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The essence of the method of analysis is the effect of the electric power supply through the pole failed to hair follicles, an area of ​​hair growth. Electrolysis process, reliable, and with the help of excess hair can be discarded.

The modern aesthetic medicine has many ways of electrolysis, and include the main roads electrical, thermal, and blending techniques flash.

needle (active electrode) in the hair follicle, where voltage is applied and gave the reaction in electrolysis (splitting water molecules to ions). The final product of the interaction of sodium hydroxide is electrolysis, a chemical coagulation follicles property. Electrolysis is to liberate themselves to be very effective, but slow way of unwanted hair. This method is effective when the method with many of the poles of the needle (investigations reusable). Electrolysis is recommended for local areas (limited) from the skin. Are the side effects of the implementation of the checkout process on the skin in the area of ​​hair removal, electrolysis and irritation.

is provided thermal effect on the high frequency electric current for a short duration of the electrical pulse, and the effect of thermal (clotting) and the destruction of hair follicles. Creates a special needle with a coating buffer along the entire party with the exception of, which reduces pain during the procedure. Include

laboratory tests of blood, urine, vaginal secretions, and blood biochemical tests, proteinogramma and cellular examination of the vaginal portion of the cervix.

eliminate immunological studies:. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and immunoblotting, immune status, skin and allergy testing

If you select studies of viral antigens of HIV in the blood and vaginal secretions, amniotic fluid, placenta. The

further serological tests to determine Rh accessories, and the Council of Chief Executives and RIF for syphilis, toxoplasmosis and cytomegalovirus ELISA. If microbiological testing to determine also the plants harvested blood, urine, feces, and secretions from the mouth.

peculiarities of post-natal and post-surgical procedures are (recipe) the use of accurate and rigorous of antibiotics on the basis of indicators. Immunity


syphilis -. Infectious disease, chronic caused by Treponema pallidum and characterized the lesion statutory body and the stages of the progressive course

ways and mechanisms of infection

In spite of the successes that have been achieved in laboratory experiments to infect animals in the wild animals are not exposed to syphilis . Transfer is only from one person to another, of course, possible. As a source of infection, and the patient is the most dangerous in the first two years of the disease. After 2 years of reducing the infection of infectious patients, infection of people are less likely to connect. Prerequisite for infection is the presence of the "gate" - injuries (traumatic microscopic) stratum corneum or mucosal epithelium

There are three types of transmission:. Contact, blood transfusions and the placenta. Happens most often infected with syphilis by contacting

By the way - can happen contamination through direct contact with a sick person.: Sexual and asexual (local)

The most common infection that occurs through direct sexual contact. . Rarely achieved in a non-sexual direct infection in practice (as a result of the kiss, bite). In the local environment of a particular risk of infection are very small in the presence of active forms of syphilis in the parents. Mandatory in the preventive treatment of children who were in close contact with patients who suffer from syphilis. In the case of direct occupational exposure to health professionals (dentists, surgeons, doctors and gynecology, pathology) compared with syphilis, and the curing process, during a surgery with internal organs, rarely considered anatomy.

could happen inflammation in indirect contacts - all objects contaminated with biological material that contains pathogenic treponemes. The most common, and infection occurs through objects that come into contact with the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Cups, spoons, toothbrushes

House syphilis risk of real people close contact with the patients home: family members, and members of closed groups. Indirect infection in hospitals by medical instruments which can be reused excluded if treated correctly.

The patient is infectious syphilis in all periods of the disease, because the incubation period. The greatest danger is, especially in patients who suffer from syphilis, primary and secondary, with weeping rashes on the skin and mucous membranes - syphiloma primary corrosion or ulcerative, corrosion soaked, vegetans papules, especially at the point of the mucous membranes in the mouth and genitals, and in skin folds. syphilides dry less contagious. In pustular papules content elements treponemy did not recognize. Manifestations of syphilis higher is practically not contagious, because they screw individual only, and included lies deep infiltration.

saliva of patients who suffer from non-infectious syphilis in the presence of sores in the mouth. Breast milk and semen and vaginal secretions contagious even in the absence of lesions in the breast and genitals. Secret race, not tear fluid and urine of patients contain treponemes. . Contagious in patients with early forms of syphilis lesions unspecified lead to violation of the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes: herpes, and cervical erosion

path transfer - the transfer of syphilis and developed a blood transfusion from a patient taken syphilis from donors , and realized in practice, is extremely rare - only in the case of direct transfer

Chapter undergoes two evaluation method of birth control

Are women in the reproductive period, the body League complicated operations .. These processes are menstrual cycles in women. Cyclical changes in the menstrual cycle when an egg from the ovary expressed in the maturation and release (ovulation), and the complex hormonal changes (increase or decrease the amount of sex, not only, but also other hormones).


every woman's ovaries and 400,000 small immature follicles together. Each follicle is mature up to full education and the egg is fertilized. From the age of puberty (the ability to reproduce) to the extinction of fertility in the ovaries are constantly in the process of oocyte maturation. This process is repeated according to the particular session, prepare the body for pregnancy. If at a certain time, ovulation does not occur and the lack of pregnancy, menstruation has occurred -. Periodic discharge of blood from the uterus

menstrual cycle

menstrual cycle, and physiological processes occur in a woman's body is called a certain period of time - from the first day of menstruation for the first day of the next menstrual period. As a result, the account is held days of the menstrual cycle.

