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No way lactostasis mastitis developed relatively rare buying prescription pharmacy buy ordering to 5 order online cream uk where shopping purchase permethrin.

You could even say that flow is the latent, hidden as mastitis uk online cheap where to buy australia purchase india canada spray cream insecticide 5 permethrin. Among lactostasis and the first symptoms of mastitis (serous mastitis - the first step) usually takes 8-10 days (20-30 days)

Drifting distinguish mastitis (weighting process)

permethrin can buying spray 5 counter percent over pro buy cream the concentrate i online insecticide where. 1) serous (home);

2) infiltration,

3) purulent:

a) purulent infiltration (generalized, diffuse or as separate units);

b) abscess (abscess you), furunculosis nipple (areola), abscesses (pus) areola deep abscess occurs in the prostate, a gland behind the abscess; . counter spray canada 5 over to australia insecticide the buying where permethrin online cream pro.

c) or an abscess when pus and necrotic parts of dead tissue (necrosis) occurs;

r) gangrenous when the entire center of the pus becomes a dead tissue, decaying (severe mastitis sometimes immediately begins first with tissue necrosis, gangrene, but this is rare) elimite uk sawyer percent canada 10 permethrin to cream spray 5 australia sfr where insecticide buy. Basically mastitis through these phases and in each phase, the start time until treatment can be stopped to rest

Mastitis is almost always starts back strong counter cream permethrin prescription elimite percent canada the 5 to order spray without australia online where over buying buy. The increased temperature at 38-39 ° C, chills (or cooling), fatigue and headaches get to find insecticide prescription online permethrin ordering buy spray cream where canada no order purchase. These common symptoms are present during infection in the genital tract and other organs cream permethrin sfr australia over buy where pro canada get i online the counter can spray. But mastitis appears and signs of breast cancer:

1), erythema (redness) of the skin in the affected area,

2) a slight increase in the volume of prostate;

3) palpation of the thyroid determines the compacted

lactostasis different than mastitis mastitis areas - buy 5 order to prescription canada 10 sawyer insecticide rx spray cream permethrin elimite percent where. Two-way process - one-way, one breast, and affects almost always lactostasis sfr to lotion online purchase concentrate cream pro permethrin where 5 spray can 10 cheap. Also, no redness lactostasis rinse - a typical sign of mastitis cheap mosquito topical how permethrin much rica net cost does discount 5 cream costa online. Thus, the mastitis can also be seen to greater distance than the other rail, and the skin is rinsed on the gland or sections (section) india permethrin where to buy generic medication for best prices compare topical cream of spray cost sale insecticide price 5 for.

serous form of mastitis in the absence or lack of treatment or when treatment failure within 1 three days going undercover stage

1) s' extends the temperature rise

2) insomnia, loss of appetite,

3) pronounced changes in the mammary gland is one of the prostate quadrants (redness in it and certain dense infiltrate malopodatlivy), often enlarged axillary nodes on the side of the inflamed breast to order australia sawyer permethrin where canada buying clothing cream of spray buy health price.

In the collection phase (ulceration) occurs within 5-10 days (sometimes faster) to health 5 pharmacy uk name information about generic drugs from wikipedia where buy is spray available canada cream permethrin online. Sometimes, in order serous purulent mastitis is 4-5 days

If suppuration - more severe disease permethrin topical spray reviews for pharmacy canada dogs insecticide generic skin online cream.

1) increase the body temperature to 39 ° C and above;

2) is repeated chills,

3), loss of appetite, insomnia,

4) and increase the morbidity of axillary lymph node on the side affected

In addition to the much cost insecticide sawyer reviews dogs for cream permethrin does how is review spray. which in recent years has increased and relatively mild atypical manifestations mastitis: mastitis infiltration occurs without mild fever chills (ie E-37 how counter topical the where get cream much to over powder permethrin is can. ° C) . order 5 do buying to ordering cheap where permethrin buy percent online cream elimite. delay the onset of mastitis: in the 65-70% women who give birth, begins at the end of the second and third weeks after birth time the over buying cream elimite online percent acticin skin to counter order where uk canada permethrin cheap buy 5. And 10-15% of female patients, the first symptoms of mastitis appear in the four weeks following the birth of time buy permethrin can online percent to order cream where get ordering 5 elimite over the counter.

mastitis occurs more than 30 years, especially in nulliparous women and in the age group purchase does online to cream 5 rx how much buy where percent cost discount prescription cheap permethrin elimite.

90% received only one breast generic how for australia cost of much does cream sale buy canada elimite price. In most cases the process in the outer quadrants of the prostate brand generic buy does cream cost reviews elimite uk pharmacy price canada how much.

