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Period of the first chapter of


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From the moment of the birth of the vulva girl who trained

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does not require the

, still do not understand child in general, by moving the child from the structure of the genitals 1mg arimidex 0.25 should much cost does cycle how take during need on price.

internal reproductive organs are also eligible off getting can take with get how much where for to cycle arimidex free test. In the first three years of the uterus,

This change is reduced at this time, light, and then slowly then raised: the end of the first year of the term


1 ) the womb - 2 liquid does how get prescription of gyno rid arimidex to can where. g - 2.5 cm, body weight; 4 years


2) uterine weight - 2.8 g; 6 years


3) weight of the uterus to - 4 g

You reported the cervix of the body

and this beach: the end

1) 1 year - 2: 1;

2) in four years - 1.7: 1; age of 1.4


3) 8 1

top and bottom of the uterus

pelvis and 3-4 years after the vaginal wall and the front of the vagina in bladder wall - Masu rectum.

oviduct somewhat

changed from "neutral", and elongated, is tortuous. Change light ovary: increased the mass of 0.53 to 1.01 g, and eight years - and increased the growth of ovarian follicles of 1.5 g. Random, mature follicles does not have the stage of follicular atresia mature follicle intensive none of them, prisoners in the levels of five eggs of the death girls

8 years to reach the hypothalamus - the cerebral cortex - forming the reproductive system. Pituitary, ovaries - uterus, vagina, tubes, mammary gland (target organ). The operation of the material in the feedback "or" negative:. Follicular maturation negligible and will eventually become a very rare selection of estradiol in the ovaries - Phase I puberty (- premenstrual first eight years of menarche)

is a prepubertal period. In the life of a girl, this period can last 2-4 years, sometimes longer, begins with the development of secondary sexual characteristics, and ending with the first menstrual period -.


, is a major change in the whole body and reproductive organs this at menarche by the activation of the ovaries and the pituitary adrenal gland - hypothalamus.

to stimulate the adrenal cortex releases pituitary luteinizing hormone of wavy, increased the function that the distinctive feature of the era of pre-pubescent only

during sleep. Androgens cause the rapid growth of strong girl, I identify the androgen (male hormone) adrenal cortex. (Fat redistribution and increase in quantity) ass completed: the release of estrogen help emissions ovary regularly of pituitary follicle stimulating hormone, the first form of change under the influence of estrogen appears is growth pelvis of this period and start the

The sexual development. This covers the physical overall development of women with bone growth intensive.

Normally, growth faster than the girl and physical development and good guys, will take place before the age of puberty in girls

11-12 years old.

secondary sexual characteristics of this period we have asynchronous development. Genital area and expansion of the chest, for example pilosis armpits to start

menstruation This first (menarche) usually, in recent years, which happens to be a girl of 12 to 13-year-old, perhaps begins to show in the first 10 to 11 years after the start, but - 14-15 years old. As early menarche old more than 10 years there is no preceding 18 years, you should see a doctor. Not associated with pathological changes always early or late menarche. (14 to 15 years the period to the first) to be affected by climate change


puberty .., breed characteristics, living conditions, which - in fact, this period when the menstrual function, and are ready to produce the secondary sex characteristics of the development of the internal reproductive organs, girl, woman, fertilized, development, birth, was infant formula. The hormonal function at the level of five to eventually stabilize, rules should be (with the release of the egg TE) and a regular ovulation cycle. However, 20% of the girls in the first two years of puberty, I was anovulatory cycle yet been observed. However, the ovulation cycle at the onset of puberty, the ovaries, I have a corpus luteum of low progesterone and defective yet likeness.

This secretory endometrium, that does not exist. Receive e-endometrium, periodic fluctuations, but it is still incomplete, it is impossible to accept the embryo to develop.

, if that is a clear gap between the period until the end of puberty, is documented, the normal function of the corpus luteum and ovulation, the endometrium undergoes but there is, that all the stages of change I also secretion. Email. And willing to accept the embryo. At that time, and


genital dimensions, the final value to reproductive function more or less corresponds to the physical development of the young girl reaches at the time - the size of the uterus is growing rapidly, and the body changing relation with the neck. (3: 1) to the fundus of the front of the volume ratio for - improving downwards and forwards, the blood flow to the uterus and vagina. Since significantly increased the uterus, the fallopian tubes, which, therefore, more easily a wide ligaments, increases.

It is formed by the end of the

puberty, a growing desire form is important with a view to (shyness, to please the mind to change the tone of voice feminine trait add the type of woman is his appearance, etc.).

