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Section VI no prescription online buspar hydrochloride pharmacy tablets buying buy order buspirone without cheap uk. Childbirth

Parties in the front as the previous occipital

biomechanics birth in the front and on the occipital are the following 4 points

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The fourth point occurs how get you free off prescription high buspar can. ECV and internal rotation of the trunk. After the third time of birth, ie. E. After the final extension of the head exit of the basin, shoulders fetuses inserted in a direction transverse or oblique with respect to a size of the basin inlet. With the gradual flexion of the shoulders, move down the birth canal of rotation gradually produce complex movements, mainly of rotation. The transverse dimensions of the beams or suspension of one of the dimensions of the input basin sloping gradually transformed into a format for direct output of the basin. With internal rotation of the shoulder in direct output of the size of the fetal head produces external rotation. When the first position of the cervix is ​​reversed for the mother of the left side in the second - the right side. Anterior shoulder under the pubic arch was born first, then the shoulders back. At this point, marked lateral flexion of the trunk of the fetus born without too much difficulty.

If something threatens the health of the second fetus at birth by the vaginal route (great seat of fruit or transverse position, cervical spasm), producing a C-section.

There is a possibility that the production operations midwife to extract the second fetus when you look at the pelvic cavity, and the weakness of the labor force. . Apply a clamp or bear fruit by the end of the pelvis


The theme of CS can occur during multiple pregnancy and delivery: the continued weakness in the labor market , and losing parties wrap the wire with cephalic presentation, symptoms of acute hypoxia fruit, etc. ..

When pregnancy is preferable to three fruits and cesarean delivery. Caesarean section was performed and the fusion of the twins. With considerable premature when questionable viability, or the complications of cesarean delivery for the mother are its dangers must be performed through the vagina.

next period requires special attention. At the end of the second stage of labor metilergometrin injected intravenously (1 ml), and after childbirth -, oxytocin (5 U) or a solution of 5% glucose (for two hours, 400 ml.). It is necessary to monitor the status of the mother and the amount of blood lost.

In the absence of signs of separation of the placenta produces the hand of his abduction and uterine massage clear, the introduction of active contraction of the uterus.

product post-partum in the same way as after the birth of a fetus, but the frequency of complications in women with multiple pregnancies earlier: the most common result of postpartum hemorrhage, subinvoljutcija, endometritis. Therefore, it is necessary to closely monitor the progress of the uterus after childbirth rapid naming reducing agents.

The children of any age who have developed the sucking reflex can drink milk in a cup.

Source of the following cutting technologies:

1) the child is taken by the hand, the lower edge of the cut should be based on the baby's lower lip touching the corners of the mouth;

2) cup slightly tilted, while the level of the liquid to touch your lips and tongue (the milk must be poured into the mouth) ;.

3) if they are done correctly the first two conditions, the child drinks milk is

The obvious advantage of this power:

1) does not lead abandonment of the chest;

2) cup is easier to manage and sterilizing;

3) is controlled by the feeding process (when the baby sucks a bottle to drown).

Maintenance breast

the visual size of the breast depends on the thickness of the layer of subcutaneous fat, and a series of glandular tissue (which causes the secretion of breast milk) is essentially the same for all women. The glandular tissue is represented by 15 to 20 segments, each of which resembles a bunch of grapes. Breast milk is produced in the excretory ducts and lobules reached the surface of the nipple (the tubes at the end of the holes in the nipples). The whole process is controlled by the body's endocrine system. Hygienic especially for nursing mothers is essential to the success of infant feeding and prevention of various diseases of the breast. Maintenance:

1) can not abruptly stop breastfeeding, so as not to interfere with breastfeeding (in this case, you must remove the milk);

2) in the peripapillary region have special glands that produce fluid to prevent drying of the nipple and the development of cracks. On the basis of this statement does not need to be washed before breast-feeding (especially soaps) and the use of antiseptics as furatsillina;

3) no use of a variety of sprays, creams, solution of boric acid, aromatic and perfumed soap imported is recommended because of the risk of allergic dermatitis (pregnant women and lactating Gel daily life, it is must use soap because it contains fewer preservatives and is not conducive to the development of allergy)

4) on the nipple after every meal should be a small amount of milk, so that automatically dry in air;

5) required as long as possible to keep the nipples on the outside, making air baths chest;

6) should always be dry nipples;

7) in a bra should not be sealed seams, and it is best to ensure that all the tissue between the nipple and the airspace of the breast, avoiding contact;

8) bra should have wide straps and good breast support ;.

