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appliances and razor like,

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hair loss

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Please do not forget the error was repeated once in its lack of exercise leads to a new diet and fat accumulation in cells


or not

when he reaches the age of 45-50 years, producing women menopause syndrome more frequently - and fall (September-October) - usually spring (February month in). Klimaktercheskogo arising directly linked to the onset of changes in menstrual function in the first year of menopause

syndrome, Masu


For the clinical picture of the

disease, it is a most typical flash of heat to the front of the upper torso and head. Erythema, followed by 30 seconds per minute or two, this condition occurs is sweating. You can be the spark flashing in front of eyes headache is retained, breathing, fear and anxiety, palpitations and dizziness. In many cases, the brand is emotionally unstable. Characteristics of menopausal syndrome vegetonevroticheskie vessels and symptoms of convulsions tendency of the blood vessels of small diameter. With the rest, in the active state, the mental stimulation - can sometimes occur in different environments, in the form of a rapid increase in the instability of the high pressure of blood pressure and pulse rate (instability) . The emergence of the pain of the mind, hence the need for the differential of myocardial infarction or angina diagnosis. I felt hot flushes in the face, something nausea, attacks of pain, shortness of breath, just before the base of the hand, and the hand, and I feel the numbness, you can see the cold sweat and chills. Pain does not disappear taking a rest and muscle relaxants severe. Is there a change in the electrocardiogram, but there is no sign of the destruction of the heart muscle. Positive therapeutic effect was observed in the appointment of sex steroid medications disease. Feeling cold, pain occurs in the member on the night - most women menopause syndrome concern violations of the change in the musculoskeletal system and skin sensitivity. The development of the participation of the spine type of osteoarthritis with symptoms of degeneration. Have you found a change in the operating status of the thyroid gland in the form of a reduction, to improve its function. Among the psychological emerging issues, women of the following are on menopause:

1) apersonalnoe the indifferent behavior;


2) device;

3) development action

this neurosis, sexual dysfunction was observed in women with a history

the history of this maternity

connecting point and the start of symptoms characteristic of

of the patient's own menopause. However, in the case of symptoms of superiority of the cardiovascular system, the shape which has been deleted hypertension, disease, the force that is difficult to diagnose. Arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, chronic infections, and neurological disorders: to identify these diseases that can be in the study of the analysis, to assist during the menopause syndrome complex is required. The disease, if the last pregnancy, were studied fertility and menstruation in particular. To clarify the characteristics of complaints menopause syndrome, to implement changes in menstrual function, whether or not there is a dependence of its appearance - most often the syndrome occurs in the two years following the start post-menopausal. Signs of facial expression, the subcutaneous fat, endocrine disruptors - a careful study of compensation to the appearance of the patient. Mild, moderate, and the disease could be serious for. Performance of Women and the overall health of 10 does not degrade - slight hot flashes per day. Can be expressed in a variety of conditions (deterioration dizziness, headaches, sleep, memory, etc.) until 10 to 20 days of the tide, and poor performance in a reasonable form.

If there is pain

mind, you do not stop taking nitroglycerin and 20 minutes or more continuously, but you have to think of myocardial infarction. It is necessary to make an emergency call as "ambulance" to provide a complete rest, the patient.

to delete the ECG using a portable device to

emergency, or have a confirmation of pre-hospital cardiac team refuted arrived diagnosis. .

You can also

Doctor "ambulance" requiring cardiac resuscitation required hospitalization aspirin for


1) language nitroglycerin give patients;

) with opioids for acute myocardial infarction has been used most often morphine (to do so 2) anesthesia; Masu.

All activities


3) ECG every minute later to determine the potential introduction of antiarrhythmic drugs in case of poor prognosis arrhythmia occurs since the count, it has been practiced since the patient's home to the cardiovascular department. Thrombolytic therapy in the hospital earlier starts, prevention of myocardial necrosis probably

after hospitalization,

1 room: The heart of intensive care, I went to the following treatments. Pain relief. When the pain does not stop at the hospital before, prescription severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, 1 tablet of nitroglycerin under the tongue that side effects as low blood pressure, hospital all 5 minutes. Acute myocardial infarction of the right ventricle against nitroglycerin

morphine -. This is an important drug for pain relief of the myocardial infarction. The intramuscular and subcutaneous invalid, every 15 minutes until the pain subsides, it is administered intravenously. If the tablets of nitroglycerine station does not exist at the end of the intravenous infusion and the positive effect of morphine,

