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Chapter 1 Features of the anatomical structure

Female body - individual, serves as the birth of a new life costs order premarin online sale conjugated where to buy generic medication for best prices cheap estrogens canada tablets buy purchase information about generic drugs from wikipedia. This is a special character to the structure and function of the female body, the woman was able to successfully, pregnancy wear, carry and feed the baby

The Girls of the body - conjugated cream estrogens review medroxyprogesterone generic premarin. Pregnant - it's not the woman's body to the point, why is the structure purchase canadian australia order premarin canada without cream pharmacy buy online uk prescription. otherwise, the function of the adult organism

At this point in the development of girls is isolated certain times:

1) prenatal (before birth);

2) the neonatal period (from birth until 10-20 days after birth);

3) in childhood (1 month - 1 year);

4) the milk teeth:

a) Pre-Kindergarten (2-4 years);

b) Preschool (5-6 years);

5) youth (primary school - 7-8 years);

6) prepubertal (8 years at menarche - first menstrual period);

7) The phase of puberty (menarche to 14 years);

8) The phase of adolescence or young adults (15-17 years) cheap prescription cream to purchase ordering cheapest online uk premarin buying no order buy without where.

Gynecologists 3rd, 4th and 5th periods were merged under the name "neutral" (the rest of hormonal) premarin to get uk buy without cheap prescription can online where cream pills buying tablets.

This distribution of childhood in different times, based on the characteristics of each age group of the anatomical and physiological features of the baby's body pills australia online ordering without prescription premarin buying tablets where to mail canada order cream.

In utero development

This period of development of the girls tend to be 10 lunar months, or 40 weeks calculated (a lunar month, which corresponds to 4 weeks), or 280 days from the first day of last menstrual period of the mother, or 270 days from the time of conception buy estrogens canada where ordering cream conjugated uk pills premarin no discount to online prescription order without. During this time, to identify a number of steps:

1) during embryonic development (up to 3 months), if there is a formation of the fetus, bookmarks and introduction of major organs and systems in the body;

2), placental growth phase, characterized by the growth of the fetus and the active function of the placenta, which (which serves not only as an intermediary between mother and fetus the nutrients from the mother to the fetus), but also function independently of the body (including hormone), offers a variety of effects on the fetus cream order rx insurance tablets cost how can premarin prescription without where needed much online buy does i purchase cheap.

during pregnancy is a very high sensitivity of the fetus to a lack of vitamin A, C, B2, PP, E, lack of these vitamins can slow the development of the fetus and even in death cheapest buy rx cheap cream premarin purchase canada purchases prescription without pills to where online.

The body of a pregnant woman takes longer (than normal) amount of nutrients needed and the mother herself and growing organism premarin insurance order canada card cream online discount does cost without how cheapest coupon much discounts. But if the pregnant deliberately overeating, the hair and the unborn child premarin low of mg much canada cost 0.625 cream how 0.3 does retail. Excess nutrients lead to the violation of the harmonious development of the organs and systems of the fetus, disorders of metabolism and the functions of the endocrine glands of the developing baby sales it 1.25 horses mg canada 0.625 how premarin cost does drug much of. Moreover, the preponderance of the fetus resulting in complications during childbirth mg canada prices foals australia 0.3 uk comparison brisbane for price compare sale hike premarin cream. The trauma of the birth canal, increased blood loss, weakness of the work to increase the probability and severity of harm to the fetus

