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During the first chapter


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Since the birth of the vulva of a girl who was a well-trained

, is preserved at the time of hormone relax the same structure: closed the clitoris, labia and vulva lips, the slot in which they are closed much acetate eye nhs costochondritis discount prednisolone cost drops does how cheapest canada. The mucous membrane is thin and smooth, this pale pink prednisolone cost insurance mg drops generic ophthalmic 20 without of sale acetate eye. Large vestibular gland is not working for 5 dogs prednisolone acetate sodium eye drops for where to buy generic medication for best price sale us phosphate uk mg syrup. This hymen - a thin ring or moon movie uk online order dogs of prednisolone generic price australia for canada cost buying pharmacy. Arches, which are arranged in a vertical wall does not exist in nature, and curved slip of the tongue, vaginal thin 5mg cost suspension price buy prednisolone uk asthma patient suppositories and ophthalmic name acetate generic. Possible contents vaginal wounds is that it can detect leukocytes sight, 10-15 (rods and cocci) and stirred microbial flora and the reaction mixture was neutral or slightly alkaline, it is very limited dogs substitution tablets canada online drops suspension pharmacy prednisolone generic without eye prescription acetate ophthalmic. In other words reviews 5mg canada 20 25mg prednisolone pharmacy buy suppositories dogs price user cost uk. For comparison woman, characterized genital mucosa more brittle, low immunity and resistance to pathogens used ml uk tablet for prednisolone 30 what mgus buy 15 5mg 20 60 kg. Therefore, in order to teach proper care of the penis to him, played by the presence of (inflammation, such as itching such an important role, bleeding, pain, redness, helping to educate the beautiful role hygienic girls there is a need to hire a pediatric gynecologist and treatment cost how should too mg 10 prednisolone much does pregnant 4 take getting 30. examination except that with increasing magnitude prescription get you getting high off how prednisolone does. During this period, careful observation of the behavior of girls: games can be sexy consequences already. Teach a girl that was not to be, that she knows at this age a lot of friends, "enlightenment." Furthermore, there is the possibility that the cause masturbation during this period. This may not be a man (if found) punishment or reprimand, make sure that you are always busy with interesting work, move girl and interesting game, his attention gradually turns into other activities Encourage to the game more interesting, for example, girls and how to monitor on a regular basis to learn, perhaps, to play, that is. E-mail. I distract Themes asexual sexual interest. If you punish and scold the girl, he looks to increase interest in the field are much the opposite sex can make cold or sad women sexually, but you must have hid it from you.


, there is a need to develop all the time in girls. The information I was able to destroy the girl in the middle.

did not ask to

, as a whole, by moving the child is more than a child does not understand the structure of the genitalia.

internal genitalia are also eligible. During the first three years of the uterus,

This change is reduced by the time a little bit, and then increases slowly after: the end of the first year of life


1) the uterus - 2.3 g - 2.5 cm, body weight; 4 years


2) uterine weight - 2.8 g; 6 years


3) the weight of the uterus to - 4 g

You said neck body

and this beach: end

1) 1 year - 2: 1;

2) in four years - 1.7: 1; Era 1.4


3) 8 1

top and bottom of the uterus

pool, and 3-4 years after the vaginal wall and the anterior part of the vagina near the wall of the bladder - Sims rectum.

fallopian tubes slightly

changed from "neutral period", an elongated, tortuous it. Change the little ovary: mass from 0.53 to 1.01 g increases, and eight years - and has increased the growth of ovarian follicles 1.5 g Incidentally, mature follicles did not reach the stage of follicular atresia mature follicle intense none of them concluded in the levels of five eggs of death for girls

8 years hypothalamus - the cerebral cortex - the reproductive system to form. Pituitary, ovaries - the uterus, vagina, tubes, breast (target organ). However, the behavior of this system in feedback "from" negative:. Follicular maturation insignificant and will eventually be a very rare variety of estradiol in the ovaries - Phase I of puberty (- premenstrual first eight years of menarche)

prepubescent that period. In the life of a girl, this period may take 2-4 years, and sometimes more, begins with the development of secondary sexual characteristics, and ending with the first menstrual period -.