2 of the second major trend in the treatment of myocardial infarction - the thrombolytic and antiplatelet therapy. The use of acetylsalicylic acid in a dose of 150-300 mg (preferably pre-hospital) carefully.

thrombolytic therapy is carried out using a transmural myocardial infarction.

include the following agents to be used for

thrombolytic therapy. Diluted in saline and injected intravenously under a special medication solution - streptokinase. Drugs used in allergy to streptokinase - alteplase. Drug belongs to the tissue plasminogen activator. After alteplase

necessary to streptokinase thrombolysis, repeated administration is against absolute contraindications to

thrombolysis if used to prevent anaphylactic shock is usually: Masu.

1) race;


4) before;


2) trauma, surgery

3 months

3) passed thrombolytic

streptokinase (alteplase)

about this


5) dissecting aneurysm of the aorta management, gastrointestinal bleeding during the month of the Masu: 6) allergic to against relative contraindication.

transient ischemic attack

1) the last six months, and Masu, treatment


2) indirect anticoagulants.

3) pregnancy; prolonged bleeding


4) after injection; 180 mm or more


5) mercury in systolic blood pressure. Art, diastolic -. 110 mm Hg. Masu Art.

low self-esteem, which leads to the inability to maximize its potential. Tend to have high self-esteem

Member himself to set unrealistic goals, I impose unrealistic request to others. Able to find its place on a scale just to determine the level of self-esteem, the more intelligent. "- More stupid" Usually must be above the middle a little - it, each located at the top and bottom, it's self-esteem and expansion. Self-esteem, you can when you show fraud and errors, one day, she can take off at any time by the fall and praise to change in a short period of time. However, there is little difference adequate to inadequate self-esteem, you will need to know the basic principles help strengthen again.

Principle 1: It is kind of the point of the general behavior of them, negative and positive, or low self-esteem or high starting. There, there is nothing more important than self-determination to the problem of the outlook for the future is clear. A, there is a risk to spend my life need low self esteem to try to make me at least a little, than not.

Principle 2: The level of self-esteem depends on the awareness of self-confidence and self-importance of his own. Its value - the joy of the people to know that you have your own body, mind, spirit as well as, D. trust yourself -. Invincible faith, you can be responsible for what happens in this unpredictable world mainly in their ability.

as an appropriate response to their own conscience, must not be very important for the growth and development of the judgment and opinion of the person

No principle 3

Principle 4: The opinion of themselves, foreign and evaluate the appearance of a person at all, it is necessary to remember that none of this seems to be not to be important. Leave because of the need to assess the benefits of its ever appearance to please you

Principle 5: People can be the worst enemy of you or your best friend. Do not forget the particular person alone anyone else and his own destiny to be determined. Assertiveness - this is very useful.

is sufficient here, it is a statement of some so close to the self-esteem of her. They can be used in all situations of daily life. Such statement, in itself, will help you learn how to strengthen their faith in their own strength, to trust you in any situation.

1 Control your thoughts, feelings, behavior - I. The relationship of my health, my people and I will help strengthen my work to improve the lives of my staff them.

2 I am a decent and good guy.

3 I can achieve the goals and objectives of what was planned for you today I completely.

4 I have full confidence in the judgment and my ability to the test of life that has been designed to prove your worth. So I am aware of the results of decisions and actions.

5 I assume that you are responsible for the value of my life.

6 I, so that you can in order to achieve success and growth, to discover a wide field of view thanks to them, I have learned from the mistakes and problems with me.

7 My soul, body and mind that I can to achieve success in any business is a powerful unit.

8 Nevertheless, the events of my life, I can be happy.


This autonomous training -. It is one of the powerful ways that affect the psychological state of the body. The conversation between the phrases of self-hypnosis, you will be able to rebuild the inner world of his fundamentally, it is the nature of human beings. You may be using anger management. Change the characteristics of the character, anxiety, get rid of bad habits and irritability, to cure the disease of the mind and the body a little, perhaps, the disease of the individual within the organization because of problem of liquidation E. mental health

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