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Cause of early water spill and

Prenatal, you can not just change the anatomical neck uterus, changing themselves in the film of the fetus pharmacy online buying ointment uk prescription buy cream can without order where to mupirocin purchase.

on the surface of the water breaking on the lower pole of Muhitsujimaku 嚢 times

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the degree of contraction of the uterus

this height Height Table 1

of the uterus

This uterus pie

number ointment name cream buy generic mupirocin uk sale canada purchase equivalent bactroban price get.


, the length of the uterus, to reduce weight and width name form mupirocin cream nasal retail drug 2 brands date ointment generic price bactroban.

restore mucous membrane due to the expansion of the section of the minor glands in parallel decrease in utero

This and reduce repairing the mucous membranes of the

uterus (recovery ), the basal layer of the endometrium bactroban for generic pharmacy price cream ointment does cost is there mg much reviews how. Complete coverage of the epithelium is completed in 20 Nissan back period has been restored full of mucous membrane - the end of 6 weeks, and (it was attached to the placenta) Placental site - or later - much canada how cost bactroban ointment cream does get is. In eight weeks, to reduce


speed, small and depends on the (uterine involution) uterine size: generally the state

1) women;


2) work; after birth

3) power supply, etc. ..

this (30 years or more) and fragile birth at age gilts, The pathologically slow regression in many women.

contract the uterus of fast women during lactation more than


in uterine involution was tracking us by

ultrasound. In the postpartum period, it is possible to reduce the tone of the vagina, to reduce the volume, swelling and redness has disappeared (a few days), to heal (break) and abrasion, cracking of the neck of the uterus vulva and vagina, perineum tears Thing - Week

ovary and

Bundles uterotubal was gradually reduced to normal take place similar to the pre-pregnancy state.

I'll return to reduce the muscle tone of the abdominal wall of the normal pelvic floor gradually


postpartum abdominal wall many women do not reach the same elasticity. Pregnancy is white scars, pigmentation of the white line of the abdomen or expand, will decrease rapidly.

is called lochia Download coral

genital tract -. Uterus, ie decomposition involves remains membrane serum, white blood cells of the early days of the bastard, considerable emissions blood mixture .. loquios of wound healing of wounds include E. secret (RBCs).

I enter the (lochia)

Table 2

This genital discharge.

I have a mixture of cervical mucus

at the tapered neck lochia this week


5-6 weeks downloading stop


bleeding continues for longer than 10 to 12 days, in many cases, the complication of the postpartum sample (delay, subinvoljutcija uterus, placenta, postpartum infections residues). Occlusion of the internal opening of the uterus backward curve congestion may occur in uterine lochia is -. The Lohiometra, the

mammary gland

coral (obviously by intense pain that radiates to the rectum) to reach its best development. He secretion glands and elements

development under the influence of estrogens met in the rapid development of you are already pregnant, under the influence of prolactin and progesterone to develop through the excretion of mammary gland of the breast The mechanical action of

is the occurrence of dose, may improve blood circulation and lymphatic circulation is improved. The process of nutrient acquisition organization is reduced, the pain will go away completely.

therapeutic effect

For the curative effect of the

bath treatment, and are as follows. The chemical compounds through interaction mechanical action of the water, the effect of temperature on the skin heat, dissolved ions (such as salts of mineral cations and anions, organic compounds of high molecular weight). As a result, the interaction, the whole body and is carried out in (pin connected to the surface of the skin) locally through the circulatory system that carries the particles to absorb healing substances organ system and flow Blood. Aromatic substances having an effect on the body through the olfactory system.

in the first few minutes after immersion of the body in the bathroom there is an increased blood flow in blood pressure that occurs as a result of stimulation of the central nervous system

, increased heart rate , increase. This period of stay in the hot water bath, you can just call the load of the heart and circulatory system. 3-4 minutes later, the heart rate is slow blood vessels in the skin, began to expand low blood pressure, skin turns pink. Create the most favorable conditions for the function of the cardiovascular system, and supplying the heart muscles. This fasting period is determined 10-12 minutes, the severity of the therapeutic effect in the human body.

smell of iodine Moto-yoku

is used for the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system lesions of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, endocrine disorders, female infertility peripheral nervous system. Function please do not use the bathroom bromine iodine in the presence (a period of about 10 weeks after myocardial infarction) pituitary disease, thyrotoxicosis, gout, previous myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease, angina 3-4 class.

