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Chapter 1: Reasons for menopause

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rising gonorrhea often leads to infertility because of the proliferation of the endometrium of the uterus is affected, and this activity breaks her career, and there is no promotion of natural and implementation of the egg in the uterus, the fallopian tubes are affected in violation of its terrain sale cheap deltasone much cost generic for discount canada how does prices prednisone.

gonorrhea of ​​the lower genital tract is more common (60-70% of cases) of the upper digestive tract gonorrhea (30-40%) name cost does much how reviews 10 20mg prednisone deltasone generic.

In gonorrhea moment lower urinary tract occur without clinical manifestations, most often in Included pathological process urethra and the mucous membrane of the cervical canal, and there destroyed at one time

According to the resettlement process, and can be classified as gonorrhea as follows:

1) gonococcal urethritis - inflammation of the urethra, chronic and parauretrit;

2) vestibulitis Ceylon inflammation of the vulva and;

3) gonoreyny inflammation Bertolin channels;

4) Ceylon proctitis;

5) coleitis gonoreyny;

6) gonoreyny endocervicitis,

7 ) upper genital tract gonorrhea;

8) Ceylon inflammation of the lining of the uterus;

9) gonoreyny salpingoovoforit;

10) gonoreyny pelvioperitonit

gonococcal urethritis. Gonococcal urethritis occurs with only mild clinical manifestations, even in the acute phase of the disease. When the main clinical appearance can be frequent urination, with pain and burning is not always and not in all patients. When the pain uretrotsistite are at the end of urination. In the acute phase of the disease in the examination, the patient can detect congestion and swelling of the mucous membrane of the outer opening of the urethra, and mucopurulent or purulent discharge, often contain gonococci.

in the symptoms of chronic urethritis are mild or completely absent, and the allocation of scarce and not always necessary purulent, can be identified as coming into contact with the urethra is thick strand of connective tissue proliferation during chronic inflammation.

gonococcal urethritis diagnosis based on clinical data, and upon detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in swab of the urethra.

silane parauretrit. Parauretrite when complaints are usually absent only in the acute phase may appear soreness and irritation of the urethra. On examination, and there are outlets Big lacunar strokes, which are sensitive to pressure usually allocated a small amount of purulent secretions or mucous purulent. When plugging holes lacunar strokes can be formed psevdoabstsess.

Ceylon inflammation of the vulva and vestibulitis. They usually develop secondary to the long-term irritant abnormal discharge from the vagina and urethra and cervix. These pathological processes are rarely pregnant girls and women after menopause.

This position is suitable for obese men are less useful for obese women and is suitable for women who are in the second half of pregnancy.

Booz from behind

There is a favorite, especially from the back, when both partners lying on their sides. It corresponds to the natural position of the spouses during sleep. In this position, often fading intercourse, but not less often desire erupts again. Constitute a "once again on the side" gives both partners equal control over the sexual intercourse, at the same time allows everyone to save energy. For women, the situation is the most economical. It allows you to intercourse and pregnancy in general. User does not penetrate deep into the vagina, but the man there is a feeling of deep penetration. This feeling is created by closing and opening the muscles of the buttocks, a move that the woman was able to increase the feeling of exciting man. Proposal intercourse may be imperceptible, so this form is acceptable in cases where the spouses are deprived of regular intimacy.

There are a number of other positions, but derived only from those that have been considered. The list includes the position of interest from the point of view of psychology and medicine. The position and the role of each of the partners in the various positions are not the same, and do constitute For some couples that would be acceptable, but for others - not. Young people themselves need to understand why and what suits them. Imposition of alien technology and attitudes most unbridled can not guarantee success in the sexual life. Will cause more resistance, which raises the later it will be difficult to overcome.


frictions with intercourse are concurrent or counter. Making it the woman after insertion, with the transition, and bending the hips back and then move forward. When frictions at one time a member of penetration is virtually unchanged, and the complex is held easily, and the only change is the intervention of the internal genitalia. When colliding frictions both partners committed to move toward each other, and alternates deep penetration with the surface, and any member may fall completely out of the vagina. Traffic collision when frictions are mutual friction more intense and noticeable increase. Potential swing from side to side or rotation. Rhythm and intensity of friction when oncoming traffic is gradually increasing, and cause orgasm and ejaculation happens when men.

Orgasm women are less noticeable, and sometimes hardly seems outwardly as a woman she did not give to find out. It is useful to find a means of expression that will help inform the partner passage of ecstasy. Almost certainly it can be said that the interventions will be more than words.

The difference in the reactions of the two partners are still in the foreplay. In addition to the basic differences in gender response and greatly influenced by the duration of abstinence, and most importantly -. Condition of the nervous system and mental balance

even if the partners continually reach orgasm, sexual arousal in women reduces more slowly than in men, and still hungry for caresses and attention sensitive. Feeling that they could feel the penis long, has a special meaning for her, often completely incomprehensible to humans. Ratio of females to become a partner after the experience of joint work more sensitive and must find expression.

