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because of exhaustion postpartum (Sheehan syndrome or Skien) is contrary to the neuro-endocrine regulation china online spain purchase australia to priligy buyers cheap buying information about generic drugs from wikipedia uk dapoxetine india where. After heavy bleeding or bacterial shock after childbirth and abortion in the vessels in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, a spasm or thrombosis, causing part of the pituitary cell dies priligy hydrochloride australia uk online prescription buy dapoxetine canada buying india usa without. The incidence of this disease is 0.1% buying ordering hydrochloride hcl generic australia can dapoxetine cheap online uk priligy where to order. Contributing factors are repeated frequency of births (with an interval of at least 2 years) and intoxication late pregnancy (edema and hypertension in pregnant women after 27-28 weeks of gestation) buy hcl where can prescription dapoxetine hydrochloride to get priligy ordering generic uk online.

The degree of severity of the symptoms (clinical symptoms) is dependent on the pituitary lesions cheapest online buy prescription discount purchase sale no cost where to buy generic medication for best price india for dapoxetine cheap. Expressed symptoms occur in 80% of lesions of the pituitary gland tissue delhi canada price available priligy sweden in dapoxetine india is 30mg buy approval australia buying. If the severity of the disease plays a role, and the degree of damage to the hypothalamus uk india canada generic to viagra ukraine priligy 60mg online buy dapoxetine medicine where. Also with necrotic changes in pituitary disorders are in the blood and other organs name priligy dapoxetine with online reviews review 60mg viagra pharmacy generic where buy to cialis. Kidneys, liver and brains

If the hypothalamus and pituitary almost ceased to function, and they are master and the chief of hormones in the body, it is clear that the clinical signs and symptoms of disease - the symptoms of hormone-deficiency and may be expressed in degrees of reduction of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, gonads variable

There are many forms of the disease:

1) clinical symptoms review price generic india dapoxetine reviews where get priligy 30mg 60mg to can viagra with. thyroid hormone deficiency and gonads and, and ACTH (adrenal hormone), full e general form of the hormone deficiency . how hydrochloride to dapoxetine get. is mild or severe;

2) partial form of the disease - or lack of sex hormones or thyroid or adrenal hormones;

3) the combined failure: if there is a combination of a lack of sex hormones and the thyroid gland; deficiency of thyroid hormones and adrenal hormones; insufficient sex and adrenal hormones.

and also in the form of the presentation of the disease may be mild, moderate and severe.

Sheehan syndrome is characterized by a mild headache, fatigue, chills, tendency to hypotension (low blood pressure). Turned decreased function of the thyroid and adrenal glands

The shape appears in the average severity of hormonal function of the ovaries (rare and scanty menses, infertility from anovulation).; thyroid (tissue edema, puffiness, brittle nails, dry skin, fatigue, drowsiness, confusion, hypotension - low blood pressure - with a tendency to faint).

In more serious than the total destruction of the pituitary gland with a violation of the basic functions and the violation of the separation of all hormones indication: gender (persistent amenorrhea - the complete absence of menstruation Malnutrition - a reduction in the size of the genitals and breasts), thyroid hormone (meksedema - generalized edema, alopecia, drowsiness, loss of memory and thinking, thinking and a sharp slowdown in the movement), adrenal hormones - glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids (low blood pressure, weakness, fatigue, pigmentation of the skin is increased). Serious in a marked decrease in body weight. Anemia appears to abuse classical

A feature of the disease is the shape of the light and the shape of average severity misdiagnosed by physicians. more than women to the doctor is in no hurry

Chapter 2 :. Tips for women in the postpartum period

The postpartum period consists of two phases: a first end. Early postnatal period begins immediately after the birth of a baby and takes about 2 hours. This time is important to the mother, such as in the body of a woman to cause a major complications of uterine bleeding in sepsis in these two hours.

postpartum period lasts up to 8 weeks. At this time, the female body back to its previous state. After 2 h. Transferred to the woman in the unity of physiological postpartum confinement. All the processes that occur in the body of a woman after the birth of its physiological, that is the reason why should be considered. Healthy woman

Some physiological characteristics of the female body in the postpartum period end

There is an intense muscle contraction, especially uterus. Only at the end of the second month of the womb fully accepts old "prenatal" format, is reduced to the size of a fist. The body of the woman is the one who suffers the biggest changes. The main function - pregnancy, for the duration of pregnancy weight to 4.5 kg when the uterus may increase more than 20 times. After the birth of the uterus is a large wound with a rich secret.

