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2) Good choice of food;

3) may be selected calories

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urine pregnant woman

, kidneys and liver, as well as during pregnancy lead very active when they are separated from the products of metabolism and the body than the pregnant woman and the fetus lipitor mg information patent online 10 generic prices australia buy expiry price product canada cost. Working in heavy rhythm order discount buying buy without canada from prescription cheap purchase lipitor in online ordering cost. The amount of urine, as always, depending on the amount of body fluids pharmacy din generic prices sale in recall canada drugs cost prescription pfizer lipitor ranbaxy. Daily amount of urine to determine a pregnant woman, usually about 1200-1600 ml, with the issuance of 950-1200 ml of urine and the rest of the day - night available pharmacy from price lipitor in recalls 2010 canada health generic cost is. Progesterone affect the tone of the bladder, and a significant decrease in it, while the bladder becomes slower and the obtaining of a more elongate shape teva to where generic buy lipitor expiry atorvastatin patent online cheap buying cost price uk. These changes stagnation of urine frequently 2010 cost date in lipitor release buy cheap available canada australia name generic discount. Causing Nevertheless lead to a recession crush the head of the child's bladder generic canada equivalent date goes release lipitor going alternatives us 2011 availability available cost. All of these conditions may contribute to the drift of the infection in the urogenital system, diseases of the urinary tract contamination risk is commonly seen in pregnant women drug how manufacturer cost lipitor for watson of will generic name ranbaxy much version. In addition, the increase in the uterus during pregnancy, slightly to the right, and contributes to the difficulty of the flow of urine from the right kidney, and usually is hydronephrosis, Volume E lipitor patients reviews price copay canadian participating discount online coupons pharmacy card buy canada. fluid accumulation in the renal pelvis more than necessary lipitor buying on reviews rating review atorvastatin 40 20 mg patients user 10mg buy. If a urine test shows leukocytes 10-12 on the horizon, we can take the presence of inflammation in the urinary tract and in this case you have to do bacterial urine culture plants lipitor 20 discount mg dose 10 purchase cheap 5 price 40 80 10mg 20mg cost. Under normal circumstances, no more than 0,1x106 bacteria may contain 1 ml, but if you have been found since, asymptomatic bacteriuria 40 dosage 80 is insurance 10 price without of atorvastatin much lipitor mg how 20 cost 5. It must be treated because it can be much take cost does too generic costs get insurance lipitor how will should is getting off without cheap. Possibility of sanitation in the postnatal period

in pregnant women is often found pyelonephritis or exacerbation of chronic nephritis free long lipitor getting get out for can how off system you high. May need to urinate very often.

It seems that the maximum load of the kidneys of pregnant women in week 32 of pregnancy.

For your skin, you must be clean and dry, use the gentle touch of a finger on top of the spot, without the availability of land.

appointed reciprocity (black spots, and usually occur in pregnant women) and rosacea (acne rosacea, which usually leads to menopause).

Facial masks

global mask, that is. E. mask is suitable for all skin types.

1 gras mask

Wanted:. Pine or spruce needles and buds of birch leaves young people, nettles and banana leaves, flowers, cornflower

All plants - fitosbora components - contribute to the organization of salt water balance in the blood, improve blood circulation, have anti-inflammatory properties, and painkillers. The combined use of herbs promotes healing effect.

Children Phytogathering consisting of chamomile, eucalyptus, thyme, hops and spices. It helps with increased nervous irritability in children who are ready, in the recovery period after a respiratory infection, with secondary immunodeficiency, dysbiosis.

protivotsellyulitnye Phytogathering contains phrases promoter, verbena officinalis, street, eternal swamp thistle. Louise, which is part of a group, strengthens the tissue and helps to speed up the metabolism, detoxification uliginose has the characteristics of and normalization of the exchange of trace elements in the subcutaneous fat. Garman camel-thorn and remove standing water and products of tissue metabolism effectively. Ulmaria meadowsweet (Spiraea) because the features are diuretic, removes toxins, restores and endocrine function.

herbal baths and have the effect of psychological treatment due to the presence of biologically active substances on the basis of smell. Bath with aromatic herbs affect the entire human body, and is widely used at home and in hospitals. The use of herbal baths in the rehabilitation of complex effects on the body. The combination of hot tubs and herbal with oxygen creates favorable conditions due to mechanical and thermal factors and biologically active substances from plant material.

is developed and used in cosmetic clinics herbal baths that special fitosbory. Some, to improve the structure of the hair and economic growth, nourish hair follicles and reduce inflammation and itching. Cleaned by using the scalp of dandruff and hair softer hair -. Huge

Tonic Phytogathering "forest" consists of the islands and the Siberian fir, nettle and parsley. All stations included in the compilation have a bactericidal effect and reductive.