9), it is forbidden to tan for nursing mothers

Sometimes, a woman may face the problem of flat or inverted nipples. This anatomical structure prevents breastfeeding. In this case, you have to be patient and try to teach your child to eat slowly. The application of the best breast immediately after the time when the baby woke; if he starts to cry, should be quiet and continue breastfeeding.

The shape and size of the stomach depends on the consistency of its contents (liquid, solid, gas), and the condition of the digestive system.

The shape of the stomach, the interest in humans varies with the age of the person, body position, the status of adjacent organs, and the rate of filling of the stomach. With a moderate increase of the stomach is pear-shaped, with the upper two-thirds are arranged vertically, and the bottom third - the cross; stomach adopt a relaxed upright position. Length stomach moderately tense, ceiling and up to the lowest point of the greater curvature of the adult is of 22 to 23 cm, the diameter of the stomach at the widest point is 10.9 cm, capacity - 3 liters but can vary depending on the characteristics individual and the amount of liquid you drink, the food eaten and muscle tone. Body has little empty space in the upper abdomen, an overflow is its lower edge is well below the navel.

The stomach in the abdomen, as if suspended in the abdominal thin membranes, called ligaments. They tested the blood and lymph, nerves. The body wall consists of three layers: the outer, middle and inner. The outer layer forms a shell very thin but strong stomach, in which there are many blood vessels - is the peritoneum. It covers the stomach and other organs of the abdominal cavity on all sides. The intermediate layer consists of muscles. Because of the contraction of these muscles rhythmic movements of the stomach are created, called peristalsis and food moves from the stomach into the intestine.

where between the stomach to the duodenum, the thickness of the muscular layer increases several times, forming the snap ring. When digestion occurs in the stomach, the ring is compressed completely exit the stomach.

Slides swallowed food from the mouth to the stomach for a few seconds, and stomach, delayed ring of muscle around 2-6 pm digested. Colinas reduce stomach wall helps to mix food in the stomach and copious irrigation of food particles with gastric juice, which is distinguished by the inner wall of the body. Once the food is digested, myschechnoe revealed ring.

The stomach lining is called the mucosa. Reaches 0.5-2 mm thick. This leaflet form filling. Mucosa put a large number of small glands that produce gastric juice. By day you can release 1.5-2 liter of juice. In the body of the stomach mucosa and the provisions and pyloric glands of the heart which produce gastric juice. The amount of iron in the body of the stomach is composed reaches 35 millions of cells that secrete pepsin and hydrochloric main parietal acid-secreting. In addition to this, there are also extra-cell production of mucoid substance. Mainly cardiac and pyloric glands secret mucus. At night it is about 1.5 liters of gastric juice.

mucus, which is released by cells in the gastric juice can be made staple fibers, child, an alkaline reaction. Slizeotdelenie solid excited to mechanically or chemically on the mucosa is a protective response, since the mucus prevents contact with the mucosa of noxious stimuli.

In the lower part of the stomach, produces a substance that promotes the assimilation by the body gastromukoprotein antianemicheskogo substance vitamin B12. The stomach is supplied with blood celiac, left gastric, hepatic and splenic arteries. All these branches form two interconnected arcs, which are located along the lesser curvature and arteries. Thin branches of arteries penetrate the muscular layer of the mucosa and submucosa. The venous blood from the stomach into the portal vein is

The Heart of the stomach has a motor and inhibitory nerve branches of the vagus nerve, the pyloric region - Engine .. (the vagus nerve) and branches) inhibitors ( cool

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