For the implementation of the treatment modality used hydrogen sulfide mineral water. A therapeutic effect: stimulation, regulation of blood pressure, dilation of blood vessels. The achievement of 10-12 sessions after 1 or 2 days.

Mineral bath with water of different degree of mineralization are effective in the treatment of diseases of the heart and the central nervous system, spinal, musculoskeletal system, digestive system, diseases of the skin.

hydro baths variety of physical therapy, in which local or systemic effects of water and galvanic current set. Galvanic current, in combination with water baths causes vasodilation in humans and acceleration of the blood flow therein. Hydro baths have a calming and soothing effect.

There are several procedures devices hydro baths, bath, such as a single room. They have been carried out in such a way that the leg of the patient is immersed in a water bath with an electrode, and the other (sheet) electrode is placed. On the body of the patient

directions for taking such baths are musculoskeletal disorders, central nervous system, functional disorders. Gained much popularity procedure underwater shower-massage. bathroom of the device allows continuous low voltage in a variety of positions. The system is operated from the control panel. Perhaps it is the selective action of the electric current in certain segments of the body of the patient.

sports have requested hydropower the process of recovery of physical performance after training, competition accelerated. On the body after physical exertion during the procedure, the combined effect of the relevant factors rooms hydropower and underwater shower-massage. The effectiveness of these procedures, it was found that the practice of the use of such an impact on the athletes involved in weight training track and a row. neuromuscular system by the following parameters: reducing legs contractile muscle tone, increase the contraction of muscles of the forearm, an increase in the amplitude of the legs and forearm muscle tone. Consequently, increases muscle contraction and relaxation of voluntary, which increase the efficiency of the muscular system.

Types of effects on the body

effects of vibration to the body

mechanical vibration (or vibration) is called periodically displayed oscillatory motion, making a person a state close at a pot. The reaction of the human body by the mechanical vibration is determined by the physical characteristics of the process and the duration of the interaction of the surface of the body with a vibrating surface. Vibration stimulus acts on the senses and sensory entire human body. Large amounts of vibroretseptory in the skin. There are also the baroreceptors skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue. vibration sensitivity has its own way in the brains. Low-frequency sound vibrations relieve pain sensitivity (anesthesia). This effect is the result of changes in the human body, develops in response to the vibration of inhibition in the cerebral cortex

high vibration stimuli cause dilation of blood vessels, weak -. Shrinkage. Vibration increases the temperature of the skin, flushing (redness) of the skin and increase the intensity of sweating

in the ovaries of women of childbearing age take place regularly recurring changes:. In the process of ovulation, the follicle matures, the bud comes thereof, the formation of the corpus luteum.

The phases of the menstrual cycle and hormonal function of the ovaries associated. Primary - essential - follicles are formed in the ovaries of female fetuses in utero. At the end of the second month of life of the girl in her ovaries contained 300000-400000 follicles and stops at this time of the formation of new follicles. The emergence of follicular hormones affect the mother. With the growth of the girls, girls, women number of live follicles gradually. A large number of slits and dissolves in childhood, before the beginning of the menstrual period, and from 36 to 40 years in the number of them that from 30 000 to 40 000 follicle is surrounded by an egg flat single layer of follicular epithelial cells. To start, the ripening process the egg grows in size, epithelial cells proliferate (with the formation of layers 8-10) and are rounded.

