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In the ovaries - Prehistory follicles, there are about 700,000, many atrophic follicles but (primary email, novice development . for 40 online sales pharmacy drug 500 price uk cost mg lasix furosemide sale dogs. They are mature

After the girls more or less used for hormonal crisis prescription uk purchase buying without buy online medication sale order australia lasix canada. new conditions of existence (she lives far away from, the most important of these innate reflex unconditional - food, then - the protection and defense), and the newborn in a new stage of development - the period of childhood, and the view of the hormone 1 month to 8 years - a neutral period, when the level of sex hormones is at a minimum

The physical development of girls in the different periods age and the increase of the size and body weight

The highest observed in the growth rate furosemide lasix prescription without form no trade and uk for generic drug names name. Children, especially during the first and second quarter of the first year of a child's life pictures 100 lasix image identification photo mg 40 generic substitute furosemide tablets drug equivalent.

kanamycin can not be given with other antibiotics, has nephrotoxic properties nose-mouth lasix furosemide canadian price pharmacy mg discount for 12.5 40 name reviews cheap generic online.

Cephalexin mg 80 20 100 price lasix kg generic 12.5 dosage cost 500 dogs 40 for. 0 iv how take loss 20 weight 40 120 80 much potassium 160 mg lasix. g 4 times a day - provided in the first two days of the drug of 0 get how getting can take why much too my lasix potassium dog much with is off give horses race. g four times a day for three days get horses where online how why prescription its to did lasix name do. Dose acute uncomplicated gonorrhea item fee - 5.0, in complex and chronic forms -. 7.0 g

Tsefobid. Intramuscular injection of 1.0 g per day, on the track, if they are fresh -. 3.0 g

rifampicin. Every 6 hours for 30 to 60 minutes before a meal, on the golf course - patients with recent acute, subacute and Drug uncomplicated gonorrhea 0.3 g (0.6 g initial reception) - 1.5 g; Gonorrhea other forms of treatment is carried out by the same procedure performed on the track - 6.0 g rifampicin against pregnant

sulfadimetoksin .. sulfamonometoksina and antibiotics in case of intolerance, and after penicillin unsuccessfully . The first 2 days appointed 1.5 g 3 times a day at regular intervals in the coming days - 0.1 g 3 times a day. head of acute and sub-acute uncomplicated gonorrhea dose - 15.0 g; in other forms -. 18.0 g

Biseptol. Patients with recent drugs given four tablets of acute and subacute gonorrhea every 6 hours on the ground - 7.68 g (16 tablets); in other forms -. 9.66 g (20 tablets)

Sulfaton. Patients with tablets drug charges gonorrhea given four acute and subacute (1.4 g) every 8 hours for the course - 4.2 g Where other forms of the disease - 5.6 g (so complex - 7 , 0 g).

immunotherapy. Gonovaktsina shows the ineffectiveness of antibiotics, slow moving and slow growing new forms of chronic gonorrhea after the acute gonorrhea. The vaccine is administered intramuscularly. First injection - 200-250000000 of microbial bodies. After each injection administered 1 to 2 days, a dose dependent response of the first administration, with subsequent administrations, up 150-300000000 microbial organisms. One dose may be up to 2 billion microbial cells, and the number of authorities to be -. 6.8

after the first administration of the vaccine, a severe systemic reaction (nausea, vomiting, fever, etc. ..) after treatment of vaccine should be abandoned.

Pirogenal intramuscularly every two days from 50 to 100 MTD (low pyrogenic dose), the dose increase with each successive injection MTD 100-150. With an increase in body temperature at a dose of 38.5 ° C Pyrogenal not increased. During treatment prescribed 6-8 injections. The maximum individual dose -. MTD 800-1000

Prodigiozan administered intramuscularly, individual dose as tolerated, determined from 15 mg. If, after the first injection, the temperature rises to 38 ° C, the dose Prodigiozan, when the reaction temperature above 38 ° C after the dose is halved. Increasing the dose of 10-15 mg. Treatment The patients received 4 injections at intervals of 4-5 days. The maximum single dose - 75 mg

The hot water, under constant evolution, mixing and cold currents, which can be compared to the female psyche :. If the woman is not often that choice, men do not understand women "illogical" discussions. Change

women believed that the speed of light, while the thoughts of men are always clearly focused on something. The topics of conversation men are changed only after the previous property.

