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women after thirty years in fact need to take calcium supplements sessions as a preventive measure, particularly at risk for osteoporosis (who have a family history of osteoporosis or fractures in the elderly, in whom the birth was a "hard" or has any long-term chronic disease, endocrine disorders, surgery, bleeding, and hard work, or work in the Arctic, and others) generic drug health mg australia 10 assistance 20 of insurance canada lexapro 5mg without cost ireland. There is a need of 1000-1500 mg of calcium per day (t much lexapro effexor does generic sales insurance costs how without medication news from Yahoo cost vs reps. E of for insurance cheap 2009 lexapro sales 2010 online prices cheapest without annual sale. 1-1 comparison pill lexapro 20mg without increase insurance price discount australia retail per cvs usa. g) mg india generic price cipralex of street mexico 10 us lexapro canada uk 20.

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But, research, and other chlorinated pesticides, scientists have learned that many of them also have estrogenic properties of order lexapro vs purchase reviews 20 20mg weight buy gain celexa mg cheap 10. They are used at the present time lexapro size cheap 5mg 10mg price 20 10 cost strengths mg canada 20mg reviews dose. These include: methoxychlor, endosulfan, aldrin, dieldrin, atrazine and some other materials overdose 40 50 dosage 10 mg 60 does 20 depression come lexapro 30 5. Initially explore this estrogen and androgen effects in animals 100 15 20 overdose 2.5 40 mg for lexapro 30 5 anxiety 10. Many of the experiments conducted in different countries, and studied animals (mammals and amphibians) living in xenoestrogens pollution (in this case, and pesticides) dosage how enough anxiety 5 much mg reviews cost it and does 20 lexapro 15 effective 30 pregnancy 10. The results were disappointing: the animals have decreased reproductive function, and is interrupted sexual development and sexual behavior changed and instincts costs much too kill should get lexapro you it can high how is take. In males, there feminization large, and some of them have become incapable of fertilization lexapro much an how should kill you target pharmacy overdose can take of overdose high get getting.

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The danger is that xenoestrogens exactly does the reproductive system of men and women and the fetus. The changes are not only physical health, but also and above all, health and genetics. Availability of human development fully, from the beginning until adulthood, ekoestrogenov exposed.


many of the treatment plants of the population is particularly suitable for the life of drinking water. Sometimes, of course, water can have a strong odor and bad taste, but it is safe for the body. But anyway, to protect against possible risks, it is necessary to use special water filters, which displays on the market in a wide range. More importantly, this was the quality of the candidate certified.

hair coloring

There are many controversial issues arise on topics such as hair coloring during pregnancy. Hair dye (ie, also the most expensive) contains a variety of chemicals, which owns the toxicity of the property, and any substance toxic lead to a variety of physical and genetic malformations of the embryo and fetus. Another thing, if the hair coloring or woman not more than once a month the permanent, so that the dose of the chemical which enters the body of the fetus is negligible to cause interruptions. Scientists have conducted these tests in experimental animals have shown a negative impact of hair dye chemicals, but the dose of these materials a hundred times more than that received by a woman with wrinkles or color. After a period of gestation is better to refrain from such actions or take it in the second trimester of pregnancy.

is not recommended for spicy food, canned food, meats, fatty meats and peas. Alcoholic beverages are not.

E 'need to carefully check the quality of the food (the expiration date on the nitrate content, taste, color, smell, etc. ..). Overeating does not increase the allocation of milk, and is considered a starting point for obesity and high blood pressure. As in other cases, women should be aware of the presence of an excess of sugar, flour and fat "heavy". Ration of breastfeeding women should not be exaggerated, and balanced, ie. E. completed the formation of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals (such as, in fact, in all stages of life).

should not in labor long experience of hunger, but should not eat too much. In order to avoid constipation authorities need vegetables in sunflower oil on an empty stomach - wet peaches, boiled beets

dairy products, but that the source of calcium is good for the small intestine. Laxatives can delve into the milk, so breastfeeding women should not describe. In the absence of the effects of diet and constipation can put constant periodic enemas.

is also not recommended for breast-feeding for the strong tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, citrus fruits, spices, garlic, radically changing the taste and smell of the milk.

must have increased the number of meals. Ideally, they should repeat meals and maternal mortality and breastfeeding match the number of feedings of the child (5-6 times a day 3-4 times per day). The first breakfast - morning tea, lunch and dinner, afternoon tea and dinner, as well as at night cup of milk and milk

But the mother should eat no later than half an hour before the child nutrition ( food that has already begun absorbed and began the process of digestion)

in the distribution of the energy value of daily food for the largest share - for breakfast (25%) and most importantly - Lunch (40% or more) - the use of meat, fish and eggs. Lunch, afternoon tea and dinner - vegetables, cereals, salads and fruit

This happens when you use a combined oral contraceptive show spots of blood between periods, which also contributes to a small number of components of estrogen-progestin.

