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blood smear, to observe the spherical red blood cells -

research and after

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fetus and women of Rh-negative in the case of conflict

the tent of this Rh

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in violation of the integrity of the blood vessels in the blood of the placenta, and contribute to the delivery of a number of antibodies of children, hemolysis of

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destruction of red blood cells during the conversion of

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section IX to how is take cost too pregnant trying fluconazole where much can should i get. In many cases, the disease of women

This disease is caused digestive system associated with reduced work capacity of women, by the failure of urinary function 200 canadian canada uk pharmacy purchase buy shopping diflucan online without prescription mg.

most beneficial way of diagnostic endoscopy

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contains the Hikusuri pharmacological methods and drug therapy

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The long-term has to contribute to atherosclerosis counter online diflucan buying order ordering where buy from to one over canada australia. Are produced in the bone marrow catecholamines, adrenal cortex - the other ingredients of the cause of the smoke of tobacco and nicotine

2 alcohol abuse in canada pharmacy uk drugs online prices cost counter over sale the purchase diflucan prescription. Currently, consensus on the effects of alcohol to atherosclerosis does not exist prescription the uk where online generic over price diflucan buy spc fluconazole without to counter. It is 20~30 g less than the above - it also, by increasing the cholesterol to the (high density lipoprotein based on ethyl alcohol, there is an effect of preventing red) (particularly a small amount of alcohol in the onset of atherosclerosis are believed to) per day reviews drug name no prices cost diflucan generic online dosage prescription brand fluconazole cheap pill. However, chronic alcohol abuse, (which hepatocytes established it that it contributes to premature atherosclerosis hypertension and liver after absorption in the small intestine via the portal system of the blood clearly The alcohol diflucan generic online 200 price buy name pharmacy dosage mg prescription for without canadian canada. by the liver to reach a toxic effect on)

3 genetic predisposition yeast fluconazole online user diflucan canadian reviews infections infection pharmacy mg of 100 generic. She risk of atherosclerosis is increased in the presence of a member of the human suffering from a disease that was developed 55 years ago, especially greatly infection diflucan dosage yeast order 200 online generic 100 kg 150 mg cost price fluconazole.


4 and gender yeast one infection tab 100 diflucan 200 dose infections mg for 150 single dosage. Men are affected than women of 10-12 years ago and atherosclerosis more frequently diflucan without take too get where infection getting for does pregnant to much cost should yeast how insurance is. Is due to the protective effect of female hormones This - estrogen high for prescription over diflucan you get how counter the. Phased out the production of these hormones the incidence of atherosclerosis in men and women after menopause, I got of truce monthly balance when, in the female body.

It should be also focused on (depression, anxiety, hostility towards the people of other depression frequent) general, personality traits

of 5 risk psychological element of emotional disturbances.

lack of exercise

6 and lack of exercise. That this is the major risk factor and factor lack of exercise independent atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease are known. 2-3 times a week, you can prevent the development of atherosclerosis and heart protective effect for 30 to 40 minutes in practice. Lack of exercise contributes significantly increase the risk atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, obesity, dyslipidemia, hypertension.

7, increase in blood pressure. High blood pressure, damage and damage to the endothelium contribute to the development of atherosclerosis - the inner wall of the blood vessel. This 25% increase in diastolic blood pressure for all 7 mmHg, which increase the risk of atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease has been found.

I was increased

8 wt. It is an independent risk factor atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia, obesity, promote hypertension, diabetes. Obesity and weight, can be evaluated by (Quetelet index) body mass index. I believed that this is the ratio of body weight per height in terms of kilograms to the square meters. Is equal to 20 to 25 at normal body mass index. This increase of about 25 has a weight gain and obesity. Diabetes


9, refer to the risk factors of reliability and clear for atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. To contribute to the defeat vascular endothelium in the diet and the early onset of atherogenic dyslipidemia

The function this disease, -. Reduction of calorie restriction and food of carbohydrates and lipids.

