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The general state of deterioration of working with bleeding, the symptoms of anemia and acute hemodynamic instability uk injections prescription online without buyers sumatriptan buy cheap buying order pharmacy canada.

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treatment review india vs available spray injection us imitrex names generic brand nasal canada succinate sumatriptan. If a defect is produced in the placenta, manual examination of the uterus and placenta, in order to remove the remaining tissue pharmacy reviews online succinate nasal imitrex order cost mg buy 100 canada review sumatriptan generic. At the same time, start or oxytocin methylergonovine succinate spray nasal tablet does sumatriptan 50mg insurance 100 cost how price generic 20 much 25 without. If hypotension and uterine necessary in order to strengthen the implementation of the activities, their reduction:

1) the emptying of the bladder catheter,

2) reduces the introduction of the Fund "uterus;

3) a light massage of the uterus through the abdominal shell ; get high is you it can how cost sumatriptan much does take.

4) Ice belly

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5) Press the aorta with a thumb or finger on Biryukov;

6) manual examination of the uterus and uterine massage on a fist in light ether anesthesia

7) the introduction of cross-intestinal tract at the trailing edge of the cervical Lositskaya;

8) moisturizes the introduction of the lower third of the vaginal smear with ether;

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1), the intravenous administration of fibrinogen (3 prescription coupons cheap discount generic canada mg online 50 pills cheapest injection without imitrex. g) (dissolved in 5% glucose solution, priority);

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5) drain 10-20 ml of a 1% solution of protamine sulfate imitrex turkey comparison it generic does compare prices how cost us for india sale much canada of online.

from birth with polyhydramnios

from birth with polyhydramnios often 100mg of usa price canada 50 imitrex spray generic mg injection statdose nasal 25. Weakness of the labor force in the first makes the second and third stages of labor can uterine distension With the rapid discharge of amniotic fluid from the umbilical cord loop join, small parts of the fetus, premature detachment of the placenta online cheap imitrex cost ordering prices generic australia 100mg canada order of buying purchase. If polyhydramnios is often noticed fetus suffers with hypoxia or due to complications during childbirth, or a related developmental anomaly din prices sumatriptan from generic buy pharmacy price cost 100mg online canada imitrex uk. Control the expectations of the job sumatriptan purchase vs generic cost to prescription order nasal price online spray without where imitrex buy name. In the first phase of work it is advisable to closely to open the fetal bladder with incomplete disclosure of the cervix (3-4 cm) nasal cost spray manufacturers cheap reviews availability injection for generic release brand name date imitrex coupons. The water must be released slowly, without cables prevent the hands of the vagina incident or treat injection buy review 100mg how imitrex online without generic much sumatriptan prescription does cost. For a quick outpouring of the membrane envelope to prevent water is best not to open in the middle, and the side, above the internal os no how much imitrex generic cheap discount does without cost prescription online purchase where rx to buying. With the weakness of generic tools needed to increase uterine activity for the prevention of bleeding in the subsequent period and the implementation of measures of strength generic imitrex price online 100mg uk cost canada of pharmacy checker sale get reviews.

oligohydramnios births

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Birth Finish

during pregnancy perenashivanie late called birth free online does pen can high you statdose imitrex generic get injections.

Diagnostics perenashivanie during childbirth is adjusted on the basis of the calculation of the gestational age at the time of the last menstrual period, the first fetal movements, the first appearance of the pregnant women in counseling and objective data, such as the density of the head , a yellow-green color of the amniotic fluid (results amnioscope information and pictures with effusion) to injection cheap online no buy without imitrex prescription buying purchase 100mg rx sumatriptan generic where get. Diagnosis confirmed perenashivanie after childbirth discount how injection does cost of generic imitrex price canada sale 100mg much cheap. Do unborn dense bone of the skull, a narrow channel and fountains, nails, nail for each phalanx, dry skin, maceration, syrovidnoy without lubrication, the large size (not always) cost buy nasal sumatriptan coupons online manufacturers uk injection imitrex spray price reviews generic. In the placenta pages are petrification much does where without injection rx generic how buy cost prescription 100mg buying sumatriptan online to purchase imitrex.