Gender differences in the field of higher mental functions physiologists concerned people in the thirties of the last century. Scientists have developed a research program of mental capacity, emotional reactions and gender interests. In the experiments, we found that all psychological degrees are divided into male and female. Established differences often show a brave man can women by other means, and vice versa. For example, female athletes may have low levels of femininity in the traditional sense (handball). But at home, they are male and female hiding under makeup, grooming and manners. So most of the characteristics of masculinity and femininity to a person may be present. The formation of these properties and methods of expression depends on the nature of women and men, as well as education. Sociologists today to study changes in the content and structure of social sex roles. For example, the division of labor by sex has no limits, it's always been like family relationships between men and women. Women in labor are primarily male traits and men thinking style. The question is whether a woman chooses this type of class in the warehouse of his character or personality are influenced by this type of activity. Women expect a man to help and support in their daily lives, but at the same time, competition is at work. Often, these measures will lead to psychological problems. But today, the ideals of femininity and masculinity are contradictory, since the link traditional and modern concepts. Ideal woman in the nineteenth century, tenderness, passivity, dependence on men are a. The men had to appear strong, independent, adventurous. In the XXI century. feminine traits of past centuries are also appreciated, but these qualities are mobility, feminine spirit, lots of energy and other supplements. With a woman like that is much more enjoyable, but also difficult. Like, play different roles in different places, which requires different treatment. Therefore, the concept of femininity is historically. Its content varies in social development, understanding changes in development of the concept of the other - of masculinity. Western experts, sociology predict differences in the roles of women and men in the future. This prediction Russian sociologists refused on the grounds that sexual difference is related to manifest in the world of work and in the field of sport and culture.

mental characteristics of women and men in the high and low ground. Female psyche because of their slow development and slow braking is very low due to late response to external stimuli.

Parents should remember that punishment must follow immediately after the crime, and the degree of supervision shall not exceed authorized child.

If the sentence is much delayed action, the child can not understand the reasons for the sentence, as in early childhood, children are not yet formed spatio-temporal relations and is not in his field of vision is not available for children. For a child, this is very important, which is the cause of it, in any case, must include a real character. So, tell the child about the dangers of smoking a cigarette in his mouth does not make sense, because smoking is basically impossible for anyone, ever. In this situation, the child is unable to understand the situation, he was punished. An important aspect of education is a reality and punishment. Sometimes parents come with fantastic punishments as "not cry if you stop now, you'll be in the corner all night", "If you do not eat, do not I feed every day", and so The child may come a nervous breakdown because he understands what is not running on the situation, the order of the parents, and it is expected more trouble later. N. In this case, Perhaps even more difficult. In all cases, before punishing a child, you have the reason for their actions to understand, maybe it's not a fad, but a manifestation of cognitive activity, or may -be need this behavior, age itself.

Here are the stories of parents who are there to be seen by a child psychologist.

"I know the kids can not be beat, and corporal punishment is not allowed Yes, I'm using your finger and do not touch You know how I felt terribly afraid of the dark - Well .. I farm in the basement, turn off the lights and leave them alone. you should have seen what became obedient! "That boy found a strong neurosis.

" You think I can not. Oh, to see through them. Deliberately slowly loosen the belt and do not have time, even touching, and he cried and called my mom for help "- like a second father said, unhappy poor artists son, a third grader

"I have a principle in vain :. can not measure until the child reaches something perfect, but it never came ... I just try to do what I had a sense of responsibility and that responsibility is not in sight "- This statement begins the long story of a third parent, which greatly embarrassed by the behavior of twelve children and adds his son - a bad lazy liar speaks bad grades in school, no aid is not a punishment.

In the above statements of these fathers obvious errors and excesses in training, but that does not mean that only they can avoid similar moments of parenthood. cruel, rude and snapped (see the first example above), it is a child, the lack of understanding of their child (as in the second example), invent for themselves ridiculous guidelines (training in the third case) - the total is more than enough, unfortunately, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles and other family members who are actively involved in the education of their child.

I have to concentrate on the third case, because it is much more frequently mentioned episodes. Such a situation - is not uncommon, and at least once, but there are in all families, and many parents are. This alone is sufficient for a detailed analysis of the reason for marital status. Father argues that the sentence is not the desired result, and it came to a psychologist to see if there is a penalty that affects your child. Later, mother and son, said his father could be any type of approval and praise. He also believes that children and should not wait for his father for help and advice "are all power." Father of this family meticulously supervised the functions and duties and it forces us to make a baby and child nesdobrovat when an error is detected. Young avoids this control in all possible ways. At the same time, he began teaching, following the deterioration indices fall and rising of each parental demands academic performance. And here ready to start a family disaster. While there is no doubt that the intentions of the good father, the guy who appreciates and wants to take their best. For starters, this issue, we must ask to be solved, which is worth it. Show the accident or arrest for the shoddy work of a joke or other crimes will remember. Friends come to mind, for the slap was common, as was sprayed on the right and far left, and often without giving a reason, not "prison" could not write cleaner. It should be clear that the punishment -. This is not an action by the Punisher, and what happens in the mind, nakazyvaemogorebenka

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