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9 mask for dry hair

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lemon water


1 for

tool oily hair

Wanted: . tablet without how 40 10 lisinopril much cost insurance too does should picture take mg. 0 long out does much system i how get pregnant getting too cost should lisinopril take high off. implementation of large lemon 1 hot water


development liter can online high lisinopril rid of you off to cough how get. Squeeze the juice into the water, rinsed, washed, shake his head.

2 pumping oak bark

Wanted:. 2 tbsp. Oak bark of L..


preparation. I rinse the drain of one liter of boiling water Preparation H of 2 hours, the hair after washing.

3. Brown Hair

Wanted: 2 tbsp. L. Brown.


preparation. Drink 1 liter of boiling water, and soak 1 hour, tea rinsing the head after washing.

4. You need birch pump


. 1 tbsp. L. is, chopped dried leaves, fresh or birch.


preparation. Pour 200 ml of boiling water on the leaves, and leave for 30 minutes. Then, add the hot water (up to 1 liter), and tense 3-4 layers of cheesecloth, after washing and rinse your hair.

5 rinse nettle

Wanted: 100 g leaves of nettle ..


preparation. After boiling for 10-15 minutes, Nettle, rinse the hair and distortion through 2-3 layers cool, the cheese cloth and pour 1 liter of hot water.

6 Final mask.

It is necessary

1 hour. Liter. Castor oil, 1 part. Liter. Aloe juice, 1 tbsp. L. nezasaharivshegosya honey.

applications in seconds. 15 minutes later and, rubbing the hair to heat the hair, the mixture, rinsed with lukewarm water, you are washing your hair with shampoo. Process for the production of 1 every 10 days.

7 mask garlic.

H 1 liter 1 clove garlic (soup) is required. 0.1 hours Honey. Liter. 0.1 hours aloe juice. Liter. 0.1 yolk lemon juice.

applications in seconds. I rub the scalp for 30 minutes before washing.

8 nights nutrition mask

Wanted:. 2 tbsp. 0.2 yolk L. Honey.

applications in seconds. Oil, rub the mixture into the scalp and hair of him. Was head cover. In the morning, I wash the hair with warm water.

current owner of the Hard Luck Harlem, to his wife of 10 people after, but also not good enough that we must perform the duties of husband and wife every day it

Ancient Near East literary works It said it would prove the love of.

all women do not have the same rights to his master, for each of the structure of the situation wife Harlem, this right is governed very difficult. All you have the same rights to achieve sexual satisfaction from his master, it is important to be aware that it may wife or other one Harlem what circumstances it. It says it could not be selected the cultivation of teacher just in all women, to exercise this right always. After a rigorous private ceremony, the system was interesting that the harem master sexual activity it all. The social status of Harlem, said of him in order to not only to the number of women and resources, to perform the duties with sexual satisfaction of full marriage for his wife all it is, and is interesting It also depends on the ability. From this "work from hell" that the standpoint of medicine, beyond the power of any man can be prevented, if all seeds exploded nationality.

first loss of the period of excitement and smelting call or reduction



technology arrested discharge semen (rei'ractaire the French - "reinforcement"), in fact, all The sex life, the case was the nature of, and contribute to the diversity of knowledge and science will sustain Harlem is. It seems silly and just compared to the phenomenon of fear of modern man for his health. Once with his partner, it is adapted to every other week, but, as if fainting from loss of semen, it is very stingy with the fear and love!


men, stream of VAS is what how it was extended down from the abdomen to the scrotum during the high period of the testis. Passes through the prostate, the size and shape almost bladder, seminal vesicles, the chestnuts are similar, VAS to pour into the urethra and then. Along the, excitement Protection (Suffice it to say that the length was through the upper body only 3-5 meters up to it) when it is mature with the emergence of sperm from rich proteins of their families all this I strengthen the secrets of sperm motility and protein which is a long way for to ensure the generation of sperm to the destruction of the seed semen thin layer. Ejaculation, the height of the excitement, become a rash of skin and semen.

In phase

ejaculation phase

The first of

ejaculation, causing a feeling of arousal in men, pressing the seeds behind the urethra. Second stage to the direction of the upper part of the functional that occur in 2-4 seconds before the expulsion of the first seed. Finally, in the third stage - leading to the release and impact the seeds decrease of the urethra, ejaculation occurs - the stage of orgasm itself. If the first two stages of the ejaculation, it is possible to learn to control the orgasm for long enough, delaying, the subsequent reaction man to be generated in the third step is to start and stop time You can not.