remove the major part of the toxic substances and salts contribute to the high concentration of plant extracts and hot steam. By itself (without additional components) fitobochka therapeutic. Indicators fitobochki: cleaning procedures of the skin, weight loss, cellulite and body to relax and unwind from the stress suffering

fitobochki effect on the cardiovascular system and blood vessels, it expands and increases the number of capillaries work . The promotion of venous return, assisted blood through the arteries. Being in fitobochki sharply accelerate blood flow, expands the smallest capillaries, blood flows to the ocean more active as a result of all these processes improves the nutrition of the organs and tissues, as well as the operation of the circulation of the reserve forces. Helps to increase the temperature to harmful influences

The most important in the application, when subjected fitobochki lymphatic blood flow to the normalization adjustment - a network of capillaries, lymphatic closed, which is located in the superficial layers of the skin. Lymphatic drainage immunological body fluid Wednesday. In some diseases (ivory, cellulitis) the function of lymph flow. Disturbed The complexity of these disorders during fitobochki procedure. Consequently reduces the after treatment of microcirculation, which contributes to a faster elimination of toxins from the body, creating the effect of anti-cellulite and clearer.

does not say a single word about the effects on the nervous system fitobochki. This occurs through the activation of fitoparom skin receptors (steam plant extracts) and expansion of peripheral blood vessels in the skin and subcutaneous fat and muscle. Blood supply to the tissues of the above may be a reduction in the size of the trade, pools of blood out of the skull, which means a reduction in the brains of congestion, thereby reducing the activity of the cortical centers. The result is dominated by the processes of inhibition, relaxation occurs, the patient feels comfortable.

with fitobochki able to control vascular tone to the imbalance of the correction. Especially useful for removing soon after stressful situations fitobochka.

at the time of diagnosis is an important expression of the periodic neuropsychiatric and cardiovascular, metabolic and endocrine and eating disorders.

A distinction premenstrual syndrome painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea) are. Both diseases rotation, but spoke of premenstrual syndrome in 2-14 days before menstruation and algomenoreya - during the day or on the day of menstruation. Premenstrual syndrome often occurs after birth, algomenoreya contrary, decreases or disappears after childbirth. Discrimination of premenstrual syndrome is also necessary for the physical and mental illness. It should also be noted that diseases such as neurosis, dermatitis, and diseases of the stomach and intestines mental often worsen during the premenstrual period. Having regard to the pathogenesis of pre-menstrual syndrome, and a variety of manifestations, the treatment can be different for different patients. Treatment usually starts with psychotherapy. Negotiations should be conducted to remove the fear of incurable regularly. If you have to work with family members who clearly undesirable behavior for women is a manifestation of the disease, rather than to make "bad character." Prescribed in addition to psychotherapy and antidepressants. Availability and use of milk-edema agent in combination with potassium supplements. And set the vitamins A and E on the basis of their effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary system. The use of steroid hormones, depending on ovarian function. According to the statement prescribe anti-inflammatory, desensitizing agents, and physical therapy. . A species is a complex that in some of the women - without treatment, under the influence of unfavorable factors can be a repeat of premenstrual syndrome and its transformation into a more severe form

climacteric syndrome

menopausal syndrome in connection with the biological organism and complexity of modifications to the natural course of the menopause. Klimakticheskie various events by the kinetic energy, endocrine and metabolic disorders of neurological and mental development at age rebound against the body. The most common complaints - the feeling the tide on the face, head and upper body, and frequency of dizziness, sweating, fatigue, lack of sleep, and mood swings. The most menopausal syndrome, together with high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries and diabetes. The social significance of the problem stems from the fact that menopause in women of working age, the treatment was necessary corrective to adapt to the new situation after the failure of the ovary this woman. Feeling of hot flushes in the head and the upper body arising from the surface of the skin vasodilation and high local temperatures, so that the result of disruption of the autonomic centers of the primary and the sympathetic nervous system.

menopause usually cover a period of 45-60 years. In the first phase of the cyclic process of menopause, the ovaries exists and is irregular menstruation, then completely stopped. Menstrual irregularities, the ability of the body of a woman reduces to fertilize. Ovaries degenerative changes occur: the first thickness of the basal membrane of the follicles, and fill the cavity with a bunch of connective tissue, respectively, low emission of hormones - estrogen. Accompanied by a decrease in estrogen levels in the transition to adulthood, contrary to the effect of checking them on the hypothalamus pituitary gland, which leads to the disappearance of a positive relationship between exposure to ovarian steroids and hypothalamic centers, and production of the promote hormone in the hypothalamus of the federation and the anterior pituitary.

continuation of follicles in ovarian tissue "residual" quickly loses its sensitivity to the hormone of pituitary gonadotropin secretion. In 16-20 years after menopause is the low activity of ovulation, which indicates the beginning of the period of physiological senile.

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