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The effect on the adrenal glands

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L ' impact on the reproductive organs work

Women should also be aware of the fact that a number of gynecological diseases worse at menopause and the stratification of it, making their disease course (menopause or hyperplastic processes in the uterus and bleeding) clomid buy where nolvadex and prescription from pct tamoxifen to without australia uk with in legit. Following major diseases uk purchase buy cheap where no prescription needed online research with nolvadex cheapest to canada order.

1 diseases of the ovaries and fallopian tubes:

1), ovarian cysts and ovarian tumors gormonalnoaktivnye;

2) and chronic salpingo-oophoritis (inflammation of the uterus) salpingitis - serous, purulent, often in the role of inflammation or tuberculosis etiology of gonorrhea; tubes

3), endometriosis and ovarian tubes ; uk without to canada purchase cheapest clomid where and no cheap rx prescription nolvadex generic online australia.

4) cancer of the ovaries and fallopian tubes

2 Diseases of the uterus and cervix:

1) nodular and diffuse uterine fibroids fibroids body uterus and cervix;

2) uterine endometriosis (adenomyosis) and cervical cancer;

3), atypical endometrial hyperplasia, cervical polyps, uterine body cheapest uk 20mg buy online purchase without generic order prescription bodybuilding cheap price nolvadex.

3 Diseases of the external genitalia and the vagina : cheap without online cheapest discount generic buy canada uk nolvadex prescription australia rx tamoxifen.

1) leukoplakia, kraurosis, colpites various etiologies, colpites colitis;

2) pelvic pain syndrome

dystrophic lesions of the external genitalia of women in menopause is called kraurosis happens quite often and gives the woman a lot of pain sale uk much cost citrate of for it tamoxifen does discount how nolvadex. It takes place in its development period 3:

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kraurosis vulva may be associated with another disease - in prescription where purchase generic nolvadex canada without price cheap illegal is get to legal sale. Leukoplakia, the white spot is characterized

kraurosis and leukoplakia - precancerous lesions, but the frequency of the transition in cancer varies widely - from 2 nolvadex to where online the uk cheap buy can prescription cheapest order buying without purchase. to 91%

L 'initial impulse for the development of these diseases - research cost chemicals muscle for sale paypal nolvadex online buy pct uk price store. and the defeat of the hypothalamus, which is the reason why the disturbed ovarian function and adrenal cortex, and for this reason there is a change in the receptors of the external genitalia and then joins the infection where in cheap to drug legal nolvadex names get the 20mg generic is brand uk how tamoxifen.

Once kraurosis, fortified foods, refusing to clean the soap and synthetic wool india nolvadex legit generic uk online for without tamoxifen canada buy prescription effective 10mg pharmacy pct. Caving must be conducted with a decoction of chamomile, calendula, baking soda, irrigation - lactic acid with sitz baths with chamomile tea, hot pads, moistened with broth succession, St online nolvadex reviews itu0026#39;s for 20mg pct sale liquid pharmacy cheap canadian australia supplement. John's wort generic how 20mg gyno take does much cycle should nolvadex during cost 10mg it. Ointments Anestezin, diphenhydramine i to post much gyno during clomid for where nolvadex and cycle take can should get pct how. The above treatment of women able to maintain their position (after examination by a gynecologist and a specification of the diagnosis)

The elements of the first, smooth shiny surface, later melkoplastinchatoe desquamation, ulceration appears, and - in getting gyno i gynecomastia rid pregnant can of prescription where uk australia usa nolvadex get. Cortex place to where nolvadex i australia clomid how prescribed online pct you prescription get best canada do. Subjective feelings are absent of the gyno in uk get to does rid nolvadex how. Recent articles appear in the periphery of the chimney.

the following clinical varieties syphiloderm Papulose: serpigiruyuschy pool ("reptile") platform Papulose syphiloderm nano

grouped Papulose syphiloderm - the most common variety .. Number mounds usually does not exceed 30 -40. The tubers are at different stages of evolution, some of which has just appeared, and other izyazvilis built, others are healed, leaving scars or atrophy of the scar. As a result of unequal growth and ran various depths of their presence in the dermis are separated small scars differ in color and relief.

Serpigiruyuschy Papulose syphiloderm. Defeat distributed on the surface of the skin or eccentric, or in any direction when fresh mounds appear in one of the poles of the lesion. The individual elements are joined on the red leather dark horse of a large roll of about 2 mm to 1 cm, the edge of which there are clashes in recent days.

syphiloderm Papulose platform. Individual effects are not visible, they are fused into plates 5-10 cm of clearly defined strangely affected skin and rises above it. The plate has a thick consistency, brown or dark purple. Regression Syphiloderm is an area Papulose or land with the consequent formation of scar atrophy, ulceration or scarring characteristic.

Miniature Papulose syphiloderm. Is rarely observed. Has a low value (2.1 mm). The tubercles arranged in separate groups in the skin and look like lenticular papules.

Gummy syphiloderm Gumma or subcutaneously. This unit, which develops in the hypodermis. The gums are characteristic shin location place, head, forearms, sternum. The following clinical varieties rubbery syphiloderm: isolated diffuse infiltration of Gunma chewy, fibrotic bands

Isolated Gunma .. plotnoelasticheskoy appears as a painless nodule size of 5-10 mm spherical structure is not welded to the skin. The progressive increase in subcutaneous Gumma welded to the fiber and the surrounding skin and acts on it in the form of a hemisphere. The skin over the Gunma becomes the first pale pink, then red-brown, crimson. Then, in the center of Gumma appears floating and Gunma open. In a showdown node rubber meets 1-2 drops of sticky fluid inclusions with kroshkoobraznymi yellow.

gummy infiltration. Appear singly or as a result of the merger of several bands. Gummy breaks infiltration, ulcers merge, forming a large area of ​​the ulcer with irregular contours krupnofestonchatymi, the healing of the scar.

