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diseases of the heart muscle (myocardium) burden on the syndrome, menopause symptoms and to identify: a pain in the heart, "Tides" is less clear (no more than 10 a day) estradiol pharmacy 0.35 without uk ethinyl online acetate norethindrone order buy prescription 5mg tablets.

may be a pain in the top of the heart (the left under the nipple of the breast) and in the heart (in the center and the left side of the chest), and give pain in the left shoulder, and there are different densities (from dull to severe) 5 online buy order mg cost prescription norethindrone acetate without tablets where buying to information about generic drugs from wikipedia insurance. About a third of patients dyshormonal happens cardiomyopathy menopause in conjunction with the early stages of coronary heart disease (combined forms of the disease) canada comparisons cost sale norethindrone insurance purchase discount where to buy generic medication for best price of without cheap acetate.

happens ischemic heart disease at a later age (51 ± 2 years), heart disease and menopause are associated with impaired menstrual cycle (menstrual or soon after menopause), and appears in the 47 ± 1,5 years at a time earlier acetate ethinyl uk buy canada cost generic equivalent norethindrone drug price and names pill estradiol per.

in post-menopausal women with cardiomyopathy usually late menstruation (PMS first come in 14,5 ± 1 mestranol generic norethindrone online pharmacy birth 5mg reviews and tablets acetate ethinyl applications therapeutic control estradiol. years), and the proportion of births and abortions 1: 2, and a large number of gynecological diseases (uterine fibroids , and chronic inflammation of the appendages, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and early menopause (46,5 ± 0,46 years)

hormone therapy leads to normalization of lipid metabolism, and reduces the appearance of atherosclerosis in patients who suffer from heart disease Menopause and forms combined from ischemic heart disease, and when a "clean" coronary heart disease, hormone therapy will give absolutely no positive result norethindrone 1 tab 0.35 tablet buy 5mg control oral reviews birth ic acetate order. patients hormone therapy after menopause karidiopatiey even lead to regression of the disease, and to a decrease in the disappearance of the pain in my heart, and even for the normalization of ECG can mg usp getting norethindrone pregnant tablets acetate after 0.35 you. so Because hormone therapy (female sex hormones) leads to a reduction in the release of negative feedback from FSH LH and by inhibitory effect on the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, thus eliminating the main reason for the menopause and its manifestations - excessive activity of the hypothalamus

In the birth of a double uterus occurs without significant complications do not need to special events where buy to buying prescription us tablets online order without cheapest ordering pharmacy aygestin.

sometimes are working on the development of endometriosis price sale generics canada cost discount cheap 5mg generic pharmacy cheapest drugs aygestin. Infection of the uterus and its contents during the work contributes to the waterless a long time, and work for long periods of time, and place of the low placenta, and recurrent vaginal exams without strict adherence to aseptic technique, and the presence of the disease in mothers pustular mg 5 you online canada pharmacy 5mg generic pregnant cost name get aygestin reviews. When he noticed inflammation of the lining of the uterus to increase in body temperature to 38 ° C and above, frequent, and sometimes exceed the standards for a given temperature and heart rate (110-120 beats per minute), chills, from the genital tract appears discharge resembling pus with foul odor. General state of the pangs may be satisfactory or aggravation. In the blood, there is an increased number of white blood cells. Inflammation of the lining of the uterus reinforces the weakness more pronounced in the workforce. Usually, after the birth of the fetus and placenta low temperatures, and improves the overall situation, and the postpartum period are all naturally. In some cases, especially in severe pathological processes at work and irrational to its jurisdiction, inflammation of the lining of the uterus goes into labor in the postpartum period in this or that infection after birth. Inflammation of the lining of the uterus in labor increases the proportion of stillbirths and neonatal deaths. Treat inflammation of the lining of the uterus is to appoint at the first sign of the disease antibiotics, heart and facilities. Should be different methods (depending on the state of birth) is seeking to speed up delivery: shows in the first period for the public forces, activating the drug, in the second - the extraction of the fetus (forceps and vacuum extraction, and extraction of the end of the pelvis). When it appears dead fetus and the presence of conditions hole in the head.

When uterine fibroids, and if the contract was small and a little bit of work is not enough. Can be caused by fibroids vaginal birth when the contract is the largest in the body of the uterus.

But in this case, are often complicated by rupture of the membranes to work prematurely, and the weakness in the labor force, in violation of the process of placental abruption, bleeding and low tension subinvolution uterus. For resettlement in the sector lower uterine fibroids big knot, and prevent spontaneous delivery was cesarean section followed by fibromectomy site or removal of the uterus (if it set a decade fibroblasts).