If mastitis breastfeeding always affected gland stops moving and shelves how can cost cream get elimite where to much does. Under lactostasis serous mastitis and milk can be used for complementary feeding after cooking. In other cases, the doctor decides.

Some doctors use the drug suppression of lactation and removal of the child full of artificial feeding. This occurs when purulent mastitis mastitis develops rapidly, with a tendency to the formation of new lesions after surgery; Under regular mastitis treatment (after surgery); with cellulitis and gangrenous mastitis; or a combination of mastitis and other states of the systems. The issue of termination of breastfeeding is decided case by case, with the consent of the patient, with the use of the hormone, diuretics and other cases of termination of breastfeeding generally owns and mastitis

Chapter 5: intrauterine prevention ..

As a method of preventing unwanted pregnancies in humans and animals intrauterine contraception known since antiquity. Mechanism of action and ways to improve intrauterine contraception is very interesting to study, but research on intrauterine contraception only began to be performed in the late nineteenth century. It was only in 1959 that a separate, independent communications B. Oppenheimer (Germany), A. Yasshihama (Japan) on the results of the use of intrauterine devices in a few years (1930-1934), a new management gynecology. In the future, a large number of studies on the effectiveness of the method, complications, indications and contra-indications of this type of contraception. It was after intrauterine contraception is widely used worldwide. A very important contribution to the development of intrauterine contraceptive researchers introduced Belarusian V. Zhuravlev (1989-1997), who not only thoroughly investigated numerous examples of intrauterine devices, but also the development of my own IUD, which are not inferior to global standards and it is widely used as in our country and around the world

The intrauterine device continuously improved design - rings .. metal, plastic and nylon single modern intrauterine contraceptive with the addition of various substances (metals and hormones)

Improved intrauterine contraception is directed to select the safest materials for the body, improving the design technique, the addition of an active metal and hormonal agents in calculating assignment days the body and the shape memory effect. In the process of improving intrauterine contraception, it was possible to solve the problem of the identification of aspiration.

The main types of intrauterine contraceptives are neutral (no drugs) and drugs. Reduction of side effects associated with IUDs and the efficiency of the addition of various drugs (metals - gold, silver, copper and progestin -).

The most common types of intrauterine

1 Drug Free -. Bow lips, intrauterine device in the form of a ring with one or two loops of stainless steel coil Margulis, the double helix

2 drugs (containing copper) -. Juno Bio-T (Vitebsk), Nova-T-250 and 375 Multiload copper content corresponding to 1 mm

3 drugs (gormonsoderzhaschie) -. Progestasert, intrauterine device content Strel, intrauterine device with content derived from nortestosterone (norethisterone and levonorgestrel)

intrauterine contraceptive coils Most have a thread after administration while holding 4-6 cm for the result of the extraction.

Choose the type of spiral and administration by trained medical or doctor (gynecologist, physician assistant, nurse) become staff. Enter an intrauterine device after an examination of women for the presence of infection in the body (blood and urine), especially in the genitals (stripes on the flora of the vagina, urethra and cervix) and pelvic exam .

After the proper functioning of intrauterine contraception in women is very important to choose the right time of the introduction of the spiral. No clearly expressed Many writers on the topic selected especially problematic introduction of intrauterine contraception after birth and abortion. A few years ago there was a scroll view should be included in the first minutes after birth and abortion. Currently, this type of application is excluded.

Using intrauterine contraception

1 absence of pregnancy.

2, the absence of inflammatory processes in the body.

3 optimal duration of application -. In 5-9 days after menstruation

4 After birth, it is necessary to introduce an intrauterine device after 5-6 months after the abortion -. In 2-3 months

5 shall be guided by the instructions for each type of injection technique of intrauterine contraception.

6 necessary to comply with the antiseptic conditions for intrauterine contraception.

Think 7. reactions utero-vaginal after administration of nulliparous

Introduction intrauterine eight nulliparous women often require paracervical before.

9 In some cases, nulliparous women intracervical prostaglandins necessary precedent.

removing intrauterine

The best time to remove the spiral of menstruation. Removal of intrauterine devices to pull on the wire.

The younger the child, the more sensitive it is, the loss of blood.

determined by two factors

The response of adults to blood loss is :. The amount and the rate of blood loss

not work

simultaneous loss of blood in an adult in the amount of 10 to 15% of the total mass of blood in general to development of shock syndrome severe hemodynamic disorders. Meanwhile, the rapid loss of blood from newborns in the same amount of cable download

the degree of blood loss is judge recommended that the following formula :.

F = K + 44 lgShI

, where P - blood loss, in%; K - coefficient equal to 27, with gastrointestinal bleeding, 33 - in the case of an abdominal hemorrhage, 24 - in the wounds of the extremities, 22 - in the defeat of the chest,

Shih - shock index equal the ratio of the pulse rate of the systolic pressure.