Gunma, fibroids or periarticular nodules formed as a result of the degeneration of fibrous ulcer. Gums fibrotic localized mainly in the field of the extensor surfaces of large joints such as spherical formations, dense texture; size of 1-8 cm. They are painless, furniture, leather on them has not changed or slightly pink.

End neurosyphilis. It is a process predominantly ectodermal respect to the nervous parenchyma of the brain and spinal cord. It usually develops after 5 or more years after infection. The late forms of neurosyphilis is dominated by degenerative-dystrophic processes. For very late forms of neurosyphilis include amyelotrophy - the process of changing the structure of the nervous tissue and its replacement by connective located on the dorsal roots, the dorsal column of the spinal cord and membranes; progressive paralysis - the degenerative-dystrophic in the cerebral cortex of the frontal lobes; taboparalich - a combination of symptoms of tabes dorsalis and progressive paralysis. In the Tertiary period remains visible defeat of the meninges and blood vessels.

late visceral syphilis. In tertiary syphilis may occur in any internal organ or diffuse infiltration limited chewing gums and a different experience of degenerative processes. Morphological basis of lesions in late syphilis is infectious granuloma visceral.

The defeat of the musculo-skeletal system


In the Tertiary period in the process may be involved in the musculoskeletal system.

The main forms of bone disease in syphilis.

1 Gummy osteoperiostit (loss of cancellous bone) :.

1) Limited;

2) diffusion

2 Gummy osteomyelitis (loss of cancellous bone and bone marrow) :.

1 Limited);

2) diffuse

3 Negummoznye osteoperiostity

the bones most frequently affected, at least - the arm bone, collarbone, sternum, skull, vertebrae

In patients with early congenital syphilis can experience various forms of nervous system damage ..:. hydrocephalus, meningitis, meningoencephalitis specific specific cerebral syphilis

The most common form of organ damage is damage to the retina and choroid - a specific chorioretinitis. Ophthalmoscopy especially at the periphery of the bottom revealed small bright or yellowish patches interspersed with pigment point. Visual acuity in the child does not suffer.

late congenital syphilis. This form occurs in patients with pre-existing signs of early congenital syphilis, or in children with asymptomatic congenital syphilis prolonged. With late congenital syphilis include symptoms that appear after 2 years or more after birth. More often develop between 7 and 14 years old, after 30 years are rare

The clinical picture of late congenital syphilis is generally similar to that of the tertiary assets acquired :. Papulose and syphilides rubbery may occur, damage to the nervous system, internal organs, musculoskeletal system -dvigatelnogo as in tertiary syphilis. But along with this case of late congenital syphilis are specific clinical signs, which are subdivided into reliable, credible, and dystrophy.

the actual symptoms of late congenital syphilis, appears as a result of the direct effects of treponemes in the organs and tissues of the child, including parenchymatous keratitis, labyrinthitis and specific teeth Hutchinson

Possible signs of late congenital syphilis include :. radial grooves perioral Robinson - Fournier, real saber shins, saddle nose, yagoditseobrazny skull, syphilitic unit. The signs are likely to be considered in combination with or in combination with reliable data of the history of serological screening.

Dystrophy (stigma) arising as a result of indirect effects of infection in organs and tissues of the child and the abnormal development of their manifesto. Increased diagnostic value only when the patient has simultaneously revealed signs of congenital syphilis reliable end, positive serological reactions. Most dystrophies characteristics are as follows: A signal Avsitidiyskogo - thickening of the end of the clavicle in the chest, often right; aksifoidiya (Keira symptom) - the absence of the xiphoid process of the sternum; A face-to-face "Olympic" with frontal tubercles very prominent; high (Gothic) hard palate; symptom Dubois - Hissar, or a child's little finger - shorten and bend the little finger inside due to hypoplasia of the metacarpal V; hypertrichosis of the forehead and temples.

The diagnosis of syphilis

1 The clinical examination of the patient.

2 Detection of Treponema pallidum in the exercise of syphiloderm serous weeping skin and mucous membranes to examine the preparation native "drop the crushed" under the microscope in dark field.

3 The results of the serological tests.

4 Comparison of data (surveys of sexual partners).

5 The results of the trial treatment. This diagnostic method is rarely used, only late forms of syphilis, can not be another way to confirm the diagnosis. In the treatment of early syphilis test is unacceptable.


In normal conditions, the occurrence of stress in response to a feeling of anxiety, which is an automatic reaction that causes a person to act.

The impulse response of the body leads to a state of combat readiness, which sometimes leads to dangerous consequences: heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, muscle tension, which can lead to seizures. For the body, no matter what the level of risk in each case arrives a feeling of anxiety, in response to which the body is prepared to resist.

The effects of stress in the elderly

The Ohio State University in Columbus for several months were interviewed and the monitoring of elderly survivors of any stressful situation. As a result, it has been demonstrated that frequent or stress lead to increased intensity of protein synthesis of interleukin-6, which is produced by cells of the lining of blood vessels signal. High concentrations of this protein in multiple times increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer

Mental disorders caused by work or play on the computer

XXI century -. Century Technologies. In almost all areas of both science, medicine and culture, computers are used. Even in today's classrooms with children from kindergarten to the study of computer literacy.

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