occur periodic shift in the time of the menstrual cycle in the uterus and ovaries. In one of the ovaries with the first day of the menstrual cycle begins follicles develop rapidly in the mature egg. 10-18 of the ninth day (average of 14 days) follicles run and disclosed, as a result of the egg is added to the abdominal cavity and through the fallopian tube fimbriae. The egg, so that retains the ability to enrich follicles within 24-48 hours. During the same time, viable in the female genital cells are the male sex. Transport sperm from the vagina to the uterus and then into the fallopian tube. Pregnancy in the hopper enters the fertilized egg using a tube bahromok movement inside the uterus. Then, the fertilized female reproductive cell divides, and for several days to reach the uterus, where it is in the wall. This process is called implantation. At the end there is a formation of the fetus, and the maturation of ovarian corpus luteum of pregnancy on the former site of the pores.

include two phases of the menstrual cycle. The first phase, and the development of reproductive cells for females, and the second phase includes the formation of the corpus luteum. In the case of the absence of pregnancy, the body yellow and die within 12-14 days after ovulation and menstruation next. Under the influence of the hormone progesterone - progesterone - increased body temperature to 37 ° C (or higher) for 1-2 days before the release of a mature egg or on the day of its publication. And called the body temperature in the rectum during the menstrual cycle basal body temperature. Before

3-4 days of ovulation the cervix accumulate a large amount of mucus is clear that the end of the vagina. Slime has the ability to stretch in the 10-16 cm. After 2-3 days of the release of a mature egg slime disappears from the cervix and vagina.

way to prevent pregnancy on the basis of physiological detection of ovulation, ie on the base. E. The time when the pregnancy is more than possible. There is only a risk of fertilization during ovulation in 24-48 hours before and after, for example. E. Age total germ cells of male and female.

If you need to evaluate a way to prevent pregnancy several factors into account

1. ovulation can occur earlier than 2-3 days (for example, on day 10 -11 of the menstrual cycle instead of the expected 14). Often can happen out of the egg in the early during intercourse under the influence of intense orgasm strong.

The second male germ cells in the genital tract of women to retain the possibility of fertilization within 1-2 days after intercourse, the former president on the eve of a mature egg.

3, ovulation can occur after a few days, for example as a result of depression, stress, malnutrition and overwork.

is calculated time to mature egg from the basal body. To create a basal body temperature you can check the temperature. Always the same temperature. Must measure basal body temperature early in the morning every day at the same time, women should fall on your side, and bend the legs slightly; entering the narrow part of the heat to 3 cm in the anus (colon). It should be a period of temperature measurement 6-7 minutes;, in order to determine the temperature, date and day of the menstrual cycle. Recommended to keep on schedule.

It is believed that the possibility of pregnancy disappears after 2-3 days after an increase in basal body temperature above 37 degrees Celsius. From this time and could be released before intercourse menstruation. Possible to determine ovulation and the presence of cervical mucus and supple. In the lower part of the vagina woman found large quantities of mucus. After 3-4 days of the mature egg cell in the body cavity, and the high temperature basal release. During this time, it is advisable to abstain from sexual intercourse or other contraceptive methods. If the basal temperature is 16-17 days, it refers to the pregnancy.

This method can be used at any time during the period of puberty. The value of this method lies in the fact that women are able to abnormalities of the menstrual cycle, and seen the introduction of latent Most gynecological diseases.

in the future, after the founding of minutes and can be reused ovulation period, especially if full compliance is determined in the same day of the menstrual cycle, you can not measure the basal body, and focus only on the change woman.

In the first observation, and indications and contraindications for spa treatment, and there are a lot of misunderstandings happen on this earth.

spa treatment for patients and described: in a period of remission or exacerbation clear of peptic ulcer disease. In the presence of adhesions and adhesions. Caused by the symptoms of stomach motility by inflammation of the stomach and pylorus spasm in at one time. . After gastrectomy

spa treatment of bleeding contraindicated. If you suspect the possibility of perforation of the ulcer and malignant transformation of the ulcer. Who suffer from motility disorders of the stomach scar changes in the stomach and duodenum caused

and Resorts manages a number of medical factors, among which occupied a special place of mineral water, mineral water alkaline healthy -. Borjomi, Smirnov, Slavyanovskaya (Source Zheleznovodsk) and Essentuki No. 17 and No. 4

must be in cold water even in kind or in the form of a hot (40 degrees Celsius), because they aggravate the process of ulcerative can lead. You must drink 1 cup for 30-60 minutes before eating. If the water in the meals in the duodenum, and may hinder the secretory function of the stomach. If you receive the same water while eating stimulates gastric secretion. Mineral water accelerates the evacuation of food from the stomach and reduces inflammation in the gastric mucosa. The average course of treatment with mineral water about 20-24dney.

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