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Education mind

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increase in estrogen levels lead to an increase in sexual desire, and the girls began to have an interest in boys, the issue of the display of sexual

about the reason for the trumpet in elementary and secondary education is divided for disease clinic - acute and chronic pharmacy without tadalafil uk 30 prescription buying purchase india cheap online order canada buy.

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symptoms of the disease

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treatment of sexual disorders in chapters specialized psychiatrists who specializes in sexology, gynecology and urology implementation forzest generic india review uk buy price canada pharmacy cialis reviews online 20 mg.

and Prevention based on a number of principles: during pregnancy should be avoided, and psychosis medication news from Yahoos and hormones during critical periods (4-6 and 10-12 ten eighth week of pregnancy). Should have the right to sex education. Develop the idea of ​​belonging to the sex of the child. Prevention of elder abuse children of the same sex, and not a natural interest in the opposite sex to suppress; to prevent masturbation, everything must irritation in the genitals can lead (tight underwear, cycling) to avoid. Prevention and treatment of infectious parasitic worms.

This happens when it appears on the contraceptive oral blood stains to use what Qri. As well as a few of them components of estrogen, progesterone

In these cases, it is best to use the tools with a very high content of estrogen and progesterone. Prolonged use of contraceptives by mouth, there are morphological changes in the ovaries, which is the model of the ovary in women after menopause in size and structure. The effect of contraceptives and contraceptive oral and by different mechanisms in the beginning and after use for a long time, and uses.

As a result of changes in the cervical mucus and the settlement of pupils and reduce the symptoms of uterine activity reduces the risk of introducing infection from the vagina to the uterus and tubes to them. At the same time repeat chlamydia infection and generalized forms, which may be caused by a change in the vagina increase symbiotic.

is of particular importance and frequency of hypertrophic and genital tumors and breast cancer in women, long-term combination of contraceptives by mouth. It is believed that the use of oral contraceptives reduce the risk of hypertrophic and uterine cancer, ovarian cysts, which do not exist in the context of breast cancer. The frequency of hypertrophic and malignant tumors of the breast in light of the widespread use of contraceptives by mouth increases combined.

of the positive effects of the pill in this missing woman, a joint has been observed, and ectopic pregnancy, and in some cases a therapeutic effect in hirsutism syndrome.

complications pill

and the risk of heart disease and blood vessels when recognized contraceptives by mouth to all researchers. Especially dangerous is the development of high blood pressure. The use of contraceptives by mouth, which leads to the activation of the blood clotting element because estrogen increases the risk of thromboembolic complications.

and the risk of heart disease and blood vessels and increases the complications of blood clots, especially when taking oral contraceptives, smoking vehicle in women over the age of 35 years, and also depends on the dose of hormone ingredients in the tablets.

has also proven metabolism

side effect of the work of the pill in hand on metabolism. Impact on lipid metabolism to determine the effects of estrogen and hostile progestin components. Progestin to an increase in the amount of low-density lipoproteins and a decrease in high density lipoprotein, and this leads to the undesirable effect of atherosclerosis. To reduce this, and improved combination contraceptive oral doses of the hormone reduced components. To a lesser degree of contraceptive oral affect the level of cholesterol in the blood.

ingredients of drugs and hormonal contraceptives reduce the sensitivity to glucose, affects the amount of insulin in the blood. Similar effects are due to the estrogen component, and that women have in glucose and delicate, it is recommended to take the medicine contains progesterone only.

prepare the worst effects of the system of oral contraceptives from the heart and blood vessels, and the characteristics of blood clotting and metabolism in women who have this disease (state hypertrophic, thrombophlebitis and diabetes in relatives of history or occur in poll special detection).

and the negative impact of contraception and weight gain oral

liver and kidney

It is important that the function of the liver and kidney in women's studies with the combination contraceptives by mouth. This is because the processes consume drugs and hormonal agents occurs mainly in the liver and kidneys. In addition, it is known that the ethinyl estradiol and changes norsteroidov leader in liver function and contribute to cholestasis and removal of metabolic products of the components of the hormonal contraceptive pill in the urinary tract combined. In this regard, it can cause liver disease and kidney failure can not mind, pill oral joint as a contraceptive or canceled in the event of detection of diseases such as the recommended hardware in the use of contraceptives by mouth combined.

symptoms of self-use of contraceptives combined oral It should be noted, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and pain and stress in the mammary gland, depression and loss of libido. These symptoms occur with the use of the pill in early and then disappear. Longer characteristic of depression and decreased libido.


depression with tryptophan metabolism slows down under the influence of progesterone pill connected. With the development of this condition is a change in the way to prevent pregnancy.

decreased libido

is decreased libido by inhibiting ovarian function, and reduce the secretion of sex hormones, which can lead to problems in sexual life. The problem is resolved and the abolition of contraceptives and changes in contraceptive oral.

endocrine organs

effect of contraceptives by mouth on the functional status of the endocrine organs occurs. Inhibition of wonderful generation of steroid in the ovaries, and what unites Padania libido. At the same time, the general trend downward and thyroid function in women, contraceptive oral combined, celebrates the normalization of relations, as in hyperthyroidism and palaces. With symptoms of high cholesterol can be a vital, insulin, and contributes to the reduction of imbalance glucose tolerance. Is recovering from a significant decrease in the function of glucocorticoid in the adrenal glands and the production of cortisol.

and reproductive function after stopping the pill combined. During pregnancy and at birth and usually goes. Is not enough to study the effect of contraceptive oral on the growth of the fetus and newborn. You must be a matter of teratogenic effect of contraceptive oral and combined effects on the genetic makeup of a more detailed study. It is therefore advisable after prolonged use of contraceptives by mouth together if you need to make generative function recommends that women refrain from pregnancy in the first months after weaning.

contraceptive oral effectively

index 0.2-1 0.0 Pirlo. Every failure (pregnancy while taking contraceptive oral) with dose and irregular heartbeat, conditions and potential body, and connected at the same time to more than one drug, and other factors that affect the contraceptive oral pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical. Are combined

and pharmaceutical pill

to determine

women mainly from the processes that occur in the digestive tract, liver and kidneys. Sulphates and glucuronides - at hand in the upper small intestine and through the portal system to the liver, where it formed the absorption components of the metabolic hormone pill side. Another part loose in the bloodstream, and refers to the activity. Hormones associated with yellow again into the intestines, where they separated already absorbing intestinal bacteria of sulfates and glucuronides, free of hormones. Therefore, dysbiosis intestinal and digestive disorders and diseases of the liver pharmaceutical processes, and thus the effectiveness of contraceptives by mouth.

Section XIII. Reproductive disorders

25 May, 2016