Thereafter, the cells between the fluid appears granular layer that grows on the accumulation of epithelial cells, the cavity is formed. Collected fluid pushes the egg into the outer layers of the ovary. Here she is surrounded by 20-50 rows of follicular cells, and there is a hill - Count bubble up to 10 mm diameter. The inside of the egg, the further development and is a mature follicle diameter 1.2-2 cm. Maturation process takes about 10-14 days, after ovulation occurs gradually. Before ovarian follicles moved to the surface of the ovary, formed in situ excellent tapers ovarian tissue. The circulation of the blood, and finally develops the follicular fluid of the follicle and egg falls into the abdominal cavity. During the menstrual cycle, usually only one follicle matures. When ovulation occurs slight bleeding in the abdominal cavity, and the cavity of the follicle. Young is surrounded by 3-4 rows of cells - a radiant crown. If no fertilization takes place, then after 12-24 h follicle begins to decompose in the cavity of the Fallopian tube. Instead, the ruptured follicle formed luteum in the ovary. Cavity develops gradually and yellow

In the various stages of the ovarian cycle, producing ovarian tissue hormones -. Estrogen, progesterone, and a small amount of androgen. During the period of maturation of the follicles is mainly assigned to estrogen (estradiol, estrone, estriol), the largest number of them occur on the 11th day of the cycle, and then gradually and then increases again to 21-22 th day in the flowering stage of the corpus luteum. Progesterone amount excreted in the first half period is small, therefore, with the development of the corpus luteum, and the amount increases, and a maximum at 17-19 th day is reached, and then gradually decreases. Isolation of testosterone (androgenic hormone) in the first phase of the cycle is, increases during ovulation, then decreases and increases again at the 26th day of the cycle. During menstruation, the intensity of the light output.

The structure of the uterus

the uterus of the woman is a pear-shaped organ in the pelvis between the bladder and rectum.

The prevalence of diabetes in different countries are different, and the disease is similar in men and women, and children.

diabetes - is a metabolic disorder of various etiologies, which is characterized by impaired metabolism of all kinds, mainly carbohydrates and is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia, glycosuria, due to violations of the secretion of insulin, or both factors develops by relative insulin deficiency

Diabetes - .. a disturbance of the functioning of the endocrine system, which is responsible for regulating glucose levels in the blood

diabetes mellitus type I - an autoimmune disease with genetic susceptible individuals, with the duration of the current chronic insulitis leads to degradation in cells with the development of insulin deficiency.

Under normal conditions, are complex carbohydrates (sugars) is split into the intestine simple carbohydrates (glucose), which is then transported, where it is stored or used for energy

Insulin -. a hormone that is secreted by the pancreas and in the blood, promotes the recovery of glucose from blood cells of the body's energy. If the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells insufficient insulin receptor, and the extraction of glucose in the blood occurs and then collected in a large quantity. As a result, high levels of glucose may be attributed to an impaired response to insulin or the transport of glucose into cells, or both at the same time, any other condition in the blood.

insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus usually develops in childhood and adolescence.

If the insulin-dependent diabetes, the pancreas no insulin. In diabetic patients to eat foods containing carbohydrate, sugar in the blood increases, such as in the absence of insulin, glucose enters the cell very slowly. So despite the fact that the blood of a diabetes patient comprises the transport of glucose into cells is disturbed. The cells are deprived of glucose, the abnormally high-speed fat, which again have to ketosis a higher production of substances, ketones, which can lead.


The reasons that lead to diabetes, varied: the main reason - the genetic factor, which is manifested by a mutation in the chromosome 6 diabetic gene, which is inherited recessive predisposition expressed in lesions autoimmune island system and high sensitivity in the cells of viral antigens

The factors leading to the onset of insulin-dependent diabetes.

1) of latent viral infections cause ongoing immune response (coxsackie, rubella viruses) or cell lysis (mumps);

2) chemical agents and toxins that destroy cells (nitrosamines in certain foods, etc. ..);

3) Power factor (early use of cow's milk) overweight by eating large amounts of carbohydrates ;.

4) other factors, less common, such as stress, physical and mental trauma

The mechanisms of the disease

the blood sugar normal healthy human blood glucose is 80-120 mg% glucose in the urine. If the body of a person was a food with a high content of sugar, under the influence of the regulatory effect of the nervous system and endocrine systems increases the function of the pancreas insular device and enhances insulin secretion. In this case, the sugar stored in the liver and muscles, which creates an energy deposition and the blood level within normal limits. The diabetes patient infringing activities insular apparatus of the pancreas, which its ability to regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates decreases. Insulin does not use sugar in the body and promotes fat deposition.

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