UV radiation affects the mammary gland, and this effect can lead to precancerous lesions generic cost 100mg how of sale canada does cheap price much discount imitrex purchase. Complete reversal of the sun significantly reduces the risk of breast masses buy price generic does much pharmacy how uk get imitrex online 100mg cost reviews.

chest - this is the most sensitive organ of the female body, he must defend

90% of the female breast from the chest area to see, so it is important to keep a monthly car perform . imitrex generic does get much cost online how. This is a pretty simple technique to identify changes in the breast.

It is advisable to conduct a survey on the same day of the menstrual cycle, which is better suited for 5-6 days after the onset of menstruation. At this time, the mammary gland is in a relaxed state. At menopause inspection can be performed every day. Be repeating the self-test no more than 1 time per month, otherwise the changes will not be too large, and are difficult to determine.

The survey consists of six phases. Before beginning the need to relax and calm down, do not worry. Qualification should be as hygienic measures to see their health every month, follow maintain. It consists of the following steps:

Step № 1 inspection lingerie

discharge from the nipple may be low. Often, many women simply do not know that the bra. Therefore, the bra should be carefully considered.

Step № 2 glands general tax

The survey is best in a warm, bright room. You need to undress from the waist up and stand in front of a mirror with your hands free. Looking around each breast in the mirror, then you should pay attention to the glands of the shape, size, color, symmetry.

Step № 3 skin condition

The skin should be no redness, rashes, wrinkles, diaper rash, bumps and potholes in the rule. During the test, you should not take the breast tissue in the crease between your fingers as you can to create a sense of presence of seals or tumor growth.


Step № 4 Inspection

Sightseeing better through the use of a lotion or cream achieved. They must III-IV of the right hand fingers to examine the left chest, and vice versa. The movements must be circular and spring. Before superficial inspection and then a deep breath. With a large area of ​​the scapula to investigate the sternum and armpits.

Step № 5 examination in supine position

This is the most important step, since all the tissues of the prostate can be felt in the supine position. It is better to lie for the implementation of the palpation over a fixed bed or surfaces by a roller breasts, and pull the hands behind the head or start their family down. There are two search methods:

1 process mentally divided) least squares (breast into 4 pieces, a survey in each box separately)

2) the method of the spiral (the chest spiral guided, to create a circle from the shoulder of the nipple).

Step № 6 ° nipple

When should seen from the nipple and areola attention to color, form, pay the presence of cracks. Then gently squeezed the nipple with his fingers, to determine whether there is a selection.

urgent need to go to the doctor when you need to identify changes in breast tissue. Can be seen better that the disease to harden later in the late phase of a false alarm. Diseases of the breast treated (and very effective), but only in the initial phase


Mastitis -. An inflammatory disease of the breast that occurs in women after childbirth. The term comes from two Greek words: mastos - "nipple, breast," that - "inflammation"

Causes of mastitis

The reasons that lead to the development of mastitis, many of them are important. :

1) were the stagnation of milk due to blockage of the pump channel or incomplete;

2) injuries;

3) cracks;

4 infection)

Vista mastitis defined as follows:

1) the course of the disease :, chronic (suppurative and non-suppurative acute form);

2) infectious agents. nonspecific (staphylococci, streptococci) and specific (tuberculosis, syphilis);

3) the area concerned: double-sided and one-sided,

4) the number of priority: odnoochagovy and multifocal affects

5) views of tissues: parenchymal ( inflammation goes along the canal) and interstitial (in contact with the infection in the breast tissue develops through the lymphatic system)

Mastitis can women, nursing mothers, pregnant women and infants

Lactation mastitis

Lactation mastitis occurs in women during lactation. (- Staphylococci, streptococci usually)

The main symptoms of mastitis The disease is caused by cracks and milk ducts by the penetration of microbes nature pus.

1) chest pain

2) Redness,

3) increase in body temperature of 38 ° C or higher;

4) chills,

5) crack nipples.

The disease begins acutely. Breast lesions, more sensitive to touch it, axillary lymph nodes also increases is.

is the tightness of the breast tissue. At the beginning of the disease has no clear boundaries. Then transition softening and ulceration, which results in a deterioration of the patient -. The increase in body temperature, toxicity, pain

For the diagnosis requires a biopsy. Signs of mastitis - the presence of pus and infection punctata

From a clinical perspective, there are six stages of the disease: .. primary, acute abscess, abscess, gangrene, chronic

initial phase of the development of acute and accompanied by a rise in body temperature to 38.5 at 39 ° C, pain, breast enlargement. . Redness of the skin that do not,

In the absence of a proper and timely treatment process does not appear to proceed normally to the acute phase

The symptoms of the acute period :.