, reflecting the large volume of blood is noted that the displacement of the speaker output is the blood volume by 20-25%, and little danger to the inclusion of additional adjustment mechanisms, the loss of 500 ml of blood is an average of 10% of BCC, the clinical manifestations are missing, sometimes a moderate tachycardia. Blood loss 500-1200 ml (10-20% BCC) progressive tachycardia, hypotension, signs of vasoconstriction occurs. The loss of 25 to 35% of blood (1200-1800 ml) traffic, with severe disorders, central body tissue and microcirculation. At the same time, a (heart rate over 120 beats per minute) of significant tachycardia, increased blood pressure, sweating, pale skin, restlessness, fatigue, oliguria. With the loss of more than 40% of the volume of blood expressed hypotension, blood pressure drops below 70 mm Hg. Art., There is a (heart rate over 150 beats per minute) of progressive tachycardia, pallor, cold sweats, anxiety, fatigue, oliguria. The rapid loss of 50% of total blood volume is usually fatal. The loss of the same amount of blood for a few days with his mother, gastrointestinal bleeding, usually offset by corrective therapy.

Must be the high sensitivity of the child's body is in the blood loss. The decrease in circulating blood volume by 15-20% in a child can lead to shock with unconsciousness.


In the treatment prescribed massive doses of antibiotics and symptomatic treatment.

Worth tuberculous meningitis. He began his ongoing headache, nausea, dizziness, mild fever expressed mild. Observed a change in mindset, irritability, depression, desire to mourn. Then there are the symptoms of cranial nerves (eye movement, flow, visual, auditory, facial, hypoglossal). Position of the patient characteristic: the head thrown back, stomach, legs slightly bent. There may be paralysis, paresis, abnormal cardiovascular system. Of great importance is the time of diagnosis. The complete treatment in a specialized clinic for 6-9 months with another observation and treatment of regular maintenance.

In meningoencephalitis, other shells damaged brain tissue, signs of focal lesions (such as paralysis on one side shows the body, speech, vision, hearing, etc. ..) at the bottom of signs of meningeal irritation.

Encephalitis can be caused by several reasons, most virus agents. disease severity, with severe headache, sudden fever, vomiting, seizures, impaired consciousness, paralysis, paralysis of the arms or legs, respiratory failure can be. At the end of the death of the patient often or at best it was a handicap.

increased intracranial pressure and decreased

Headaches can be caused by the strain, and displacement of brain structures, what happens when intracranial more NII or decrease pressure, cerebral edema, brain tumors, head injuries closed

intracranial pressure

Increase in children can occur after birth trauma in adults -. violations resulting from the blood flow and volume processes in the brain. Is more headaches during the night and morning, passing after taking diuretics, often accompanied by vomiting, occur independently of the food. When the eye doctor can help diagnose Inspection (detects congestion in the background), X-ray of the skull - is clearly visible decrease in bones, deepening and widening of the vascular grooves, so digital printing. Violation of blood flow in brain vessels is determined by Doppler.

In the dropsy of the brain (hydrocephalus) increases the amount of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the ventricles of the brain (hydrocephalus) or the mucous membrane of the brain (external hydrocephalus). This condition can occur if the increased formation of cerebrospinal fluid - Slow recovery option hypersecretion or a combination of these methods - a mixture

brain tumors there is a change in intracranial structures location opposite direction tumor, the. reacting brain structures that are sensitive to pain. The tumor can damage blood vessels, blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid interrupts compressed. Directly increase the tumor itself leads to increased intracranial pressure.

A common cause of headaches may TBI are closed.

The pains come with a concussion, cerebral contusion, bleeding into the space and the formation of intrathecal hematoma. Headaches may occur immediately after the injury, after some time (days, weeks) and stored for a long time - for years. Severe pain with subarachnoid hemorrhage observed. Headache after an injury, the development of hydrocephalus, arachnoiditis or chronic hematoma.

Headache after diagnostic lumbar puncture may occur when there is a large amount of alcohol withdrawal. In such cases, the pain is usually observed in the standing position. In the supine position, diminishes or disappears


There is a special group of headaches tension type -. They can be exacerbated in the face, the neck, the long-term fixation of the head (reading, writing). You can feel the tires, the pressure in the head makes or draws, tingling, tingling. Most often, this pain occurs on both sides, which are unstable, the mean severity if they do not, nausea and vomiting.

neurasthenia patients often complain of pain types (feeling hats, helmets on their heads stuck in the head of the nail). Relief after insomnia. You may experience an increased sensitivity to pain in any part of the skin of the head, pain, even with a slight touch of the hair.

In case of marked intoxication headache, dizziness, tinnitus, nausea and vomiting, drowsiness, loss of vision and hearing.

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