such as biologically active substances) increases the body

9) diets to help balance the metabolism normalize weight.

Chapter 7 surgical contraception

sterilization in women is used in cases where a woman does not want children. The mechanism of action of this method of contraception by blocking tubal patency. The woman holds the menstrual cycle.

Currently, the most common method of tubal ligation or excision sites. This procedure is performed by laparoscopy or minilaparotomy. This manipulation can be performed during cesarean section or gynecological surgery, depending on the reasons (enucleation myoma node attaching the uterus, ovarian cysts, etc. ..) directly.

During surgery, pelvic organs controlled Tubal ligation and possibly corrected genital malformations.

In many countries, while sterilization is widespread. This contraceptive method is a cost-effective and efficient insurance. The operation is performed under local anesthesia and under. In some countries it is carried out a mini-laparotomy on an outpatient basis. The complications of surgical sterilization occur, as with any other surgical procedure (oozing, bleeding from anesthesia complications). However, these complications are very rare

There are many methods of tubal occlusion. Cleavage of parts of the tubes, the Association, the introduction of various clips, plastic rings. Each of these methods are effective when used properly. The most transabdominal approach used for this operation. Transvaginal and transcervical approaches are much less frequent.

surgical contraception for men is usually done by the method of vasectomy. The mechanism of action involves blocking the vas deferens. Sterilization process is public and easy to implement, cost effective and highly reliable method, and therefore is very common. After isolation of the channel can be connected to the non-absorbent or bibulous material, but it is advisable, in particular to increase the reliability of a small part of the channel.

This is an outpatient procedure. Complications of vasectomy is very rare. There is no scalpel vasectomy technique that is widely used in China since 1970.

After the female surgical sterilization were observed hormonal imbalances. People who are in 50% of cases, is not passed by sterilizing antibodies which do not develop into a pathological state lead. There is conflicting information on a frequent and early development of atherosclerotic processes after vasectomy.

The main symptom of degenerative disc disease are pain in the lower back and leg.

The disease usually develops gradually, but start can be acute during the uprising heavyweight his time unpleasant. In this case, the patient is flexing, can not stand upright due to the severe pain. This condition can be up to several hours or even days. Such spinal injury called lumbago. Thermal and physical therapy, physiotherapy, spa treatment analgesic, antispasmodic, several: Treatment should be comprehensive. In severe cases need back surgery.

Vascular disorders of the brain and spinal cord

A large group of diseases of the brain and spinal cord diseases. Cerebral blood flow from the two systems derived artery - internal carotid and vertebral arteries. Moving into the cranial cavity, divided these arteries. Artery of the right and left brain hemispheres are connected by thin branches, but normal blood did not receive the other hemisphere.

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