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The development of respiratory girl

Respiratory children are not fully developed, and smaller in size than adults uk over pharmacy get buy online 500 amoxicillin counter without cheap mg buyer generic prescription.

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The larynx is not cylindrical in children and judges and the voice too narrow a gap, stenosis (narrowing) of the airways and contributes asphyxiation

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vitamin therapy

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'the highest mortality for both mother and fetus due to this disease insurance cost is mg dosage augmentin dog should can does without take much how 500. Despite the fact that this problem is very urgent and scientists work for many years, it is still unclear in this area high getting take prescription is child kids augmentin too toddler how pregnant tablets much.

The severity of pre-eclampsia

gestoses - a phenomenon quite often: Up to 20% of pregnancies, and in recent years, cases of this disease augmentin child you how get online take prescribed can kids high. Particularly susceptible to this disease women suffer from kidney disease, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, frequent colds, but also women who have had a baby and some communicable diseases (measles, rubella, scarlet fever). At risk are women with metabolic disorders, particularly obesity. Gestoses often occur more than 30 years among young people (under 19 years), pregnant women and in women. It 'important to consider hereditary conditions - whether gestoses earlier in the maternal line or a previous pregnancy. Women who have workplace hazards and bad habits, are at risk. But gestoses insidious that may occur in healthy women without a history of any of the conditions listed above. This so-called pre-eclampsia clean, they accounted for 30% of the total number of toxemia. The remaining 70% - the (or secondary) gestosis combined, in the background of various diseases evolve, develop and go before more complications. Therefore, if the cure associated diseases before pregnancy, is automatically reduced risk of developing preeclampsia

The disease can be identified by the following injury.

1 Frequent increases blood pressure - hypertension without proteinuria (eg, E., without high amounts of protein in the urine.):

1) after 3 months of pregnancy

2) during the maternity leave or within 2 days after birth. Usually after birth, the blood pressure rises arrest.

according to the development of proteinuria:

1) after 3 months of pregnancy,

2) during childbirth or within 2 days of birth

3 .. preeclampsia - is a condition in which a woman after the 20th week of pregnancy hypertension occurs in connection with the discovery of protein in the urine and consequently the presence of edema syndrome

4 .. eclampsia - a serious complication of pregnancy, when attacks of convulsions that have no justification on the part of the central nervous system of a woman - in this case, the structure of the brain responsible for motor skills are intact. Eclampsia occurs :.

1) during pregnancy

2) during the maternity leave;

3) in the post-partum

Classification of preeclampsia are different manifestations of the power of fluid retention in the body, the presence of complications of renal and vascular reactions, and the presence of convulsive manifestations, and as the most serious complication of preeclampsia - a coma. The Russian Federation has adopted such a classification, which includes pregnant dropsy, kidney disease, preeclampsia and eclampsia. If all events have a dropsy, writing in the diagnosis of women. "Preeclampsia, edematous option" If there is an increase in blood pressure, which says: "Pre-eclampsia, the hypertensive option." If there are three violations - dropsy, hypertension, nephrotic syndrome, the disease is "pre-eclampsia, a classic version of"

In America, only two manifestations of preeclampsia officially adopted - and pre-eclampsia eclampsia .. So the classification is not completely melted, and the terminological problems remain open until today.

A very important point is the accurate assessment of the severity of preeclampsia. If done wrong, you may develop complications at birth, there is a danger to the life or health of the mother and child. There are often suppressed form of pre-eclampsia or moderate manifestations of the disease, and the doctors say erroneously less severe pre-eclampsia, while reflecting a heavy hidden dangerous form of the disease. Table No. 5 criteria, it is easy to determine the severity of preeclampsia.

table number two

If you are connected to the clinical signs of preeclampsia such signs, headache, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, and then diagnosed with "pre -eclampsia. "

The emergence of preeclampsia

There are a number of theories that try to shed light on this issue. For example, Theory links the manifestation of allergic disease as a result of an allergic reaction to the protein "foreign" to the placenta and fetus. Reni theory is that the increased size of the uterus pushes the blood vessels of the kidneys, because they get a small amount of blood, there is ischemia and thus a complex equalization mechanisms of adaptation, through the development of symptoms of preeclampsia. Hormonal theory combines pathology with increased release of various hormones, resulting in the development of preeclampsia. Placental theory involves the development of pre-eclampsia affects a restructuring of the metabolic processes due to premature aging of the placenta, which leads the cycle by insufficient production of hormones (estrogen, progesterone).

Each theory in itself. In general, the body can not cope with the new conditions, namely pregnancy. This disturbed regulation of the processes of life, suffering metabolism. Since pre-eclampsia occur without pregnancy, then, accordingly, the main initiator of fruit development. It is no secret that pregnancy is a physical burden on the woman's body. Hans Selye has identified other three phases of stress - anxiety phase, protection and exhaustion. All of them are connected to a specific hormonal changes and the rate of transition from one phase to another individual human adaptability. Many scientists have pregnancy are connected, easy sliding, without complications, with stage I and II stress. If the pregnancy complicated by preeclampsia, then came the voltage phase III - the stage of exhaustion hormones - glucocorticoids

In women with small swelling shins-flowing pregnancy can appear .. This is due to such factors such as:

1) the compression of the uterine veins, worsening the outflow of venous blood,

2) physiological decrease in venous tone;

3) increase capillary permeability,

4) disturbance of water and electrolyte balance of the body ;.

5) an increase in the pressure in the smaller blood vessels - capillaries

swelling preeclampsia have a completely different mechanism of development. Increasing the total amount of liquid in the tissue and blood vessels is reduced in the circulating blood volume, the more the more severe pre-eclampsia. This is balanced by rapid heart rate - there is tachycardia, which also increases in proportion to the severity of pre-eclampsia

Changes in women with preeclampsia

The work of the kidney in preeclampsia

It is taken into account. that the main function of the kidneys are not altered in pre-eclampsia, since the amount of nitrogenous substances during pregnancy is normal. But in severe forms of the disease decreased glomerular filtration rate, decreased renal blood flow. Here, the retention of sodium in fluids and body tissues, and this element is always "pulls" of a molecule of water was gradually so that the edema.

The changes in the liver

very dangerous if acute liver failure in combination with acute renal failure; Usually prognosis of pregnancy in this case is negative. This deficiency leads to a simultaneous reduction of the total protein in the blood. The urine is bile pigments in the blood are too high content of bilirubin. In pregnant women with severe pre-eclampsia observed hemolysis, namely E. destruction of erythrocytes (red blood cells) in the blood vessels -. With the release of hemoglobin, which is excreted in the urine. Hemoglobin and its derivatives are toxic to the kidney tissue and then aggravated the situation

Chapter 5: How to behavior at work

birth - a complex physiological process, which ends the pregnancy. . childbirth preparation begins during pregnancy, when a woman attending antenatal clinics. In it, in addition to the general survey and the approximate date of birth, and the complex of measures on the psychophysical preparation for childbirth. From 32-33 weeks of pregnancy, women in special classes that have elapsed by your doctor. In these sessions introduce birth pregnancy as a physiological process, warn, that they feel during the different periods of the birth of the child and how they occur to be carried out at the same time. Many women, especially those who come for the first time, the fear of pain before birth. But their appearance is only the fear together. The doctor, who leads the classes he teaches practical implementation in pregnancy, oslableniyuboley promote.

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