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If a woman has a male pattern of body hair, it says nothing about the failure of the ovaries, or an excess of adrenocortical function, ie . besylate uk sales canada to where buy order pharmacy online amlodipine purchase buying india. E besylate purchase 5 benazepril online mg without tablets prescription amlodipine buyer uk buy cheap. Incorrect hormones, violation of a woman's body, which can be, in particular, the cause infertility besylate amlodipine where to buy 5mg 2.5 mg information about generic drugs from wikipedia uk buying norvasc 10mg online order from.

Large lips

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Bartholin gland

In the lower third of each lip has a Bartholin gland that produces the fluid that is used to moisten the genital slit 2.5 besylate 5mg benazepril 10mg maleate australia online amlodipine generic canada india pharmacy prices. Secret bartholin gland whitish, alkaline, with a characteristic odor uk cost sale 5mg amlodipine price buying buy besylate generic drugs online canada pharmacy. During sexual arousal, which stands in large quantities, to moisten the surface of the vestibule and the entrance to the vagina medication news from Yahoo cheap drug buy benazepril prices generic uk pharmacy brand norvasc amlodipine besylate manufacturers. This body is "light" plays a very important role in the sexual life of women benazepril amlodipine valsartan buy generic name canada besylate appearance for cost 5mg price norvasc.

When sexual underdevelopment (infantilism), and the absence of hormones during menopause there is a sharp decrease in the function of Bartholin's gland, a strong decrease in the amount of grease, dry and woman in sexual acts, and after them - uk besylate reviews 5mg online pharmacy prices benazepril user tablets generic amlodipine norvasc canada patient. burning and pain in the vulva and vagina, can be a pain

The most accurate method of research is instrumental method - fetal ultrasound mg amlodipine s reviews patient 10 the 2007 user 2.5 clinical 5mg review besylate buy benazepril tablets.

The most accurate in terms of determining the date of birth ultrasound done before the 13th week of pregnancy, and is measured by the size of an egg - the inner diameter of the medium amlodipine 10mg of canada cost purchase 5mg besylate buy tablets reviews amlodipine-benazepril 5-20 2.5 price. If ultrasound does in the later stages, the measured dimensions of fetal parts - head, thorax and abdomen 5 amlodipine 2.5 tab amlodipine-benaz 20 besylate 5mg amlodipine-benazepril mg 10 buy size 5-10 norvasc generic. House size is the size of the head amlodipine how high does can is get take cost without off you should insurance much getting.

Thus, the exact date of birth can not be determined, all methods are relative, because every woman and every pregnancy is strictly individual buy where order pharmacy cheap 5mg online without to purchase prescription buying overnight norvasc. But first of all, that the child you want to feel the love of his future mother online needed buyers buy norvasc amlodipine prescription 5mg uk without price besylate generic rx.

The definition of fetal development

throughout the pregnancy, the baby grows and develops from a single cell in a man in all respects to 2.5 10 buying cheap mg uk online order 5mg canada without norvasc where buy prescription. Different phases of the different systems for the formation of pregnancy, there are critical periods of growth and development in utero, so it is important to see how the baby is developing, if everything was OK, comfortable if he if he needed medical attention rx needed buy purchase to ordering canada where prescription uk order norvasc medication online 5mg. To know all this, doctors prenatal conduct various studies coupons australia canada discount norvasc cheap online discounts comparison cheapest cost 10mg buy purchase. These studies were approved by the Decree β„– 457 of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation much mg 2.5 5mg does 10 medication 10mg generic norvasc uk cost canada how.

What you need to know the degree of development of the fetus? In order to avoid such a condition, such as intrauterine growth retardation, which in recent years more and more hidden children

of fetal development - uk of philippines norvasc canada manila price the online comparison cost in generic sale. It is a condition in which a child is late in its development in the womb of his mother 2.5 india uk 10 list cost price usa philippines mexico 5mg norvasc australia of canada. Often the two forms of IUGR - symmetric (hypoplasia) and asymmetrical (hypotrophic) australia buy generic order in canada canadamedicineshop purchase cost uk cheap norvasc price. Hypoplasia is characterized by intellectual form in weight, height and head circumference names uk generic 5mg equivalent drug picture price sale amlodipine cost purchase buy norvasc. This form is more favorable, as a child, although developmental delay, but at least proportionally besylate problems cost 10mg 5 picture norvasc manufacturers available brand canada amlodipine generic medication. Development of hypoplastic form, if there were irregularities during the second trimester of pregnancy for 10 online reviews generic user users pharmacy buy mg patient amlodipine norvasc 5mg 2.5 hypertension.

