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movement preparatory

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Sport pool

After studying the movements preparations can go to master the art of swimming competition.

In addition, provided the background to provide real physical therapy, entertainment, and sports. You can also implement measures to eliminate the poisoning and chronic inflammation.

and menopause main form

and menstrual function normal does not depend only on the state of the pituitary gland, testis, but also on the state of the uterus and uterine lining them (lining "of the uterus.) May differ from the changes in the lining of uterus -. decrease in the sensitivity of the receptors to completely destroyed

may occur violation of the lining of the uterus in chronic inflammation (tuberculosis, and sepsis) after interventions inside the uterus during childbirth, abortion, when administered iodine uterus, after exposure to radiation. Sometimes you can not determine the cause of menopause uterus. damage inside the uterus can not be converted periodically. surgery crude (abortion, manual removal of the placenta), and especially if the implementation of these procedures without anesthesia occurs repeatedly trauma to the uterus, leading to ovarian failure secondary.

happens menopause main form when the uterine cavity is not only painful, but in the case of damage on the surface of the central hole. As a result, there are adhesions, inflammation, leading to the formation of adhesions and bones full hysteratresia. complain Patients from the absence of menstruation and infertility. atrophy of neck pain discomfort in the lower abdomen league that occur on a monthly basis for the swelling of the mammary glands, headache, and nausea.

Dimensions of the uterus may be normal or reduced. When investigating neck can detect atrophy in the cervical canal. Is not modified and ovarian function, but the menopause in the long term may develop ovarian failure. Menopause and ovarian cancer is rare endometrial regular session, any release of the mucous membrane of the uterus corpus. Monthly paroxysmal pain occurs in the lower abdomen due to blood stasis. The accumulation of blood in the future could lead to the uterus "collision" with pressure later endometrial atrophy.

To avoid uterus menopause all interventions in the cavity of the uterus (the 'abortion, the placenta), should be treated with caution, analgesic, and remember that scraping is a violation of the deep layers of the lining of the uterus partially -. Muscular wall

The first forms of syphilis completely curable if patients received treatment, and the appropriate stage and clinical form of the disease.

in the treatment of advanced forms of the disease, in most cases, there is an improvement or stabilization of clinical process.

assign patient-specific treatment can be used if the diagnosis of syphilis is justified medically certified according to the criteria mentioned above. This rule, except as follows:

1 preventive treatment to take place to prevent the formation of the disease of people who have sexual contact with patients or close family forms of early syphilis, as soon as the contact time is not more than 2 months.

2 preventive treatment - prescribed for syphilis in pregnancy and patients and bolevshim, but not removed from the record, so as to prevent congenital syphilis in children, and children born to mothers who did not receive treatment citation during pregnancy

3 .. presumptive treatment - he was appointed to the additional diagnosis of suspected disorders of the internal organs as a result of a specific central nervous system, sensory, musculoskeletal If you can not confirm the diagnosis by laboratory tests and clinical do not exclude the possibility of syphilis infection.

The drugs of choice for the treatment of syphilis is still currently the penicillin group of antibiotics.

1 Dyurantnye (prolonged) preparations of penicillin - the name of Benzathine benzyl group (Retarpen, ekstentsillin, Bicillin 1) - provides for the establishment of antibiotics in the body for up to 18-23 days

2. . media preparation dyurantnosti (G procaine penicillin and salt [Nofoken of benzyl) - provides the establishment of antibiotics in the body for up to 2 days

3 .. penicillin ready for a water-soluble (sodium salt of penicillin) - to provide antibiotics bio-organisms in the body for a period of 3-6 hours

4 .. joint preparations of penicillin (Bicillin 3 Bicillin 5) - Showing antibiotics stay in the body for 3-6 days

The most effective and must be treated with penicillin preparations of water-soluble in the hospital to rest, or by intramuscular injection. Intravenous infusion. The scope and duration of treatment depends on the duration of syphilis infection. The concentrations of therapeutic penicillin in the blood 0.03 U / ml and above

when treating patients who suffer from allergies to penicillin and antibiotics reserves syphilis, with a wide range of measures: penicillin, semi-synthetic (ampicillin, oxacillin), doxycycline, tetracycline, ceftriaxone (Rocephin) erythromycin.

specific treatment for syphilis must be complete and vitality. The drug must be administered in strict accordance with the guidelines approved for the treatment and prevention of syphilis -. In sufficient doses of simple exchange, according to the multiplicity of administration and duration of the session

The treatment depends on the severity of the disease, ranging from the introduction of electric shocks lidocaine. Occur

arrhythmia supraventricular in 15-20% of patients with acute myocardial infarction and cut often. In most cases is atrial fibrillation. In rare cases, and requires the use or performance amiodorona electrical defibrillation.