In women with a prevalence of nervous system disorders

antipsychotics, the same as the sedative, you have a good efficacy in menopausal syndrome. In 1976, EM Vikhlyaeva to a system for the treatment of neuroleptic syndrome develop menopause, there is an effect on neuropsychiatric symptoms and cardiomyopathy treatment of menopausal al.

table number 3

This pattern menopausal syndrome, neuroleptic


this subtitle. Treatment for 4 to 12 weeks. E for 3 months to 1 .. Repeat the repetition of menopausal syndrome treatment in six months -. Two years

a new national anti-psychotic drugs used in menopausal syndrome are generally half dose -. Problem applies hormone Phenibutum

, menopause years. Since then, 40 seconds. Twentieth century. I came from the urine of estrogen mare the first that are suitable for the preparation of the treatment called kremarinom interest in hormone therapy for postmenopausal women who do not disappear Americans. Initially, as a precautionary measure based on the principle of what euphoria of the success of the treatment of the gynecologist is missing, it is recommended that women of almost all of the line, must be added to it, I will make all the problems to be unloading. But in practice, the use

of the hormone in this age group, we began to identify and Gynaecologists of abandonment is always personal behavior and negative hormonal medication gradually. I bring the effects of the hormone phase of the presence of the screen, and can take into account - the pros and adjusting the presence of a particular disease of women in the age, menopause, and the general health, the use of the drug, the severity and combination estrogen order close to the most.

In recent years, the work of a number of researchers, shows the prevalence Muco Plasma genitalium in sexually transmitted infection pathogens and structure of mycoplasma other.

absence was that

This mycoplasma, until recently, it has been diagnosed by information and laboratory techniques for the role of the prevalence and the presence in the disease process of the genitourinary system a bit. The data in this microorganism However Muco Plasma genitalium has received through the development of DNA that the disappearance of the urogenital tract caused, at least yet, to diagnose. Study in mycoplasma,

, compared to 29.3%, there is information on the identification of mycoplasma urethritis (22 4%) - the inhabitants of other regions of mycoplasma - Ureaplasma 19.2 percent, Krasnodar (Gamzaev FS 1998), and according to the authors, the total number of Muco Plasma · Jenni such as mono and mixed caused almost 35%. Perhaps, according to global statistics which is a feature of the prevalence Muco Plasma · Jenni, the share of Ureaplasma urea nut and cam hominis of Muco Plasma thus dominates the Muco Plasma genitalium, it is the residents of the Krasnodar region. In many cases it is possible in part, the non-mycoplasma STD related to the treatment of (Muco Plasma Jenni) made, these were found in combination with trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and chlamydia and mycoplasma other. I would like to control. The rules of the known micro-organisms all of this The pathological material of suspicious lesions of all available diagnostic methods

Ureaplasma and mycoplasma from (7 to 14 usually) 4 to 25 between

I incubation studies away. The amount of drug, the condition of the human body after the introduction of infection, age, gender, immune and are generally the number of other reasons. There is no this

Chapter 1 significant difference between the lesion symptoms

The sickness of the spirit of the women

the origin of these Cimptomatika urogenital mycoplasma other

Mind (gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginosis.) -. It is a function of the brains reflects objective reality. Reality is reflected in the image that determine the human interaction with the environment. And psyche, instead of the image, the value of the sense orientation, and subjective symptoms are included. In the field of psychology, "consciousness"

low self esteem is a concept, the human psychology, psychiatry, sociology lead to failure to achieve their full potential. There is a tendency to set


Members unrealistically high self-esteem, I impose. Request unrealistic others Normally, it should be above average a little - it's a self-it - To determine the level of self-esteem, and "smart insane." Respectively under swelling to find its place on a scale and is. Self-esteem, which you can use when you give through the fall and praise, error or failure, one day can take at any time, to change in a short period of time. Them However, there is little difference enough to insufficient self-confidence, but you have the basics contribution

Principle 1, to strengthen yet. Self-esteem is like a starting point for the overall behavior of both positive and negative, higher or lower. It, that there is nothing more important than self-determination on the issue of the outlook for the future is clear. :, There is a risk to my life


Principle 2 Otherwise, the need for low self-esteem try if you at least a little. Awareness of the importance of his own, the level of self-esteem depends on the confidence in myself. The only joy to get to know yourself in D. trust the human body itself, soul, spirit, and that - its value -. It is the belief of invincible in their ability to primarily be responsible for what happens in this unpredictable world.


as an appropriate response to this Principle 4, judgment and advice of

Principle 3 is not, is very important for the growth and development of the individual should not. It as their own opinion, foreign and what to see evaluate the appearance of the person is what is important that needs to be remembered that it would not have. It is necessary to evaluate all the advantages of all the time and try to look happy

me his Principle 5. People can be the worst enemy of you or your best friend. His own destiny, which should not be forgotten that the people of a particular decision just different. Self-assertion - it is very useful.

statements of several close to his self-esteem can be used in all situations of daily life here. Well is .. These statements, by themselves, will help you to learn to strengthen, to trust in any situation. Belief in their own power

1 I - control your thoughts, feelings, behavior. Let I, serves to reinforce my health, and the people, improve the lives of my personal and my work. My relationship

It's a decent man

2 and I'm good.

3 I am able to achieve the objectives of all that was planned for today I realize you all.

To prove your value

4 I have full confidence in the judgment and in the test of life. My ability So I'm aware of the results of the decisions and their actions.

5 I bear the responsibility of life value of mine.

I, so you can have a wide field irosta success thanks to the

6 side, I learn from mistakes and problems to find for me.

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