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Close fetus

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causes of breech presentation is not well understood system prescription can high withdrawal for off out how get online clonidine your. Your training may include the following factors: excessive movement and restricted to the fetus, and the obstacles that prevent the Head at the entrance to the basin, and the shape of the fruit contradiction and shape of the uterus, and sometimes - a dead fetus

The recognition of the shutter is in the ability to distinguish on the basis of palpation can will you clonidine high where get does i. Bunt. Compared with his buttocks, is less dense, and less rounded, less size and did not work (a characteristic symptom of the votes of the head). Useless in childbirth in the normal course of pregnancy head used in the tip of the birth at the entrance to the basin. Buttocks of the fetus moves in most pregnant women in the pelvic inlet. Close delivery diagnosis easier if the lower part of the uterus can not detect a rounded head, the intensity of transmitted. Buttocks, and (at or above the navel) site the place to hear the fetal heart sounds clearer than before high (under the xiphoid) of the uterus feet high. At birth, especially after the rupture of the membranes in the vaginal examination to clarify the part of the presentation by defining the deficit, the coccyx and the legs of the fetus. Depending on the position of the diagnosis of disability category your item. Buttocks transverse dimension of the fetus (intertrochanteric line) is in the introduction of the size of the pelvis askew.

If you are consciously organizing

breath can help very heart, and improve mental health and performance.

training novice breathing consciously best deal at night when the body is in retirement, but it is possible, and in the morning, and during these times during the day when you feel tired.

When you inhale, you must first expand the abdomen and chest on chest collarbone. Note: The "one" - the abdomen and chest - clogging the stomach, "two" - the chest cavity, "three" - the collarbone. When you exhale should be six 2 times longer considered inhalation exhalation. This should be done in the same foot one while exhaling steps 2-4 - 4.8 steps

relaxation exercises

1 .. I. n -. Lie on your back, legs apart, arms along the body, palms up, eyes closed. Inhale - raise the right foot about 5-10 cm of the soil and for some time in order to keep them hanging. Exhale - cut leg under its own weight on the ground. Comparison of tension with relaxation. Then slowly turn, raise the left leg, and right and left hands - tensing and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles, abs, back, neck and face

n 2 I. .. -. Lie on your stomach with arms along the body. Inhale - raise your hands, and bend your elbows to put the right half of the face in the back of the left hand, and take your right leg, bending the knee and move it at the highest level possible for the body. Hull rotated, so that the right elbow touches the right knee. Exhale - consciously relax your hips and slowly -. Other muscles

in oriental medicine, and special attention is paid to the means of life and physical strength of the person. Another way to keep health - fitness center finger. Said Onksaguras Greek philosopher, that the hand of every man shows his fate and is loaded with supernatural power to cure diseases. German philosopher Immanuel Kant says, "is released on the outside of the brain." In fact, all the work carefully with your fingers, and when they are earned and given brain

Exercise 1:. Fingers bend forward:

1) with each other breathing at eye level on the hands, nose and hands folded.

2) breathing through the mouth and the lower part of the right arm down while bending the fingers of the left hand and grab the fingers of his right hand.

3), to breathe through the nose, stretching the fingers of his left hand while his right hand up and now grab the fingers of the left hand fingers of his right hand. Landing finger: all movements are performed

Exercise 2 without problems (15 times)


1) between the hands, palms together in front of the chest and normal breathing.

2) easy to implement all fingers simultaneously and set brush.

3) again to put pressure on all the fingers together, mouth and rapid breathing. Then tighten all the fingers, so that pushed just the tip - exhale. Separation of the fingers.

4) pressure on your toes and do the movements, "2" and "3". . Repeat 10 times, inhaling and exhaling - rhythmic, finger for failure

flexion Exercise 3 bow and finger extension:

1) do a normal breath and raised his hands, and get just another friend,

2) make a full breath, pause, breathing, followed by inhaling through the nose, constantly bending all the fingers of the right thumb. The fingers of the left hand begins to bend out of the little finger. Once all 10 fingers bent, straighten the fingers in reverse order (from left thumb) and exhale through the mouth. Repeat 10 times. . Imagine how it works in a balanced manner and escape shafts bend and straighten each finger

Exercise 4:

1) Place the press nut between his hands and fixed, so that the circular motion

2) preparing a circular motion, and pressure nut palm of the hand the other;

3) do both two nuts on each hand circular motion (clockwise - right to left - against). This exercise removes the nerve and prevents brain aging, and longevity


Exercise 5:. Prevents the accumulation of excess fat in the joints of the fingers and toes and harmony. Both hands, one hand, elbows bent by the shoulder height and 10 times to raise the brush shaft. After finger massage each finger separately from the other hand. During the massage, should also be pulled to the side of the base of the highest, while the brush.

Exercise 6 is conservation (Guidance) youth-oriented. Oriental medicine holds that in order to prevent the aging of the body, is essential to strengthen the spleen and stomach, to prevent kidney weakness:

1) has a left hand turn to the right and back and forth.

2) gently massage the fat and the second of all the toes, and the inside of the knee cap.

7 training to make the beautiful shape of the buttocks area. Stretch your hands on the wall, and then cut your head down, and get on the right toe. Exhale and lift your left leg back at the highest possible level. It is important not to bend your knees and lower your head under his hands. Should be performed this exercise 15 times with each leg in the morning and at night.

8 exercise aims to improve the quality of hair. Expand all fingers of both hands. Excellent for the edges of the hair on the back of the head, fingers small - on his forehead, the other fingers fill the remaining space. Massage for 2 in the morning and evening minutes.

