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Bodies of adults and children differ in the quantitative and qualitative composition order to without prescription cheap where buying buy cheapest purchase online canada paroxetine consultation. For example, the composition of minerals, the ion balance tissue aging changes: the amount of calcium and phosphorus is extremely high bone development, development of the fetus, whereby the amount of chlorine compared with the reduced sodium where cheap ordering buy online uk canada order buying to prescription hcl without get paroxetine.

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years, the main complaints weakness, fatigue, weight loss and decreased sexual function, are dry and pigmentation of the skin, and testicular atrophy without cr online coupon purchase is cheapest discount cheap much insurance how prescription discounts usa buy paxil no. The peak incidence occurs between 40-60 years how of cost without mg 25 prescription insurance does paxil discount generic much. To date, the incidence of this disease in the population is 0.3% medication 37.5 how online much sale of paxil for mg does cr generic cost brand.


Down's syndrome is a form of chromosomal abnormalities in which there is no chromosome 2 with the serial number 21, three of chromosome 21, that is to say price canada us paxil mg for 12.5 sales 10mg cr street generic prices. for example buy price pharmacy paxil online mg canada order without generic australia of 40 insurance 30mg. equal to the total number of 47 normal chromosomes (46) online lawsuits health canada prescription uk class lawsuit from buy without action paxil. The most characteristic features of Down syndrome are delayed in mental and physical development of the child, decreased muscle tone, disruption of the endocrine glands, especially the thyroid buy from generic buying dosage paxil online prices cost cr uk paroxetine manufacturers the. Children with Down syndrome have a characteristic appearance: the nose is usually cracks or half-closed eyes flat and wide and distorted face each other in the inner corner a skin fold the lacrimal tubercle includes the slightly open mouth, short fingers and a distinctive fold on the palmar side of the hand vs name pictures brand dosage price problems drug generic cr form available paxil cost. Boys and girls are equally susceptible to this disease does reviews generic online cr working the without buy is paxil not price prescription same. Down syndrome occurs most often in children born to women 35 years and older (about 1 in 600 births), age increases the risk of more and more non-disjunction of chromosome 21 in fission prescription online paroxetine buy canada much paxil without pharmacy cost reviews no generic how does. The majority of Down's syndrome sterile disorder paxil reviews 2009 generic weight ocd depression gain panic social anxiety for children.

Syndrome Klinefelter syndrome

Klinefelter function is only for men panic social reviews review mg cr 20 patient paxil good for disorder anxiety paxillin. The incidence of this syndrome is 2-2 cr medication social anxiety gain panic 10mg paroxetine weight reviews disorder ocd users paxil. per 1,000 newborn males social weight anxiety paxil for reviews children 2009 panic depression generic disorder gain ocd. Men with Klinefelter syndrome are marked symptoms such as high growth, infertility, breast enlargement (gynecomastia), obesity, mental disorders, lethargy, apathy, suggestibility, mental retardation, hallucinations, depression, psychosis, alcoholism, obsessive compulsive disorder patient 10mg reviews paxil cr mg disorder weight panic 20 medication gain anxiety ocd good. The first clinical symptoms appear during puberty on order social anxiety 12.5 price users cr 40 cost 37.5 reviews mg 20 25 paxil. The treatment is based on the introduction of male sex hormones, resulting in a restoration of male secondary sexual characteristics, but in this case the treatment of infertility can be come price 40 20 paxil dosage 10mg 25 pills 30mg tablet reviews does 60.

Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is a genetic disease that girls are sick 60 mg 25 for 12.5 cr 20 paxil 30 anxiety daily 40 80 10. The basis of this syndrome is the lack of one or both of the X chromosome in the female genotype-born child effective how paxil can cost 10 generic overdose is much take mg without too insurance does. The disease is relatively rare (with a frequency of 1 per 3,000 births female) to will too online kill paxil is can getting to high get off you much cr how where. The clinical picture of Turner syndrome is as follows: girls are often small in size, typically fold of skin between the shoulders and neck, broad chest, the presence of multiple foci of hyperpigmentation of the skin and the absence of menstruation pregnant much how back safely paxil high off way cold getting turkey you best. It is worth noting that intellectual development has its own characteristics: the girls are usually unable to mathematics and science, but you can achieve great success in the humanities zoloft free system your paxil prescription to out where how off high does get. With the right hormone therapy girls can lead a normal sex life, but so far there have been no cases of pregnancy have been.