A key indicator of the rationality of the choice of food in the diet of pregnant women, an increase in the body weight of a pregnant woman uk best cream online us canada price australia premarin buying 0.625 buy order pharmacy. Weight gain in the normal course of pregnancy should not exceed (in the second half of pregnancy) and 10 cheap generic premarin uk order sale from prices pharmacies canada ordering online cost discount cream. kg for the entire pregnancy 300-350 g per week tablets conjugated price why uk discontinued online cream premarin the order generic buy estrogens was. If the weight gain of women is more than 350 g per week necessary to identify the cause and proper nutrition classification available cream substitute generic form premarin canada name brand alternative and drug. It can organize fasts 1-2 times per week: cheese - 500 g cottage cheese per day for 5-6 receptions; Apple and cottage cheese - 1 kg of apples and 250 grams of cottage cheese for 5-6 receptions; Apple - name premarin us for form generic pills of 1.25 28s medication news from Yahoo tablets mg 0.9. 1 canada there online cream reviews premarin creams 0.625 generic mg canadian of pharmacy cost oral is users 1.25 a. kg of apples per day for 5-6 receptions

diet of the mother should be weighed in quantity and quality, and that the woman has all the necessary materials (fats, receive, proteins, carbohydrates take . 0.3 mg how much mgs tablets without price cost does generic premarin cream 1.25 tabs 0.625 insurance 0.9. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements) in the optimal physiological values name is should it much cost take cream getting pregnant of how does premarin off its use. It should also be depending on the age and weight of the body of a woman during pregnancy and the type of work, the time of year and weather conditions in the area of ​​residence get on you pregnant off premarin free can how online. In the preparation of food

A diet full of women pregnant in the first half of pregnancy should 89-114 g protein, including animal proteins contain 53-66 g. During the second half of pregnancy protein should in the daily diet should 120g lean meat (120-200 g) or fish (150-250 g), milk (500 g), eggs (1-2 pieces in the daily diet.), ricotta cheese (at least 170 grams ), lactic acid foods (yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, etc .. n.), mild cheese.

The daily diet should in the first half of pregnancy, 75 g fat, contains the second half of pregnancy - 85-110 The proportion of vegetable fats must be at least 30% of the total fat content be. Oil, because fats recommended installation (25-30 g) and butter (30 g). The fats carry the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E), as well as more calories and improve the taste of food. Vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, corn) contain unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acid) and vitamin E (required for normal pregnancy). It is recommended that fat refractory (mutton, pork, beef) and margarine are excluded.

In the daily diet of pregnant women should contain 350-400 grams of carbohydrates. Food Very practical fiber-rich vegetables: bread made from wheat flour, buckwheat and oatmeal, vegetables (cabbage, carrots, potatoes, beets, zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, lettuce, pepper, cucumber) and fruit (apples, pears, plums, peaches, berries, watermelons , melons, plums, etc. .. d.).

amenorrhea time the war ended after the war, a time of good nutrition.

psychological amenorrhea is in psychiatric patients, women, motherhood in the background of infertility in the long run was due to the fear of unwanted pregnancy, and often. At the same time, women signs of pregnancy development. Subjective symptoms - nausea, vomiting, feeling fetal movement on the 5th month of pregnancy. Objective evidence - increasing the bulk, pigmentation, and the midline of the abdomen, the chest congestion. By the end of this "pregnant" stomach cramps, which may be confused with contractions displayed. In a study of these women are no reliable signs of pregnancy - fetal heartbeat, his movements most fruits. If ultrasound is determined without increasing the uterus. The diagnosis of false pregnancy should be distinguished from cancer of the ovaries and uterus, ascites (fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity). If a woman discovers her lack of pregnancy, all of the above symptoms disappear, and the menstrual cycle back to normal in 1-2 months.

amenorrhea may be associated with psychological experiences with serious diseases such vital functions such as urination and defecation occur. This is usually in patients with urogenital fistulae and duck sex. As a general rule, this source amenorrhea disappears after successful surgical treatment, a fistula.

In the treatment of mental forms of amenorrhea to intensify therapy, it is advisable to take vitamin B take, I moved physiotherapy and massage. Sometimes prescribe hormone treatment. In all cases of amenorrhea in patients should be carefully examined for a tumor of the pituitary gland tracks.

