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the body cesarean

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The aponeurosis court fully to produce a scalpel, but the surgeon with less experience is better to make a small incision at first, and then a pair of scissors extend in the direction of the matrix and the navel to the desired size canada for 10mg sale us generic inderal 80 price propranolol of australia cost online buy.

opening of the peritoneum must be done very carefully and in detail, to begin the navel as the peak pregnancy bubble can be set higher for price cost pharmacy uk propranolol order brand drug canada generic australia inderal. Particular attention should be open on the second laparotomy peritoneal adhesive disease because of the risk of damage cancer, bowel, bladder, etc pregnancy canada inderal gain pharmacy equivalent cipla safe online propranolol generic form 10mg weight. . canada pharmacy migraines reviews mg for anxiety online la 40 80 patients inderal buy. Opening peritoneum abdominal incision pad shield, whereby entry of amniotic fluid and blood in the peritoneal cavity 10 60 160 20 80 cost generic mg buy 40 anxiety la uses 10mg price inderal.

At the moment, the anterior abdominal wall often show transverse suprapubic Pfannenstiel incision 160 take mg la half 10 much 20 inderalici 40 how should tablet 80 inderal. This section is very rarely complicated by postoperative hernias and Barbera where getting off inderal much do it to pregnant take get how you can. After the operation, prior to stress that contributes to the prevention of thrombosis patients and other complications.

the cross section shape of the arc is carried suprapubic fold length from 15 to 16 cm. Skin and subcutaneous tissue to be cut. The latter is desirable to not cut perpendicular to the aponeurosis, and some individuals navel, reducing the blood flow from the wound. Naked aponeurosis dissected arcuate penetrate the skin to cut 3-4 cm. Fascia foolish to separate the fingers, followed by a direct and oblique muscles on the pubic area and the umbilical ring (not to violate the integrity of the blood vessels). Aponeurosis Otseparovanny back down to the pubic bone and the navel. This is relatively high (above the vagina) dissection fascia helps increase access to the pregnant uterus. Just cut finger belly longitudinally. Considering that the upper limit of the bladder (including discharge) at the end of pregnancy and especially during labor 5-6 cm above the pubic area increases, be careful when opening the peritoneum.

For the best access to the uterus dissection of the anterior abdominal wall may be made by the method of Joel - Cohen (1972). This modification of the surface 2-3 cm laparotomy was performed at the same time cross-section of the straight line of skin nadsekayut anterior iliac bone scalpel further incision in the midline in the subcutaneous tissue and fascia.

occur in the ovaries of women of childbearing age, recurrent changes: in the process of ovulation, the follicle matures, he comes to egg formation of the corpus luteum.

With the phases of the menstrual cycle and associated hormonal function of the ovaries. Primary - Primary - follicles in the ovaries of the female fetus formed in the womb. By the end of the second month of life of the girl in her ovaries contain follicles from 300,000 to 400,000, and stops at the time of formation of new hair follicles. The emergence of follicular hormones affect the mother. With the growth of girls, girls, life, women number of follicles gradually. A large number of companies and dissolved in childhood, before the onset of menstruation and 36-40 years in the number of these, only 30,000-40,000 eggs follicles with a single layer of flat cells surrounding follicular epithelium. Since the process of maturation, egg grows in size, proliferating epithelial cells (to form layers 8-10) and rounded.

Then the cells of the granular layer of pressure fluid to the accumulation of epithelial cells, wherein a cavity is formed. Pressing the accumulated liquid egg outer layers of the ovary. Here she is surrounded by 20 to 50 rows of follicular cells, and there is a hill - Graaf bladder and reached 10 mm in diameter. Inside the egg is in the development stage and gradually mature follicle with a diameter of 1.2-2 cm. Maturity process takes about 10-14 days, after which ovulation occurs. Prior to movement of ovulation of follicles on the surface of the ovary, ovarian cancer tissue conical projection is formed on the spot. Circulation and ultimately the follicular wall that developed follicular fluid and the egg gets into the abdominal cavity. During the menstrual cycle, usually only one matured follicle. When ovulation occurs slight bleeding into the abdominal cavity, and the cavity of the follicle. Radiant crown - egg release surrounded by 3-4 rows of cells. If conception does not take place, then after 12 to 24 hours follicle starts to decompose into a cavity of the fallopian tubes. However, the rupture of the follicle in the ovary formed corpus luteum. Cave gradually grows and becomes yellow

In the different phases of the ovarian tissue of ovaries produce hormones -. Estrogen, progesterone and androgen small amount. During the period of maturation of the follicles, primarily related estrogens (estradiol, estrone, estriol), because many of them spend the 11th day of the cycle, and then gradually decreases and then increases again to 21-22 º day flowering yellow body . Numbers in the body of progesterone in the first half period is small, then increases with the development of the corpus luteum and its peak value and 17 to 19 º achieved day and then gradually decreases. Isolation of testosterone (androgenic hormone) in the first phase of the cycle is low, during ovulation increases, then decreases and increases again at 26 day cycle. During menstruation, the intensity of the lower rank.


The structure of the uterus

woman's uterus is a pear-shaped organ in the pelvic cavity between the bladder and the rectum.

, to apply

In addition to the causal pathogen and appropriate treatment, taking into account the possibility that the transition of the disease in asymptomatic, latent state.