mineral water

bromine, iodine - is a natural water containing 25 mg / l of bromine or more of various degrees of temperature and salinity and 5 mg / l of iodine or more. I have created from the salt that has been chemically treated artificial bromine water. It is lowering the blood pressure anti-inflammatory effect, analgesic hypertensive heart in the body, eliminating human patient care become hypersensitive and head pain, the method for improving the blood circulation system.

therapeutic effect of these baths is observed after a bath August 12

. Session were performed on 1 to 2 (for the treatment of mild diabetes), shown in the presence of the disease of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system, heart dysfunction, chronic metabolic disorders, inflammatory diseases of the nervous system

bath female genital carbonate. Mitral valve disease of the heart, chronic diffuse glomerulonephritis and thyrotoxicosis, this can be treated with carbon angina bath 3-4ª dioxide functional class, to heart disease.

cholesterol suppresses the development of atherosclerosis, reducing improve circulation,

bath carbonate body have anti-inflammatory, a tonic effect. It recommended that the session 8-12 to practice carbon dioxide bath a day on average.

disease to disease (II or I) hypertensive disease

such as dry carbon dioxide from this bath, ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, pulmonary system, peripheral nervous system, including chronic diseases nonspecific used. Contraindications to the session, bath dry carbon dioxide. Yes

Bath dioxide dry carbon anti-inflammatory, tonic functional class 3-4 angina diffusion effect º mitrale development, hyperthyroidism, chronic glomerulonephritis, and reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood The cause of tissue blood flow to normalize. I would recommend the procedure between 8 and 10 days.

hydrogen sulfide baths to treat skin diseases, some blood and peripheral veins tubal infertility, diseases of the circulatory system, diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, diseases of the musculoskeletal system chronic intoxication by heavy metal salt used. That ª functional class 3-4 angina, ischemic heart disease, vascular dysfunction, kardiosklerosis, to conduct a session hydrogen sulfide bathroom acute and chronic liver disease, gall bladder, kidney it is impossible.

One of the alternative methods to combat

cellulite massage.


Massage improves circulation and muscle deep skin and subcutaneous tissue. This can be assured of many nutrients, organs and internal tissues more. Introduced to allow significant that if the massage effect massage hydrated compounds and active substances, therapeutically biologically various nutrients can be realized without them. And gave them to the tissues through the skin

Honey Massage

This honey containing the active ingredient, to adsorb the body get rid of toxins in place immediately. Skin after a honey massage is a soft subcutaneous stamp texture is silky smooth and firmly. But I will improve patient comfort.

is possible to introduce the means to exclude (lemon and orange, tangerine, grapefruit, juniper and eucalyptus oil, lavender) and

honey, essential oils for massage. Aroma oil, is obtained by calculating the following: There is a need to have a mixture of different oils or oil 5 drops of honey for 1 h .. l. For example, you only have to take two hours in the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs massage. Liter. Aroma oil and 5 drops of honey.

honey massage course consists of 12 to 15 sessions are held every other day. Massage every day: not interfere with the enforcement proceedings massage massage daily, should be done on a regular basis. After the procedure, the patient takes a hot shower massage using body wash with a soft towel. They applied a moisturizer to the skin.

doctor will recommend a massage on a regular basis, the application of cellulite. Before taking a contrast shower for 5 minutes. Improves tone metabolism and blood circulation of the skin. Be prepared for the worst, since the effects of adipose tissue, a powerful part of the hand massage.


, in the treatment of humans with the version of treatment for hypoglycemia, type II diabetes, regardless of diet, is necessary.

this physical activity, distribution system the day complications should be individualized according to patient age, diabetes and complications. They need to implement a regular walk for 30 minutes to get on the elevator lift, a swimming pool instead of the stairs, drive a car instead.

to swim 1 hour

physical activity, 30 minutes, and run every day, you need permanently. And three times a week since. is g.

diabetics, recommended a campaign to reduce weight, to reduce the level of blood sugar. They walk sometimes is not necessary to be very intense. Some of the complications of diabetes, you can limit the body's ability because you can, you, who have been selected exercises, ensure that it is safe for health. However, the exercise will remember that it is possible to express cause acute hypoglycemic state. If the glucose level in the blood prohibition of physical activity above 15 mmol / liter from 13

Holiday Special rules, set heavy physical activity, diabetes, are contraindicated in patients with sport participation on sports teams as

. G.

25 May, 2016