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The movement of the head, you will be able to try to do manually correct the position of the head of under general anesthesia to

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uterine inertia force of the rupture of the secondary early, long working hours and the primary and the initial film will contain

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birth hydrocephalus is administered in this hydrocephalus mother, methyl pituitrina in 1.2 ml or 1 ml intravenously or intramuscularly (oxytocin)

-. Edema of the head configuration in excessive accumulation of fluid in the cranial cavity. His bones with a fountain and fine stitch is very important.

In this phase of the valuable work skills related to breathing free with a score of

at maturity, pregnant women who have been trained in prenatal clinics.

, he will start the final stage of the third and work after the baby is born - child seat or, in the last sequence, was born. At this stage, women feel the lightweight bout. Reduced by about 10 minutes, they will not notice even in some mothers. You are moving the vaginal contraction is induced by the separation of the placenta from the uterine wall. The separation of the placenta, in the period following,

but with this, you need women to gather strength, reduce the birth of the baby seat of a slight bleeding. To suffer the pain that occurs when you were episiotomy and sewing.

It was over childbirth and postpartum period begins at the end

of the third period. In front of the women who give birth in the transfer to the department, a few hours, was in the delivery room. This is because there is likely to be fatal hemorrhaging. There is that there is a reason for him like the following:

Please do not cancel in prolonged uterine contractions of labor


is too long for the big children and cause multiple pregnancy of

2) uterus.

excessive amounts of

3) amniotic fluid; (cervix, therefore, gap

5) uterus; separation of damage


4) and early placenta But varieties), of lesions .. such as, in front of his loss.

bleeding is pollution, because as a result of hemorrhagic disease of women, the placenta of the residues in utero is a major cause, may occur one to two weeks later after birth. In these cases, there is a heavy sense of pain, lower abdomen.

obstetric complications

this after giving birth, in many cases, I have been suffering from infection (inflammation of the lining of the uterus, etc. ..). Touch infection due to low temperature or high temperature after birth, pain, abdomen, shining difficulty urinating, the smell of corruption. Severe headache, vomiting, a large amount. Treatment (bleeding, infection) obstetric complications is engaged in the medical staff of the hospital.



and the

lochia, natural fabrics. They are composed of the matrix fabric blood, and mucus,. Lochia to remind isolation during menstruation. In the first three days, and gradually move to the ichor, red, and then, they became pale yellow. Lochia was assigned to 6 weeks in general. To use it, you must tampon is not required during this time, to absorbing exchange. The number of lohy is attributed related to uterine contractions: the fastest of reduced, to reduce the lochi faster. Uterine contractions, to facilitate the medication and breast milk.

If there is no break or cut even after the

normal delivery, it is believed that the pain in the perineum.

It is normal

difficulty urinating

24 hours of the first. After birth. Increase the amount of injury or bladder may occur in order to have occurred during the passage of the baby. Anesthetic, crowded, and also reduce the sensitivity of the bladder, but wont to urinate, that it is difficult urination, there is a spasmodic contraction of the urethra. In order to facilitate the empty bladder, need to do the following: There are: in order to affect


1) the bladder, it is similar to the age a little.

If you need to use a boat, please do not please to be washed with horses of warm water when it comes to lie down and sitting down, in this procedure,

2) it urination stimulation. If it is metal, the container has to be preheated it.

It will help you to not urinate heat at all sometimes

3), but the cold, which is then used to cool containers filled with ice.


4), can cause urination in some cases the sound of a jet of water from the faucet.

even if the

one, a few hours after birth, despite the pain, female urination in a special vessel to measure the amount of urine. This has contributed to the reduction system of protection against infection of the urinary tract and uterus of. If within 8 hours. You have urination lack coral, and was using a catheter. As you may guess from hormone of the body of the pregnancy,

day, to urinate rich and sometimes frequent. The few days after birth, if there low and painful urination, as well as burn healing after urethral perineal hot or cold in the lower back pain and there is pain, then treated. You need to drink a lot of liquid to clean the urinary system.

this trick is opposite sweating

excessive, please be noted that it is an allergic skin diseases and cosmetics that has been shown.

is very important rule:. You need to run again to worry - you do not fix if it is necessary.

wonder, "eye

This Skin Eye


they say - windows to the soul". Because life character, and health is reflected in her eyes, proper care of every day. You can be done with eye bath of a 1% aqueous solution of the purified acid Aihou of dust. In the eyes of his on the board, you must be alternately opened and closed. In these exercises, not only to clean, and then struggling under dark circles and redness eye.

cold that you can hot cream and eye fatigue Then

. I will remove the instruments of homemade next swelling under the eyes correctly.

The Masu pack

1 of sage.

this will take 1 hour. Politics.

liter. I will prepare a half a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes preparation of


part of

Bouillon two applications - one minute cold ... and 10 times alternately swab hot split (1 cold hot, other -) to.


2 dill and parsley lotion ..

This need to rub your eyes in pre-packed ice on the canvas - at the end of the procedure: Figure 1c. L. is, chopped vegetables.

preparation. I pour cool, boil for 2-3 minutes, the 2 cups boiling water.

applications. For 3-5 minutes and wet cotton swab, I will put them over your eyes.


3 lotion lime, elderberry, chamomile.

preparation. Lotion parsley as well. The effective in redness of the eyelids. To achieve this end, the brewing tea strong suits new.

4 room herbs.