In these cases it is best to use the tools with a high content of estrogen and progesterone. Long-term use of combined oral contraceptives, and there are characterized by morphological changes in the ovaries, which are the size and structure along the lines of the ovaries in women after menopause. It is the effect of contraceptives and combined oral contraceptive because of the different mechanisms used at the beginning and after prolonged use.

As a result of changes in the cervical mucus and symptoms pupil settlement, and reduced uterine activity reduces the risk of introduction of infection from the vagina to the uterus, tubes and them. At the same time increases the frequency of chlamydial infection and generalized forms, which may be due to a change in vaginal symbiotic.

of particular importance is the pace of operations and genital tumors and hyperplastic breast cancer in women taking long-term combined oral contraceptives. It is believed that the use of combined oral contraceptives operations reduce the risk of cancer and hyperplastic endometrial, ovarian cysts, which was not observed in relation to breast cancer. The pace of operations hyperplastic and malignant tumors of the breast, the background of the extensive use of combined oral contraceptives increases.

of the positive effects of combined oral contraceptives has been observed in those wives without ectopic pregnancy, and in some cases a therapeutic effect in the syndrome hirsutism.

complications pill

and the risk of heart disease and blood vessels when performing combined oral contraceptive recognized by all researchers. Especially dangerous is the development of high blood pressure. The use of combined oral contraceptives leads to the activation of blood clotting because of the element of estrogen, which increases the risk of thromboembolic complications.

and the risk of cardiovascular complications and increases thromboembolism, especially when taking oral contraceptives vehicle and smoking in women over the age of 35 years, and also depends on the dose of hormone ingredients in the tablets. Metabolism

has also been shown

effect of side-by-side working pill on metabolism. It can determine the effect on lipid metabolism antagonistic effects of estrogen and progestin components. Progestin lead to an increase in the amount of low density lipoproteins and a decrease in high-density lipoprotein, and this leads to atherosclerosis undesirable effect. In order to reduce it, and realized to improve the combined oral contraceptive with reduced doses of hormonal ingredients. To a lesser degree of levels of combined oral contraceptives affect blood cholesterol.

Ingredients of drugs and hormonal contraceptives reduce the sensitivity to glucose, affects the amount of insulin in the blood. Similar effects are due to the estrogen component, where women are sensitive to glucose, it is recommended to take the drug, which contain only progesterone.

The worst effects of the combined oral contraceptive system of the heart and blood vessels, and the characteristics of blood clotting and metabolism occur in women who have had to prepare for this disease (hyperplastic state, thrombophlebitis and diabetes in relatives of history or disclosed in a particular survey).

is the negative impact of combined oral contraception weight gain

liver and kidney

It 'important to study the function of the liver and kidney in women taking COCs. This is because the pharmaceutical operations consume hormonal agents occurs mainly in the liver and kidneys. In addition, it is known that estradiol and estradiol norsteroidov cause changes in liver function and cholestasis contribute to operations and elimination of metabolic products produced ingredients combined hormonal oral contraceptive through the urinary tract. In this regard, it can be liver disease and kidney failure can be a reason not to recommend the oral contraceptive pill as a contraceptive common, or cancellation in case of detection of diseases such devices in use of combined oral contraceptives.

symptoms of car use combined oral contraceptives should be noted, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and pain and stress in the mammary glands, depression and loss of libido. These symptoms may occur early in the use of combined oral contraceptives, and then can disappear. For most of the attributes of depression and decreased libido.


depressions associated with tryptophan metabolism to slow down under the influence of a combined oral contraceptive progesterone. With the development of this condition indicates a change in the way to prevent pregnancy.

decreased libido

low libido is due to the inhibition of ovarian function, and reduced the secretion of sex hormones, which can lead to discomfort in the sexual life. The problem has been resolved and the abolition of contraceptives and changes in combined oral contraceptive.

endocrine organs

effect of COCs on the functional status of endocrine organs occurs. Inhibition of the remarkable generation of steroids in the ovaries, and what connects Padania libido. At the same time, the general downward trend and function of the thyroid gland in women taking combined oral contraceptives, celebrated the normalization of relations, as in hyper-and Hypo. With symptoms of high cholesterol can be of vital importance to reduce insulin, which contributes to glucose tolerance. It is the restoration of a significant decrease in the function of glucocorticoids in the adrenal glands and the production of cortisol.

and reproductive function after discontinuation of combined oral contraceptives. During pregnancy and childbirth usually proceeds. It is not enough to study the effect of the combined oral contraceptive on the development of the fetus and newborn. The question of teratogenic effects of oral contraceptives and combined effects on the genetic structure should be more detailed study. E 'therefore advisable after prolonged use of oral contraceptives together when you need to perform the generative function is recommended that women abstain from pregnancy in the first months after ihotmeny.

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