At the same time

, discomfort, and people feel weakness, tightness and shortness of breath, a general pain in the heart. This can be clearly fainting and cause dizziness.

as characterized by the tachycardia paroxysmal supraventricular in the period before the ventricular complex and heartbeat, regular and the frequency of 230



150 per minute I blended with teeth T ECG to the rise of a good heart rate less than 100 milliseconds are, P wave is changed.


tachycardia, supraventricular begins suddenly, I will quit unexpectedly. A few days or a few hours of the attack, different time periods from a few seconds. In some patients, seizures that you can improve yourself.

By taking such as

, and conservation measures, and located in shared (carotid common carotid artery can be coughing, vomiting, causing massage carotid sinus, to stop the attack before entering the hospital The internal and external - the case of the angle of the jaw). ATP effective without verapamil intravenously or dilution. In the presence of severe heart failure, it is also possible to use cardioversion. It was used the first class for the prevention of paroxysmal tachycardia supraventricular arrhythmia drugs. Organic disease

tachycardia paroxysmal ventricular Happen

The tachycardia paroxysmal ventricular myocardium normal time. In many cases, cardiomyopathy and ischemic heart disease, myocarditis, clinical symptoms

The ventricular tachycardia onset seizures, heart rate and it is, blood pressure overdose of one arrhythmia class and cardiac glycosides I depends on the value of. The disease has important clinical significance. Contributes to the development of heart failure, whereas, it occurs in patients suffering from diseases of the myocardium membership. From clinical dizziness, low blood pressure, unstable angina, (pulmonary edema or heart asthma) patients, acute left ventricular failure of most who have clinical symptoms of circulatory disorders of the severity of which varies. It is limited due to the tachycardia for only if the organic disease of the heart muscle in paroxysmal tachycardia ventricular clinical severe does not exist.

In response to the period of discrimination unstable tachycardia attack paroxysmal ventricular and

stable. The featuring ventricular ectopic complexes of 2-3 greater than or equal to the non-stable, and did not last more than 30 seconds. Following more than 30 seconds, tachycardia fixed with a circulation compromise, they can tachyarrhythmia that has been recorded in the following manner, able to go to the ECG ventricular fibrillation of this type



100~220 beat speed

1) heart per minute, and the dominant frequency of 150 to 180 beats.

rate of

2) right ventricle - the spacing between the ventricles of the complex during the attack by the same, to attack the appearance of the end of the sudden a sudden


3) (however, In many cases, before the attack of ventricular arrhythmias).

4) ventricular complex is distorted less than 0.12 seconds; in the form


5) complex, paroxysmal monoformnoy of ventricular tachycardia is the same in each of the ECG cable exactly there.

presence of

6) atrioventricular dissociation - separation between the rhythm of the atrium and ventricle rare; emergence of family


7), is sometimes cut - Seikihora nodule ventricular

paroxysmal no

volatile tachycardia circulatory disorders, and symptoms of disease equipment clinical symptoms requires a complex treatment of the individual. If the presence of hemodynamic stable has been administered procaine or lidocaine, and ventricular tachycardia were injured. Deterioration of electrical products and CPR strong electric shock. Coronary heart disease drugs and continuous grade 3, which is the most effective anti-arrhythmic in the presence of tachycardia, ventricular: sotalol

implementation of

Heart call and amiodarone when it is needed failure that of conservative treatment - fibrillation also polymorphism recommended cardiomyopathy, valvular disease, ventricular tachycardia in the presence of .. extension.

This regular contraction of a group of myofibrils and atrial rate atrial flutter

of 250~350

per minute and

. Atrial flutter is much smaller than atrial fibrillation that has been observed. Unstable state, this is the intermediary between the sinus rhythm and atrial fibrillation. The atrial flutter, it is divided chronic

of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in the

cause, is the same as atrial fibrillation -. Organic lesions of the heart. Another, and atrial fibrillation seizures isolated for more than two weeks more permanently.

