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progestins also concern women and the male fetus. Pseudo, when the female reproductive organs (eg, the clitoris) that are so common that men seem - in girls, that can cause masculinization of the fetus called. If the mother during pregnancy, the use of these substances, and later his son develop precocious puberty. Both boys and girls can progestins, such as anomaly that causes lumbosacral fusion

estrogen -. The female sex hormones. A large group of drugs includes estrogen. It is usually used as contraception or treatment of fibroids. The estrogens cause a variety of abnormalities of the fetus: heart defects, blood vessels, large and small, develop the feminization of men. Therefore, as a woman with the hormonal contraception, and want to get pregnant do they plan to get pregnant. Just one year after discontinuation of oral contraceptives

The methyltestosterone substance is an analogue of testosterone, but only artificially. It has all the qualities of natural testosterone, which can cause intense stimulating effect on the formation and development of the sexual organs and male sexual characteristics to provide type. E 'prescribed for women with dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and can masculinization of the female fetus by an excess of male hormones.

quinine. This drug is very popular in the old days. Powders of quinine administered in almost all diseases, they believe in his miraculous powers. This drug may partially block thermoregulation in the brain and thus reduce body temperature in febrile states. Quinine reduces the ability of the myocardium period of stimulation increases the relaxation and reduces their ability to contract. Has an effect on the muscles of the uterus, stimulating and strengthening the reduction and the reduction of the spleen.

We must not forget that the thumb, which flows within the practice because the artery and found Vienna by the pressure and nerves.


1) Table (massage of the hand resting on his hand - four fingers on the outside, large - in 3-4 times)

2) compression stroke is exactly the same, only more powerful term and thumb pressure to the index. Repeat 3-5 times;

3) knead individual: muscles bolt, pulling something away from the bone. Then knead the phalanges, and then - the side of the hand;

4) Shake ;.

5) stroking

The back of the shoulder - the triceps (triceps) to massage his free hand down along the stem. All traffic from the elbow to the shoulder. Receptions :.

1) ironing;

2) tightening;

3) kneading;

4) Shake

5) hangers.

At the end of the arm hanging smoothie fixed pre-coupled to relax the muscles.

deltoid massage in a sitting position when the armrest on the knee of the bent leg, hanging brush, or you can put a hand. Before him on the table Receptions :.

1) straight or coiled expatriates from the elbow to the neck;

2) pinch the edge of the palm and thumb (through muscle movements)

3) mix (individual - straight fingers on the hands, knuckles clenched fingers in a fist, hand, base palm)

The shoulder joint .. Reception:

1) rub around the deltoid (four fingers before the armpit to the shoulder and down to the large muscle );

2) knead. It is interspersed with grinding. Effect will be better if the shoulder head back and forth. As you can see, the tension on the muscle you need to do and the techniques of agitation;

3) active and passive movement in all directions, ending shoulder massage

The elbow joint .. stall palm upward, able to massage. Outside the Reception areas:

1) rubbing ("Tang" - powerful embrace lateral ligaments and gravel, linear and circular - and hand phalanges of the hand);

2) active and passive movements: flexion and extension (hand turns palm up and down)

forearm .. First, there is the inner forearm (turned by hand palm up) massage

Methods :.

1), kept tightly stroking his hand from the wrist to the elbow;

2) compression thumb down hill for the index, the edge of the hand, fingers or thumb pads for 2-3 servings;

3) Mix: inch padded push down the arm to the bone bed and bend their movements; fingertips, the edge of the base of the palm palm, phalanges;

4) Shake ;.

5) stroking

Some men and women vaguely imagine building the genitals of the opposite sex.

It 's amazing how many people naively believe that the achievement of sexual fusion can be very simple, even touching her hand. Meanwhile, the female breast positioned so complicated that the majority of women in the first adjustment intimacy impossible for a single member, it seems that men. Helping women when administered to a person in such cases should be considered normal. Instead, there is often a nuisance and complaints, which, of course, is not conducive to a harmonious atmosphere.


First we look at the structure of the external female genitalia or vulva (vulvar lat -. "Vulva"). At the front of the vulva is formed by fatty limited height


The rise of it is covered with hair and is called the pubic bone, or the Mount of Venus pubic hair grows on the outer edges of the labia majora - two roles .. which covers between the gender gap. On either side of the vaginal lips, or nymphs, nerves and blood vessels. In the lower part of the labia minora are channels bartolinievyh glands that secrete viscous colorless secret to sexual intimacy. Pubis toward the elderly convergent conical lips and clitoris.

The clitoris

The clitoris in its structure resembles a miniature penis during embryonic development when the reproductive organs of male and female embryos are not separated differ. Although the clitoris and the penis head look like a miniature size can be different in women are different and vary in stand-by from a few millimeters up to 1 cm, which is, however, no influence on the reaction of adult women. Virtually the entire clitoris is covered by a fold of skin in the cellular fraction barely detectable.

exhalation is performed in a standing position, so that the active diaphragm during inhalation.

1 Need to collect. Deep breathing

2 Then embrace the lip of the nozzle firmly apparatus.

3 Take a sharp breath and note the reading.

5 the best results in the order of the day and compared with the previous indicator.

Basics Treatment

In the treatment of asthma using two groups of drugs.

The first group of drugs used to combat the disease, which are not used for the relief of asthma attacks:

1 nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory hormone.

Intal (cromolyn sodium) Rare side effects in the form of a bronchospasm. To confirm the effectiveness of a particular course of treatment of a patient should take 4-6 weeks. Intalum breathe better before or better than drug Berodual berotek penetrated deeply into the bronchus.

combination product Intal more sodium kroglikata contains salbutamol.