cereal, pasta, flour, confectionery, potato will contain from

food. 10-15 grams of sugar, butter, vegetable oil 10 to 15, meat, fish, dairy products in school-aged children daily limit rye bread low-fat to up to 100 grams. You must be a normal amount of protein in the diet. In an amount to the number of meals does not exceed 1, the first III

.. day 4-5 times at least, the food and mix of many within the period - by age time of a balanced diet The amount of carbohydrate and fat, which is supported by the lower limit of normal; liter body with sufficient protein must contain the.

features of the diet of obesity of children of the age of

more than is necessary appointments subkaloriynoy system for children up to 3 years of age has not been charged. In view of the stabilization of weight considerations, the transition to this area would be gradual. Meal time should be established. Five times a day - some meals: - 30% and energy intake air amount, the small second place - 15% breakfast, lunch - 35%, afternoon tea - 10%, dinner - 10%. Last meal -. Within 18 hours,

key principles subkaloriynoy system has to reduce the calories of animal fat and carbohydrate protein


Subkaloriynye regime enough -. Percentage of carbohydrate protein, and fat.

1 Subkaloriynaya Plan 1: 0.9. 2.5~


second Subkaloriynye regime: 0.7~0.8 2


3 Subkaloriynye regime: 0.75. Taking Si weight loss

The into account subkaloriynoy another from 1.5-2.0 1 plan gradually strictly individual


translation. The use of fat (lamb, pork, eggs, brain), plant-derived children of overweight excluded, refractory fat to prepare menu. The polyunsaturated fatty acid, is found (mackerel, cod, salmon, halibut, sardines) in marine fish of high fat mainly, this is of particular importance. Fatty acids of these classes (ω-3, ω-6) of have antihypertensive and lipid-lowering effect.

The amount enough fruit, necessary to control (except potatoes), the administration potato

vegetables. - It does not recommend restrictions grapes in the diet of you, banana, persimmon, melon

The carbohydrate. Better (-., Such as, in the case of xylitol, sorbitol does not exist, "Tsyukli", "Sureli", "Sukrezit") and Shi recommend an important requirement for the diet of children sugar, obesity instead of eating saharozamenigeli You. Gray fluid, please bring the children in amounts that are physiological.

special diet of obesity

I can that the product of the low molecular weight of 400 to 600 kcal

per part replaces a meal in 2.1.

in this requires a fasting day (twice a week to the clinic) the number of meals while the 1st diet severe obesity treatment - 5-6. Kcal

This is the day of fasting, energy intake of 1000 we recommend that you fasting proteins in the following order by using


at least. :. Cheese, kefir, is necessary in order to produce cottage cheese, yogurt 1 liters 250~g. Preparation: Take a yogurt 1 liter to get about 1 to 1.3 liters of kefir, add 250-300 grams of cottage cheese, mixed all together,

fasting kefir, all day effective date in 250ml during. .

fasting and vegetables and fish and vegetables

meat. For the required production: - dressing and about 250 grams - take the apple is a power alternately

and about 700 fish and cooking meat is

protein fruit fasting use of .. 100g, cleaning, Preparing the 700 needed to prepare the yogurt - cut, yogurt - apple 500ml. Apply the four times a day, during the feeding period, you can eat a clean apple.

The fasting the fruit of

apple. Apple or only, available at the ready, you need apples during the day in the diet, about 1.3 to 1.5 kg of juice.

fruit fasting and


Apple Wanted - - the carrot of 300g. 300 g

preparation. The carrot and apple washing, is subjected to friction or chopped processor, on the grater, add the carrot apple and mix well for

The Wanted applesauce carrot. Cabbage and fresh 500 g - - apple 500 g

In order to obtain will this provide, add the fried cabbage and apple all together, and cabbage and wash apples subjected to processor friction or chopped, the grater on puree of apple and cabbage.

It is recommended the case

physical therapy

of this physical therapy: The Shower attrition, waterfall, pool, circular:

1) water treatment , rain, Sharko;


2): Classic, carbon dioxide, mineral. The course is a procedure from 10 to 30 in each region

and this

3) body massage every other day or the 1st;

4) training

selection of physical systems

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