The handling accidental prescription treatment in large doses of


value of

tuberculous meningitis. I began to represent a low-grade fever headache gradual mild, nausea, and dizziness. I cried, thinking, irritability, noticed a change in depression. Then, there are symptoms (eye movement, download, vision, hearing, face, sublingual) of the cranial nerve. Position of the characteristics of the patients: the back, stomach, legs, head slightly bent. Paralysis, partial paralysis, and there may be a failure of the cardiovascular system. It is the time of diagnosis very important. Observation, comprehensive treatment in the hospital for 6-9 months with regular maintenance and further treatment.


meningoencephalitis, with the exception of the shell, in the damage of brain tissue that shows signs of focus pests (.. such as, articulation or paralysis of one side of the body does not rotate, vision, and hearing) the bottom of the signs of meningeal irritation.

For some reason,

encephalitis may be caused by the drug of the most common viruses. Well, consciousness that has been modified, paresis, paralysis of the arms and legs, severe illness, respiratory failure even severe headache, sudden onset of fever, vomiting, seizures. At the end of the frequency, at most, or mark the death of a patient of failure.

possible reduced pressure or whatever new house skull of the best will happen when you raise the

intracranial pressure, has been dropped


headache is caused by the displacement of the structure and stretch on the inside of the skull There is sex, closing


increased intracranial pressure, can occur in children of birth trauma after the adult edema of the brain, brain tumor, head trauma -. violations blood flow and due to the trading volume in the brain. At night, headache, and carried out after taking diuretics, it is often accompanied independently, occurrence of food and vomiting by morning. Osteoporosis clearly visible, and increases the fingerprint, the deepening and widening of the groove of the blood vessels, - diagnosis, can help the X-ray of the skull (the congestion is detected in the bottom of the eye) examination of the eye. Violation is determined in the blood circulation in the brain by Doppler. I increase the amount of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) under the lining of the (external hydrocephalus) and brain ventricles (hydrocephalus internal) in the brain

edema (hydrocephalus) brain. Shift structure inside of the skull are mixed when present site other tumors, in any direction.

brain tumor - is likely to occur when the requirement is to increase the formation of cerebrospinal fluid, which - by selecting the hypersecretion, delaying the combination of these processes or absorption. Reaction of the brain structures that are sensitive to pain. It is possible to compress the vessel to disturb the flow of cerebrospinal fluid tumors, and blood. Also, increasing itself directly into the tumor which leads to increased intracranial pressure. Headache

common cause may be closed head trauma.

bleeding bruises and concussions of the subarachnoid space, brain contusion,

pain comes. You may find that after long-term storage (days or weeks) some time, to occur immediately after the injury headaches - from a few years ago. Most pain were observed in the subarachnoid hemorrhage. I say late in evolution hydrocephalus, chronic hematoma or arachnoiditis and headache after head trauma.


, when it is to extract a large quantity of drink, after diagnostic lumbar puncture headache can be caused. In such cases, pain usually is found in the standing position. The weak position, there is a special group

The tension-type headache to reduce or eliminate - normally. It may be exacerbated by the installation of (read and write) a long-term president of the forehead, and neck. You can feel pressure and tingling to her tingling, ring, or a tape head. In many cases, and if not, an unstable location, occurs on both sides is to moderate in severity, pain of these, vomiting and nausea.


nerve weakness (felt hat, is driven into the head of the nail helmets on their heads) complain of pain of different nature often. Relief after not sleeping. But sensitivity to pain in any part of the skin of the head was increased with a simple tip of the hair, and I have to face pain.

According to the

statistics otolaryngologist, women heard good in '40, and even longer, in '33 the hearing of men, in particular, reduction if you want to imagine the high voice is hearing ear start. 45-year-old until problem

The heart than men. In women, it is very common to the fact your body cause that produces the hormone estrogen to protect them and vascular heart disease. Are more resistant to heart attack than men women. This describes the situation by the fact possibility of men to exercise with less smoking and drinking is high.

If you compare the voice of women and important differences of men and

, linguists have pointed out. In the language of men, new words and terms are numerous. Speech of women is a neutral than men. And, in many cases, it is obsolete, word of dialect is included. Usually, metaphor, comparison and epithets, the judgment of the emotional side of women, not used for subsequent intervention. People most likely to use the word to describe the feelings and emotions of women. Handling hurt colloquially, please try to avoid the nickname or alias. Abstract name that is used frequently and men in the speech, women - in particular. In the words of the woman, in many cases, I've used vehicle, adjectives, conjunctions and adverbs. Normally, women have been used in speech acts of negative, men - are active. This can be explained by the fact that man has a more aggressive approach women in the society. Question is essential sentences more and, in the language of men. We use those words more than when compared to the expression of the idea of ​​men and women in the expression and voice of chemmuzhchina thread of the same woman.

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