Nothing distinguishes a man and his behavior after intercourse, any completely. E. When the pressure drops tremendously. As long sought to persuade the woman to a man near his behavior deliberately: he is attentive, brave, enterprising, resourceful and cheerful. The motivation is the desire of the Interior before for sexual discharge. As soon as they come immediately become the negative aspects of his personality and clear: there is remorse, and fear, and a sense of disappointment. Look at your partner becomes more important, disadvantages -. Conflicts significantly, and was smoothed come to light once again

man exhibits a different love

If a man and a woman have a deep love, gained content and intimacy nationality, should create a sense of gratitude and happiness and tiredness nice. Abrupt halt in sexual intercourse in a state of intense excitement, such as the height of a woman is very unpleasant, makes them stronger reaction sensual, crying or anger at her husband. Recurrence of such frustrations may adversely affect the nervous system and its relationship to women's sexual intimacy.

for complete satisfaction for both partners need mutual sensitivity. When satisfaction achieved lovers overwhelmed with gratitude and responsibility for each other to each other and the feeling of happiness is achieved.

in dishes additional optional parsley and dill in a small amount, and a little sour cream, fruit and raspberry sauce. Vegetable oil and butter used in ready meals.

A person with chronic cholecystitis forbidden to be consumed in the diet the following foods: meat broth and hot spices (vinegar, pepper, mustard and horseradish), egg yolks, animal fats (except butter), fried and steamed dishes, pastry products, and alcoholic beverages and beer.


antibiotic treatment, and the disclosure of antiparasitic drugs from worms and parasites.

drugs that increase the formation of yellow (allohol, holosas Flamini), or adjuvants, gallbladder emptying, and this depends on the type of disorders dyskinetic - only after consultation with a gastroenterologist or processor

set the following vitamins: B1, B2, B6, A, C, PP.

In order to improve the flow of bile and bile ducts washing implementation tyubazh with mineral water. Multiplicity tyubazh:

- month 1-1 times per week,

- 2 month - one every two weeks,

- 3 ninth month - 1 once a month

Physical Therapy

use electrolysis on the liver area with magnesium sulfate, niacin, [Nofoken]; mud, paraffin baths.

therapeutic exercises, and this depends on the type of dyskinetic disorders.


The use of medicinal herbs that have choleretic, anti-inflammatory, and the effect of antispasmodic (Helichrysum, mint, mountain ash, Achillea, celandine, corn silk, and spices, St. John's wort) .

You can use herbal teas, which are required for the preparation of birch (leaves), juniper, sage, yarrow in equal parts. Then pour a tablespoon of dry mixture and chopped 1 cup of boiling water and cook in a water bath in a closed container to simmer for 20 minutes. Leaves for 15 minutes, and drain. Drink 1 cup in the morning and evening for 30 minutes before eating. His choleretic effect

herbs: mint, immortality sandstone (flowers), yarrow, buckthorn in equal parts. In 1 cup boiling water 1 tablespoon minced collection. Cook for in a water bath over low heat 15-20 minutes. Soak for 30 minutes. Drink 1 cup before morning and evening meals with exacerbations.

spa treatment

spa treatment of chronic cholecystitis is performed only in remission. Indicators for referral to someone on the spa treatment is nekalkulezny chronic cholecystitis (not after the earlier 3-6 months aggravation) in the absence of jaundice and cholangitis

therapeutic agents Home at the resort include: clinical nutrition, Herbal medicine, mineral water and physical therapy, and the application of therapeutic mud (silt, sludge, peat), spa treatment, a special set of exercises and physiotherapy.


prevention of chronic cholecystitis and includes a commitment to diet and diet. His diet choleretic effect, must contain sufficient fat (vegetable and olive oil), protein, vitamins, and plenty of fiber (fruits, vegetables and wheat bran).

preventive treatment include regular sessions of physical therapy. With the inclusion of exercises for the abdomen and diaphragm, which contribute to the gallbladder emptying

prevention through forgiveness recommendation, of course, receive mineral water, as well as a certificate - physical therapy for the normalization of the bile ducts. Procedure qualification spots chronic infection.

and cause cholelithiasis

Gallstone disease by metabolic disorders of cholesterol and / or bilirubin, which is characterized by the formation of gallstones and / or in the bile ducts with the possibility of developing complications.

disease Gallstone - a metabolic diseases of the road system of bile, and is characterized by the formation of gallstones in the gallbladder, grit common bile duct in the bile ducts of the liver

The reasons that lead to the development of the disease

the main factors that lead to the development of gallstones include: inflammation of the biliary tract (gallbladder chronic), inflammation of the total cystic and common bile duct (cholangitis), and metabolic disorders and yellow recession

There is a special role in development of cholelithiasis play metabolic disorders, bilirubin and cholesterol - the components of bile, which is poorly soluble in water and are held in solution under the influence of the work of bile acids. With the increase in the concentration of bile cholesterol or bilirubin, and the conditions for the formation of stones.

violation of cholesterol in the blood and high cholesterol observed in obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hyperlipoproteinemia, and gout.

hyperbilirubinemia and promote the formation of pigment stones congenital hemolytic anemia (polycythemia small spherical hereditary).

of great importance is the violation of a balanced diet, and excessive consumption of foods high in fat and refined carbohydrates, and foods that contain cholesterol (fatty meat, fish, eggs, butter), and dishes of flour and cereals. Recommended low-fat foods rich in dietary fiber plant (wheat bran, etc. ..) and vegetable fats. Promote the development of cholelithiasis vitamin A deficiency out of internal and external also nasledstvennyyfaktor.

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