The asymmetrical shape is characterized by a delay in the mass with normal height and head circumference price reviews 5mg buy mg discount cost 10mg norvasc 10 without where to 2.5 generic prescription. It usually develops in an unfavorable in the third trimester of pregnancy

In addition, intrauterine growth retardation may be associated with altered fetal development - 5 generic cost 10 2.5 daily for mgs 20 does how norvasc photo much. The formation of defects, the stigma dizembriogeneza, violation of the proportions of the body physical can norvasc much high prescription getting how you is get off. This option is called dysplastic and IUGR is the most malignant

More IUGR can be divided powers :.

1 class, when the fetus is lagging behind in development for 2 weeks;

2 nd degree - a delay of 2 to 4 weeks ;.

3rd class - a delay of more than 4 weeks

intrauterine growth can be caused by various factors, but can be divided into 3 main groups

to -. to send the child's illness. It includes:

1) the presence of certain chromosomal and genetic disorders, which are characterized by developmental delay;

2) endocrine disorders, such as failure of the thyroid gland;

3) intrauterine infection;

4) direct exposure to adverse environmental factors (radiation, drugs)

The second group - the pathological development of the placenta, which is both easy to kid her. excretory system and body detoxification (removal of hazardous substances).

Pathology of the placenta may be in preeclampsia pregnancy, with the defeat of the fetoplacental blood vessels, the small size of the placenta or its presentation. And if the pregnancy is a prolific, fruit may be missing the placental supply and can be IUGR

The third group -. Factors associated with maternal health. Almost every mother can affect the physical condition of the child and lead to a delay in its development, but are especially dangerous in this sense, endocrine diseases, diseases of the circulatory and excretory systems. And, of course, bad habits.

E 'useful to know that vegetarianism should move gradually introduced in the food vegetarian diet.

In order to ensure the body's calcium is necessary to enter in the daily diet of foods rich in this mineral (cabbage, walnuts, lettuce, green onions, spinach, garlic, and others.) In order to ensure the proteins of the body should definitely have beans; in order to ensure the iron in the body need to eat fruits and berries; zinc rich tofu, miso, wheat germ, nuts, beans, Brussels sprouts; Vitamin B12 can be prepared from brewer's yeast and soya milk, vitamin D - Soymilk; It is recommended to replace sugar with honey and sweet fruit; nuts and fruit better if they learned before dinner, not after; raw dishes that you should eat immediately after preparation

Primary prevention: ... adequate sex education of children and adolescents in the careful selection of a sexual partner, planning to become pregnant, the use of contraceptive methods, and so on r

Genital human papilloma virus infection

Genital human papillomavirus infection is caused by the field of HPV is transmitted primarily through sexual contact. Currently studied HPV types 60, 10 of which cause the development of this disease in women. And, most likely, be infected with sexually active women with frequently changing sexual partners. Very often, the infection papillomatoznyh in combination with other infections, sexually transmitted infections (trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, and so on. D.). The incidence in recent years has grown considerably. Virus papillomatosis is preferably located on the superficial layers of the epithelium and mucous membranes of the vagina and cervix. He is in the urine of patients after renal transplantation subjected. HPV infection is considered to be background, a precancerous condition, for example, certain types of viruses lead to changes in the cellular structure of the genital organs or cellular atypia, causing the development of dysplasia. There are three types of warts caused by a virus papillomatosis. They are sharp, flat and inverted (warts with exophytic papillary growth) warts. This includes molluscum contagiosum. It is believed that flat warts and inversion can develop into malignant tumors, especially in female genital carcinoma intraeptelialnuyu. Genital warts or genital warts can turn into genital cancer in 5-25% of cases. For the occurrence of tumors in addition to the forms of the virus should be the impact of predisposing factors of chemists and physicists.


The incubation period of the disease ranges from 3 to 9 months on average for 3 months. The virus is resistant to many disinfectants killed in an autoclave at high temperature. At the beginning of the disease warts appear on the skin of the perineum, inguinal folds, large and small lips, mucous membrane of the urethra, anus, vagina. Warts are pink or gray formation on a thin stalk or broad-based, consistency myagkoelasticheskoy. Initially, the individual warts, which can then turn into a group with lobular structure resembling a cauliflower. In advanced cases of education to grow to a significant size. Warts are concerned about the various movements (sex, walking, etc. .., etc. ..), during pregnancy, during labor and delivery can result in injury and bleeding. In case of damage to the surface of the warts may be an infection secondary layers, accompanied by the patient's complaints of itching, pain, burning sensation in the affected area, to carry out an unpleasant odor.