Chapter 3 of breastfeeding

Natural (breast) feeding - and this is the most adequate nutrition for children from birth until the first year of life. Breastfeeding is a natural process, which aims at the physical and psychological growth of normal children. Mother's milk in the biological characteristics and the physical and chemical is the most suitable for the organs and tissues of the organism to develop young people. In addition to the physical benefits, and many scientists refer to the role of the enormous psychological breastfeeding in the relationship between mother and child. During breastfeeding between mother and child has been established in close contact in the future, especially in developing emotional bond pertinent continue throughout life. Depends on the health of women breastfeeding - with complete nutrition smoothly run the endocrine system of the mother. Has been to prevent the emergence of the new pregnancy for breastfeeding because of the physiological effects of the hormone.

encourage breastfeeding and very relevant in today's society. This is the formation of good health and a strong immune system in a child's body is scheduled to breast milk

recommendations lactating

The following recommendations will be granted breastfeeding:

1) promote natural should that is fed from not only in hospitals but also among ordinary citizens (you should tell your friend about the benefits of breastfeeding);

2) knowledge of the rules of Technology breastfeeding to express milk, and assess the appropriateness of infant feeding will help to avoid the emergence of different diseases as part of the child and the mother;

3) health system trendy lets you choose a doctor, and this is a crucial moment in the birth and the postpartum period, and only a competent physician is able to interpret correctly the women how to breastfeed your child how to care for feeding, what to eat, and so on. D;

4) preparation of a woman must be carried out during the period of pregnancy counseling centers for women, where special courses available to them for medical doctors who will -experts explain the ins and outs of breastfeeding and other important issues,

5), should be breastfeeding the first directly in the delivery room or any other room, depending on the situation after 30 minutes after birth, it does not last less than one hour and is subject to the principle of "skin to skin" (Early breastfeeding provides beneficial bacteria child objects Anti, and his mother after the start of better birth to shrink the uterus);

6) It is necessary to maintain lactation even if the mother is unable temporarily to feed the children - in this case, is hurt breast milk at the same rate as if they had received the child as required;

7) breastfeeding for the child provides a completely all the necessary nutrients and water provided in the child's diet more food or water, especially before breastfeeding is unacceptable, because it may increase the risk of injury infectious diseases, and conditions of sensitivity and disrupt the process of sucking,

8) should be mother and child more time together (especially during the first few months after birth), except for the things that are dictated by medical reasons urgent (a serious case of newborn birth, which requires find it in the incubator);

9) immediately after the woman came to her senses after anesthesia should start breastfeeding;

10) at the request of the child's infancy - the principle of mainly from requiring strict compliance;

11), should a nursing mother carefully monitor their food and is committed to some diets agreed with the doctor;

12) the use of puppets, nipples and other items that mimic the breast females, the formation mechanism of abnormal sucking child,

13) is a very important psychological support surrounding the relatives, and the preparation of self-mutilation before birth, it is important to the sense of responsibility for the most important event in a woman's life.

All medicines should be used only after prior consultation with the attending physician or the digestive system to identify inhibitors to prevent the development of complications.

vitamin therapy

eye vitamins B1, B6, C and others.

Physical Therapy

During exacerbation, patients complain of pain in the right upper quadrant or the nature of paroxysmal sharp, worse after a fatty meal, when you run, walk.

length from a few minutes to 1-2 hours. May show vomiting, nausea and a feeling of bitterness in the mouth. Fever, weakness, irritability, and fatigue. . Complications - the evolution of the disease gallstone


survey plan:

1) a complete blood count,

2) biochemical analysis of blood ;

3) Cal eggs of parasitic worms,

4), ultrasonic examination of the gallbladder,

5) intubation twelve fractures;

6) X-ray examination of bitterness.

basic principles of treatment

diet therapy

During the aggravation cholecystitis treatment of chronic food reduces inflammatory changes in the gallbladder, bile stasis in warns biliary tract and provides for the prevention of gallstone formation .

and aggravation during the first days of the appointment of 1-2 only drink warm liquids (juice, fruits, berries, and the weakness of sweet tea, mineral water "Borjomi", hips broth) small portions to 3-6 cups per day with some crackers. Then, and restore well-being and reduce the pain, and the appointment of a limited number of pureed food: a slimy soup and mashed (rice, oats, semolina), porridge (semolina, oats and rice), jelly, jellies, and mousses. Then added to the diet of low-fat varieties of cheese, boiled fish and lean meat and pureed white biscuits. Food taken 5-6 times a day

You can use these days of fasting:

1) Day curd cheese (recommended 900 grams of yogurt in 6 receptions, 300 grams of cheese, divided into 3 doses and 50-100 grams of sugar);

2) days rice compote (1.5 liters recommend compote made from 1.5 kg fresh or 240 grams of dried fruit, and is distributed on 6 receptions and rice porridge cooked in water, 50 grams of rice, porridge is divided into 2 doses);

3) watermelon or grapes daily (Recommend 2 kg of ripe watermelon or grapes, divided by 6 receptions);

4) of fruit per day (recommended 1.5-2 kg of apples mature in 6 receptions, especially if the tendency to putrefaction in the intestines).

After a period of easing diet aggravate chronic cholecystitis No. 5 assessments, which will be used in the main this disease.

must be a power supply meals fractures and small, frequent (5-6 times a day), which will contribute to improving the flow of bile. Copious amounts of food taken once, leading to an imbalance Department rhythm of bile, causing spasm of the bile ducts and the development of pain

A person with chronic cholecystitis recommends: soup, milk, vegetables, fruits; lean meat ( beef, chicken, rabbit and turkey), fish (perch, pike, bream, hake) boiled or steam cooking. Sausage doctor, lean pork, herring soaked. Porridge. Desserts, cheeses, casseroles. Vermicelli and boiled noodles. Various raw vegetables, boiled, bread form. Salahuddin, cooked and raw vegetables and fruits. Boiled eggs consumed (one in 1-2 days), omelets protein 2-3 times a week. Milk can be taken in kind and dishes (if tolerated) recommends dairy products and fresh cheese dumplings and lazy, souffle cheese, soft cheese (Russia, Yaroslavl).

25 May, 2016