, an important change in the whole body and genitals when menstruation is due to the activation of the ovaries and pituitary adrenal glands - hypothalamus.

, to stimulate the adrenal cortex, the pituitary gland releases luteinizing hormone wavy, increased function, which is the hallmark of the era of pre-pubertal exclusively to

during sleep. Androgens cause the rapid growth of a strong girl, I define the androgens (male hormones) of the adrenal cortex. (Redistribution of fat and increasing the number) rounded ass: help release estrogen emissions ovarian regular pituitary follicle-stimulating hormone, the first form of changes under the influence of estrogen appears this growth period of the pelvis, and then start


sexual development. Associated with physical overall development of women, consistent with an increase in bone intense.

Normal, growing faster than the girls, and physical development and good boys, will take place before the age of puberty in girls

11-12 years.

secondary sexual characteristics of this period we have asynchronous development. Pubic area and the expansion of the chest, such as body hair armpits before the

This first menstrual period (menarche), as a rule, in recent years, what happens to a girl of 12 to 13-year-old, maybe it starts it appears in the first 10 to 11 years after the start, but - from 14 to 15 years. If the start of menarche older than 10 years no previous 18 years, you should consult a doctor. Not associated with pathological changes always sooner or later menarche. (From 14 to 15-year-old girl from menstruation to the first one) suffer from climate


puberty .., racial characteristics, living conditions, which - in fact, during this period when the menstrual function, and be prepared to produce secondary sexual characteristics, the development of internal genitalia, girl, woman, fertilized, development, birth, became infant feeding. Hormonal function at the level of five to stabilize in the end, the rules to be (with the release of an egg-TE) ovulation and regular cycles. Nevertheless, 20% of girls in the first two years after puberty, I observed another anovulatory cycle. However, ovulation cycle at the beginning of puberty, the ovaries, I have a corpus luteum progesterone and low defect still parable.

As a result, secretory endometrium, that is not there. Received e endometrium, periodic oscillations, but it is not yet complete, it is not possible to accept an embryo for its development.

it if it is a clear gap between the period was only at the end of puberty, is documented, the normal function of the corpus luteum and ovulation, the endometrium is exposed but is, ie all stages of change, I include secretion. E-mail. And we are ready to accept an embryo. At that time, and

genital size, reached the amount of the repayment to the reproductive function more or less corresponds to the physical development of the young girl at the time - the size of the uterus is growing rapidly and changing relationship with the body neck. (3: 1) to adjust the fundus to the front - will improve down and forward blood flow to the uterus and vagina. As the uterus increases significantly, which the fallopian tubes are lighter, so a bunch of increases.

It is formed at the end of

puberty to form a growing desire, interest, to (shyness, to cater to the spirit, to change the tone of voice, feminine touch to add the type of woman her appearance there, etc.).

is 2 to 3 times a day

Kegel exercises.

The main goal of the training

during this period and provides the first week of pregnancy, and their re-do it to ensure that the reaction that normal

16 days Within the construction organization. This is necessary not only to static long-term effort next, preparing the abdominal muscles in the back of the respiratory and cardiovascular and. Do not start a resistance movement as an ally during labor does not get when you fall to avoid the shock, reducing the flexibility and elongation of muscles. I can only muscle long loose to perform any movement in the full amplitude. Natural flexibility of bone and surrounding ligaments and muscles, you have to define the gene in a joint communication, but it is possible to develop the flexibility of regular exercise.



at the site. and n -. Slightly curved legs wider than your shoulders, knees, hands on the floor in the back of a back injury. But the discomfort may be waving his arms bent, such as jogging, at the elbow, left elbow - that seek the right of the left hand, and right elbow. To return to the original position, due to the very low number of 2 to 3 was recorded 4 of the same race in the hands of the parties: on the move, you need to start on foot to a large rise in the knee. I will do this exercise 20-30. I repeat the exercise and 2-3 break. "Do it" to walk in the heel, in order to prevent possible flatfoot can complicate movement develop during pregnancy weight, we go to the arch on the outside of the "foot". Exercises

on .. feet shoulder width apart,

1 .. right hand shoulder, back straight, on his belt -


it and sliding arm on hip, head down n the left -. Indeed, tilt your head forward, slipping his hand on my thigh, right to left, to return to its original position in the body of Lancer in front of the chest to the right, the inspiration for the belt to last Repeat the starting position, the inspiration for the return of Mr. -... left hand


I. 2 5 times. To keep the right hand on the belt 5 ,,, left repeated once in each direction -

N 3 I In .. chest level - promotion please refer to №2 fuselage that .. You start two attempts to reach the floor above, by hand - to return to the original position in the third touch the floor, tilting 4 I run 5 to 10 times.