The diagnosis is based on complaints, clinical and special methods of investigation. With the defeat of the vagina and cervix using colposcopy and cytology from the lesion. Flat warts are diagnosed and confirmed inversion with colposcopy and biopsy (taking a piece of diseased tissue) and histological examination. Research methods specific :. Method of nucleic acid hybridization, HPV DNA endonuklearny, immunoassay

The differential diagnosis of syphilitic warts, which have a wide base, plotnoelasticheskuyu texture, brown or reddish in color, smooth, painless on palpation, most of the time do not form clusters.


Specific drugs that destroy the virus papillomatosis suggested so far.

Warts Physical treatments include cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen), diathermy (burning), laser therapy, radiotherapy. Chemical methods include treatment with Solcoderm resorcinol Condyline, trichloroacetic acid and others. Prepared. For stimulation of the immune system are used interferons. A new drug for the treatment of genital warts is called likopid. In the case of significant size or warts permanent damage surgical treatment. During pregnancy, the disease is often acute. Pregnant women (up to 35 weeks in duration) and adolescents can be applied to laser therapy. Selection of the method and extent of treatment depends on the physician previously treated, the less the risk of neoplastic transformation. However, none of the treatments can not guarantee a complete cure of papillomatosis, any treatment for recurrent disease. Disease prevention is the same as with other types of sexually transmitted diseases


thrush or candidiasis -. Inflammation of the skin, mucous membranes, and internal and external genital organs, caused by fungi or yeast fungi of the genus Candida. Yeast-like fungi are considered conditionally pathogenic flora, viz. E. normal flora can cause disease only under certain conditions, both independently and in collaboration with other groups of microorganisms. To reduce inflammation necessary for women immunological reactivity and sufficient microbial activity expressed. In recent years, the incidence of candidiasis significantly increased. This is due to changing environmental conditions, the irrational use of antimicrobial drugs, hormones and other drugs, poor diet (eating large amounts of carbohydrates and fats in the diet to lower fiber). Infection of yeast fungi begins at birth, during the passage of the birth canal of the child. In addition, a fungal infection can occur throughout their life while swimming in the ponds, the use of bathing facilities in general, in the bathroom, and so on. D. Reducing the immune response develops candidiasis. Genital candidiasis is dangerous for the health of women and her fetus and newborn. Thrush occurs when a metabolic disorder, often in diabetes, other diseases extragenital in the postoperative period, long-term treatment with antibiotics, cytostatics, hormones.

Not all women will be happy with the role of a housewife, only acts committed by household chores.

The modern woman is in a constant struggle for independence and self-sufficiency, aims to achieve a good career. And it's safe to say that she did.

For the modern woman's career is one of the first places, and some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity and all life is a top priority. Many managers are afraid to hire women because of the existence of a huge number of existing stereotypes. It is no secret that women are viewed less seriously than male staff. The choice of leaders in favor of men depends on factors such as the diversion of women in maternity and children's education, and for centuries formed social values. In consideration of these values ​​is a woman, first and foremost, a wife and mother, which should help in the home, creating a cozy and comfortable environment for men - the breadwinner and protector. Plays an important role trend of female gossip and intrigue, and it is believed that the women's team is difficult to manage, and the people living in this case is a big plus. Since ancient times, made to keep the female gender on the sidelines. But contrary to popular belief there are many examples where women are not only to be successful in their career, and became legends. And 'scientifically proven that women have made great progress in developing the capacity of perception, as well as in the development of emotional and verbal. Women are better at storing the location of objects in space and their relative positions. And also, the social responsibility of women in the business world is much higher than that of men.

Of course, it makes no sense to evaluate a woman on the same criteria as a person, as a woman's body, as well as the intelligence of women, has its own characteristics and different types of men and women workers can be different and with different results. However, many factors associated with a successful career and growth are equally important for both men and women. Any woman, like any other person, has every right to choose their own path, and life and work experience and the opportunity to "be a blacksmith of his own happiness" will help you take the right steps towards success.

The first thing to say that a career can be successful only when the life of a woman who has an independent value, ie. mail. desire to build a career should not occur due to the fact that a woman does not find sufficient grounds for self-realization in the family and I are looking for a career abroad. In addition, a lull in the house, the well-being of all members of the family in many ways will be accompanied by the promotion of women's success in his career.

Every woman should first turn inward to see what she really wanted. Readiness as a professional - the main attribute of success, and if a woman feels the strength to try to start a new career, it is important that their aspirations realized. In addition, you must have a certain level of moral behavior. This self-confidence and lack of alienation from himself.

25 May, 2016