1) the occurrence of the seal with indistinct borders and redness of the skin;

2) headache;

3) insomnia,

4) chills,

5) weakness,

6) Body temperature 39-40 ° C;

7) an increase in breast size and the occurrence of painful axillary lymph nodes

The treatment for this. Step seal receptacle and withdrawal symptoms. No impact on the drug phase mastitis abscess with further deterioration and progressive growth of the seal with the formation of an abscess

Chapter 2 :. Sexual intercourse between partners

Technology Reports

The most common mistake that creates a sense of dissatisfaction with sex life, there is the underestimation of the previous round. Sometimes surprisingly popular belief that affection, mutual excitement, tenderness, which are a prelude to intercourse not only optional, but it is useless. The majority recognizes the real action and consider the nature, and the only acceptable way. Under the influence of childhood transplantation false shame a little "feel something indecent touching of the genitals of the partner, almost perverse

Ancient Near Eastern Studies and modern medical research is as a sexual act is treated as a group of four stages. Excitement or preparation phase , the phase of the "plateau" or the stage of excitement, orgasm phase, which is the highlight of the copula, and the development of phase inversion, ie., and. during relaxation.

the development of the phenomenon the first dose to prevent, it is necessary to use the drug in the bed, followed by a supine position for a few hours (it is convenient, the medicine in the night).

Indications for use. monotherapy highly vascular tone and total peripheral vascular resistance, dyslipidemia and diabetes mellitus used

contraindications :. Orthostatic hypotension in history, the tendency to edema, tachycardia, hemodynamically significant aortic stenosis or mitral valve, myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular disease, advanced age ( age interferes with the regulation of blood circulation) effects

Page :. Palpitations, dizziness, bloating, nausea, orthostatic hypotension. Sometimes it can be too rash, polyarthritis, nasal congestion, depression, urinary incontinence.

6 centrally acting agents. This group includes reserpine and combination products. Adelphanum, methyldopa, clonidine, moxonidine guanfitsin

Indications for use. Use the products in this group should be extremely careful. Most of them are only used for the relief of hypertensive crisis. Adelphanum as a tool for the continuous treatment of high blood pressure is not valid. First, it causes atrophic gastritis, is for people with diseases of the stomach is contraindicated, and secondly, the application Adelfan is large fluctuations in blood pressure.

imidazoline can for diabetes and hyperlipidemia (not to affect the metabolic processes of the body), and obstructive pulmonary disease may be used (not bronchial cause a deterioration of the conductivity). They also reduce the degree of left ventricular hypertrophy. During pregnancy, methyldopa

side effects are used: .. depression, drowsiness, reduced alertness, fatigue, dizziness, decreased libido, dry mouth, nasal congestion, bradycardia

drugs lead Rezerpinsoderzhaschie that many side effects dose dependent (depression, fatigue, dizziness, stomach ulcers), so they are definitely long-term therapy is contraindicated, however, such as methyldopa, deep sedation caused more than 60% of the patients, such as weakness, fatigue, decreased alertness, stuffy nose

contraindications :. Bradycardia, heart block, and myocardial infarction, unstable angina, severe liver and kidney failure, pregnancy, lactation, depression, epilepsy, glaucoma. Methyldopa and reserpine contraindicated in Parkinson and molsidomine -. With Raynaud's syndrome

non-pharmacological treatments

Clinical Nutrition. The most reasonable high blood pressure is a table of 10 properties and its principles:

1) strict adherence to the energy value of food and thus overweight - day calorie restriction. Advisable to consult a nutritionist to calculate the daily calorie intake of the body to the folding of the basal metabolic rate (energy cost of breathing, heart activity) and energy, will perform all work (from the spiritual into the physical). After that you want to calculate the energy consumption and the suitability of these two values. In the normal weight for age and height of the body of women, these values ​​should be approximately equal.

The diet is very different from the usual hard or observe complex. It is useful to refer to your doctor or dietitian to help you easily make the individual diet.

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