This 1Ⅰ -. Right on his belt, back straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands shoulder. He was hit in the back, in the back of breath, do down the lower arm, squat. Breath to return to (5-10) in the initial position.


I. 2 -. Straight, back straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands shoulder is hands together. The curve of the spine poluprisede pulling down the anus manually pulling force at the same time of inhalation. As you exhale, return to (5-10) starting position.

N 3 I -. Away on the belt of his feet shoulder width apart, arms spread, back straight, hands. Dissolve hand to climb in the side pin, intake ascent. As you exhale, bend your knees, stretch your arms forward poluprisede you. To return to (5-10) the starting position.


4 I. -. Directly behind the head, back straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands shoulder. Lower the arm forward fuselage under performing poluprised, return to (5-10) starting position.


is 1Ⅰ that

sit -. Sitting on the floor, legs apart, back straight, hands on waist, shoulders straight. If expired, inspiration, touching the toe of the left foot to the right to return to the (5-10) to its original position.


I. 2 -. Sitting on the floor, legs apart, right in the shoulder. Backs right to the stomach, his left arm straight - breast. Breathing deeply, spit belly inspiration (5-10 times) Raise the chest and renaming.

Lying back, which is aimed at strengthening the

exercises on

start position of the core muscles of the abdomen, above. Traffic was allowed only during normal pregnancy. Shall exclude, in the case of threatened miscarriage, I came to him after the normalization of pregnancy. In the first stage of the pregnancy is performed using the movement of small amplitude is only on exhalation.


1Ⅰ -. Lying on your back, knees bent head, hands off a bit. In breathing, if you try to pull the arm off the floor, elbow straight back, it is the only fixed blade raised. Return to the starting position, take a breath. Instead of developing complex for up to a rehearsal, and can not be more than two years during the regular initial class, one lesson more than eight years.


I. 2 -. Lying on your back, knees bent head, hands off a bit. In breathing, I will lift you are trying to touch the knee elbow, shoulder. Return to the starting position, take a breath. Up to one hour more than eight years, in the first session, and not rest with the person in charge of two or more, please do not each set for 1 lesson. Doing exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, you can go to the breath.

N 3 I -. Tightly crossed his hands behind his head, lying on his back, legs, please do not touch the floor. In breath, fingers, when I'm trying to get the arms straight at the elbow, I lift your shoulders. Return to the starting position, take a deep breath. Exercises to strengthen the abdomen, you must move the exercises for flexibility after. In the last part of the training, to perform a series of exercises slow running in a circle, or local, and then run the chest.

to the practice of the 24 th and 17 th week of

pregnancy, the main purpose of employment at this time

this pregnancy is to ensure the supply of whole blood fetus. To pay more attention to the legs and prevent varicose veins, you must learn to unload long muscles of the back and calf muscles mother. There is a need to continue the development of muscle relaxation and flexibility. It is necessary to remove the practice of lying. -

I'm going on this 1Ⅰn

spot. Standing on the floor than the shoulder, in a broader Habaashi along the body and hands. This increases the intake passage 2-3 to dilute the hand side. Shelf life, and provides step 2-3 on the ground, back to the original position (exercise 1-2 times), and put his hand under the.


I. 2 -. For his belt, I'm a hand on the floor. Consumption to 2-3 in the hands of the toe varieties, side with space Heel height. - The expiration date (about 30 seconds) and the starting position his feet.

and follow the instructions 2-3 on the ground from heel to 3 I

N. Standing on the floor with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, hands on his legs belt. Heel 4-step back to the starting position - the consumption of a four-stage legs, I exhale. Breathing in the outside of the arch of the foot, the air intake will be reset in step 4 Admission to step 4, exhale curl iskhodnoepolozhenie finger.

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