The treatment should be carried out simultaneously for both partners. This requires a complete prevention of candidiasis, levorin to use nystatin or daily dose of 2000000 units consists of the entire period of treatment of chlamydia.

If the causal efficacy of the treatment of chlamydia antibiotics tetracycline, macrolides and rifampicin. Sulfonamides, in which case a very low activity. In the acute phase of the disease genital below using tetracycline 500 mg every 6 hours for 7 days, the dose of 14.0 to chronicle directional dose ascending infection and acute inflammation is increased to 28.0 g, the duration of treatment - 14 days. In acute and subacute forms prescribed methacycline hydrochloride (rondomitsin). In the treatment of complications to 10 days. With contraindications tetracycline administered morfotsiklin - / in 20 ml of 5% glucose solution. . In uncomplicated forms within the prescribed doxycycline

In the treatment of gonorrhea, chlamydia mixed-use treatment is recommended doxycycline - 8-10 days. At the same time, have the enzyme preparation of 0.2 g 3 times a day

Sumamed (azithromycin) -. The new representative of macrolide antibiotics, broad-spectrum bacteriostatic. When administered orally is well absorbed and rapidly Sumamed various tissues where they are repeatedly allocated to high is higher than the concentration in serum reached.

This drug has a long half poluelimenatsii and slowly released from tissues. These characteristics determine the possibility of once a day to reduce sumamed and duration of treatment.

For the treatment of chlamydial infection in recent years, the use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics (pefloxacin, Abaktal, numbers tsiprobay zanotsin al.).

Erosion begins with antibacterial drugs with no effect on the desired surface erosion diathermocoagulation and mucous membrane of the cervical canal to treat.

The positive clinical results with electrocoagulation has more sensitive to the effects of pathogenic chlamydial heat mucosa and subsequent recovery of entire infected epithelial cells. Successful treatment of infection with chlamydia is extragenital gynecological diseases depends on the timely and effective treatment of opportunistic diseases.

sensitive to high temperatures chlamydia, pH changes (increase and decrease basicity and acidity of the medium), the effect of UV light of short and long wave solutions Lido About 2% ethanol solution, 0, 1% potassium iodide 0.05 % silver nitrate, 0,0,5% potassium permanganate aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide, 0.25%, 20% percent of ethyl


Gonorrhea -. infectious disease caused by a microorganism. Infection with this disease is sexually transmitted, but also the possible internal infection, especially in children


Gonorrhoea -. Gonococcus, characterized by intracellular localization (inside white blood cells). He coined stained Gram-negative and beans. Gonococci are extracellularly located on the surface of the squamous epithelium, as observed phagocytosis of Trichomonas gonorrhea - in the presence of co-infections (trichomoniasis)

cause of acute gonorrhea have almost the same shape and size, in chronic gonorrhea when executed. irrational active treatment (often self-proclaimed) antibiotic, various pathogenic forms of the pathogen in humans.

A mother and father with the child and determined to take all my feelings, thoughts and ideas.

parents and children, as a single organism, and this symbiosis will continue for some time. In practice, this phenomenon can be found, for example, to check the temperature of water by hand in the bathroom for a bath or temperature of the mixture for feeding the child - if the temperature is normal for parents, which is suitable for your child. Here's another example: a child lying on the bed and stared at the ceiling. The mother of this child, the study would say the ceiling is not fair, and, of course, in the future, a well-known professor or scientist to be. And another mom say in response to this that he sees his aimless bored into the ceiling, and it is at this point will give you a variety of rattles, in which the child will probably not need at this time. So, without exception, the feelings of your child's parents passed, and sometimes poorly located. In the parents of his mind to create the perfect image of a child, and as a rule, take the child to this ideal. What is the positive value of the parent perception of the inner world of the child, his relationship with reality. Sometimes conflicts and problems arise between parents and fantasy coincide not another, or from the actual situation. For example, many people seem to pale pink and plump, sleep and neplachuschim. Therefore, parents do not want the baby is crying, and my mother as much as possible to try to prevent or stop mourn and to earn a reputation as a "good mother" in the eyes of the people around them. In this case, it seems to break contact with the child and take him to be the only way I knew to express. And if your child does not have the right to grieve a little, then a failure of emotional connection to, and comes to the conflict between parents and children. A few months after birth, the child learns to grieve in different ways, depending on your needs. At the same time, the mother learns to listen, to understand the different types of wines and relate them to the specific needs of the child. This emotional connection is the importance of dialogue and communication between parents and children. In some families, a child crying not from parents. Due to the fact that negative childhood memories tolerated harvesters associated with possible sanctions Association of this kind can lead to a fatal error in the dialogue between parents and children. It should be noted, and other examples of conflict between parents and children. The boy's mother - a very active person and want a baby from 3 months to spend time traveling, and, of course, his son is unable to cope with the situation. How to solve this conflict? Very often, in this situation, my father wanted a son and a daughter. How do you deal with this discrepancy made between fantasy and reality? As parents, it will solve all the problems of education of this unexpected child? Extended to such a problem if future father dreamed that he would be with his son playing football, and the child has just been born so small and helpless, they are afraid of him, and his father approach, because it avoids a child to contact. In this situation, the mother should understand the fact that his father would have been much more in touch with the child, if the necessary measures to protect the child time will come, and until that time comes, to have young parents often appear weak activity in education of their children - they just do not see those situations in which they demonstrate their physical qualities as zaschitnikapotomstva.

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