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Introduction to the wound with his right hand, depending on the position of the bucket fetal leg or head and is recovering. Cut the umbilical cord between the jaws and pass the midwife child.

After the umbilical cord for prevention aims to show the mother intravenous broad-spectrum antibiotics (Kefzol, cefazolin and others.) With the reintroduction at 12 and 24 h after surgery. To improve metilergometrina thick uterine activity of 1 ml administered intravenously, and 5 units of oxytocin.

wound clips Mikulic headed impose. Pulling the cord has been removed in the past and do a manual examination of the uterus, removing debris, blood clots, the remains of the placental tissue.

If cesarean section is usually performed before the onset of labor, and have no confidence in the transverse cervical canal, must pass through the uterus Gegara expander or a finger, you have to change the glove.

1 cm reverse the top and bottom edges of the wound, knotty vicryl sutures are applied, using them as derzhalok. Then he proceeds to staple uterus wound.

The diagnosis is based on ultrasound, laparoscopy, CT, and the results of microscopic examination of the genital organs, which are cancer cells.

handles endometrial hyperplasia

In the group of hyperplastic processes in the endometrium - the uterine lining, there are 3 main types of endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial polyps and precancerous endometrial

Before menopause processes accidentally hyperplastic endometrium increases significantly due to hormonal changes in the body of a woman (with a decrease in the relative or absolute concentration of estrogens in peripheral blood as well as to reduce the effect progesterone). Despite this, endometrial hyperplasia can occur in women of any age with a hormonal imbalance (eg, inflammatory or infectious diseases of the female reproductive system).

The main clinical manifestation of endometrial hyperplasia include menstrual dysfunction uterine bleeding (menorrhagia, metrorrhagia) and infertility, especially primary. Endometrial polyps usually occur without symptoms

endometrial hyperplasia

endometrial hyperplasia -. Pathological process characterized by thickening of the uterine wall more than 15 mm. Endometrial hyperplasia in boundary layers compact spongy uterine mucosa disappears. Endometrial glandular hyperplasia is accompanied by an increase in the number of glands and extension.

now Endometrial hyperplasia, accompanied by cellular atypia and atypical endometrial hyperplasia without cell division. In turn, these pathological processes are divided into simple and complex. The higher the frequency of cancer is complex endometrial hyperplasia, accompanied by (at least - simple hyperplasia without cellular irregularities) cellular atypia

endometrial polyps

endometrial polyps -. A benign tumor of the basal endometrium. This is the most common type of endometrial hyperplasia, cancer input about 2-3% of all cases.

moderate load stress to train the human body to increase resistance to stress.

With the long-term effects on the human body of one or more stimuli develops a stressful situation.

In any stage stressful situation recovered.

1 activation step. It is characterized by a high level of physical and mental performance. Stress at this stage plays a useful role - helps a person to collect their internal reserves to overcome this situation

2 .. Step negative emotions. Accompanied by anger, irritability, aggressiveness. It takes time to calm negative emotions.

Step 3 asthenia negative emotions. It occurs when a person faces the second stage. Comes depression. With the help of a psychologist can cure this condition.

4 Stops -. The final stage, in which the voltage reaches the disease

To protect against stress, it is necessary not only to know the stage in a stressful situation, but to be able to stop at the stage of emotions negative, because these emotions can have further negative consequences. Each person is responsible for his life and actions. Every thought has an active effect on the body (muscles and chemical reactions). For positive memories include endorphins, which creates a pleasant feeling. . In negative memories stand out toxins, poisons the human body

Help with acute stress

"efficiency" -. The identity of a person whose identity is a "Practice"

Great value for the "practice" is the unity of purpose of the joint activities. Therefore, to respond with greater urgency to inconsistencies in the objectives and means of action, influence and control of conflicts and come quickly. "Professional" is an irresistible desire to transform the outer world and the position of the other, which could lead to a clash of personalities. The joint solution of the "practice" two any problem almost always a conflict to avoid difficult. Given the "efficiency" of their needs, intentions and "practical" reasons often underestimate the consequences of the conflict. Furthermore, their susceptibility to small gaps are much lower than the "partner" or "thinker." Therefore, the fact that the conflict with the "practice" is a testament to a great depth relationships violations.

Not all women can boast of strong nerves and a complete lack of personal conflicts. A huge amount of conflict arises precisely for this reason. Six types of personalities involved - deliberately hard, unmanaged high precision weak-willed personality and rationalists. "Show" People should always be visible. People perceive such conflicts as a way of being in the spotlight. Distinctive features of the "hard" figures are high self-esteem, ambition and lack of capacity and the willingness to take the interests of others. These people tend to be rude and inconsiderate. People with "high precision" personality type is characterized by the fact that other requirements are too high. Anyone who does not meet these requirements, has been harshly criticized by the individual "high accuracy." This man gives a great concern, manifested in excessive suspicion "great" man for others. Unpredictability of action and lack of control inherent personalities "uncontrollable". These impulsive people, differs from the call and aggression. "Coward" personality is characterized by the absence of their own opinions, principles and convictions, and often come to foreign influence. They give the impression of good people and are unlikely to go to the first conflict. This type of identity is manifested only for a particular situation develops. "Rationalist" calculating people. They are always ready to go to a conflict, if it helps them achieve their own goals. It is a sort of relief to the person, ie. E. As above, manifests itself in a situation in a certain way. Demonstration ,, personalities unmanaged high precision hard type and rationalists have some similarities between them. This similarity in the habit of adhering strictly to the rules, putting their interests above all else and desires. These people also have an unhealthy ambition, and conflict for them is a more serious problem. These are the features of his psychological makeup, so you do not have to condemn the contradictory nature of these people to try.

But to completely avoid conflicts is not always possible. Any woman interested in the success of their activities, it is necessary to master the art outside the conflict unscathed. To begin, try to find the so-called security. First, always keep your composure, control your emotions, do not enter a state of excitement or passion. You should always think about the consequences and say the words to the enemy, which may be sorry. There may be a very useful account of folk wisdom: "The word is not a sparrow, fly - you can not catch." Try to do this without the humiliation and insult conflict that can not be forgiven, but the long conflict is exhausted. Second, never intervene in case of conflict with strangers, and never look for someone to blame. No need to accuse your opponent, even if you are absolutely sure of his guilt. After the conflict occurs, both parties are to blame. Develop a quality delicatessen, learn to talk about unpleasant things pleasant words. Always watch your tone, do not go higher pitch. It is difficult to treat with understanding the words of someone screaming, especially the right is listening. Also, keep in mind that it is desirable to resolve conflicts as soon as possible, in any case, not the press.

25 May, 2016