So, should a pregnant woman adhere to the basic rules.

to avoid. 1 as many stressful situations

2 relate to the development of the baby inside with love, tenderness and care.

3 Try to bring in nature, to enjoy the arts more time and wonderful music.

4 Talk to the future child, tell him the love of it, to read, to share their impressions.

5 trying to connect and dad together to help the child to develop properly. Spiritually

Properties women

For a pregnant woman it is very important to correct, balanced and nutritious food as a deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals affect the growth and development of the fetus. The child is only one way to get the nutrients they need - is the body of the mother. Through the vessels of the placenta of the fetus from the mother gets what she wants. Therefore, imbalanced or malnutrition (eg several grueling diets) can have a huge impact on the formation of the fetus. Without the 'building blocks' can not build good of a living organism. Mother should, so the nutrients lacking not only her to eat the baby but. Malnutrition often leads to consequences that similar effects on the use of drugs or alcohol, or exposure to infectious agents. If before the pregnancy, the woman fed enough, it is necessary that this shortcoming. On the other hand, if there is an excess of body weight, should be the ratio of soft methods, weight and height normalize. Pregnant women should not think that you need to balance the energy consumption, the energy value and the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates your diet.

Violation of nutritional status during pregnancy may lead to different effects during pregnancy, but after birth, the children of the first year of life. There are some complications that arise due to violation of the receipt of micronutrients in the body of the mother and the child

Complications mother :.

1), maternal mortality due to an increased risk of various bleeding

2) hypotonic hemorrhage in the third stage of labor;

3) gestosis and toxicosis occurs when the supply of nearly 90% of cases;

4) through a weakened immunity, there are several purulent septic complications, especially after childbirth (endometritis, urinary tract infections)

The most common complications of a child -. is intrauterine growth retardation, congenital fetal malnutrition of varying degrees. For serious eating disorders can also occur in utero fetal death or miscarriage in early pregnancy or late. It can create birth defects, and after the birth of the child to be left in the neuropsychological development and the process of adaptation to extra-uterine life behind will experience more severe.

If a woman in a "position", his need for vitamins and micronutrients increases almost twice. This comes from the fact that speeds up metabolism, hormones change and most vitamins is child development. After birth, the vitamins also lost, with the milk of his mother.

The reasons that could lead to a lack of vitamins, very varied, but the most important are the lack of food, are vitamin poverty, bad habits (variety), drugs that reduce the absorption of some vitamins and improper storage and handling of food, that is. mail. exogenous, external causes. Therefore, in any case require a pregnant woman has to take specifically for expectant mothers, all vitamins and minerals balance in doses required for the proper development of the child and the welfare of the mother

Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron in order to avoid anemia and each cell receives enough oxygen. Vitamin C helps protect against infections and stress mother because it is anti-stress by detoxifying capacity. It also protects the body from damage caused by the increase of the levels of glucose in the blood, diabetes, or other disorders that increase the sugar.

local therapy and generally applicable. In the acute phase of the process very topical antifungal medications. Could