Ditek triple: inflammatory, bronchodilator and protective. Virtually no side effects.

2 theophylline protracted layer effects at low doses. These include: teopek, teotard, retafil, durofilin, eulong, aminophylline - delay

3 .. hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs: inhaled glucocorticoids also not used to relieve an asthma attack. The most effective in the treatment of bronchial asthma and is the mainstay of treatment for most patients. Apply 2 times a day, morning and evening, in a daily dose of 500-1000 mg

These include the input in the short and Pulmicort: inhaled B2 - A long-term-agonists (salmeterol, salmeterol)

1 agonists to inhaled B2, short steps:

berotek 100 mcg, 200 mcg berotek, salbutamol, ipradol, Ventolinum

.. 2 Medicines Antihinergicheskie: Atrovent, Berodual

Disease prevention

For the patient developed acute, it is recommended that:

- avoid physical exertion;

- avoid skin contact with the cold air;

- do not smoke in a room where smoking;

- avoid prolonged exposure to dust, paints, varnishes, perfumes

-. Do not communicate with people who are suffering from viral infections

If you can avoid the effect of exposure to these factors is recommended for 30 minutes before unmolding and exercise to benefit from a drug that relieves attack of bronchial asthma.

When should resistant to treatment with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory envelopes, binders, adsorbents (bismuth Polyphepanum, Enterodesum) diarrhea.

regain motor evacuation of the bowel with diarrhea reached Cerucalum appointment, and the function of severe diarrhea -. Antidiarrheal

Once constipation has been assigned diet # 3 takes place in the absence of an effective treatment and also in laxative necessary.


The processing of medicinal plants are widely used in the treatment of chronic colitis. Medicinal herbs have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, reducing the impact on motor function, flatulence.

effect has a collection of equal parts grass, yarrow, cardiac, polygon, nettles, shepherd's purse of St. John. For the preparation of anti-inflammatory taxes 5 elements to wear. L. This mixture, pour 1 liter of boiling water, boil for 3 minutes to 5 hours, strain penetrate and take the third cup 3 times a day before meals.

The collection, which reduces the effects of swelling. To do this, you should: banana leaves - 40g, calamus root - 10 g, thyme - 40 g, marigold flowers - 10 g of herb wormwood - 5 g herb St. John's Wort - 40 g, ponytail - 10 g, Yarrow - 20g, mint - 10 grams of fennel - 30 of this series, 2 tablespoons of this mixture, which is required to be 0.5 liters of boiling water for 2 hours, fermentation, making stem through the cloth cheese and take half a head 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals for 1-1.5 months

also reduces flatulence welcome infusions of the following herbs: herbs herb San Juan, chamomile, fennel, currants, Sanguinaria , cumin, mint. Necessary to prepare to take 2 tbsp. L. mixtures of these components during the night to sleep in a thermos, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water overnight to insist in a thermos, the next day to start taking the form of heat 1 / 4-1 / 2 cup 3-4 times a day for 3 or 4 weeks.

Herbal Medicine, also referred to as the nature of the violations of the motor evacuation of the colon and the passage of intestinal contents function.

In chronic colitis, which is accompanied by diarrhea, recommend the use of medicinal plant extracts that have astringent properties, property diarrhea. These include alder cones, fruit, blueberry, cherry, oak bark, and others.

In chronic colitis, accompanied by constipation, the use of extracts of medicinal plants, which have laxative properties, these include the bark and berries of sea buckthorn, aloe, rhubarb root, senna is recommended, potato juice, seaweed.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy taking into account the prescribed phase of the disease, such as violations of motor function of the intestine, such as dyskinesia and evacuation of the colon with a predominance of symptoms and comorbidities. Physiotherapy after presenting symptoms prescribed expressed exacerbation.

During an exacerbation of chronic colitis can be applied heat treatments. These procedures produce a decrease in the inflammatory response in the intestine have antispasmodic effects, improving the absorption in the intestine. Gryazeinduktotermiya for 10-15 minutes every other day 10-12 treatment procedures: physical therapy for a person with chronic colitis in exacerbation is recommended. Electrophoresis can be used dirt.

Ozokerite applications are also used with temperature 42-45 ° C, in a day, 30-40 minutes Length of procedure, the treatment cycle of 10 to 12 applications. Similarly, the application of paraffin used

Contraindications to the ground and follows torfolecheniya: .. Marked exacerbation of chronic colitis, fibroids, bleeding hemorrhoids, prostate adenoma, diverticular disease and intestinal polyposis

Outside the period of exacerbation ,, massage therapy spa abdomen

When gipomotornoy dyskinesia should take a shower, underwater shower massage effect, contrast baths, circular shower, soaring.


In the treatment is applied mineral baths occur. The baths of warm mineral water obscheuspokaivayuschim action, encourage relaxation of the abdominal wall and the smooth muscles of internal organs and intestines. The mineral waters are widely used for rectal procedures. Spa-treatment of a person with inflammatory bowel disease will not be awarded only in remission, provided that no dysentery bacilli patients, we observe the parasites. Go to the main factors doctors of the sanatorium and resort include: clinical nutrition, physical therapy, the use of mineral water (inside worn and used for balneotherapy), mud baths, physiotherapy, massage, herbal medicine

Contraindications sanatorium-resort. tion of treatment are:

1 severe chronic colitis with severe lack of body weight, anemia, vitamin deficiency and protein significantly.

Two debilitating diarrhea.

3 Batsillo- and parazitonositelstvo.

4 frequent and pronounced worsening of the disease.

5 repeated intestinal bleeding on the ground of hemorrhoids.

25 May, 2016