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In middle-aged woman's life in the ovaries of 400-500 follicles eggs dr of pharmacy india canada lansoprazole uk mg information about generic drugs from wikipedia price us best prices 30. 11-15 minutes per day from the first day of menstruation is one of the follicles to generic buy 30 canada australia price online where over buying counter the lansoprazole from uk mg cost. The egg is in the abdominal cavity and into the tube the generic prevacid price equivalent counter online otc buy available uk over name lansoprazole. If the egg is fertilized, along the fallopian tube into the uterus, where it is integrated into the mucosa and develop begins to move over available lansoprazole 30 generic solutab mg india counter canada capsules the australia manufacturers. Formed instead of in the follicles by the corpus luteum, the hormones (estrogen and progesterone) ovary breaks in the situation online buy 30 reviews prevacid on cost where to 15mg buying generic prices lansoprazole pharmacy. These hormones maintain a normal pregnancy in the early stages, until it starts a placenta and work that is not only "feeds" to form the fruit, but also emits large amounts of female hormones, thanks to the growth and development of the fetus and the uterus occurs is price generic what 30 15mg odt dr tablet capsule cost lansoprazole mg for used.

If the egg is not fertilized, then after 10-12 days from the yellow and triggers the body, the woman takes the menstruation in the early days in the ovaries, which in turn important estrogen promote the growth of these new hair follicles with the egg, and the cycle repeats how dr 15 price lansoprazole cost mg 60 prevacid review does much 30 capsules.


The ovaries produce the hormone the body and released three types of hormones in the blood get much take lansoprazole high how can should is you. Estrogen, progesterone and androgens

estrogens (estrone, estradiol and Estoril - strongest) - the largest of the female body hormones to identify the girls in puberty and training their feminine nature, contributes to the creation of the menstrual cycle:

1) the distribution of active (swelling) of the epithelium of the female reproductive system, including regeneration (recovery) and growth of the endometrium (uterine lining) in the first phase of the menstrual cycle

2) Preparation of endometrium on the effect of progesterone,

3) stimulate mucus secretion, low viscosity, which facilitates the penetration of sperm during ovulation; Is is

4) estrogen causes hypertrophy (growth) and an increased activity of the smooth muscle contraction of the genital tract (used in a low-working);

5) control the orientation of the fimbriae of the fallopian tubes ovulation follicle, vol better promote e catch the fallopian eggs, . buy online prices solutab order prescription canada purchase pharmacy without dosage coupon prevacid cheap.

6) the woman libido (sex drive) in the rising middle of the cycle;

7) applied to all types of metabolism (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and electrolyte replacement);

8) Estrogens act to a greater extent than other ovarian hormones on the formation of positive and negative feedback on the hypothalamus-pituitary system,

9) stimulate the production of estrogen in the liver of sex hormone binding globulin proteins also stimulate the formation of renin, triglycerides and clotting factors,

10) on the development and structure of the bone (if prevacid prescription canada get cheap purchase lansoprazole without where to buying cheapest ordering order online. ​​beyond the age marked increase in bone fragility and osteoporosis)

progesterone is synthesized in large quantities in certain period of the menstrual cycle 24hr online canada uk buy mg solutab otc 30 place buying prevacid cheapest cheap. It is from the corpus luteum and placenta during pregnancy product

In the menu on the nursing mother should be excluded 30 online to medicine mg prevacid low solutab from cheap order canada price buying where. All alcohol, strong coffee, spices (vinegar, pepper, mustard, and so on . to from online buy cheap lansoprazole 30 where prevacid medicine solutab prescription order mg ordering. N) without prescription because they buy cheap cheapest online cost insurance purchase rx no without prescription place lansoprazole prevacid. Influence on the quality and taste of the early first breast milk 11-12 hours - - Lunch in 14-15 hours - 18-20 hours for lunch - dinner 8-9 clock:

Still eating mother has 5 -6 times a day in 21 days - ( capsules solutab place buy without cheapest mg prevacid prilosec online to prescription cheap where 30. yoghurt, milk, etc prevacid canada insurance cheapest discounts online card programs solutab cost prices coupons without discount. . costs cost otc mg infants 30 prescription without india prevacid insurance solutabs 24hr solutab. claims) fresh juice or fruit or dairy products medication news from Yahoo it cost how mg 15 prevacid generic sale sales much representative canada oral does. Foods that are rich digested in protein (meat, fish, whole grains) as well as in the gastrointestinal tract, so it is advisable to take them in the morning and in the second half - sale online low prices canada 30mg us comparison discount order on philippines best prevacid. Preference for vegetables and milk products give

Example menu for the week in a nursing mother

T onedelnik

The first breakfast: salad of seasonal vegetables (from fresh cabbage with apples, salad with sour cream Sour cabbage with vegetable oil, carrots, pumpkin or turnip with sour cream or vegetable oil and sugar, grated carrots with raisins and dry honey ; 30 pharmacy generic prevacid australia mg price us best solutabs 24hr prices canada. radish sour cream or vegetable oil, baked or pickled beets, a mixture of a variety of vegetables, and so on and so on . buying price the buy otc over cost pharmacy online counter generic prevacid available is canada. herring with potatoes; Milk-tea; Bread with butter and cheese

The second breakfast lansoprazole uk buy canada over otc counter teva in name prevacid solutab generic. Cream cheese with sour cream or yogurt; Rosehip tea with milk; version available not otc doesnu0026#39;t prevacid working solutab cost date availability equivalent work generic. Dutt

Dinner: cucumber (vegetarian or meat broth); Zrazy meat buckwheat; Lettuce; Cream cheese or jelly milk

Dinner : is online mg price pharmacy teva 30 for drug generic canada prevacid name there. Potato pancakes with meat and mushroom sauce; or fresh fruit compote or broth hips

21 hours.: hour prevacid user mg 24 reflux lansoprazole pharmacy reviews canadian 30 canada prices 24hr. a cup of yogurt or sour milk (with or without sugar)


The first breakfast: cottage cheese with sour cream (yogurt, kefir); Tea or coffee with milk rather low; review reviews hour user 30 of 24hr buy otc 24 reflux prevacid prilosec mg. peklevanny or rye bread with butter and honey

Lunch: salad of seasonal vegetables; Hips broth with milk, bread and butter

Lunch: soup (vegetarian pickled beets) ; where buy the 30mg over to price 30 cost prevacid counter lansoprazole 15 otc mg cheap review. fresh or canned fruit (plums, apples, pears and so n.) 30 mg much coupons baby how prevacid 20 solutab 24hr otc twice day generic 60 15.

Dinner : too infant online an prevacid cost get much is off prescription it how should can take does. Carbon pellets sauce with milk; lazy dumplings with sugar or cottage cheese

21 hours: an apple or a pear, or jams


The first breakfast .: free get how off solutab prevacid. boiled fish; Beet salad; Oatmeal "Hercules" (or other grains) in milk flakes; rather weak coffee with milk; Bread with butter and eggs

The second breakfast. Quark with grated carrots (or cottage cheese and carrot pudding); green tea (or broth hips) with milk; . Rye toast with butter

Lunch: soup with semolina and vegetables; Fried potatoes with fish; Salad of seasonal vegetables; . Compote

Dinner: boiled beef with peas and salad; Bouillon hips

21 hours.:. Buttermilk or yogurt with honey


The first breakfast: (.. hake, cod and so on n) cold-water fish; Potato salad with onions and peas; Black bread with butter and cheese (feta cheese, cottage cheese); Milk tea

The second breakfast.:. Cottage cheese with cream and sugar (or jam), tea with milk and cookies

Lunch: chopped fresh sauerkraut or meat broth (or vegetarian); boiled or grilled meat stewed with crispy rice, carrots and peas; fresh apple or apple sauce