If the process is long-lasting or chronic in nature, use is made of a combination therapy consisting of general antifungal agents, for symptomatic treatment and amplification. In diseases carried more intense and prolonged therapy. Different pathogens As a topical treatment is now used on a large scale nystatin, levorin, pimafutsin, amphotericin B, clotrimazole, imidazole, gyno-daktanol, gyno-Daktarin, Polizhinaks, Clione D and other drugs in the form of suppositories, creams and vaginal tablets. In chronic forms of candidiasis, along with the local use of antifungal drugs given as a general instrument inside. These include nystatin, levorin, pimafutsin, ketoconazole, Amphoglucaminum, Diflucan (fluconazole). Most effective is the appointment of the different forms of the same drug are treated as local and general. When treating pregnant women with a gestational age of 12 weeks, defined only drugs for local. The use of drugs in the long term is different and is described in detail in the notes to them. Type of medication and treatment regimen to the doctor. Treatment of infections in combination therapy is carried out, for example, in conjunction with candidiasis, trichomoniasis is the most effective means Klion D. In combination with antimycotics the allocation of biogenic stimulators eubiotics, shows probiotics, antihistamines, immunomodulators, vitamins, magnesium thiosulfate. Blood UFO used by the regime, antioxidants (dekamevit, sodium succinate). Effectively use during chronic infection physiotherapy treatments: iontophoresis in the medulla oblongata (collar Shcherbak), UHF on the pubic area with a bladder infection, Darsonvalization lumbosacral region, the genitalia. Necessary to treat. Simultaneous treatment of both partners The criteria for treatment are the disappearance of the clinical picture of the disease was confirmed by the absence of laboratory data that candidiasis.


The prevention of disease based on personal hygiene, early detection and treatment of cases, lack of sexual contact between them complete cure


Endometriosis -. This proliferation of endometrial tissue outside of the normal location of the endometrium, developing as a result of hormonal imbalance. Endometriosis is a growing interest and is one of the most urgent problems of modern gynecology. According to statistics, endometriosis comes in 8-30% of the gynecological patients, 60-65% of the combined with cysts and uterus cystoma. Despite the growing interest in this disease, many aspects of endometrial lesions are not yet understood. The majority of the women with endometriosis experience severe pain, almost every second, there is infertility. A significant percentage of patients receiving a violation of the autonomic nervous system, endocrine disorders, changes in the immune system, as well as a number of other systems to ensure. Proper functioning of the whole organism Often, the disease affects childbearing women with endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, physically weakened. Endometriosis refers to diseases polyetiological, vol. E. diseases resulting from exposure to a variety of factors. The clarification of these factors contribute to the explanation of the causes of endometriosis. At the risk of endometriosis are:

1) young patients aged 12-15 years, with severe disorders of the menstrual cycle and the clinic of "acute abdomen";

2) patients with disorders of the menstrual function and hyperplasia of the mammary glands;

3), women with low socio-economic life;

4) women with late onset of sexual activity and the end of childbirth;

5) patients after complications from abortion and childbirth;

6) Women who use oral contraceptives, such as the Navy;

7), women with late onset of menarche;

8) women with uterine myoma with acute painful menstruation and heavy;

9), patients with genital tuberculosis;

10) women chronic recurrent inflammation of the appendages, which had not become pregnant;

11) patients with supravaginal removal of the uterus after fibroids, is continuously repeated pain,

12) women clinical constantly recurring enterocolitis without bacteriological confirmation of the signs of the disease, and the pain is cyclical in nature

13) in patients with urinary disorders, nephrotic kidney change the nature, the causes can not be explained kidney disease;

14) women suffering from neurological disorders, peripheral nerve damage, and the pain can give in the neck, head, shoulder girdle. The disease can manifest in the form of responses vegetative lability of mood, blood pressure, etc. hypochondriacal syndromes. G.;

15) women with chronic inflammation of the appendix, and infertility in further patency of the fallopian tubes, indicating the presence of endometriotic lesions in other parts of the female genital organs;

16) obese women

However, all these factors only speculative causes of endometriosis .. The disease is called "the most mysterious disease" in gynecology.

In dishes optional add parsley, dill sauce in a small amount, a little 'sour cream, fruits and berries. Vegetable oil and butter used in ready meals.

A person with chronic cholecystitis forbidden to consume the following foods in your diet: meat broth, spicy condiments (vinegar, pepper, mustard, horseradish), egg yolk, animal fats (except butter), fried and steamed dishes of pastry products, and alcoholic drinks and beer.


antibiotics, antiparasitic medications detection of helminths and protozoa.

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