thromboembolic complications. Exposure to prolonged exposure to patients in the hospital bed rest contributes to poor circulation in the venous system in the lower limbs and the development of deep vein thrombosis. When divorced clotting in the venous blood enters the right ventricle and then -. In the pulmonary artery, and the closure of light and causing the death of a patient

E "can also clogged arteries other, such as blockage of the renal artery with the evolution of the continuous increase in blood pressure and the appearance of blood in the urine (hematuria) and blockage in the arteries mesenteric (double circulation in the blood vessels of the intestines - pain in the abdomen, and the violation of a chair) and arterial femoral -. leg pain

for the prevention of complications of thromboembolism should be set anticoagulants such as heparin, and a period of 3-6 months -. antidepressants coagulation indirectly

late complications of acute myocardial infarction

wall aneurysm of the left ventricle. aneurysm - swelling of the local wall. More often than not, are located in the front wall and the summit . could be detected by X-ray or physical examination. could dilate blood vessels undergo optionally calcification within its cavity may constitute blocks.

Dressler's syndrome. syndrome or post-infarction Dressler's syndrome, occurs in 2-10 weeks after acute myocardial infarction. manifested clinically chest pain, fever (up to 38-40 degrees Celsius), and the tendency to relapse poliserozita. This autoimmune disease.

of diagnostic methods and X-ray and echocardiography. Duration of the disease varies for up to 3 weeks. Tablets for the treatment of glucocorticoid used.

pericarditis. The reported incidence of pericarditis in 3-6% of cases of acute myocardial infarction, and is often not diagnosed

The most important symptoms of pericarditis -. Persistent pain in the chest. Most patients believe that the recurrence (recurrent myocardial infarction), because it can be difficult to distinguish between pain. However, if the pain is not pericarditis may radiate to the arms, neck, and weakness in swallowing, cough, inspiratory position and the abdomen.

When pericarditis can raise the temperature to 39 ° C for 3 days.

for the treatment of pericarditis prescribed salicylic acid

high blood pressure

high blood pressure -. Increase in systolic blood pressure greater than 140 mmHg and diastolic art. -. Above 90 mm Hg. Art.

There hypertension and secondary hypertension (symptoms).

key factors that determine the level of blood pressure in the body, including the value of cardiac output and total peripheral vascular resistance. Cardiac output - the amount of blood that pumps blood in the great vessels, the aorta and pulmonary trunk in the heart of one. Total peripheral resistance - the amount that characterize how the containers to withstand the flow of blood, largely depends on the smooth muscle in the wall of blood vessels and. With the reduction of the cavity of the lower vessel, increases the value of the resistance and the hardware of the total increase blood pressure. By reducing the pressure to tone decreases accordingly. . With an increase in cardiac output and the value of total peripheral resistance increases in blood pressure, and reduce - reduce

in the development of high blood pressure and humoral factors are important nerve: Activate hormone

. True blood pressure measurement should be performed

measuring blood pressure in the case of complete rest. Not recommended 30 minutes to eat, drink coffee, alcohol and physical activity, and smoking. When you measure your feet should be on the ground, feet off the ground is not permitted to cross your legs completely, flat back on the back of a chair. You need a hand of support before the measure is necessary to empty the bladder. If the person does not comply with these conditions may overestimate blood pressure. After smoking, has been observed to increase blood pressure between 5-10 mm Hg Arts, and drinking alcohol. -. 8 mm Hg art, and drink a cup of coffee. -. And 11-15 mm Hg. Art, and when the bladder fills more than the blood pressure of 10 to 15 mmHg. Art. Failure to focus only on the back of an increase in systolic blood pressure of 5.7 mmHg. . Art, and the lack of support on the legs, and there is an increase in systolic blood pressure of 7 mm Hg diastolic art. -. 11 mm Hg. Art.

Please note that the shoulder in the measurement of blood pressure should be 4-5 degrees intercostal space (nipple). Instead of the upper shoulder Note underestimate blood pressure of 5 mmHg. Art, low -. Inflation of 6 mm Hg. Art. With inflation cuff with a stethoscope is necessary to monitor heart sounds (Korotkov so-called after the inventor of the cuff to measure blood pressure). After the disappearance of the tones need to retrieve the bracelet for the last 30-35 mm Hg. Art. The disappearance of color was observed when the entire block of the brachial artery, and the blood does not flow under the title. After these ratios air. Korotkov note on the appearance of the device as a card indicators systolic blood pressure. This is enough pressure to pass through the narrowed artery during contraction of the heart (left ventricular systole). This is due to the fact that the narrowed artery blood flow was observed turbulent acoustic tones. With the disappearance of colors celebrated in diastolic pressure. In this value, could be the blood that passes without the position of the lid and during relaxation (diastole) of the heart.

average risk (2), in patients who suffer from high blood pressure moderately, and many of the risk factors and patients who suffer from a noticeable increase in BP.

risk of cardiovascular events in 10% of the coming years.

25 May, 2016