There are also amenorrhea in anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa (anorexia) usually occurs in young people, poorly adapted to the environment. At the beginning of the disease the patient, despite the strong hunger, through various measures on body weight (hunger, artificial induction of vomiting, laxatives, more exercise) to reduce. During this time, developed amenorrhea. In the future, the patients get to use the hunger, appetite disappears, there are changes in all organs and systems - at low temperatures, the body, blood pressure, pulse rate is sharp, there is cyanosis of the fingers and toes, dry skin, marked ECG dystrophic changes, anemia, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), atony of the stomach, anatsidny gastritis, constipation. Blood biochemical analysis showed the reduction of sodium and potassium chloride, which is a consequence of the repeated vomiting. Sometimes there are changes in the skin, signs of vitamin A deficiency, the language is usually imposed foul odor from the mouth. Belly, breast atrophy often. However, despite the drastic changes in the physical state, retain the ability to work, these patients the spirit remains intact. In this treatment, the disease should be performed in a hospital of their loved ones, in isolation. Since pronounced degenerative changes in the heart muscle, bed rest is the patient meals in small portions, cardiovascular medications, vitamins, neurotropic agents spread easily digestible food ordered. Of great importance is the long-term consistent continuation of psychotherapy. In the future, for the recovery of ovarian hormone administered Cycling 2-3 courses cyclic

amenorrhea are some diseases that are caused by abnormalities in the hypothalamus-pituitary gland.

1) Chiari - Frommelya;

2) Forbes syndrome - Albrihma;

3) syndrome Argonsa Del Castillo;

4) Shihena syndrome;

5) between the form of the pituitary gland - Cushing (obesity with irregular menstruation, gigantism and acromegaly)

Chiari syndrome -. Frommelya suggest a disease that develops after birth or prolonged shutdowns. So there is a triad of symptoms: amenorrhea, galactorrhea (release of milk by the mammary glands) and wasting (atrophy) of the genitals. Sometimes after the trauma, the syndrome occurs in young, childless women and neberemenevshih with certain medications and hormones. Sometimes it is in tumors of the adrenal cortex was found

The sensitivity and specificity of enzyme immunoassays for the detection of Chlamydia antigens -. 60-70%.


molecular biological methods for the definition of a particular piece of DNA / RNA into the genome of the parasite. The most common methods of molecular biology diagnostic or polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the ligase chain reaction (LCR), and hybridization of DNA and their variants. In our country, the most common PCR. However, the relatively high cost of the reagent kits and apparatus limits the use of molecular biological techniques, even if the introduction of non-invasive methods for the preparation of patients for the study of material that can accumulate (urine, secretion vulvovaginal) can costs reduce testing materials.

"is required at the time of diagnosis, integrated clinical and epidemiological data for diagnostic purposes, the possibility of bacterial and viral infections are excluded, diseases caused by Trichomonas and other protozoa and bacteria, with clinical manifestations and co- genitourinary tract infections. now there are more than 20 clinical units with chlamydial infection associated.

The most common chlamydial infection affects the cervix, the lining of the cervix. epithelial erosion and erosion glands the optimal environment for life of Chlamydia. According to many of diagnosis, most commonly in women with chlamydial cervicitis, endotservitsitah pseudo cervical cancer, even those with signs of dysplasia found. During this inflammatory cervical Chlamydia in 15-20% of women found and many of the disease is asymptomatic. Often these pathogens Chlamydia is observed in the presence of purulent discharge from the cervix and extensive erosion, have a tendency to repeat.


The basic principles of treatment are early diagnosis and timely treatment began simultaneous examination and treatment of her husband (a sexual partner), to stop the sexual activity until full recovery, in a total ban on alcohol, spicy foods, excessive physical and mental effort. The treatment comprises the use of the resources taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, etiology, pathogenesis and symptoms of the process. Chlamydia - prokaryotic bacteria with the typical structure - along polymorphism high tropism for epithelial cells in the lesions. All this experience is a prerequisite for drug therapy agent and can cause interference.

Section XIV. Females psychology

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