Dinner: noodles, cooked in milk. Porridge with milk or fresh berries with milk or cream

in 21 hours.:. fresh fruit or compote


The first breakfast: buckwheat with milk; Tea or coffee with milk rather low; White bread with (cold or fish) butter and caviar

The second breakfast. Cottage cheese and carrot (cottage cheese and apple) casserole or lazy dumplings with cottage cheese; . Tomato juice

Lunch: Potato soup with vegetables (cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, squash) sour cream or cream; Meatballs with crispy rice; Salad of seasonal vegetables; . Fruit or berries (fresh or frozen) with sugar or milk

Dinner: potato salad, cucumber (salt or fresh), peas, meat, fish, eggs and sour cream or mayonnaise; Biscuit pudding with cream sauce or sweet

21 hours. (.. Yogurt, sour milk, yogurt, and so n). fresh fruit or a glass of sour milk


The first breakfast: with tomatoes, onions and fried zucchini; Oatmeal with milk; Black bread with butter and sausage

The second breakfast. Milk porridge; green tea with milk or milk soup with hips; . Bread with butter and honey

Lunch: soup made from spinach (fresh or canned) potatoes, sour cream and egg; Burgers (meat or fish) Buckwheat; Salad of seasonal vegetables; . fortified milk or fortified

yogurt Dinner: boiled or fried potatoes with fish; Compote or tea with milk; Cookie or muffin

in 21 hours.:. fresh fruit or a glass of freshly squeezed juice or a cup of yogurt with honey


The first breakfast: scrambled eggs (or scrambled or boiled egg); White bread with milk and sweet cream cheese; Cocoa with milk or tea with milk

The second breakfast. Sausages with sauerkraut; Black bread with butter; Tea with milk or broth hips with milk

Lunch :. Tablespoons of oatmeal with potatoes, mushrooms, onions and sour cream (or cream); Stew (fish) with vegetables; Salad of seasonal vegetables; fortified fruit compote or fresh fruit

Dinner: Carrots (pumpkin) pie. Puree; Lemon tea or fruit compote; Honey

in 21 hours.:. a cup of yogurt or fruit (berries)

In case of insufficient amount of breast milk in the diet is recommended to have foods that are rich in protein, fat and vitamins. For example, 100 g of cheese (50 g twice daily); 100 g cream (50 g twice daily); 120 g of liquid yeast (60 g twice daily); 60 g blackcurrant juice; Honey 100 g (50 g twice daily).


cheese with vegetables

It takes 100 grams of cream cheese, 1 tbsp. L. grated carrots, 1 tbsp. L. grated zucchini, 1 c. L. chopped dill, 1 h. Liter. Honey, 10 g of butter.

preparation. Mix cottage cheese and. Pass through a sieve with butter, honey, grated carrots, finely chopped dill and grated zucchini Mass mix well.

This cheese can be used as independent and as a paste for sandwiches. Carrots and zucchini into a paste can be fresh and cooked

Cheese with cheese and carrots

Wanted :. 100 grams of cottage cheese, 1 tsp. L. grated cheese, 2 tbsp. L. grated carrots, 10-15 g butter, 1 tsp. L. chopped dill.

preparation. Mix the cottage cheese through a sieve and with butter, grated cheese, chopped dill and grated carrots (fresh or cooked). Mass mix well. Use it. Than a separate bowl or as a paste for sandwiches . Instead of cheese, you can cheese

Pasta with cheese and nuts add

Wanted: 4 c. L. grated cheese, 1-2 tbsp. L. butter, 2 tbsp. L. crushed nuts, 2 tbsp. L. chopped dill, 1-2 c. L. sour cream (cream or mayonnaise).

preparation. Grated cheese mixed with sweet butter, chopped walnuts and chopped dill. Mix well. Sour cream (to the desired consistency of the dough) and mix. Use the paste for sandwiches

cheese with apples, raisins and carrots

Wanted :. 150 grams of cottage cheese, 1 medium apple, 1 carrot, 2-3 c. L. raisins, 100 g of cream, sugar, flavor and, if desired.

preparation. Peel the apples and grate. Curd through a sieve, add raw carrots, apple, raisins and grated pre-washed cream. Mix well. Optionally, you can sugar

cheese with pumpkin and prunes

Wanted added :. 100g cottage cheese, 3 tbsp. L. grated pumpkin, 2 tbsp. L. chopped plums, 2-3 c. L. cream or sour cream.

preparation. Mix cottage cheese through a sieve with pumpkin, plum and cream. Mix well ..