Exercise 9 to prevent the aging eye. Must massage your hands for 3 minutes. With the tired eyes of the thumb and index finger for 1 minute should reach a point in the valleys between the inner corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose. Repeat 2-3 times. To prevent "crows feet" have one minute for a distance of 1 cm from the outer corners of the eyes on the thumb at the points. For the prevention of aging eyes need 1 minute until all the fingers (especially index) and all fingers massage (especially the fourth).

and these services are required for the performance of the gym every day (in fact, it's not impossible).


In recent years, the large dispersion fitness

Chapter 4:. Urology

and urinary tract consists of the members, the formation of urine (kidney), and the bodies and pick it up (pelvis and ureter and bladder)

kidney -. Pairing devices in the form of beans, which lies deep in the human body, on both sides of the lumbar spine. Kidneys are relatively small dimensions: length 12.9, width 5-6, thickness of 4.3 cm around the capsule of the total fat pad and protects it from various disorders

The main function of the kidneys - blood cleanser. . Substances harmful to the body as a result of the stock market. And given all this power of the blood supply to the kidneys.

blood flow through the renal artery, stretching of the abdominal aorta. Branches of the renal artery in many of the small ships that are part of nephrons, which are formed for each amendment million kidneys, blood and urine.

compound structure of nephron. Surrounded by the glomerulus by vascular capsule. Purify the blood and urine leakage occurs through a hidden partition - the kidney capsule membrane. As a result of a complex mechanism of filtration and urine past formed resorption. Departments of the renal tubules in the cup and then into the renal pelvis and ureter, which passes from the bladder. The wall of the renal pelvis and ureter and bladder is composed of several layers. The inside is lined with a mucous membrane. A very important muscle contractions layer activities, the form of a wave of small parts promotion urine lead to the bottom of the bladder in the upper urinary tract. Regardless of the condition of the person, and the time of day and the position of the body in normal room temperature and ureter bladder moisturizing mouth continually gets urine of adults at a rate of about 1 mL per minute. Ureters are the tubes in each ureter lined mucosa. In the thickness of the wall has a layer of muscle, lower than the ureter, which activates the pump and urine from the renal pelvis into the bladder. In the ureter, and three natural restriction: the first - the place of the swimming pool, and the second - in a section of the pelvis, and the third - in order to reach the bladder. Is reduced pelvis and ureter in a certain rhythm. Bladder is a muscular organ bag lined with mucous membranes. Ability to adults is 200 to 300 CM3. When filling the bladder with urine began to feel enough integrity - the desire to urinate. Urine through the urethra. Urination - volunteer work, subjecting our will. Maintain the desire to urinate is harmful because it leads to the tension of the bladder wall and the expansion of the cavity and the effects in the pelvis and ureter.

in the body of a woman healthy, and there are special factors that prevent the penetration of the infection in the organism and dissemination.

These factors include: the acidic environment of the vagina, and the ability vaginal, and peroxides and antimicrobial agents other active processes of phagocytosis and the inhibition of the adhesion of micro-organisms

border between the products the upper and lower genital tract is part cervical canal mucus in the uterus contains many biologically active substances. Cervical mucus, and activate phagocytosis, the installation of lysozyme, transferrin, opsonins, for example. E. factors of non-specific defense active. Another factor is detected in the uterine cavity refused to protect the functional layer of the lining of the uterus during menstruation, also rejected delaminated epithelium and microorganisms.

Although the factors that prevent the penetration and spread of the infection, and microorganisms are still penetrate and inflammatory diseases. Allowing for the movement of active and passive infection from the lower to the upper genital tract. The publication of negative organisms as the cervical canal and forms a bloody lymphatic origin. And effective way - is the transmission through semen, hairy, and on the surface, there are specific receptors

There is a need for the spread of infectious agents, such as childbirth, pelvic or abdominal operations. .. Hotbeds of chronic inflammation in the body, and endocrine disorders, low body temperature, stress, etc. g

inflammatory diseases of the genital divided into specific and non-specific. Acute, subacute and chronic; inflammatory diseases of the lower genital tract and the upper part of the same

inflammatory diseases of the lower genital tract -. Bartholinitis is inflammation of the vagina, inflammation of the colon, tservistit (endotservistit) (see Section IX). Diseases of the upper genital tract infections, including endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, parameters pelvioperitonit

gynecological cancer

cancer (see Part IX) -. A malignant tumor that has developed in the epithelium. Tissue

Sarcoma -. A malignant tumor that develops from tissues intermediate

vaginal cancer

primary vaginal cancer - are relatively rare diseases of all gynecological cancers (about 1-3% of all cases of genital cancer in women ). But still very common (about 20% of cases) are metastatic lesions of the results of the vagina in the presence of tumors in other places. Grow

many to forget the nightmares of children, or do not enter values ​​in adult life and the mistakes of their parents.

Our ancestors believed that the best way when it comes to fear - she laughed. Prior to that, he believes that laughter of children unable to ward off evil spirits. To save the child from fear, and we must remember the following points.

1, if the fear of a child with a certain character, such as Baba Yaga, and the Snow Queen or Babai psychologists are advised to get rid of this as follows. Parents need to know that children in pre-school visual thinking so active. Children should see their accounts E. did not succeed otherwise. For clarity of what is happening, you should ask your child to do what he is afraid, and the need for, you know that something bad will happen to him, but to allow the mother to come. After that this number is burned or destroyed in some other way, before the eyes of a child, it is best if the child himself or throw tear. Then the child has to explain that the aim of fear is no longer a danger to the child, because the more non-existent.

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