It is necessary

1 hour. Liter. Dried herbs or chopped fresh: chamomile, mint, dill, parsley

this preparation. Pour 1 cup boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. Drain, cool.

applications. Put a pad of eyes to add the broth, closed. At intervals of 1-2 minutes, please follow the procedure three or four times. I will apply a cold compress to 1-3 minutes later.


of 5 package.

applications. It is applied to the first 4-5 minutes Wet a cotton swab with warm milk.

6 mask parsley


Wanted: leaf ...

This preparation of fresh parsley. The chop a paste of parsley.

applications. The cover with a cotton swab, apply the mask of eyes for the green. Time for action -.

This 7 picture 10 to 15 minutes of potatoes.

It is necessary

is 2 hours. Liter. Raw potatoes for 2 hours. Liter. Flour 2 hours. Liter. Hot milk.


preparation. I mix all ingredients. 10 to 15 minutes, I impose the eyes of many.

8 pieces of



Wanted: .. (olive, soybean, sunflower)

This application vegetable oil. Sprinkle the oil, clear the 5-6 layers of cheesecloth, and is applied to the eye, and then close the cotton towel and a top 10 to 15 minutes is dry. After rinsing, dry your eyes wrapped in gauze, a part of the ice.

after the

each step, you, please note that you towel dry to wash your face, you should apply a special gel for the pale cream and eyelid.

In addition to an effective way to prevent

lotion, body wraps, masks, edema, sleep, it is good practice to eye.

and count to 20 slowly

exercise №1, leaving a narrow slit, close your eyes, he opened his eyes. 2-3 seconds later. Repeat. I run five times.

exercise №2 cup in the corner of the back of the eye. Stretched the skin of the temple a little, repeat the exercise number № 1 is a perspective of the 3 severe, count up to 5, then, suddenly,

this exercise opened his eyes. Again, relax, counting up to 5. I repeat five times this exercise.

After you snap at a speed of up to 2 to 3 seconds,

№4 exercise was considered to be "themselves" to 10 with his eyes closed. , Open your eyes and repeat to relax. Exercise has been carried out five times.

I will move your eyes slowly right

exercise №5, right, left, to the left. Two seconds. - I repeat. I will do 5 times the movement. Of sweating

Skin Care

neck, facial


The problem is a problem of mainly women. Hand is to create a sense of insecurity at the worst possible time, wet and cold. For sweating of healthy people - a usual reaction. This type of protection against overheating in other stress or high ambient temperature. I increase the sweat under the pressure from the body. If you feel a strong emotion, the nervous system, people will react in a particular way. Man, tone to increase the pressure accelerated heart rate, sweat glands and muscles begin to sweat forging. A large extent, to be exposed to the sweating phenomenon, women, the socket body is a nature more emotional. In the fight against hand sweat of great help, daily use of potassium permanganate bath and pink is the hand that need to be dried with a soft towel it. Also, the use of powder regular or special deodorants are effective. The injection of birch leaves that have been prepared by the ratio of E '1, you want to use is useful: 1 fresh or 3: 10 from the dry birch leaves. Oak bark tray has been well tested. Culture is made from one piece. 1 liter of water L. raw materials, then I was filtered through a sieve or gauze. Bath oak bark may be used with the addition of 2-3 hours. Liter. Vinegar. Good effect, and there may be a salt bath you. I got the river, sometimes the necessary solution. Liter. Salt, I diluted to 1 liter of hot water. 1 hour later, two times, then, must not be less than 5 minutes duration of the tank, you can make a three times a week. Then, in the case of deterioration, it is possible to repeat the course. It can also help you to wipe them with a mixture of lemon juice and vodka in the hands of sweating. Are made up of 5 parts vodka and one part lemon juice mixture. This procedure is performed three times a day after washing. In addition, it is useful to wash the skin of lunch of apple cider vinegar was diluted and hands with lemon juice diluted the injection of strong tea or leaves, oak bark, sage.

There hand of

He was beautiful, and no doubt, you, have to spend the patience and enough time to take care of them. In fact, a common word "manicure", which means "to take care of your hand" literally. Appearance of the hand you can, of course, it does not change the shape of the hands and fingers, the nail polish was duly signed, but change the length of the finger visually, can be greatly improved. The main task, it is to take care of your hands, all women aim to keep the youth and beauty of the hand to maintain the length and the same shape of the nail. To take care of your nails in order to protect from damage you need to lubricate the moisturizing hand cream. Raised the average of the monthly nail 2mm, it is completely renovated. The simple rule, first, nails, you will need to be removed from the old paint women charm their hands that will take about six months to nail manicure plate home can master either easily. It is best to use a nail polish remover that acetone is included. Acetone nail dries hard, the presence of a solution of the manicure is undesirable. The tools to be used for the manicure, so they may need to be pre-treated with antiseptic solution or alcohol. Hands should be washed with hot soapy nail and water cleaning using a special tool. Are possible with the addition of lemon juice and essential oil or a few drops of oil, dried, we recommend steaming hands in the bathroom with hot water. The use of (base or cardboard or plastic, preferably) nail file, and has the shape of a nail.

daily requirement of magnesium for the

adults, have increased up to 15 mg is 10 milligrams per kilogram body weight in pregnant or lactating.

potassium is important for the benefit nervous system and cardiovascular, of normal muscle activity. One of the most important characteristics of the sodium - excretion of water and potassium. Potassium activates a series of enzymes, have been obmennyhreaktsiyah participation even more important.

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