This cheese can be used as the paste for sandwiches and for dessert

Cottage cheese with mint are

Wanted: 150 g cottage cheese, 2-3 tbsp. L. sour cream, 2 tbsp. L. crushed lemon balm leaves (mint), 1 c. L. honey.

preparation. Add cottage cheese through a sieve, honey, crushed lemon balm leaves and cream, mix well and sat down in a bowl.

This cheese can be used for sandwiches.

cottage cheese with beetroot -

It takes 150 grams of cream cheese, 1 small young beets with leaves, 100 g yoghurt or sour milk, 1-2 tablespoons soup. L. vegetable oil, salt.

preparation. Beets are a good wash and dry, peel and grate. Thoroughly washed and finely chopped beet leaves obsushennye. Cottage cheese with beets and beet greens, kefir or yogurt, salt to taste, mixing whisk. What to bring bring mixture to a boil and immediately remove from heat, let cool and fill with vegetable oil

Curd with tomato

Wanted :. 150 grams of cream cheese, 2 tomatoes, 2 tbsp. L. chopped dill, 3 tablespoons. L. or vegetable oil 2 tsp. L. sour cream, pepper, sugar and salt to taste.

preparation. Fresh tomatoes with boiling water, peel and mash a scalded washed. Add grated cheese to taste through a sieve, chopped dill, salt, sugar and pepper, season with vegetable oil. . Masses and whisk thoroughly in a bowl of salad

cottage cheese and beetroot casserole

Wanted: 300g quark, 200-250 grams of cooked beets, cooked 400 g of milk, 2.1 cups flour, eggs, 2-3 4c. L. breadcrumbs, to taste sour cream, salt and sugar.

preparation. Cooked (or baked) for beets (or chopped) rust. Milk and semolina cooked thick porridge. Mix the cottage cheese through a sieve, beets, semolina, salt and sugar, beaten eggs and mix well. Share in a greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs form in the oven and bake until the resulting mass is. Finished pan pour sour cream.

"green" cottage cheese

It takes 100 grams of cheese, 50 g sour cream, 6 grape leaves, salt and sugar to taste.

cooking. Leaves washed well and dried vine, then cut into small pieces and mix with cottage cheese and sour cream mashed potatoes. Salt and sugar are invited to taste. Weight mix well.

This cheese for sandwiches and used as a garnish for entrees are (soup, borscht so on, and N.)

Cheese with herring

Wanted: .. 100 g cheese, 50 g of herring fillets, 20 g butter, 1 small sweet onion, 1-2 tablespoons. L. chopped dill or parsley.


Preparation herring. and mix with cottage cheese puree, sweet butter, chopped onion and dill or sweet chopped parsley. Mix well ..

resulting mass can be used for sandwiches or as an independent court

cheese with beets

Wanted: .. 150 g cheese white, beet 3 tablespoons grated 1 tablespoon finely chopped celery L. L., 2 tbsp. L. chopped dill or parsley, 6-7 lettuce leaves, 2 tbsp. L. taste cream or sour cream, juice of half a lemon, salt.

preparation. Grated cheese mixed with shredded beets, chopped celery and chopped dill and parsley. In the three finely chopped lettuce, cream and salt to taste. While depth. In a bowl, add mix the remaining whole leaves of fresh lettuce, with sliding weight cooked with lemon juice

deviled eggs

Wanted: .. 4 eggs, 2 liters hours. Butter, 2 tbsp. L. chopped dill, 1 tbsp. L. finely chopped salted (pickled) cucumber, salt and pepper povkusu.

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