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It is a muscle layer under

mucus layer. The muscles of the respiratory tract is relaxed but, under certain conditions it is possible, the muscle fibers laryngitis usually tracheal lumen of the bronchi

tracheitis thus reduce

that arise in the context of acute respiratory disease of the larynx, and it is an inflammatory disease - - p>

This laryngitis. The reasons that lead to the development

of this infectious disease in the trachea and an inflammatory disease -. Acute respiratory viral infections. Usually, one of the symptoms of acute respiratory disease, influenza. Steam, smoke and alcohol abuse Masu advent of hypothermia and the overall impact of the local over-breathing vocal tracheitis and malnutrition irritating gas ,,, locally polluted air.

Symptoms Masu

The symptoms of the disease.


hoarseness is characterized by the appearance of noisy breathing. Barking appears in the propagation of

inflammatory endotracheal

with rough, pain, coughing. Everyone can be an inflammatory edema of the larynx to which the night breathing difficulties with the development of severe laryngitis. Breathing is difficult, the sound at a distance, if you disturb a person during a conversation with the movement of the body, in many cases, we have developed a shortness of breath. You may develop shortness of breath during sleep and rest in more severe cases. When you breathe in the chest where he designed and meet (more children), shortness of breath in people, painful, was mostly sweat more. It is necessary to call if there is blue around the mouth, heart rate and breathing are common, the ambulance, "" immediately.

tracheitis frequently, cough, rough, low. In addition, voice, there is a cough associated with tingling sensation behind the breastbone, pain A small quantity, then they are dried (mucus) cough sputum very thick, at the beginning of the disease

The complications .: laryngitis -... swelling of the larynx diagnosis

The disease

This Masu complete blood

2 Masu urinalysis

3 general Masu analysis of sputum.

4 Chest X-ray examination.

this good effect of

basic treatment gargle, you are able to the injection of an aqueous solution of garlic, sage, drug chamomile, eucalyptus, and onion. Will be used to the hot solution and infusion. E 'is used laryngitis, you can use for inhalation in hot water (steam) hot rinse. Good therapeutic effect, increase the blood flow to the body part to give compression has the effect of expanding the blood vessels, anti-inflammatory effects. Wrap - special medical bandage can be placed on the neck, on the chest.

even if there is a positive effect of

native, which takes place within 3 months after the last session.

I was significantly decreased by the end of the trial in both groups of indicators of anxiety and

depression. Additionally grows wild training is recommended for the removal of the number of unpleasant physical sensations in patients, pain relief is possible without any pharmaceutical, and only with the help of self-hypnosis session, it's pretty amazing. Effective way of another psychotherapy, that is. E. is a thought meditation center. Any idea perceptive mind, if it is not occupied by the experience and feedback, which is a special condition. And meditation is impossible, it is not relaxation. O divided filled his mind which has no accent, on the contrary, such an option, the spirit of a particular object (for example on the body) as one of the brains and can be either full density. So it is the regulator and psychological as well as physiological, most important of all human life, the nervous system, as it is closely associated with his condition have become very clear.

25 May, 2016